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That's correct, free handle bars! I have a set of Pro Taper S E/seven eighths bars for free. I wanted an upgrade for my 2014 TRX 420 because the stock bars bend fairly easy. I just asked my local Honda dealer to order a set of Pro Tapers or similar high quality bar for my specific wheeler. This is what I got. They are not even close to stock bars. They were acceptable( barely) for me but my wife didn't like them, she said they were too low and had a further reach than the originals. She is correct, they are an inch or two lower and about the same distance further reach than stock. They are 32.5 wide so they are probably a little wider than stock too. Anyhow, if anyone wants them they are yours.........just pay for shipping and $5 for my time. That sounds fair don't cha think? The do have two eighth inch holes drilled in the left side for the locator dowel in the plastic control for the original wheeler. 

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