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  1. Well took apart the shift button control on the handlebar to make sure no dirt or water was in there and kept hitting the up and down buttons cleaned it up put back together got my battery out and hit the shift buttons and it was working. Started the bike up and rode around in the fields it shifted through all the gears and down shifted fine. Going to adjust the clutch as i put on a used front cover as the other was cracked. Just having a idle issue now. So i'm not sure what fixed it as i switched out the used shift motor that i had put on back to the original one that was on it. They both spun the shift motor with 12 volt's applied, it's running and shifting fine now. I'll eventually put that other shift motor on to recheck to see if that was the problem as the handlebar switches wouldn't work when it was hooked up. Now i can get my gear together for that hunt i planned. I appreciate the help i got here. Thank's
  2. Will do. Tested my battery with my multimeter was showing 12.8 and 12.9 volts
  3. Recently my 4 wheeler got stuck in second gear wouldn't come out of gear even when i put the manual foot shifter tool on it. I tore the front case off and found a wore spot on my clutch lever and a broken ARM, SUB-GEARSHIFT SPINDLE 24670-HN5-670 replaced those part's put the case back together greased the gears up in the shift motor and put the battery back in. Show's it's in neutral on the digital screen no flashing on the screen to indicate there are any error codes. I hit the up and down button's on the handlebar and and nothing happens, I took my shift motor out to make sure it's working hooked it up to my battery with jumper wires and the motor spin's fine. I put it in first gear manually to make sure it shifted and turned the key on it showed it was in first with no blinking codes on the screen. I'm not convinced it's an electrical issue as it's been all mechanical so far but i'm no mechanic either. How do you do a continuity test of the angle sensor and the up and down push button's on the handlebar not convinced it has a break in them and don't want to throw ton's of money at it just guessing what's wrong. Hoping it's not the Tranny or ECM Could i start the 4 wheeler with it in gear by putting a jumper to the starter solenoid negative wire and to the negative terminal of the battery i seen this done on youtube. Are there any issues of starting a 4 wheeler that's in gear ???? Wanting to see if i can manually shift gears to tell me if it's an electrical issue or tranny issue. If it was a tranny issue it wouldn't even go in gear right ???? Didn't have allot of time to check thing's out, it's like 20 degrees outside.
  4. And here's one with it all together rolling on that bearing now. Thank you again @toodeep
  5. You are absolutely correct and i thank you BIG time for telling me this. When i pulled that bearing off when i took it apart i assumed it went in like that. Here's a pic of the bearing fully seated now.
  6. Any motor heads out here, If so could you tell me if this look's right. Putting my motor front case back together after replacing a few part's inside noticed the clutch cam plate where it look's like a Y goes over the clutch lever looks like a roller bearing. Wanted to know if that clutch lever need's to be moved out so it roll's on that bearing cause as of now it's not. And i don't see how it can roll on that bearing. My pic will show it as of now just needing to know if it wont matter if that Y thing from the clutch cam plate need's to be rolling on that roller bearing on the clutch lever. Trying to get my front cover case on and get it running before the snow hit's up here in the hill's of KY.
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