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Quick Splice Type Connector

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Old topic, however did not see this option mentioned.  

Seeing how many motorcycle wiring harnesses butchered with these ‘vampire tap’ and the inevitable problems they cause down the road, I now use these …




These piggyback fuse holders have polarity.  Pull the original fuse out to determine what leg is hot and mount the piggyback fuse holder so the current goes the same direction as the original fuse.  Mount the original fuse on the fuse holder and the new circuit fuse in the new circuit position.  In other words, the original fuse will keep doing its role and the new fuse will protect the new circuit.   Plug it in your fuse block.  

REMEMBER, these piggyback fuse holders can only be mounted one way, if you flip it 180 degrees, it won’t work.   

You now have an unmolested wire harness, a properly fused circuit and you can return everything back to stock if needed in the future.  
Just make sure you choose the proper amperage and whether it is a standard or mini fuse size.  

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