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  1. Yes the D1 D2 ESP lights are flashing also, I have checked connections but I’ll try again, thanks for replies
  2. No pattern just constant blinking
  3. it starts blinking -- as soon as machine is started, it is in D1
  4. when i did the code retrieval prosses just now it showed a solid N in the gear selection and the D1 is on?
  5. it will not retrieve codes, i have tried that many times. what is the code for infinient blinks?
  6. on the dash where the gear indicator its constant flashing -- . And it has very low rev limit in reverse..
  7. i do have good battery, i dont think its going through the relearning prosess, i never here the shift motor when the manual says i should. i have all the original sencors on it now, they all check good acording to the manual, i put a new oem ecu on it but no change.
  8. Hello, I have a 2001 Honda Forman rubicon 500fa. I can’t get the gear indicator to stop flashing. There’s no pattern no codes retrievable. I’ve changed and checked sensors, replaced ecm nothing changes.
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