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    • It's a fourtrax 250 and looks to be a very very well taken care of bike..... 1st bike i ever owned was a fourtrax 250 or if you like 250a nice find!! Texas.... I still wish i had mine... Here's a pic of one just right around the road from my place... The 300 on the left is mine, my friend won't turn loose of that 250, but i do get to use it anytime i wish, for that i keep a check on brake adjustment cable slack etc etc . 
    • I did check the gear switch for proper output and everything was in spec according to the repair manual. The relay was corroded but I swapped it with another known working relay and the same thing happens.  now the lights are off but the electric shift still doesn’t work properly. I was working on it now in the brakes and flushing replacing the front and rear diff. That should be done today and I’m going back after the ES.  min order to get to the shift switch plug, I’ve read from the manual, you have to remove the gas tank or prop it up to access the plugs.  Also, when using dielectric grease do you use it sparingly or do you use a lot inside the plug? 
    • Just picked up a 1986 Honda TRX250, but I'm not sure if it's a fourtrax, recon, or other. Anyway, I'm going through it over the next couple of days, but everything seems to be reasonable.  
    • Finishing install up on my 1997 trx400fw rear brakes . The kit was from superatv.nice kit. Got my hitch painted up as well
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