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  1. thank you @jeepwm69, troubleshooting and will provide update once steps suggested are completed
  2. @jeepwm69 thx for the quick reply, the angle sensor is Honda... I actually bought one from partzilla and the other from Amazon... simply forgot I had them both on order ... anyway... tried them both and issue is same... so I would probably be pretty confident that the angle sensor is not the issue unless I ended up with 2 OEM duds Regarding the gear position switch, and please pardon my ignorance here, are you referring to Part #10 (SWITCH ASSY., NEUTRAL (TOYO) 35600-HA0-003) or Part #11 ( SWITCH ASSY., CHANGE 35759-HN5-A11) on the REAR CRANKCASE COVER blowup?
  3. Ideally Upstate South Carolina if possible. Tried taking the bike to the Greenville dealer and they told me they prefer doing warranty work and high volume projects... whatever the heck that means. I told him I'd pay them and I am not time constraint but they guy seemed more interested in replacing stock wheels with alloy oversized options and changing oil... must be nice to have that much business where you turn away what I fully expected to be a fairly high dollar repair. The issue I am having is related to the ES and most likely it's an internal part that requires either the front or back crank case removed... there are good videos on youtube on this but I'm just not comfortable with the job thus my search for a mechanic. Please let me know if you are one or if you know of one... much appreciated
  4. So I have a really weird issue that I need some help, hopefully somebody has experienced this before 'cause it's got me in a tizzy. Bought the bike used and based on other observations and issues fixed my guess is that it's been sunk pretty bad and even potentially left in the water for a while... with that said: Engine seems okay, replaced the starter, carb, solenoid, new battery, checked compression and with the throttle pulled it reads 120 and throttle at idle the reading is 80, starts on first try and idles fine. also adjusted the valves to spec, no weird noises while running and no smoke of any color ... based on this I'm pretty stoked since I think that at least this side of the bike seems to be a-okay Gear Shifting tho' is a whole other animal... a weird one I may add: - up down shift buttons do not work or at least they do not shift the bike into the correct gears, the clicking noises are there but the display does not show the gears shifting so don't know if it actually shifts or not; my guess is it's not shifting - manual shifting appears to work if I rock the bike and it almost feels like I am forcing the gear shifts for the display to show R (red reverse light on) and 1st... the weird thing is that it's really tough to catch it in N (green light on after multiple attempts)... once in N I can start the bike but I have to hold the manual shift lever and, for lack of better words, keep it in N otherwise it jumps out of gear and the display simply shows 2 dashes (--)... after a bit of back and forth between R and 1st I can typically catch the N and start the bike... just about every time the bike starts, if I let go of the manual shift, the display green light goes off and it shows the 2 dashes (--) while the bike is running - here's the weirdest part... with the bike running, manually shift to R and.... the bike moves forward instead of reverse (WTF???) - when the display shows any of the readings above (R, 1st or even the 2 dashes (--), they blink 8 times So far I've done the following in trying to troubleshoot this darn thing: - new gear shift motor - new angle sensor - took apart and greased the reduction gears (3 piece assembly) connecting the gear shift motor to the gear shift spindle (some you tube videos show broken gears there but that is not the case with mine) - new reverse cable, cleaned the reverse sensor The 8 time blink, according to my research indicates "8 flashes, angle sensor system, probable faulty part,angle sensor, or control motor, or related wiring, or ECU" -- very generic and by process of elimination of what's already been replaced I'm dealing with a "faulty part" "related wiring" or "ECU".... well that's a mouthful to say the least and I have no idea where to go from here Any help greatly appreciated
  5. A bit late with feedback on resolution of issue but I wanted to share with the group what an outstanding job AKATV did in repairing the display. Really a top notch guy that provides great service and stays on top of communications with a quick turnaround. Installed the repaired display on the bike and looking perfect! Thanks again AKATV
  6. Purchased a 2004 Honda FOURTRAX RANCHER 4X4 ES (TRX350FE) under the premise that you "can't get spark and the display is faded"... well... once I got into it it looks like this thing has been used as a submarine so a lot of water damage, including the meter assembly... which lights up but nothing displays except truncated numbers at bottom (pics below). I've been scouring the web for a replacement unit, both new and refurb, but can't seem to find one and getting kinda fed up with it. According to the OEM parts sites, the part details are Manufacturer Part# 37200-HN5-M11 (Item Number OEM325433). My questions and pleas for help as follows: 1. Since this part appears to have been discontinued by Honda, is there a newer model/part number that would qualify as an alternative to 37200-HN5-M11? From my research this part was used on the Honda FOURTRAX RANCHER 4X4 ES (TRX350FE) between 2003 and 2006... 2. New member so can't use direct messaging yet but if AKATV is by any chance reading this message, please pm me and let me know if this may be something you could fix.
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