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  1. Thank you for the follow up toodeep, I agree with you on the seal, thank you. I went to drain the carb and saw some knobs I didn't recognize, turned out one is a primer, so I punched it a bunch of times and it started right up. Took it out in the snow and did some drift-turns to prove the 4wd works, which it does. So Awesome! Thank y'all for your help!
  2. The ones I installed are definitely some random seals. The Honda diagram definitely agrees with what you've said and showed. Toodeep, thank you for your patience and the picture. I am now really confused about why the Honda site listing said 22x48x7 in the listing then.
  3. Respectfully, the installed seals and the ones I returned clearly have an outside and inside. This one is installed correctly.
  4. thank you fishfiles, sounds like a plan.
  5. I'm sure this is not an unknown issue, but here's the story. I went to a local Honda dealer website and determined that the oil seals I wanted to replace for my '96 TRX400 Foreman front differential were Honda part number 91252-HC5-003. I ordered a pair from Ebay, size SDD7 22x48x11 and when I got them, they did not fit. I tried hammering in with a socket (lightly) and they'd kinda set in the hole, but not securely. so I filed with the seller to return them, saying the ones they sent were not equivalent to 91252-HC5-003. I went back to the Honda dealer site and found this: The ebay seller did not like this claim, and sent me a picture of an OEM Honda oil seal with the package clearly showing 91252-HC5-003 on the bag and SDD7 22x48x11 on the seal. She also suggested that 22x48x7 was the size of the inner ring of the seal. I went and found the old seals from my differential and cleaned them off to reveal that they are also SDD7 22x48x11; but one of them was at one time secured with gasket sealer and was loose when I first took the atv apart. I went ahead and ordered 22x48x7 seals from the same seller and told her I was confused but wouldn't return the seals i just ordered regardless of whether they fit. When they arrived, they fit Perfectly. What is the deal with this? Also, the entire time I was working on the front diff, I had the fuel valve in the On position, and now it won't start. Could something in the fuel system have dried out and cracked in the frigid dry air? Here's a beer for your troubles.
  6. bummer. That's young! Be glad it's streaming, it's a high of 15 today.
  7. There's a music section here? Is this the best forum ever?
  8. I think the Ryder's cup is a traveling tournament? This past year it was played right up the road from us near Sheboygan, Wisconsin at Whistling Straits. According to this website I looked at, the 2028 cup will be at Hazeltine in Chaska, Minnesota. MN or WI...it's all cold because we pay for gorgeous summers with hard winters.
  9. Well that's a good reason to keep cheap beer around. Some of it gives me a headache lately. I just get bottles by the case at Costco and have one when I've fixed something. I'm warming back up to growlers. Here's what I mean. It clunks a little when I change directions on the shaft. 20220202_173658.mp4
  10. Amber is nice. Those look like school bells, a cool way to display and use your tap collection! I once new a guy who'd been in the navy but was from Louisiana; he had a $450k house and the tap on his back porch was for Bud Light. I think he got upset when I said 'Bud Light, really?' The last time I had a Purple Haze, I was at a BWW in Atlanta area. Good stuff. Where are the people you mentioned? Wisconsin is a surprisingly large state. After draining the diff, I was looking in through the oil fill hole and spinned the ring gear, the teeth look great. There's a little slop when you turn one way and the other, I would guess some worn bearings or loose teeth engagement. Anyone know if this is something I should deal with now? I'm planning to reinstall the differential with some good new oil once I get the new oil seals in, and go from there.
  11. Someone on another forum suggested install a ring and pinion kit. Thoughts?
  12. Well I'm from Chattanooga, but I spent a few months in New Orleans after Katrina. I remember a brown variety but I don't remember what it's called. Purple Haze is great though. Have one for me! Can't find them up here (not that I'm looking very hard.)
  13. I do believe it's beer thirty. Got some Abita handy?
  14. Thanks, Fishfiles Got the manual a few minutes ago, this site is great! George is a 1996 not a 2006. The shaft end could be rusted out, but it does feel tight when I put them together and turn it. I do have a propeller shaft on backorder. (Let's Go Brandon)
  15. Howdy! "George", my hobby farm horse (a '96 Foreman TRX400) became a 2wheel drive last year while plowing some snow. The rear wheels continue to drive well, the front don't. I assumed something broke, but because he's so useful, I've only just dug into it. I lifted it and the front wheels would drive until they were back on the ground. I suspected the differential first, then the propeller shaft, but now that they're off, I don't have any convincing evidence. So, now I'm consulting the pros! This model is always 4wd, but has a switch for hi/low which does not affect this issue. On the front propeller shaft, the engine end looks great and the engine-connected parts have their teeth. The differential end of the shaft is a little rusty, the teeth on the shaft definitely look worn, and the teeth on the diff look great. When I plug the shaft into the diff, it seems tight and secure. When I rotate the shaft, the diff kinda clunks at first but the axle gears rotate and nothing seems to be loose in there. I'm currently draining the oil, which looks horrible. Before I started disassembly, I noticed the LH axle seal was dislodged, who knows how long it'd been that way. It occurred to me that if the oil seal was dislodged, that means the LH CV axle was probably not in there completely - is that right? And if so, could a dislodged CV axle cause both front wheels to stop driving? I'm going to check the 'clunk' again and figure out what that's about. Beyond that, what should I do or try? Thanks! Incidentally, I bought an '04 front differential which does not appear to be interchangeable with my '96. If anyone wants it, I'd happily sell it to you.
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