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  1. Once all that is done then a new set of Rims and Tires... thinking of ITP Steel Wheels / Silver with 25" tires 9" wide in front and 11" in back... Like the Retro look of those rims. Or maybe the ITP 212???
  2. So here is my project so far...2001 Honda Rancher 350 4x4 ES. Some Was and Is photos. Still getting it cleaned up. Need to paint the Racks and Power was the rest of the underside. Now I am ready for the conversion....Retro Gizmo I hope! WAS IS NOW
  3. Hi all! I just bought a Honda site unseen! My brother-out-law said it was a good buy, no leaks no damage and runs good. So I sent a check and I own a Honda Rancher ES! At first I was told it was a 2004 420 model, but when I looked at the picture and did some research and found it to be a 2000-2003 model and a 350 or 329😉. Was not going to buy it be then thought to myself, "I drove a Yamaha bruin 250 and it work for me why not a 350" so reached deep in to my wallet and poof money gone! Plans for it once I get my hands on it. Restore the plastic (no cracks just old and sun faded a bit) All new Pop rivets all they way around Clean & Remove surface rust ( if any) Paint Racks, frame and wheels (if needed) Restore Aluminum Maintenance : break pads, oil & filter change, diffs flushed Replace missing parts Add a winch Selectable Front Diff
  4. Hey all, New to quading, hondas and this forum!
  5. Yes, thanks for all the info! @jeepwm69 It’s 2022 and I just bought a 2001 Honda Rancher ES 350 4x4, Orange! Was looking for a Warn or Wide Open 424 but non exist.😔 I had just about given up until I found Retro’s thread in another Forum, followed it here, and well I have to say @jeepwm69, your instruction are awesome! Will post Build here once I start. Still have to go pick up the Rancher in July as it is at my brother-in-laws house in New Mexico. Hope to have this complete by December 2022!
  6. Jeepwm69, is Reto still selling those regulators for the 400 to 350 4x4 to 4x2 swap? Or is there a schematic I can build one from?
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