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    Oh my, wait'll you see some of the mods that @Fishfiles, @jeepwm69, @Mac102004and a few others have done! 🙂 My mods are pretty tame compared to most others. My '00 350 Rancher ES is mostly stock. I have Jeeps start in any gear mod, his Rancher 400AT 2x4x4 selectable front diff swap, @wheelsquad & I's programmable fan control gizmo and I'm working on a 420 Rancher front disc brakes swap this winter.
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    I'm 45, Dad is 82. Night before last he asked if I'd help him for a few minutes. He's putting in new drain pipes in the upstairs bathroom at their house (replacing the cast iron drain pipes from 1919). I went over there, and he handed me a flashlight and said "I need you to hold the light for me" Seriously.
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    Well I have been chatting up the Utility section, very helpful, for a little bit now so I figured I would post here. My name is Jeremy and I live in southern Maine. I have a 2000 Foreman 450 ES. It is sitting pretty stock except for new led headlights, originals were rusted and corroded. I put on a Traveler 3500lbs winch and thats it for now.
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    it made all the defrence on mine when i installed it! less ware on the front end, just out right more fun to ride, fish has to be the king at mods, lol.
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    good thread! 424 kickout on a 2000 300, I've got a lift kit install planned when warmer weather gets here plasti-dip (bright aluminum) wheels, ram mount steering stem headlight /spotlight which is removable, magnetic dimple crankcase plug, i added a hondaline cooling (not standard on 300's made in the states) , cmp front bumper, brake light install, honda 300 bark busters (hand gaurds) speedo kit, and other mods.... I'm sure i over looked. and the project keeps going!
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    I looked for a thread for motorcycles and never found one , found this awesome looking bike and wanted to share it :
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    I am wondering what diy modifications people have done to or are still doing to their Hondas. Lights, racks, bumpers, storage, wheels from this for that, lifts, something for a different machine you fit on yours, thing of that nature. Any Honda is fine, I have a 2000 Foreman 450 ES and so far replaced the front lights with the led lights that go in truck bumpers.
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    I had to do this installing a satellite on a metal roof in the winter.... We used a big payloader to hold the ladder in place laying on the metal roof. OH&S approved back here....🤣🤣👍
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    Heres a couple i have had over the years.
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    yeah, i would have been gone to, lol
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    @Wheeler i figured I'd bump your thread up for the newer members, a couple bumpers are posted on the 1st page, but here's most all i have, @firsttimer built a homemade deal, i really like, but i can't locate the pic, but you also mentioned, your rear window could get busted out, so some of these might not work on those long camping trips y'all take ?? anyways here are deferent types some homemade, some not. credit goes to @Mac102004 @toodeep and downunder << (who's not in the forums yet) , Mac told me about the brute tube which is the last pic, toodeep posted is the 1st pic, and downunder is 3rd to that last pic. my favorite is the 4th pic, no idea who makes it, and I've never been able to locate ... that one or the brute bumper. (which i also like)
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    2000 TRX450S 500 jug and custom piston 400 head HMF muffler Dyna-Jet carb kit snorkel 424 kick out double relocated oil cooler double fans extended swing arm 6 led lights , 7 inch head light lift winch 1000 w 4 speaker sound system wheel spacers 29.5 Outlaws disc conversion front and rear hydraulic brake conversion rear floor boards stick stoppers EBC clutch kit 34.5% reduction reverse lock out by-pass suicide hand shifter dual batteries Garmin Montana quick snap mount drink holder machette holder receiver hitch ( not shown in this pic)
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    Hey Jeremy a late welcome to you as you have a few threads going already. Would like to see you give our chat a try sometime, we talk about a bunch of topics. Look us up sometime, we are usually busiest after dinner....
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    Always fun with a love hate relationship. I appreciate everyone's input and I will let you know how it goes, part will be in Saturday.
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    Take the rubber band retainer off of the outer boot and slide it back toward the center of the shaft Slide the rubber boot back toward the center of the shaft. Pull the old cup seal off of the shaft by pulling it out of its retainer groove and slide it over the splines. Clean all parts thoroughly with solvent and dry them completely. Slide the new cup seal over the splines and push it back toward the center of the shaft until it snaps into its retainer groove just beyond the splines. Coat the splines and the cup seal with MOS2 grease and pack a liberal amount of MOS2 grease in the depressed area between the lips of the cup seals. Slide the clean rubber boot back over the installed cup seal until it snaps into place in its' retainer groove. Roll the rubber band over the groove in the rubber boot carefully until the rubber band snaps into its groove around the circumference of the rubber boot. Use a finger to grease the female splines inside the pinion joint of the front diff and coat the smooth pinion joint bore with MOS2 grease. Use a finger to coat the splines & o-ring on the output shaft on the motor and the splines on the motor end of the shaft. Insert the driveshaft carefully into the pinion joint of the front diff. You'll need to push the shaft in straight while keeping it centered up with the pinion joint. Wiggle the shaft (and watch) as you push the shaft in to insure that the lip on the cup seal does not get snagged on the edge of the chamfer on the pinion joint bore and get turned inside out. Slide the front diff back toward the motor and stab the driveshaft onto the output shaft splines. Make sure the driveshaft is slid all the way onto the output shaft. The o-ring seal on the output shaft should not be visible when you are done. Put the front diff mounting bolts back in and tighten them up. Celebrate. 🙂
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    I only like the donairs from here and from the donair shop on Macleod in Calgary
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    @TBRider , I stuck your Donair recipe into the Food Channel thread and gave you credit for it , thanks , might have to try that one day ---here is a link to that thread :
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    Special treat from the Great White North , compliments of TBRider , Donairs Here fish, this is how we have our donairs... https://www.mediocrechef.com/blog/best-halifax-donair-recipe
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    We were done when Sermon went out. We needed every player to play an A+ game. We didnt get that. Fields played well. Defense wasnt in the game at all.
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    I watched the game. I thought OSU played well given who they were playing. Alabama was clearly the superior team, and deeper in the depth chart.
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    First thing that comes to mind is disc brakes up front 05-11 Foreman, 05-14 Rubicon, and 06-current Rincon knuckles, hubs, and rotors will bolt right on the ball joints giving you disc brakes using factory parts.
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    Thank you, I haven't put mush research into it yet but I do plow with it and my fan does kick on so I would like to know the temp I am running, either engine or oil. @Fishfiles thats a legit looking Foreman you've got.
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    @_Wilson_™ thanks for bumping this up. Those are great ideas for people. Now that I see the one similar to mine I love it. But ya, I forgot it would smash my window out.. soo maybe a quick connect of some sort would be sweet.
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    That gas tank reminds me of the Mid 70's CB500 T. The brown flop. We had a less than kind name for it when one sat on our dealer's showroom floor for a few months. No one liked the brown seat.
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    uh huh, everyone is gone except for the camra man.....who just had to get that photo...
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    You are learning the ES system , before it is all over you'll be an expert and helping others
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    Welcome to the forum , quite a few 450s running around here
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    My prediction was Alabama 54 to OSU 17 , wound up 52-24 ----
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    Welcome buddy! You’ll enjoy the site. Lots of awesome people.
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    Bar at the top of the page all the way to the right...
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    The FCU gizmo reliably controls the cooling fan on any air-cooled Honda ATV. This is our current gizmo thread here: I have only gotten partially through this last build cause I became too busy to complete it, but I am restarting this project from scratch in a few days. I found some fahrenheit modules & looking forward to get back at it!
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    @retro what do you get out of the programmable fan gizmo? I enjoy doing diy mods to things I own. When I was tuning VWs I was one of the firsts to use a heineken mini keg for an intake
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    Welcome aboard!
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    Welcome! Glad that you have joined us!
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    welcome to ATVH, Jeremy.
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    So I just checked what the lights are doing, and I'm a little surprised. The green neutral light stays on continuesly. The red reverse light is on when in neutral but will turn off when shifted into any gear. I would guess there has to be some wires crossed somewhere then.
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    it mounts like this, (3rd, and last pic) the one posted in your pic is for some sport modes, (1st pic) those brackets welded on, are for reflectors, should be four of the rear rack, (on each corner) and two on each side of the front rack. (2nd pic)
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    nice job, sled, thanks for the video.
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    Just got off the phone with the shop. after he consulted the Tranny Specialist in BC (TCS is the name) they figured the best Torque Convertor for my application/cam would be a 1800-2200rpm stall. The Cam specs are here as well as the Head Specs.
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    Leave the patina! Looks good.
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    Here’s a video of its first cut. https://youtube.com/shorts/M1c4pEbkwkA the rakers got taken down a little too far so she’s pretty grabby in knots but cuts darn good.
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    Buddy and I rode our Ruby's all day by my hunting camp. 8" of snow and ground fairly frozen. Followed ancient logging trails we saw on satellite that can only be traveled when frozen. Were able to cross beaver flowages and made a huge loop getting back on other logging trails that we have hunted. Covered 42.29 miles according to my GPS. This is my buddy in front of an old shack.
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    yes 81 is the number of drive links and yes defrent brand chains and bars will interchange, .063 is the thickness of the drive links, so you will need 81 drive links , along with .063 gauge chain. you made the right choice with the spark plug, as for starting, mine takes few pulls to start, just the nature of the beast (About 3 or 4 pulls) she's always been like sence brand new. as for bar oil, I'm picky, Stihl brand is all i use, it's almost as tacky as bel-ray foam filter oil, lol!
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