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  2. Thinking my clutch discs possibly jammed up. There is no play. I was sure I checked them. I’ve got cover off & shifts & turns over fine now. Gonna really check this out as I want this motor together.
  3. Got the rings/piston/cylinder On. Have to pull clutch cover off as now the kick start & starter shaft won’t rotate or go into any gear…
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  5. It helps to post year, make and model as well as a description of your issue At the very least.a picture of it powered up with headlights on so the display is illuminated helps immensely I have sent my contact information to your message box in response to your previous message as well -AKATV
  6. Welcome to the forum! Yep, what Jeep said above...lol I sent contact information to your message box as well -AKATV
  7. The 2023 Indianapolis 500 air time 1130 am CDT the napolis is here! The 107th running of the indianapolisr 500 from the Indianapolis motor speedway.
  8. Another good place is, well if you know a farmer close by thats been stacking round bales in the same area for a few years, the soil directly around the bottom edge or the round bale ( soil should look almost black) is very very rich, maybe too rich at times... Thin that and mix with what your already using... Will be fine, horse manue is another great idea! I raised maters a few years back using a mixture close to what your describing .... Turned out great but you could clearly see i had the soil on the rich side ...and it does effect the taste some..... But all in all turned out good!
  9. @_Wilson_™ 1 box has soil from our yard and another has all bag top soil. Both seem to do well. I try to water them everyday but maybe I don't water them enough when I do. I use Miracal-Gro from time to time and also have some organic fertilizer that smells like a horse stable lol.
  10. Hit a tree. I need a new or used front bumper. Please help
  11. As far as dielectric grease, I know the manual states to pack the plugs, I would just go easy with it, not like packing a wheel bearing I usually just put a little silicone lubricant around the rubber seal to help keep water out, and I use contact cleaner to clean the plug pins Then I try not to use my four wheeler like a submarine in the water or go crazy with the pressure washer,, lol that’s just my personal preference On the ES troubleshooting- If you follow the ES troubleshooting flow chart in the factory manual what point do you get to when you find a failure? Also, did you replace with an OEM Honda angle sensor or did you buy a China part off eBay? When you said you had N, 1st and 5th above, did you mean N, 1st, 5th and and Rev? If so, that’s a common indication that you have a problem with the angle sensor because neutral, first, reverse and 5th signal, is provided by the gear position switch. 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear signal is created by the angle position sensor/ECU and will only display when engine is running-not while stopped Let us know what you find out AKATV
  12. If you suspect the voltage regulator is bad , get the motor running and attach a voltage meter to the battery terminals , you should be between 13.5 and 14.5 with the motor running ----- are you sure the clicking is not coming from the solenoid ---- I have never heard of a voltage regulator clicking
  13. My crabbing buddy said this is the worst month of the year for crabs , they are molting , they had a lot of meat in them but they were paper shelled -------- on number 2s like these were , they are going for $2.25 a pound at the dock and 90% are shipped up the East Coast ----- number 1 soft shell crabs are $72 a dozen right now ----- he is catching a lot of freshwater catfish in the crab traps right now in Lake Pontchartrain , I freied up 40 slabs of catfish also I know your the gardener , those ears of corn in the pot were 5 for a $1 , that is a deal Was watching the show Guy's Grocery and the guy on there was cooking fried imitation crab cakes with remoulade sauce using corn and no crab , looked good , I need to try it
  14. Hi all, Been a while since I've been out using the 450, but I went to start it the other day and it would not, no lights showing on the dash. I fully charged the battery and still no lights on the dash. So I went to the backup pull starter and it fired straight away. This leads me to suspect that the voltage regulator above the rear right wheel is fried as I hear a click coming from it when I attempt to start it on the key. Any opinions welcome before I order a new voltage regulator? Edit: The rare time I go to start it, the dash lights come up and it fires, but the lights flicker when it's running.
  15. Yesterday it was a crab festival , also have some grilled chicken thighs and fried catfish , forgot to take a pic of the fish ,
  16. Fishfiles


    Yesterday , learned this song
  17. Hey guys, Couple of questions... When tightening the swingarm pivot lock nut, is there an alternative to purchasing the tool (see link)? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/262698830520?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=705-154756-20017-0&ssspo=8uuBLBV_Q4y&sssrc=2047675&ssuid=TdxnQh9FQ26&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY You need to hold the pivot bolt while the lock nut is tightened and I can't think of any other method.... Also, does anyone recognise these bits? Thanks in advance!
  18. It's a fourtrax 250 and looks to be a very very well taken care of bike..... 1st bike i ever owned was a fourtrax 250 or if you like 250a nice find!! Texas.... I still wish i had mine... Here's a pic of one just right around the road from my place... The 300 on the left is mine, my friend won't turn loose of that 250, but i do get to use it anytime i wish, for that i keep a check on brake adjustment cable slack etc etc .
  19. I did check the gear switch for proper output and everything was in spec according to the repair manual. The relay was corroded but I swapped it with another known working relay and the same thing happens. now the lights are off but the electric shift still doesn’t work properly. I was working on it now in the brakes and flushing replacing the front and rear diff. That should be done today and I’m going back after the ES. min order to get to the shift switch plug, I’ve read from the manual, you have to remove the gas tank or prop it up to access the plugs. Also, when using dielectric grease do you use it sparingly or do you use a lot inside the plug?
  20. Just picked up a 1986 Honda TRX250, but I'm not sure if it's a fourtrax, recon, or other. Anyway, I'm going through it over the next couple of days, but everything seems to be reasonable.
  21. Finishing install up on my 1997 trx400fw rear brakes . The kit was from superatv.nice kit. Got my hitch painted up as well
  22. Glad to help and Thank you for the update... Glad you were able to get that issue sorted, I'm going out on a limb and say so they have done some damage, bet there's more hidden... Keep us updated my friend.
  23. It doesnt have that much to cause explosive growth.... For that you would need to soil test and add as needed.... Ammonia anhydrous on the other hand.... Can cause extreme growth.... But not very pleasant to use by hand,we injected the gas right into the ground every farmer that's tried that has had a bumper crop.... Usally with corn you get one good ear.. N one or two sorry ears, using anhydrous..... At least 90% of the time 2 massive good ears or 3 very good ears here's a good read. https://www.tfi.org/content/frequently-asked-questions-about-anhydrous-ammonia
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