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  1. Glad to help and Thank you for the update... Glad you were able to get that issue sorted, I'm going out on a limb and say so they have done some damage, bet there's more hidden... Keep us updated my friend.
  2. It doesnt have that much to cause explosive growth.... For that you would need to soil test and add as needed.... Ammonia anhydrous on the other hand.... Can cause extreme growth.... But not very pleasant to use by hand,we injected the gas right into the ground every farmer that's tried that has had a bumper crop.... Usally with corn you get one good ear.. N one or two sorry ears, using anhydrous..... At least 90% of the time 2 massive good ears or 3 very good ears here's a good read. https://www.tfi.org/content/frequently-asked-questions-about-anhydrous-ammonia
  3. Your welcome, i know this,that onne guy bug was by far the worst... I ever had... I hated it too because back then Dave was still the big man in the Wendy's cooperation ..... When he passed i stopped going all together... ,same deal with wallmart and Sam...
  4. Beautifull ! I can see them both plain as day..... My eyes aren't good as they used to (sorting that soon) do i maybe see a dipper, it's hard to make out...IMO this topic would make for a good thread on it's on... That's just me.....
  5. Hey chevy good to have you back.... Kinda sounds like salmonella ...... I had that once from a chicken samich at Wendy's ... By far the worst gut bug I'd ever had .. Anyways hope your doing better stop by more often bro!
  6. Hi Dgh....lets get this out of the equation 1st..any signs of rodent chewing on the wire harness ? Welcome to the forums.
  7. Thank you Sierra .... Looking forward to more images!
  8. I might also add..... I used to go raccoon hunting with a highered hand i recon i had to be about 13..... Never could tell what would come up in convo, one night we were tracking, and he up as says its clouding up... Can't even see the little or Big Dipper ....then he asked had i ever seen them, i said no.... Anyways time went on the clouds blew out... And he then pointed them out to me, to this day each time i see the dippers it reminds me of a earlier time when life wasn't so complecated, least not like it is now....... I had to go to the city a few ago, while i was driving it came to me, i think her scope cost. Close to $200, no clue if that's high or low for a portable model...
  9. To continue from page 44 pictures show two very defrent stones..... I ave yet to really see if i can JUST the replacement stones, it's a good design (stones snap in, and out) if the stones were meant to be replace... I believe after a few minutes of sharpening... The darker stone put the fine edge on.... So far no real issues (fingers missing) chopping any food items, but it wouldn't take much effect to cut ... Kinda glad i got those shark bite proof / cutlery stainless chain link gloves... Lol the light gray stones goes with the upper sharpener in pic 2 but ether will exchange.
  10. You nailed it! I was thinking exactly that phrase /thought ...... Have been sence this deal started (someone who appreciates it)
  11. Up date..... Told Tracy (worked him brfore) about this bike, so he and i go look.... Told him... I really don't need another bike.. As my trx350 is still in storage at Dennis's big shop.... I have about what i want one good work bike and a one of the kind 300 hondaline equpt ....... I could have flipped the gray it right then for 300... But .. Nah... Not just yet, bike rides good, the tires have good tred but dry cracked as always great front brakes... Lacking back brakes... Clean tank,... Air filter foam perfect... No evidence of deep crossings... No cracks, but scuffed plastic, nothing that can't be fixed... But for some reason i just don't see keeping it.... It did seem less in power just a tad.. Compared to both the 97, 00... I also don't see $2000 moving that bike from my possession..... And i do owe Tracy for an incident at work... Mishap on both our parts.
  12. That's jut flat beautiful. Reminds me of paint a short story, but before i do, thank you for posting this it's brought back a very good time in my life, e tho i was with that head shaving wild red head.... Lol! .... Some how she became very intrested in wanting a telescope ... Had one picked out... I don't recall the price but not cheep as mobile telescopes go (I recon) ? Anyways picked me to site the thing in... I admit i too was / am very intrested... But told her I've seen so much of the night sky running equiptment at night n very very early in the am ... When you take a break for a snack or couple hours of sleep, you see, and hear ? all kinds of things..i guess the oddest had to be when an owl ??landed on the exhaust weather cap, on a johndeere i was haying with, i had stopped ... For a break .... Layed. Back in the seat propped my feet up, n was gone to the world for about ?? 45-60 mins... When i woke... Flipped the cab lights on... All i saw was just a tad of feathers... Couple floating down ... Would have really enjoyed seeing more... I've seen hawk with a snakes in flight coyotes hunting not too far off.... They do a dance (kinda) hunting mice in hay fields ... Wild turkeys, deer ( i won't even go there) people think deer are cute HA! Well maybe so, but dealing with a fawns mother is hazardous... (when trying to grt the fawn out of the path of a disk mower) Skunks possums, never a raccoon..... Bobcats, pumas dillas, rabbits... And black birds ...etc etc etc I can't say I've ever seen a black bird that wasn't afraid of much.... I've never seen one animal that hated semi truck side mirrors as much as a black bird, I'm talking about those that have the red splash on there inner wings. .. It can become rather mundane ... At times hours of riding whether planting tilling haying etc etc... Every once in a while.. You see a shooting star... Some so bright they light up the area just a tad... Now those type are very very rare.. (And unsuspecting to see something like that) very shocking... I've been thinking of a new hobby.... This ones going on that short list, thank you Serria this post is great as is.. Didnt need one more thing added IMO
  13. Sold! It's not as good a shape as i thought but very close it's now mine, one more 300 saved! The grey is defrent, I've always liked blue or red, but being it's an 88 .... And th engine has never been broken into nor sunk.... Did alright i recon...... Called a friend of mine down laweranceberge ...... Ether the 97 or the grey is going to be flipped.... I don't need 4 bikes.......$1700. Which i thought wouldn't close the deal. But yep sold......if he doesn't want it, i might list it here.
  14. Thanks i am too blunt, but that's part of me.... Besides it's just making things abit more colorful (langauge) i wouldn't go as far as to say hate... Because i don't, but dislike ? Sure! I've always thought if someone didnt want opinions on said topic, then why bring it up ? At least we all seem to be on the same page about things happening that we don't like anyways it's not about me..... Not going any further about this in public, n you've saved m a little money, so thanks again.
  15. Lol! I got the plan..... F AH ..... And why not let that transgender mental crowd purchase the out of date beer for the regular price haha! I think that will give them all a taste of how utterly disgusting that mess is... Oh n I'll have the answer for that low zone punk as well.... We need to stop being nice about this .... ! I might even call someone in charge with low zone rider idiot and tell them your all idiots if you let that punk sue because he f up his own (mommy daddy payed for junk pile) vehicle.... Haha , and if because he was 1st before the law was instated.... Then i don't have to wear a set belt because it was not a law to use one back then... So i was before the law, so that makes me right, same goes with using a cell phone... We used those before it was against the law to use one while driving ....this crap is so one sided...... Sigh
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