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  2. Hi: Go to section 23 --- page 23-9 in service -- go through the testing --
  3. I saw plenty of pre-rut action in WI yesterday. 5-6 bucks all pushing does. I did have a shooter come in a 710am. He gave me a 25 yard shot and the arrow hit a branch sticking up off the ground about 10 ft in front of him (i couldn't see the stick).... Stuck him in the lower rear leg. I probably broke his leg somewhere. Tracked for a mile until the snow was falling too hard and couldn't follow blood. I'm guessing he's still alive if he didn't bed down in the first mile after being shot. Pretty disappointed today and yesterday. He was a brute too. Probably 220 lbs dressed deer. He was 5 or 6 years old based on pictures we've had.
  4. I like the way you mounted the gun boot. I haven't had a lot of good luck with my guns staying zeroed do to the rough ride on a quad.
  5. Ist time out this year, nothing moving. I blame the farmer, crops still in field. No reason for them to get up and move yet.
  6. Freedomflyer


    Too too early for this crap!!!
  7. My quad all back together & ready to go. I’m grabbing the trailer in the morning & heading 3hrs north for the week by myself again..
  8. I probably should ride it more. Weather too hot or cold keeps me indoors alot.
  9. i figured it was mice ... glad that repair resolved the front end issue, now just ... just toss out some moth balls where you store the atv. from the pics ... they might have chewed more up then you saw, so i wouldn't be shocked if more issues occure, usually when rodents get settled in, it's hard to get rid of them, at least, that's what's happened with me, and long time storage, is a sure enough invite.
  10. How do you clear the codes from the system?
  11. Took this nice buck tonight.
  12. Front brakes look good; fluid was coffee brown but clear. here’s how i bleed brakes. I use clear hoses and run clean fluid thru the left then the right wheel cylinders. I pump all the fluid down at first. then use a paper towel and acid brush to remove all sludge from the master cylinder. I remove the rubber and inspect/clean the intake/return ports. i flush out all the old fluid and make sure the levers not spongy. Then i allow residual old fluid to mix with new fluid overnight — then i flush it a second time. It seems like a waste but I don’t want half empty bottles of brake fluid sitting around!
  13. I get that when I try and use my phone to type, THANKS. I repaired the wire to the 4WD switch and it works like a champ. probably need to clear the codes now. The "N" no longer flashes but the 4WD light flashes once the 5 times but it appears everything is working fine.
  14. Fixed your thread title. Now it says foreman not flreman. 👊
  15. Rocky Mountain ATV looks like they stilock these subharnesses for less than $10 each. Well that’s what the website shows anyway
  16. Fishfiles


    I learned so many new songs today , tried to write them down but my spelling sucks and now I can't find them
  17. Scotticus


    Black Label Society jams but doesnt have many songs that can be posted here
  18. 3 turns will be probably more than you will need once you put the 45 in. I was running a 416 kit, magnum stage 2 cam. No airbox lid, uni filter, slip-on hmf and i was running a 45 pilot. Mixture at 2 1/4 turns. And a 185 main jet and plug was a perfect light tan. Pull the plug and snap a picture. That will tell us alot. You may even need to step more up. Running dunes is hard on air cooled engines. They will over heat quick!
  19. Yesterday
  20. boy, they really went work on that one. how do you store your feed ? you had mentioned feeding birds, and i take it you also bait for wild hogs ?
  21. Scotticus


    I like Avenged Sevenfold.
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