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  1. Looks like the retainer clip for the pressure relief valve. The pieces might be the bearing cage. If that fails you usually find a lot of metal pieces also. Did you sell the bad Hondamatic?
  2. I still assist people with Rubicon and Hondamatic problems. I am located in the St Paul/Minneapolis area. my email address is [email protected]. I also have a listing on eBay for a oil pressure tester. 2001-2003 Honda Rubicon's have the original Hondamatic. 2004-2014 Have the new style Hondamatic (Very few fail) 2001-2004 Have the original failure prone Oil Pumps. (The pressure relief valve sticks open and does not allow for proper oil pressure for the Hondamatic to work properly. This runes the 2001-2003 Original Hondamatic. The 2004's that have the old oil pump and the new Hondamatic seem to survive the low oil pressure problems; I repaired 3 2004 Units last year and was able to just replace the oil pumps. I tool apart the Hondamatic and they were fine. Just last night I took apart a 2001 with a stuck oil pump and the Hondamatic swash plate bearing was failed but the unit still drove. The plastic cage swash plate bearing is not the problem. The 2004-2014 Hondamatic has the exact same bearing. The other failure of the 2001-2003 Hondamatic is one of the pressure relief or check valves in the Hondamatic blow out. I have not developed a fix for this at this time. The metal breaks where the retaining clip hold the valves in.
  3. I am the guy that repairs Hondamatics. I am in the Minneapolis area.
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