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  2. Welcome aboard! The last thing any of us here are worried about is anyone knowing the "lingo". Your just as welcome here as anyone else that needs help with there atv!
  3. Saying they even make them for that quad. Sport quads have them for when we go long travel for racing. With gncc racing branching out into utility quad racing there is a chance atleast.
  4. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures on my phone right now but I’ll post some when I get home. Sounds like if I want to fix it I need to get some aftermarket A arms
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  6. Welcome aboard! Got any pictures? The 400ex's im used to working on are well known for being welded in the factory with jigs that werent set up right. Alot of them are noticably cambered from the factory on only one side. Almost all the aftermarket a-arm manufacturers have gone to replaceable upper and lower ball joints that are threaded so they can be adjusted compensate for this.
  7. RiverC , Better hold on to what we got , I foresee a couple of things happening , I think the pricing is going thru the roof , because an atv burns gasoline and creates emissions , they are going to price them out of existence , only the very rich will be able to afford them for play >>>> they will still be needed for work , farm , military and law enforcement , those will pay whatever the prices are
  8. They getting pricey bought a 2019 Rancher 420 4wd from The Honda dealer in Covington, La. for $5195 in Jan. 2020. They gave me $3000 trade-in on the 2017 Rancher 420 2wd. Looks like I will keep mine was thinking about a Honda Foreman in a couple years they must be 10K Plus.
  9. That’s kinda what I was thinking too but it’s nothing noticeable 🤷🏻‍♂️ wasn’t like that when I got it. Doesn’t pull just looks bad
  10. Yeah my buddy said this one is going in the garage....LOL
  11. No trade in , we got 10% total tax down here , (it is like 6% to the Feds and 4% to the State ) , the maximum extended warranty was a lot , can't remember the exact number , think it was like $1,500 , some kind of dealer prep or destination fee , I would bet he has GAP insurance , brand new , flipped in the water wouldn't be pretty , it does have a winch ----- he was here Saturday and took the bike home , it was here for 4 weeks in the weather and he has a garage at home ---- he bought his from Honda of Covington , I just tried to call them , but they are closed on Monday
  12. That's freaking insane! My friend here is a farmer, so no taxes for him on it, and I doubt he got any extras on it at all, but it was the DCT with power steering. Looks like an ES without power steering retails at $7299. I know they're gonna add a bunch of fees to that, but $12K is way out there. Was he upside down on a trade in or something?
  13. My buddy just bought a 420 new from the dealer , with all the taxes , fees , extensions to warranty , etc , etc , he said it was right at $12,000 , so I would guess $9,500 is base price , or a good price if that out the door --- also there were no picking anything out , they were coming in one and two at a time and they were going off the list , you either take it or the next guy is up , he got a ES , straight axle , no power steering
  14. Sent this to a buddy yesterday. He went and got it this morning. $9500😲 The guy at the dealership (I don't trust this dealership, but thought what was said was interesting) said that they no longer get to order what they want, that everything is allocation. Honda has been sending them red and blue 2wd's, when everyone around here wants camo or green 4wds. He said that there is a ton of inventory sitting in New York of all places, but that he can't get what he wants to sell, and they send him other things that are difficult for him to move. At any rate, whether there is any truth to that or not, I still thought the purchase price for a RANCHER was noteworthy. Holy crap things have gotten expensive.
  15. Yesterday I got my rear diff finished on for that 300 diff. I did notice that the Catric rear diff kit I got, which had the pressed style ring gear, pinion, new bearings, seals, shims, and the star-nut socket and was $100ish on ebay had a Japanese NTN bearing for the pinion bearing! The side bearings were unmarked, but the pinion bearing was the good stuff. I'm guessing with most people just buying new aftermarket 300 diffs now that the market for rebuild kits has slowed down a bit.
  16. So, with that in mind, I told my buddy to order the front fender now for the 2010 420FPM, which is backordered to March 3rd. I told him probably wouldn't be a bad idea to get a new rear fender as well, since he has two of the same machine, both in green. Rear is backordered 200+ days. But dang at some of the prices these days on these smaller bits and pieces.
  17. So anyhow, recently I got a few white bits from an 08 Foreman in some trading. A new white front fender for an 08 Foreman footshift is $370. A friend of mine picked up a white 2014 Rubicon a couple of months ago, so I dug through schematics, and found that the 2014 Rubicon and 2008 were the only two years for white fenders. A new front fender for a 2008 Rubicon? $155. A new front fender for a 2014 Rubicon? $93. All three of those parts are the exact same white fender, the only difference being the little sticker under the pod light. The air guide, which is the grill that bolts into the front fender on the 05-11 Foremans and 05-14 Rubicons, and is color specific? $370 for white, $397 for green, $465 for red
  18. Things have really gone nuts lately with parts prices on some of the older machines like the OBS 420 Ranchers and even my 05-11 Footshifts. My buddy's kid wrecked a 2012 420AT during the ice storm. Busted up the front fender and headlight. New front fender for that particular model (2012 420FPA) is $317. The same front fender for a 2010 420PFM is $200. The difference? The little sticker under the headlight. He mentioned maybe doing a color change, and I told him that the front and rear fenders could be had for about $200 each, but that the rear is backordered for 200+ days, and then he'd have to buy the side covers (about $30 each right now) and the radiator cap ($60 for green, $30 for red, and $270 for black) That's the little triangle shaped cover in the middle of the front fender that covers the radiator cap. Then I looked at tank covers. CRAP!
  19. Throttle position sensor. I'm not exactly sure what it does...but it will throw an error code 13 if not hooked up, if it's bad, or if it's not set properly. I normally unbolt the boot from the head, and get the carb out that way on my 500's. With the Perfex lift installed the rear shocks are right in the way of the bolts holding the airbox in place, so it's easier for me to unbolt the boot from the head and get them out that way. It's still a PITA and you have to hold your mouth just right......
  20. Welcome aboard. More than likely something is bent. I have a buddy's 06 in my yard now that has a hard pull to the right, and the top of his right front wheel is out compared to the bottom. He rolled his last year, and I'm pretty sure he tweaked his frame where the a-arms connect to the frame.
  21. The color pattern of the seat is outstanding , another Deep V ^^^ LOL
  22. My " Squires " thru extensive vetting have informed me that she rides bikes , thus can be a Biker Babe , looking for the pics , seems she rides a big "V"
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