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  1. But big difference in HP
  2. Thanks for the welcome guys, I'm new to the Honda world. My first atv was a 2014 Can Am 650 Max Xt. That was my retirement machine for the 2 of us and we loved it. Riding any longer than 1 hr and my throttle thumb would cramp up really bad to the point that I would goosed it trying to position my hand better on the throttle, my wife would get !. So I purchased a 2018 Maverick Trail and we love it for touring. But the maverick isn't a work machine. I saw this 2013 Fourtrax 420 in really good condition and I bought it. Love it so far for hooking up my trailer and playing around on my land. It's also really quiet compared to my 2014 Outlander.
  3. Thanks for the invite allan605
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