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  1. That old display that you picked up that doesn’t have the 4x4 led is the glass for that compatible with my display
  2. I don’t think that one will work I have the 4x4
  3. Thank you. If you can find one let me know I’ll gladly pay you for it. Should I still get new film if you or I can find one?
  4. Hey folks sorry for bringing an old thread back to life but this was the most helpful info I’ve got on my problem. So I have a 2004 Honda foreman es I’ve done a full rebuild on it and the last thing for me to fix is the display. I’ve already removed the polarization film thinking it was just sun damaged but in doing so found out the screen has a crack through it. I can still see the display when it’s at the right angle and I does work when it’s hooked up. My main question is will it work with new film and if not is there any way to buy just the internal glass display?
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