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  2. well.... it's going to blow out from that point, but to be sure it's pressurized .... do a cold start, and check the upper and lower hoses for tension ...while it warms up they should get tighter over time, and take the cap off (while it's cold) and see if any coolant is moving... I've been thinking about this, and that tractor shouldn't be getting hot with the cutter you have on it.... also check the engine drain petcock... if it's plugged i have an idea the cooling system needs a fush, and becareful with the petcock on the radiator... if these get pluged up, it can effect the engine oil cooler.
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  4. I'm pretty sure it's sealed ok. Only when I ran it a little hot and the murphy switch shut it off did I get the cap leaking out of the overflow.
  5. Finished tearing into another one of these this morning. Have two different gear reductions I picked up from Chris Clark, so the 09 (27" Executioners) is going to get the 15% primary and the 06 (28" Mudbugs) will get the 15% secondary. My 09 needs a crank, so this one will be swapped into the 09 when done, and then I'll rebuild the 09 engine, put the secondary GR in it, and put it in the 06. I have two extra 500 engines in the shop (purposely). That way when I need to do a rebuild on mine or a friends, I can build one while the machine is still in use, then just swap out the engines. I might eventually build one out of extra parts, thus the 2nd "spare" engine. This one looks like it might have been run a little hard. Interestingly enough the 4-dog (weak 05-08 design) first gear looked great. It's still getting swapped out for the 09-11 style.
  6. do the upper and lower hoses get tight / pressurized ? when its hot ? the key to this engine staying cool, is coolant system pressure...and a clean radiator snug drive belt and correct thermostat ... im drawing a blank, but this model might require a thermostat with a jiggle valve, I'll have to check, but if you look back at the pic of the radiator it's small with the hydro cooler mounted on the right hand side.
  7. When it overheated I got some steam from around the cap/overflow, but under normal running no problems.
  8. Isn't that the truth. The Bible predicted. I've been curious how it was going to happen........now I know.
  9. we had one many many years ago called the sundown i only went a few times with my folks.... maybe five times at the most, then the Polk theater opened up... and the ol drive in went belly up, but it had been there for many years, and not kept in good condition, sad to see it gone, now the closest we have is in Marshall county the highway 50 drive in, I've been there a number of times... and yes it's a flat pay... and they did away with the old window mount speaker, and transmitted the audio on 87.5 mhz i believe....
  10. We could bicycle to the drive in here, 5-10mins down the road back then. I still have a package or 2 of these from the 70s/80s lol
  11. actually,one of my first jobs was as the "back gate guard" at our drive-in theater. my uncle was the manger, I wasn't quite old enough to drive, but he'd hire me $1.25/hour and all the popcorn I could eat. I'd have my bike and a blanket on the ground...the exit had to be left open so when guys would try and sneak in the back gate I'd wave them down..if they blew me off, then I'd id the car, come into the concession and we had a off duty cop that also worked there. He'd follow me out to the car and eject the violators. and yeah, frequently I'd see a car come in the front, park and then the driver would come open the trunk and the others would pile out. Eventaully we just started charging a per car fee. So folks that still tried to sneak in the trunk felt extra stupid for not having to have hidden to begin with. it was a small town back then...drive- in and one pizza joint was about all we had. when I got my first car.. i about lived in that thing. worked double shifts at the tomato packing house in season, slept in the car, then beach runs for sunset, or all night parties..again..napped in the car. Often me and my girl friend would fall asleep at the drivein and wake up as all the car lights were leaving the movie..scramble to get her home...etc. but no air conditioning back then..so the windows had to be down and those pics kept us from getting eaten alive.
  12. glad to hear she's better, do you have the cooling system sealed ? that also will hold the engine temp down... the cap on those are pickey about staying sealed up good, most times it's the rubber seals that give up the ghost.
  13. I hate to hear that. I like Coach O. I remember thinking Ole Miss should have given him longer when he was their interim. LSU is the perfect job for him. Nobody outside of Louisiana can understand what he's saying!
  14. We did a lot of drive in movies too , you ever use to hide people in the truck to get in free , amazing I am not poisoned from the Mosquito Pics
  15. I did mow with it for a long time one day after changing the fluid. Everything worked fine. 3 point picks up much faster now and no more cutting out on the bush hog. Just blew and sprayed the radiator out, so while the temp gauge still creeped up there while mowing in the deep stuff, it didn't overheat.
  16. jeepwm69


    The 30 cal cans (assuming they were factory packed) usually had 420 rounds on strippers. I picked up several when Walmart clearanced them. Cheapest I got was $32 a can 😇 With Remington ammunition plant running again (was purchased by Vista, who also owns CCI and Federal) that will help the ammo situation, but Xiden's administration shutting down future Russian ammo exports is likely to drive prices up for the foreseeable future, along with inflation driving up the prices on raw materials. For now existing Russian ammo import permits can be filled, but once they're filled, no more will be issued. Eventually other countries will likely fill the gap, but it will take awhile. When looking at "investments" brass and lead has a better return than anything else over the last 20 years.
  17. Didn't get a chance to recheck it. It's tight think I might've hit more in the center, didn't have a 30mm socket I think that's the size of the bearing. I had the washers and bolt I pulled it out with and a ball peen hammer.
  18. oh lord...those old green "pic" coils...my old 1964 Galaxy 500 had that permanent smell. We'd spend most every weekend either at the drive-in movies, or at the beach and always had one of those burning on the dashboard.
  19. Bighanded


    I pulled some of the guitar cases out of the closet last evening so i could get a peak at the ammo can stack hidden behind them. I honestly can't remember my 223/5.56 inventory levels cause I just never shot that cal that often before the panic-demic...and so it's been a good while. couldn't see everything, I'll have to get into it this weekend. But I spotted 4 of the thinner 30cal cans.. I think there's about 440rds in those 20rd boxes in each of those. Then there is a 50cal can of the 855 green tips in the 62gr on strippers..so that's another 400ish? and a 50cal can of federal xm19x that I have marked as 780rds. And one other 50 cal can that had assorted fancy loads in that cal. The magazine case for spare mags has 2 dozen of the 30rd mags and a couple 20s and 10s. All are preloaded. And finally the carbine AR15 is in a go-bag with 5 mag pouches of 30rd mags preloaded. so, no, not a great amount. The AR15 wasn't my primary rifle platform anyway. I opt for my AR10 and there's plenty on tap for it. the 5.56 was originally on hand only to feed my old Ruger mini 14 ranch rifle. So keeping 500-1000rds for it was always plenty for plinkin and coyotes. But between politicians telling me I shouldn't be allowed to own an evil "AR15", and the occassional deal coming along, I've wound up with a couple long arms that I would not otherwise have purchased. So I do want to have ammo for them, like my other platforms, to enjoy today, to pass on to my children, and hopefully to never actually "need". I see some folks thinking prices on nato stuff will continue to come down and it is showing up on shelves now. So I probably just need to calm myself down. Cause I know me.. I'll grab this next 1,000 and then soon as another batch shows up I'll be asking myself again...should I get more. as for trusted... I am blessed with 4 great adult kids , all married, and both my daughters and my son and son-in-laws are all trained and capable not just on firearms, but on self reliance topics. with them having young households, just making the bills happen each month can be a challenge. And ammo takes a back seat to their desire to have latest flat screen TVs, iphones, etc. So most of them have very limited supplies. Enough to defend themselves and fight their way here to my home.
  20. I've never heard of one those, atc, nice add!!
  21. ah ha..... now this is a man with a plan, just needs a honda atv, and be outside the city limits!
  22. I forgot about that lol.. & a mosquito coil.
  23. _Wilson_™


    we (my friends and i plus family) have I've convinced this might get much worse.... so we will have each others backs, like family and friends are suppose to be, we've always been this way, but times sure have changed..... it's actually disturbing to have some of the conversations I've had with people worried about the way things are going, but will not be walked over by those who have not planned for the future.
  24. jeep i haven't asked you has the 2640 hydraulics improved or have you started taking the cooling system down for a cleaning and refresh , or your just plain too busy at the moment.
  25. matches or a lighter, and Charcoal fluid, handy talkies and a lady friend, it doesn't have to be completely be about riding the honda (wink wink) and spare fuel / go go juice.
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