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Rolled Onto Side Rancher 420 - 2019

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Rancher 420, 2019 model

I was on a mountain trail, two tire tracks in the dirt on the side of the mountain, to the left a good 60 to 70 degree slope up at the immediate edge of the trail, and down hill to the right.

I had been getting some feedback from the electric power steering handlebars. A few times it seemed like hitting a rock would knock the bars right or left.

Then something knocked the bars to the left, a rock or what I don't know, causing the left front tire to start up the incline at the left and flopped the ATV over onto the right side.

I got banged up nicely on the right arm and shoulder. I could feel the wet blood on my long sleeved shirt immediately.

There was only some large sage brush type bushes or small trees up the hill, much of which was rotten, so I couldn't get the winch on anything, and I didn't know if it could pull me upright anyway.

I called some friends who came and helped me flop it over.

It ran, and appears to run normally. A lot of scratches on that pretty white paint on the plastic and a wobble in the right from tire.

Looking underneath, I'm wondering if the only damage is a right front rim, bent.

Any ideas or recommendations as to what to check?


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Glad you're ok.  If you weren't moving fast I'd replace the wheel and if it tracks ok, ride it.

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Rotate the wheel to the other side, spin it. If its the rim you'll know, if not the problem stays to the rolled over side

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