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  2. I found it boys…the holy grail https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/372327118263922/
  3. Yep that's a good read. In school I did a research report on the history of Honda atvs and I thought I had read every thing there was a bout atcs but I must have missed that one. I am working on the front axle now. There appears to be a spacer on each ide of the hub to keep the hub centered and those spacers should slide right off but they rusted onto the axle.
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  5. That 90 was the first one , good read : https://atvconnection.com/articles/honda-atv-history-in-the-beginning-3/
  6. Your right , 1976 ATC90 >>> I was not going back that far , 1976 is as far back as Partzilla goes with ATCs and 90 was the only one that year , 1978 was the first year for the 70 Here are a copy of prints , quite a few spots it could be froze up at
  7. The vin says 1976 ATC90 and the plastics say ATC90 but out of curiosity where did you see 70
  8. What year is it ? You say it is it a 90 , could it be a 70 ? I don't see a print for a 90 , but do see a 70 .....
  9. I having trouble getting this front axle apart. If I understand the manual properly those spacers on each side of the hub should just slide off. Well they don't. I've tried heat wd40 a pipe wrench to try to twist it and I'm trying to figure out a way to use the shop press but I can't get it to budge. I can't get an pictures to upload now so I'll try again in a bit
  10. Hi John G , welcome to ATVHonda forums!!! >>>> What brings you to the forum ???
  11. Season 2? I'm hoping it gets cancelled before we finish season 1!
  12. Oooooo, we’re gonna need a review on those!
  13. I feel your pain. Thats the difference between good parents and ones that are self centered and let there kids run wild.
  14. Maybe you could redo the seat with a " My Pillow Butt Pack " and start a new craze and make millions By today's standards my Mom would have gone to jail for child abuse ---- I always say , I wasn't not afraid of the police , I was afraid of what my Mom was going to do to me if I ever got in trouble with the police
  15. Your and my Mom must have been related. LOL Softening the seat is first on the agenda. I just recovered seat couple years ago but foam is 20 year old technology.
  16. Fishfiles


    Have not a clue of most he is singing , the chick is hot and the music has got the beat , LOL
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