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    Well here it is. AMAZING quality, however they failed to send my mirrors which I paid for & now have to call them about.. but the the build quality is great. Very nice fibre glass construction.. it will serve me well this hunting season..
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    Got the complete service done except for greasing the front end and toe-in, toe-out. Everything looks great. New tires look killer. bought grease now can’t find my grease gun😖maybe my kid got it with her John Deere project. Now to install and wire up a harness for the crop sprayer. yup I did my usual OCD cleanup on it, knocking off 12 years worth of sunflower parts, clay and oil!
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    Hello again everyone! I have a 2005 Foreman 500 foot shift on the healing bench for my buddy. He just bought it for $1300 US as a non-running bike and was pulled from the weeds in field fresh condition! Previous owner described the issue as water in the carburetor and it had some sort of impact on the front. After pulling everything apart we have confirmed spark, compression and the carburetor has been in the ultrasonic. Tomorrow I'll be changing the oil and taking it for a first flight. I'm going to give it the light go over after getting back to running shape. He got an amazing deal if you ask me. Motor looks and sounds strong. All body panels are there and it still has most of the original parts. Thank you for looking!
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    Not bad at all! New grips are about $2 each, that nose cone is $7ish if you get an 09 model (same part). I use kentskovers on ebay for seat covers. $20 shipped, install easily with a staple gun. Before you buy any parts for it, look at all the years 05-11. In some cases, there will be a different part number and one or the other will be a lot cheaper (like the nose cone) but are the same part. 06 part, $13 81170-HP0-A00ZA 09 part, $7 81170-HN2-B70ZA Same part.
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    I love it! They are mailing my mirrors today. Install was really simple. However I did have to drill the holes larger thru the windscreen as they didn’t like up on the two putter edges. Put my first small scratch on it doing so. I can now say it’s broke in lol. Very, very well built like I mentioned. Clears the gun boot just fine as well..
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    Here is my son's 4 month old German Shorthair with his first grouse.
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    @RubiDan good looking setup... i have a slip on 4 way wedge .. that would fit the hammer on your splitter .. if your interested. send me a PM ... and I'll get you the part number ...
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    I think they are out of Quebec, kimpex might have a hand in the company....
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    Yea, and I haven't been easy on mine.....lol I did loosen the windshield clips and will probably have to change them out but I wouldn't ride without one now, especially in the fall and winter....
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    I have one on mine and it is a good unit, rolled my bike when loading it and there was hardly any damage. They are tough for sure..
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    one thing i've learned in my 29 yrs of flipping atvs, if the price is real ?, the deal is real ?, IT WON'T LAST LONG !. go buy it fast if you want a good deal.
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    I've been splitting some firewood over the last week and putting it in the barn. I thought I'd get through with all I have on the ground but it's raining today. I have enough wood in there for this winter, next winter and part of winter after that. Here's a picture of my tractor and splitter.
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    Just in case anyone else has this problem, its my 2nd time around. Oxygen sensor is gone again. I replaced it about 2 years ago, but I don't know if it got replaced with the updated part or a new old part. Old o2 part 36531-hr3-a21 New o2 part 36531-hr3-a22 Only lasted maybe 20 miles/2 years. I only use the atv for deer season. Will let ya know how it goes.
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    I am glad I don't have to deal with the cold , I could see how it could really help cut that cold wind in your face down ----- looks great , like I was saying I am glad I don't have to deal with the cold , LOL
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    looks great, wheeler... have any plans for mounting anything to the back side of the fairing ?
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    You've said enough!😂
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    Hail' said ,Quote " On the clutch cover, I used a gasket, "
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    Parts diagram shows a gasket under the front case cover; maybe that 1/8th inch would help you?
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    @Turbo Twister your welcome. hm..... a stationary unit dealing with firewood ? you have my curiosity up.... looking forward to the build.
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    That's true, thanks! I do have another idea up my sleeve, I want to use the engine off the mower for a secondary stationary use, but it's just ideas in my head at the moment so I'm not saying anything about it. Obviously with the weather in Ireland, I can't use the mower all year round but I would like to keep use of the engine for another important firewood related job. That will keep you thinking 😁👌
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    your welcome.... oh yea ... this will bust knots up, unless your dealing with elm ... or osage orange (bodark) you shouldn't have any issues with using it on a 22 ton splitter.... it's simple ... if you don't need it, just lift right off .... just a note .. these are not meant to be used in vertical splitting ... S40144200 SPEECO 4-WAY WEDGE 22-28 TON S40144300 SPEECO 4-WAY WEDGE 28-35 TON ^^^^this is the one i have ... it's saved me many many hours ... splitting wood
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    oh yeah ... for each and every little thing ... i had a friend (passed away now) who was hauling coiled steal ... and a truck pulling a goose Neck .... was right on his trailer bumper ... Gus (my friend) was in the hammer lane ... passing a few slow moving cars .. when he got cussed by the driver of the toy hauler (over the cb) for being in the hammer lane, gus finally had room to move over ... this part i thought was funny .... later on ... a tire came rolling into traffic and got lodged under his front tandem ... so he pulled to the shoulder ... deflated the tire ... loaded on his flat bed ... and resumed ... a mile down the road the toy hauler was on the side of the road missing a wheel ... Gus pulled over ... walked back to see if could help (setup) ... the driver explained what happened ... Gus said ... you don't recall cussing a driver out for being in the hammer lane ... guy said , that was you ?? Gus said yeah, the guy replied... you should have moved over , Gus replied ... you should have kept your nuts tight... and he walked back to his truck, with a free brand new tire with just a tad bit of road rash..i won't say what he said over the cb back to the toy hauler .... lol ... but that toy hauler deserved it..... we ended up putting it on our cattle trailer .... lol ....
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    I’ll get er installed tomorrow & let u know what I think. But so far it’s awesome.
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    I purchased the Novus Plastic Polish kit like u have used. I’m going to try my luck with it! Sounds promising from what I’ve read! Fingers crossed!
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    It’s the Zatarains what does the magic!
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    If they make them the same way as Hemi manifolds... The way they make those is ! neat. They actually mold them in a custom metal mold. Melting temp of steel is less than plastic. They melt the metal out. Dip them. Then run a metal detector over them to ensure they got all the mold out. Then proceed to put threaded inserts in them and compression limiters. In my 25 yrs in engineering, the coolest manufacturing process I've ever seen. Made by Siemens(15 yrs ago, not sure today) in Chatham up in Canada. Close to bcs. Stayed in a hotel that was in an old factory in downtown Chatham. Each room was 'themed'. One I was in was a Vette them and felt like a garage. Nighstands were Vette Rims. IN town there was a high end resto shop for cars. They restore Duesenberg's or 30s Movie Star cars.
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    same reason chevy has a plastic intake manifold on their 5.3L engines...to save money !.
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    It was on the old site that I told this story of what I seen on Paris Rd , Chalmette , Louisiana a couple of years back , a dump truck going 55mph west bound lost the two tires/rims bolted together with the axle and brake drum still attached off the truck , went across the medium , and went into the windshield of a mini van going 55mph heading east bound , it bounced up and went thru the middle of the front windshield and V'ed the roof 1/2 way back My best story and I think I told this one already , I had a Bronco with 38.5s at the time on it , the rear tire came off on a Saturday night in a 40 mph zone , it went right into the front end of a car driven by two drunk girls coming the other way , they were like " I am so sorry for hitting your tire " , LOL I let them go with out calling for a police report , LOL --- it was my fault but they were stoned
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    it did wink and growl at me !..rofl.
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    I'll be in the same shape after this week. Only burn at the hunting shack. Added on to the wood shed and will get it full. Nice to be ahead of the game. Starting Friday it will get run most of 10 days.
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    Bo' , the package has been dropped off , the Post Office lady said Thursday maybe , Friday for sure , I'll send you a tracking number later on Was talking with Shade and looking at the pics of the two carbs I sent you and we think the bowl with the primer is a 300 bowl on the bottom of the 250 carb , the bowls are physically the same except for the primer , the primer won't function on that carb , just use your bowl Everyone cleans carbs different , hundred ways to skin a cat -------- my method , take it completely apart , brush as much loose dirt as I can off of it , so it don't contaminate my gallon of BerryMan Carb cleaner , throw all the hard parts and the body in the carb cleaner can for a 12- 24 hour soak , then blow every little hole out with compressed air , if it is still dirty and I ain't in no hurry , I'll brush it down and soak it again Been wanting to try the boil in lemon juice thing , maybe I should throw one in the shrimp/crayfish boil water after cooking , LOL
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    our old super a ... had the same ... a pull rod going going to the starter going to the starter ... i had worked on it just once ... for contact .. i believe .. although, that was years ago... as many hours we put on that machine ... she never had many issues ... even had a hand crank start ... i know my father used it, but i never did ... he always said you could break your arm .. still has the hand crank .. latched to the right side of the transmition.
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    this has to be one in a million ...
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    I found this old stove at a very old logging camp site. Found it disassembled laying in the grass. Missing legs, the top insert and the draft pan. Really cool looking. Took 6 years to have a good enough freeze without a ton of snow to get it out. Assembled it this summer. Besides the design the only marking on it is New King No. 36. Can't find anyone who knows anything about the company that made it.
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    Ok i got it now. I pulled it over until i saw the intake valve start to close then teeny tiny pulls til i saw the F come around and then got the T dead on
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    I had first shot at this jewel yesterday -LOL- I got to ride it and it is fast , we figure in the high 30s , I was a bit scared ----- he wanted $400 , I did offer him $200 and he wouldn't budge off $400 , if the wheels would have matched I might have gone a bit higher , that mudder is loud , which was another down point and the header is scary
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    i don't know if he even qualifies for that status ... haha! .more like a mental defective ... with the IQ of .. oh I'd say about 10.... what i don't get is where all the money he uses to purchase these trucks atvs etc .. mod them, then destroy them .. just for a video... ... I've seen some ultra idiotic things in my time... but that little boy takes the cake .... i bet his last name is Biden ..... lol!
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    That dude is some retarded ^^^^
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    Had to change a light bulb on an outside light in the yard , it has been up there screwed to a oak tree for quite a few years , the bottom pipe is pvc with the power wire inside it , the top pipe is aluminum with a mounting bracket that is inside the tree now , wow
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    Only pic I have right now. Shop runs full length and the whole works is 2x6 and insulated. 900 square feet on a slab, two bedrooms and one main room. 14' steel roofed awning the whole width in back. 2x6 - 16" center's. Second picture is my shack. Built the first part over 40 years ago when I was 20. Added on and put on covered deck in 2003. Second and third pictures were taken one day apart early October. Brought a portable fish house up for a heated shower house.
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    Wow @retroI had no idea your shooting range and target setup was THAT nice. Looks very well thought out and executed. Good luck in your upcoming season, line up 2 deer and that BD440 will have no problem going through both 😉
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    home made vw 1.9 turbo diesel powered atv, bunch of thinking and skill went into this build ....
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    David and Goliath ...
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    Heading out this week end for 4-5 days hunting. It was time for a new range finder.. Cabela’s had this Nikon Prostaff 1000i on sale..it’s replacing a RedField Raider 600.
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    Yup its a home made shooting range and shooting bench for right handed or left handed shooters. I made the bench extra long so I could place my chrono 36" from the end of the barrel and it is made extra wide on the left side to hold shooting gear. 10 yards inside the woods at the end of the mowed shooting lane is a 20 feet wide by 10 feet deep by 6 feet high dirt mound that stops the bullets. The table/bench legs are staked down, but two stakes can be pulled and the table moved as far back on the shooting lane as 260 yards, for sighting rifles. My bench is placed so the range is 110 yards long presently (for shooting my crossbow) with labelled plastic markers staked in the ground every 10 yards, so that I can drive my mower right over top of the yardage markers when I mow the grass in the lane. The lane is mowed wide enough so that I can ride my Rancher rather than walk back & forth... to retrieve arrows, or replace paper targets on the rifle target frame. My home made weatherproof arrows target cart houses a 24" x 24" x 16" thick Spyderweb target which easily rolls to any yardage distance from the shooter, on two wheels that I salvaged from a small yard & garden trailer. My friends use my range quite often on weekends. This coming weekend we'll be sighting a .300 Winchester Magnum hunting rifle and sighting in a brand new custom built .243 with a high dollar Nightforce tactical/sniper scope on it. A buddys girlfriend was given her first rifle for her birthday with a custom made laminated stock & LOP sized to fit her. A local friend who builds customs as a hobby built it for her. Another friend will be here to shoot broadheads with his compound hunting bow this coming weekend. I spend more time on the range with my crossbow than anything else. But its fun to get the rifles out from time to time too, when friends are here shooting.
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    I think I'm gonna take my target rig deer hunting this fall, get it done early and sit out the rifle season. I'm anticipating the way the global goods economy is teetering along, putting some venison up in jars (and stashing coffee & TP away) might pay off if things begin to fall apart this winter/spring. Gonna have to buy me another ladderstand to set up over Deer though, got all of 'em set on Bear right now. This is Bam-a-Lam. She's a rangy primitive grunge kinda gal. Loud & obnoxious & hits harder than she lets on. 😱
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    I'll give her a go when the new boots come in. Thanks for the input guys!
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    Hi @jeepwm69, I have always used compressed air to reinstall caliper pistons. I wet down the bore, piston, square-cut piston seal and the dust seal with brake fluid. Then shoot a small amount of air into the brake line fitting hole while pressing the piston down (holding the piston firmly centered over the bore and dust seal the best ya can, the piston will bounce up and down and try to tilt off-center) against the dust seal outer lip until the dust seal boot expands like a balloon enough that the piston slips through the expanded seal lip. Once the piston slips through the dust seal lip you're done with the air pressure. At that point just twist and push the piston past the square-cut seal until it bottoms in the bore, then look to make sure that the dust seal lip has snapped into its groove on the outer end of the piston. This method is quick and easy... but can get your fingers beat up if you feed too much air, because the piston will bounce hard against the blown up rubber dust boot and try to flip out of your fingers. I generally open the bleeder screw (or remove it in some cases) while carefully feeding the caliper a low volume of air, as it helps to minimize the violence. Hold onto the piston sides tightly .... don't get your fingers between the piston and caliper body else they'll get hammered. Sometimes just one short burst of air works the best, provided ya got firm grip on the piston. Practice makes perfect.... the second piston should go in easier than your first. :-)
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    I remember that big tree now that I see the pic with your atv at the cave entrance , you can't cut that tree it is part of that place , might even be bad karma , " Leave It "
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