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funny if not halirous

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12 hours  and 0640,and,1215, i cant  even do the math at the moment. i am too tired at the moment. i am too tired at the moment

for the moment.

it could OCD.

I know for a fact, it is not not true.

only one person knows the why, and i even posted this at all, 

 i am not going to finish tonight and the keyboard still isnt  finished.

guess what im am going to finish.

i am glad edit still works so i can finish..

the subject is bewildering, even to me. i only posted this in the beginning because i thought it also might help this forum in some way. now i find i dont need even to do this. all this because i had to clean my keyboard.

it had a profound effect on me that changed the way i think, and live my life. the details, well that took extra thought., because it for now only effects me.

however,[aint there always], now even if it can help, in some remote chance, it thats all that matters.

the cost, let me add it up;;

Not only the time involves,i lost 5 pounds, and for the 1st time in my life, i want to put weight on.

it did effect my health.

the only thing i want to know is if it set a record for cleaning a keyboard.

im not even going to look that up.


the time in in, 58minutes involved, 17hours.


this is not about the keyboard or why i had to clean it no matter what. it has served its purpose. i also wrote it on the hunting forum i like. one person understood, why. and that is all that matters.


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