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    A pic of me and the Can-Am guys getting ready for a ride !!!!
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    Hey guys.. i have this serious problem that i dont have any spark on my ATC110...any thoughts? Any help is welcome! 🤔
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    Did you check your muffler bearings? 😄
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    i don't see an in-line microwave ?
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    When you can't find the welding shield .... Stick with me for tooltips
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    Many old ones did to allow removing rocks that got jammed. It was a reverse lever that required being pushed against a spring. Safe enough for the average country boy but city slickers probably ran over themselves.
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    Whatcha gonna do with that log? Carve a toilet?
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    The harnesses are done, the board is wired and the voltage adjustment expansion plug is located on the clear cover. The gizmo is ready for testing. I need to find three small screws suitable for plastic to hold the board down. Then I'll seal the cover down, take some pics and ship it. Sending you a PM @Vintage Motors
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    It needs clamps , losing spark from loose connection
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    Filter looks brand new, should spark like crazy!! Bad mudflap valve maybe?
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    Well I dropped the head off. Best they can do is a 4 angle valve job, & they don’t port & polish due to time restrains. It’s a very busy shop. He did say he would do what he could for me though. This is the same shop that did my head on my 355bbk.
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    You could always write in big letters with indelible ink, “Don’t squawk about my work, you wasn’t here to help!”
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    i wonder what the polaris guy's would look like ?..hmmm...rofl.
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    No not really the counter rotation is best used for sod busting and tilling compact soil. Clockwise rotation is best used for established gardens and cultivation it's a better all around choice but cost more. After looking at the whole picture seen it would be better to spend more and get what would work better for me in the long run.
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    Looking for recommendations , I have heard so many different things about this next step --- Going to put one piece vinyl on the floor , going to glue it down before the wall plate gets screwed down Been told to prime all sides and edges of the floor with oil based primer before screwing the wood down ---- others say don't do anything --- others say do just the bottom ( facing down side ) and don't do the edges, so the wood can breath and not hold water ---- some say do both sides but not the edges I think it is going to out last me anyways , just hate to have someone in the future say " that was a Stupid MF that built this "
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    i posted earlier I ordered a Champion rear tine tiller. I decided this morning I don't want that tiller so when it gets here will return it to Home Depot. I got to looking at a DR Power XLDRT rear tine tiller that has dual rotation for tilling, like that and a few other things. The Champion only had counter rotation tilling. I ordered the ELDRT this morning should be here in about 8 days will post pictures. Can't wait to play with it.
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    Gonna drop the head off tomorrow at machine shop. Have new valves, seals, & springs to install, so I’m going with 5angle valve job, port & polish the intake & exhaust. Want to really make sure this mini beast flows!
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    Down here Easter season is after Mardi Gras. Every Friday all the churches compete against one and other and have seafood dinners parties. Pretty good. This Friday we going to St John of the Cross. There will be a few hundred people there
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