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It's been over a year since I logged in. Decided last night to see what's been happening read a post Jeep made about censorship of speech on politics & religion that was the reason I left the site can't belong to a forum that censor's speech. Thanks to admins and moderators to uphold our 1st amendment rights on this forum.



VThe mods and admins had a long discussion about allowing politics and religion to be discussed here on the board when we started.


We have not allowed this for awhile, but ultimately silencing people makes this place no better than the place we all left to start this board.


So we're putting in a subforum for such discussions.  I hope people can be adults in discussing such things. 


Some people think that we should put this to a vote. The problem with that is, when people vote to take from others, that is not right.  In this case, we would be taking away peoples rights to discuss the world around them.


If one does not wish to discuss politics, it is quite simple. Do not click on the politics forum. We will not silence those who do wish to discuss such things.

wheelsquad, LedFTed, SlammedRanger and 4 others reacted to this


East Arkansas junk collector


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Can't believe I missed that post by Jeep above , this was the first  time I read that one   ----


@riverc , guess we need to watch what we say now days ,  if you say something they don't like  ,  they are labeling you a  terrorist and openly say they are coming after you  !!!   America is on the ropes .... 

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