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  1. It was the angle of how I took the pic shade. I told you that when you got here and you saw that I had it correctly on the the Arrow/triangle and the dot. I had that lined up correctly but when i took the pic I was turning my phone left while standing kinda in front of the centrifugal clutch. Trying to match your picture. No biggie tho. Lol
  2. I trusted fish. Then shade tree. He's got my number n we talk all the time. Sorry guys I haven't been on in a while. I got a lot of serious stuff I'm dealing with right now. I talked to shade about it cuz I trust him. But ill b on when I can , n yeah fish i understand. Im not one of those crazies. Lol 😆
  3. Please help me get this thing back going. Its a long story but I also need to know how to correctly hook up my ignition wires. They don't go color to color which to me is really stupid. And I have no more forward or reverse all because I wanted to fix my oil leak
  4. Hey fish I'm pretty sure I sent u some messages. This is koolaid. Pleaze hit me up. Thanks bro
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