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  1. I finally had a chance to remove the shift plate and after careful examination I don’t see any cracks damage etc . Put it back together with 6-8 bolts on the front cover and tried with the emergency shifter and still right where it left off , with the shift motor in place it just won’t return to the starting position to shift up / or even back down without using the emergency shifter to move it slightly by hand after which it will shift to the next position. I did try to shift with the motor pulled slightly back but that doesn’t work either. If I shift with the motor and then remove it without repositioning the shifter you can hear the linkage move back to the correct position. With the motor in place even when hand shifting it has to be moved back to position after it shifts to be able shift up or down again
  2. I’ll have to check the shift plate very close. When you say check the bolt are you referring to the bolt on the center of the drum shifter, cause it’s tight. Also I noticed after looking at a parts diagram there a small spring that sits under the triangle plate with the rollers on front of the clutch and I must have lost it and put the linkage back together without it. Could that be causing the problem now and the original problem the shift plate return spring? Not sure what that small spring does
  3. I am having a mechanical issue shifting this rancher. I installed a bypass harness to override the electrical sensors ecu etc and it was shifting fine for a short time. It will shift into first or reverse only and what is happening is the shift plate doesn’t return fully back to its starting position, I checked it and can see no damage I also put a new return spring and I can shift manually up or down fine Until the shift motor is installed and that’s when it doesn’t return to the starting position weather using the electric shift or the emergency shift lever. After going to first gear it will shift up again through all gears and back but each shift requires to manually move the shifter back very slightly to you hear click it reingagues the drum shifter . Any ideas ??
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