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  2. @AKATV, but you said in chat he has contacted you.... we aim to please here
  3. Does anyone know someone who can repair this part number 37200-HN2-003? If you could share that information I would really appreciate it
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  5. Welcome to the forum Ljoye! Sounds like you have corrupted data and need reprogramming I will send my contact information to your message box -AKATV
  6. I don't have a picture but it just has 4 U-bolts that fit well around the racks. I actually removed the rack and attached it upside down. Made it easier to drill the holes and line it up.
  7. AKATV. I have a 2005 rancher 350 ES 4x4 and the display shows 99999 miles, 9999 hours and does not show which gear it is in. However everything works and functions as it should. Is this an issue that a rebuild could fix?
  8. Yeah you can go ahead and check the Ignition switch. Let me know how that goes.
  9. Use a stock NGK spark plug. It sounds like your float valve is leaking causing it to flood. The Shindy kit for your '87 TRX350D is #03-023 according to Shindy. Jeep beat me to it.... https://www.shindypro.com/product-page/carburetor-repair-kits A Shindy kit should fix it unless your fuel pump isn't shutting off. You can test that by plugging the fuel hose and turn the key on. The pump should run briefly then shut down at about 5 PSI or so.
  10. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/syp-03-023
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  12. Also searched Shindy and it says for the 1987 Honda TRX350D Foreman it would take Shindy kit #03-023 when I search that kit Amazon says that kit won’t fit my 87 TRX350D that makes no sense
  13. Thanks for the reply retro so I reinstalled original jets as you suggested I cleaned spark plug again and started but it only lasted about 10 seconds and died. Pulled spark plug and again it was fouled from gas. should I try a hotter plug? I am using NGK DR8-ESL plug? If so what number plug is hotter? thanks again
  14. How did you secure it to the rack? I picked one up today at HD and it seems to be pretty sturdy for the price. Thanks.
  15. Some light reading on these Hondamatics.
  16. @Red Good, I see you found the new board. Any luck on the grinding noise? A guy named Brian Betram is the Hondamatic whiz. He's been on the board a few times, but not often. He does however, respond to emails. I'll PM you his email address. He also sells an oil pressure gauge setup on ebay that he cobbles together. About half the price of the Honda gauge and fitting. https://www.ebay.com/itm/144190959908?fits=Make%3AHonda&itmmeta=01HQV19SFJ3J5W3W7YHNC26SAA&hash=item2192737124:g:2x8AAOSwsVFhOA1e&itmprp=enc%3AAQAIAAAA0MFUNUk%2B2N1WuwFDIFH32xzIA9E0vGIApjJypPlx8dXOSfTLk9nfekZ%2Ba250BWChwHvYBXUAW0PX3slVCXacE7ulaNbc36x8CXLDJX7liohFCTInsSwZUsdWeOEFaf5X1do7Pxxylx5dp0PryD7GCb6uJRWQoX1TGMQ%2BPuJhYGYgZW4C0HPhsnziLtFsGIict7oQF3ffRiq0x0K7sQJQ7p6q84ygZB%2FkGefp3o8WON7uEIRIu7cS6gYgADGrT%2Ba929knIPU6fLdU4f8l3sYLVMI%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR_qXp-G-Yw If your oil is full, your oil pump might be bad. The early Hondamatic oil pumps had known issues. Honda put in an updated oil pump in mid 2004 as best as I can tell, and the newer models don't have anywhere near the problems the early models did. The new oil pump will bolt right in place of the older style. Please let us know what you find out. There isn't a tremendous amount of info on the Hondamatics out there, and I'm trying to get a good bit of reference here to help people with them.
  17. Welcome aboard. We have a few guys here who like the old 350's. @shadetree, @Goober and @DuckOfDeath immediately come to mind.
  18. Ok, I never did get relay/coil, will order now..are they necessary for test or should I just tear down front and wait till parts arrive?
  19. Yeah there are two pairs of wires, Red/black and pink is one pair and Red and Black is the other pair. With the key off there should be no continuity between the Red/black and pink and no continuity between the Red and Black. With the key turned on there should be continuity between the Red/black and Pink and continuity between the Red and Black. You're working inside the connector on the switch side, not the harness side.... let me know those test results. Leave the battery disconnected for now, but go ahead and plug in your new OEM relay module and OEM coil and plug your ECM/PCM back in carefully, so everything is ready to go except for the Ignition switch and battery.
  20. Yea, I had lights, no display. Will do ignition switch, for continuity on this one its lead to wire, no one lead on ground correct? Coil and relay in trash, battery is disconnected along with PCM..thanks for reply.
  21. You guessed it.... your carb is flooding fuel after you put a china carb kit in the carb. You'll need to remove all of the All Balls carb kit parts and either put all of the original Honda OEM parts back in the carb, or replace them using a genuine Shindy carb kit. All Balls kits are china garbage and china garbage does not ever work on a Honda. It sounds like your fuel pump is fine. Let us know how it goes after the china parts are removed.
  22. Ok, it's been a while so I went back and read this thread from the beginning. It looks like we left off with no power to anything, the display, lights etc. all dead. So nevermind the Relay tests for now, we need to find out if the Ignition switch has failed or not. As stated a few times earlier, DO NOT PLUG ANY CHINA PART IN AT ANY TIME. Throw them all away. Remove the front rack and the front fender and find the Ignition switch 4p connector and unclip it from the frame. Put your multimeter in Continuity mode or Resistance mode and check continuity at the switch-side of the connector on the two wire color pairs as shown in this diagram. Test with the Ignition switch turned Off and then test again with the switch turned ON. Report those results.
  23. 87 TRX350D won’t start it was starting and quit I have spark, I rebuilt carb with allballs kit checked everything twice on carb. It’s flawless ( I think). Every time I go to start it fouls plug with gas. I clean plug and try again and it fouls again I’ve adjusted valves at 003. Ive readjusted decompression after valves 1/32”-1/8” If fuel pump has too much p.s.i. Can that be the issue? I did a measurement of fuel per serv. manual. Says run into beaker for 5 seconds and multiply by 12. I get just below 2ounces which equates to somewhere between 18 and 23 ounces. Manual says no more than 11.2 ounces can that cause plug fouling? I thought fuel relay would shut pump if carb doesn’t need gas? anyone have an idea?
  24. LedFTed


    just too tell ya, my horses are shedding their winter coat. it is close to march. all an all, its has been crazy weather. too early, i think for the horses to shed. so it is..
  25. FYI you will probably notice drain or no drain within a day, you could also unplug speedometer the same way to see if its causing the drain as well -AKATV
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