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Trx300 Clutch Wear

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1995 TRX300 4x4

On my way to replace the timing chain, I notice the centrifugal clutch looks burnt up.  Please see the pictures.  I believe I should replace the primary clutch drum and weights.  I believe I will take my chances with a used drum and weights off ebay because i believe the oem drum is no longer available.


What would cause the primary clutch to burn up like this?  Could it be caused by the previous owner running the wrong type of oil?


Also the secondary clutches appear to have plenty of material left however they appear to be discolored.  Should I replace the secondary clutches based on the discoloration?

clutch 3.jpeg

clutch 2.jpeg

primary clutch drum1.jpeg

Secondary clutch discoloration.jpeg

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replace both clutch parts !, the housing is burnt, just clean it off with a wire brush. soak both clutches in the correct motor oil a bit BEFORE you install them if you get new parts.

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