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    Nice! I used vht wheel paint plus a couple coats of primer on mine but only did it last year and 1 ride off-road so far. They were in worse shape than yours so I did a full job on them. I did use aerosol version Raptor bed liner for my racks which has a similar texture. It will be interesting to see how they fair. Duplicolor was next on my list and I'll probably get that for my other projects. Rust-Oleum just doesn't hold up in some applications.
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    Finally took the time to clean up the rims. I usually do this every 3 years. Stands up very well!!!
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    You bring up some things to think about , not that I really want to LOL --- I would figure , I am looking for that correct pronoun as to not offend , I am going to go with " they " , they wanted someone to pay for their sex change operation , but , insurance did not want to pay for it , so " they " initiated the preliminary procedure on " their " own , forcing the hand of the health care system , wonder which way the hospital would go ? Since it was already cut off , would they sew it back on or trash it --- truly it is a messed up world we live in >>> let me rephrase that , there are some messed up people in the world we live in
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    Ya know Jerry Springer died this week past , I never knew he was the Mayor of Cincinnati in the 70s , he was like 79 years old , and the article I read said that his shows were faked for the most part --- I watched a few of his shows
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    Uh huh....n you thought you thinking is outside the box, well....... (I also have a twist to add in a bit) so? You think they planned it.... Well yeah i can see your point, I'll admit i never put that much thought into figuring out why at the time it broke world wide news......lol.... I thought what a couple idiots... Perfect for the springer show... And just Think wha it would make people think about the particalure insurance company...... Could have scored better then they did..... All that trouble just to catch something Ajax won't take off.....
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    Looks good, like that texture ...... Look.... Oh and on a side note, you delt some good hands! You play cards 2-7 of hearts , 10-ace ..... All was needed was a jack of hearts... You'd had two good hands (from what i can see) .....
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    Pretty trick looking stump.... Is it in a place you might like it to stay, n ether make a carving or have someone do a carving ? That sharpening deal... Well in short I've heard older gents sy draw the blade (knife blade) ino the stone or strap .... While others say draw the blade away ... But the best I've ever saw was a gent who sharpened his blade on his aged leather work boot..... Go figure....
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    So I DID end up beating you! Got my buddy's heel guards on Saturday morning and we rode all day Saturday! Red one looks good!
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    update: last and final post, it's done , loaded , headed to the cabin for my gal. we road round for a few miles, it did great !.
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