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Any belt guys here? Can Am HD8 belt issues

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Father in law bought a 2019 Defender HD8 last year, had about 2K miles on it.   Weekend before last he decided to run out through my bog of a duck hole and sank it up to the frame in the mud.  He spun way past the "I'm stuck, let's hook up a rope" point.   Like to the point where I was yelling "You're stuck!  Stop spinning it deeper!".


Had to winch him out with my Foreman and the wife's Rubicon, took both machines' winches, and had to rehook and pull several times to get him out far enough to move under his own power.


Get in the thing out this past weekend and have a little shudder when starting off.  I think "Uh oh, stupid belts".  As the day progresses, start to get a noise from the rear that sounds like a belt slipping.   Also, and perhaps more concerning, is I get a little rattle when coming to a stop.


So, my guess is he smoked his belt, and apparently there are little rollers in the secondary clutch that could also be on their way out.


Belt replacement looks pretty straight forward with a $30ish tool and a new belt.  Taking that secondary clutch off and replacing those rollers looks to be a little more complicated, and to require a few more tools.


Anyone does this job on a Can Am who can weigh in?  Looks like the Defender board is dead, and appears to be another victim of VerticalScope.  No one has answered my questions there.

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