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    As of 6:00AM Monday the hurricane Ian is projected to come ashore at Tampa as a Cat 4 with about 150 MPH winds
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  4. You just has to poke at the hornets nest didnt ya......
  5. It's a 2000 Honda Fortrax 350. I'm in the UK, don't know what the US equivalent is.
  6. update: well, i started in late tearing the rear swing arm, and diff apart, the good: axle is in fact new !. the bad: for some reason the oil seals look new ?, but some how gear oil got past the seals ?. the ugly : when ever this rear axle was put in ?, the person left out the dang bearing stopper that goes on left rear side of axle ??!!, this is very important to keep the axle centered as its rotating !!!. so in the process of leaving this bearing stopper out ?, the axle walked on right rear brake side, AND ATE THE BRAKE DRUM COMPLETELY UP WHERE THE HUB RIDES !!, as you can see from the brake drum cover pic , its chewed up big time !!. once i got the brake drum cover off, i expected to find worn out brake shoes, rusted over , worn out brake drum..right ?..NOPE !!. what i did discover was a crap load of water, gear oil, and mud !!!. man..i almost barfed over this. ya'll mud riders ?..KEEP ON DOING WHAT YER DOING..IT'S FOLKS LIKE YA'LL THAT TAKE ME TO THE BANK !..ROFL. anyway, here is a few pics of the tear down on the rear swing arm, and brake parts...or shall i say...what is left of the rear brake parts ??!!. thank goodness i had a spare rear brake backing plate !, slapped some grease on the pivot points, installed a set of brake shoes, set it aside, i've got to come up with a rear brake drum cover, and a rear brake drum..i know just the place to go get them !..lol. as for the axle bearing stopper ?, i ALWAYS keep a spare around when i come across one ?, because its for this very reason !!!. got that taken care of. closed shop, came inside, its 1:05 am, i called it at 1 AM.
  7. it didnt score up the tree to bad neither.
  8. LedFTed


    51 tonight, low 40s most the rest of the week, 70s and 60s during the week.. must be the global warming. usually its a lot hotter during the fall.. it will be a cold/expensive winter, cept when the fuel runs out.,, then it will be, [the cold 6 under]. A well planned hollowood plot., cept experiencing it.
  9. throw away the chain, then after that, throw away the bar, then after that, the saw.. at least $80.oo too much spent.
  10. Southern Tool/troll Supply, had way too many welds like that.
  11. I think speed sensors are all 5 volts on older models... what're ya working on?
  12. New top speed on the 250 blaster
  13. I saw this B-52 at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs back in 1989. It is huge. It looked like it to me anyway. It had a sign that said it had a confirmed MIG kill during the Viet Nam War by the tail gunner. Photos: At Air Force Academy, a B-52 tells the story - CNET This Is How B-52 Bombers Destroyed Mig-21 Fighter Jets In Vietnam War – Military Fighter Jets
  14. i wonder how far jeep is with his 450 project ?, surely he'll be done b4 me ??...lol.
  15. I hear ya shade, I also have old Craftsman sockets and wrenches. My hope is I never break one because if it gets replaced I can guarantee the new one will break much quicker.....
  16. As rusty as that chain is I wonder if its actually going around the bar, bet there are a few areas its frozen....
  17. bcsman

    North Idaho

    Glad you found the forum BENL, we have alot of good members here with alot of Honda ATV experience. If needed hope you can take advantage of it....
  18. you are very correct !. it was in rough shape to start with. even though it '' looked '' ok from day one ?, it was not correct, and it had to have my touch to make it right !.
  19. welcome ben to our great forums !.
  20. Yea they can wear you out. The good part is it looks like you do it correctly. 90% of the headaches with these are when they are half-a$$ fixed/repaired.
  21. noooo..its not missing the shift buttons ?!..it made for REAL atv riders !..lol.
  22. thanks !..but it sure is killing this old man restoring it !..lol.
  23. Looks like its missing the shift buttons on the handlebars......lol Looking good, gonna be a winner when all put together......
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