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Rusted Toyota

Maybe Warn? 424 Cable Detent

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Picked up a nice 99 Foreman 450es. Getting it apart for going thru it. It has a 424 style 4x2 disconnect system. The Cable was stuck, Took the knob off and soaked the cable/button shaft with Kroil, freed up nice, cable pulls out to 2wd position and pulls back on its own to 4wd. It doesn't lock in 2wd. I need to get the plastics off. Saw a video online but it isn't clear about the Cable Detent Lock. With knob and button removed and cable unscrewed; Tried to push the brass sleeve down to unhook cable. Seems to stop solidly when it hits the threads where the cable screws in. Brass sleeve spins easily,  button will turn but not depress -seems like the detent balls may be jamming it.

Not sure if it's a Warn. The pull knob is anodized aluminum with etched unreadable writing if that helps for ID. 

It seems no parts are available. Any ideas on stuck detents?

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