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  1. _Wilson_™


    looks like the south is in for the wet stuff yet again, zeta , is expected to pass over central Tn over the next 24 hours , fish, i hope y'all faired well, and i see @shadetree , and @jeepwm69 out in Arkansas, are also dealing with what looks like minor flooding (sure hope not)
  2. oh yeah, it's proof of something ....
  3. this was over looked (history) had the bike ever been sunk to the point of water, or slop getting in the engine ?
  4. your welcome, are you thinking just milling ... where the head has space for that tube, or, milling down the back side of the head all the across ?
  5. i like that idea myself ... i wander what AKATV thoughts on this idea would be.
  6. oh, so just a small trailer, i thought maybe something larger .. what i was talking about double drilling the hitch, not the pin resceiver, other then welding it, can't really see any other way to keep it from turning to left, or right when under strain, a counter sunk plow point bolt would be perfect for the second hole.
  7. have you figured on just milling down the center fins on that head at the point of where they contact the bar ? , or you could you swap to that other head ? looks great so far.
  8. biggest I've messed with is morse number 90 stainless, for a grain elevator ... what you've delt with sounds like a finger mashing job .. the standard for most of of our machines were about 40-60 ... some much smaller ... i have a box of half link, and masters some place over at the shop, they might have come from shoup farm supply ? bet they would even have a half link in the size you need if you ever do.
  9. reminds me of those center axle long tobacco pipe wagons ... it was really fun, when people tried to pass while you were turning in...
  10. never have seen one of the chain link pullers, i always had needle nose vise grips i filed the inside of the jaws to fit, but not always handy.. lol! looks like you've skinned that cat ... with a brand new chain, it shouldn't take long for some slack to start happening.
  11. thank you, wow that is tight, I've done what sled mentioned, but only in a pinch, when you pull out on a chain drive depending on the setup, age, machine, I've noticed more of a chance of chain tooth skip, not saying it wouldn't work here. I'm no bike builder, so just playing with ideas.
  12. ah... you didn't mention they / it was going on your truck, kind of limits you on welding options. how much weight (hitch tongue weight) is hitch rated for ?
  13. i think I'd try a longer arm, (just above the idler) have you added some master links ? or just testing for chain clearance ?
  14. _Wilson_™


    moth ball will run them off, i had a 7 foot long black racer, living just behind the access panel of the dragon (pic) ... i went to lube to the blower fan motor bushings , and got a nice shock, i don't mind snakes around long as there not in my shop or under my furness...
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