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  2. i don't mind metric myself ... at least not like i used to... you get used to it... once you've wrenched long enough...
  3. TBRider ... i could been happy without seeing this face ... lol!!! has makeup on, and needs to shave.......
  4. Working on heavy equipment , I hate metric when it comes to hardware , with American bolts you got fine and coarse , with metric , I see so many different thread pitches , they have 4 or more different thread pitches on the same diameter bolt , 1.0 , 1.25 , 1.50 ,1.75 , 2.00 mm threads per inch , then when I do hydraulic hose , you have Japanese metric , then British metric , the British hydraulic threads are called BSP ( tapered threads ) and BSPP ( straight threads ) are 1 thread per inch different than American , just enough to mess you up , then Kobelco uses what is called DIN fittings
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    Hi: Big Welcome Here -- be safe -- fave fun
  7. They went metric when they started making cars in other countries, then they figured out that they can buy the metric stuff cheaper cause its not made in America.......😋
  8. i can remember as far back when GM ( CHEVY ) used nothing but SAE bolts on all their cars/trucks , then through the years, they got stupid, and went metric !..lol.
  9. put it together, it will run..or it wont run, simple as that. just remember !!, you may still need to go over your carb to make sure its ok ?. dont run it hard and heavy for a few miles, give the rings time to '' seat '' in the cylinder.
  10. I don't mind metric honestly. What really sucks is on working on old Jeeps where some bolts are metric and some bolts are standard! At least stick with one or the other! Might be so "previous owner" going on some of the time, but the AMC era were mixmasters from a bunch of different companies, and the bolt selection can prove interesting at times.
  11. Wheeler


    I just re watched that video multiple times. His neck was down, landed on top of his back. !! ya I broke 5 ribs, punctured & collapsed lung, lung tube, broken clavicle (J-Hook installed & removed once healed) & severe bruising ect complicated due to my blood thinners. Trauma unit for 2 weeks.
  12. Ya I don’t do the mud/river/lake thing either. So I would expect my stuff including winch to last. Heck my quad is more of a garage queen lol
  13. Took a long lunch today and put the head/rockers on it with a old head gasket(I have a collection, thinking Xmas ornaments). Anyway, ran the acorn nuts down with my cordless impact to snug them up. Seemed better for a bit then started binding again. I squired oil down in the bore and it ran smooth a few strokes until oil disappeared them it started binding again. I then pulled jug off. Took rings off piston. Checked every ring approximately where it would be when binding. All showed plenty of end gap(top ring was above 0.015"...I didn't get anal about the measurement there just made sure it was above spec. I also checked for light around the piston ring indicating a weird 'warble' to the honing. It all looked OK. I ran piston up/down bore with just the oil ring. It really wouldn't go very well. I then put all 3 rings on it and it went up and down, but not easy. My take on it is I may be overthinking it. I got a call back from G&H as well. I talked to him about 10 minutes. He was brainstorming with me and said if it did it before and seems 'worse' now...it really wouldn't be the rod which is what he was pointing at initially. He said their tooling/honing is 'autogaged' and wouldn't be able to make the bore do what I was thinking(wavy finish). Said it would do it all up and down bore. Said since it runs smooth w/o the rings, its not piston clearance(Said it would be about .002" on this type of thing) and that only way rings would cause such a thing is if it was end gap butting(which its not). His suggestion was to put it together and w/o the spark plug in the hole to crank it over and see how it cranks. If it cranks fine he thinks any 'binding' may just be bearings that need to wear in a bit since its all brand new. He also said the rings should be fine even though I've been roughly running it since I got it done by them. So unless you guys have any suggestions, I'm going to just keep plugging away at putting it together and see if I'm just overthinking it or not when I try to crank it over.
  14. i think you had posted about that accident one time, form what i recall..... it was very bad!!
  15. THEY CAN TAKE THIS METRIC SYSTEM....AND CRAM IT !!!..LOL. the down side to working on honda's ?..EVERY DANG BOLT , NUT, WASHER IS METRIC !..LOL. sooo..i have no choice but to deal with it.
  16. super winch has big issues...one being their contact switches die alot !. don't believe me ?, read their reviews all over amazon !..lol. personally . i've owned nothing but warn...and to this day..not one warn winch as failed on me ??!. more than likely ?..its because i dont take my toys into lakes, rivers, ponds, deep mud holes where all this crap will ruin it ??!. treat anything right ?, and it will last forever..abuse it ?, well..PONY UP !.
  17. when i got my hands on this bike a few yrs ago, i went through all fluids top to bottom, front to rear. then i let it sit for 2 yrs, and all brake fluid was gone , barely any fluid in the clutch master cylinder ?!, and then tore the slave cylinder out, and as you can see in the pics ^^^, its a mess just from sitting for 2 yrs ?..how ?!...lol. gonna completely rebuild all the clutch parts, got some on order, i hope they are in stock like they said ?..lol.
  18. update: well crap...my spare basket from a 750 magna will not fit !. the gear teeth count is off, as well as the thickness, which will not allow me to slide the basket onto the oil pump drive gear behind the basket. thought of changing both the basket and primary gear ?, NOPE..WILL NOT WORK EITHER !. i found a basket on ebay, contacted the guy on the phone, i wanted him to take the innards out of the basket, send me some pics of what the INSIDE of the basket looked like ?. he has it listed on ebay as in great shape, no cracks, no scratches ?, BUT DOES NOT LIST ANY PIC'S SHOWING THE INSIDE OF THE BASKET !..LOL. I i told him if the inside is in as good shape as the outside, no bad spots ?, i'd buy it. he said he would take it apart, and text me some pics later today of the inside of the basket.
  19. Wheeler


    I felt the pain as soon as he hit the ground! No way he walked that one off!!
  20. @shadetree I know ur a Warn guy, but ur not a fan of Superwinch at all? I’ve known two guys with Warns that had issues. Can even happen to a Honda! !
  21. I just had to.......
  22. Funny, my brother got a brand new 85 (750 here) left over Magna in 86. Havent seen one since. No Reagan restrictions here 😛 Thats the problem with anything now in the 80s or older, they are so old that anything hydraulic is likely rotten or full of old oil. The rubber piston cups on either end a lot of times rot out. This case (no pun intended 😛 ) had several issues. That rivet part, i wouldnt have predicted that. 😮
  23. Wtf are they teaching you folks in school.......! Seen on Twitter
  24. I have multiple of these and I could not agree more with this statement. They are just not great for attachments as they are designed to have certain weight on the front and back and not much wiggle room. Imagine riding a person on your front rack only and that is what a big plow will feel like. It won't be ideal. I say the 4' is best because it's roughly the width of the bike. oh400ex
  25. and for the record ?, you can put a pro vantage 2500-s warn winch on this 700, just have a snatch block with ya, it will double the pulling power, and yank that 700 out of anything it gets stuck in.
  26. like fish said..winch talk around these parts will be fighting words to some ?!..lol. you want to know it will work when you need it ?, or you gonna cross your fingers, say a few prayers before you push that button every time ?..there is a reason warn has been around for over a century ?..ITS NOT BECAUSE THEY ARE HIGH DOLLAR..THATS FOR SURE !. want the best ?..buy warn !, want to take the cheap way out ?, buy another brand name. which ever brand you buy besides a warn ?, just do us all a favor..1-10 yrs down the road ?, come back and tell us how many times IT DID NOT WORK WHEN YOU WENT TO USE IT ??!!..ROFL.
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