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    Yesterday I pulled this 300 out of hibernation , it has been over 2 years since it ran , parked cause it started smoking and making a knocking sound , so I was amazed that the battery still made the fan work , stuck the trickle charger on it , pulled and dumped the tank and it wasn't really that bad , hooked it up to a external gas IV and it started right up , WOW , noticed rather quickly that the knock wasfrom the exhaust pope , it is a HMF I think , and the guts are rusted out and blowing out the tail pipe , it did start smoking after running for about a minute , going to pull the jug and take a look seee This is my most favorite 300 , it has a stretched swing arm , the front of the 1st gen is 2+ inches longer , the wheel base center to center hub is 54 inches , where my other 300 is 48 inches , I find it make a big difference , this one has a Warn 424 1st gen ( very rare ) , 54% reduction ,it has the 1988 tear drop exhaust and cam , fan and cooler , and a lot of other add ons , need to get this one rolling
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    https://www.partzilla.com/product/honda/31300-HP5-601?ref=ee4dd15ec09ac2a8f34fa361df5a7ce0ada72036 Is this what you pulled up? 2014 was the last year of the small framed 420 (and then only in the DCT, the footshift and ES had already gone to the bigger frame). What you have is much more nimble and easier to get through the woods than the newer ones.
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    I always like cherry or walnut, but then that might not necessarily blend in with the rest of your room.
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    Went out last night with the Big 10 inch.
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    So Wipe New isn’t as good as it used it be. Used to be a small bottle of stuff. Now you get individually wrapped towels pre treated with the stuff. I ordered on Amazon and they refunded me, but thus far out of three of the six towels, one was completely dried out, one was barely moist, and the third was damp. So I’m hoping that all 6 towels will let me put 2 coats on these fenders. I used to get 2-3 wheelers out of a bottle of Wipe New, now with the wipes will be lucky to get one wheeler done. It’s good stuff in the bottle, but doesn’t look like they sell it that way any more Top pic is after, bottom is before
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    Wood is telling someone something
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    I don't have an 00-03 Rancher to look at, but looks like the guy had to get all 450 stuff and swap on. Handlebar cover that holds ignition switch, headlight, headlight housing. I did something similar to the 09 Rancher I had for the wife. Had to take the headlight mounting bracket from an 05-06 Foreman, cut off what I needed to mount the headlight and housing, and then weld to the handlebars. I think doing a 450 pod light on an 00-03 Rancher would be much more likely to bolt on given the meters are the same general size and shape. https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/atv/2004/trx450fe-a-fourtrax-foreman-es/headlight
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