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  2. Alright, guys. I finally found my way back to the 400ex over the weekend. As shadetree recommended, I stepped back and carefully evaluated the assembly, existing parts, and surfaces. Took the motor back down to the cylinder. Evaluated the head and removed the right exhaust valve. No hints of bending. One of the cam journals on the head looks to have a little wear, but not sure about that translating into a problem. I’ve included a few pics for reference. Also checked the decompression mechanism. Thanks for that tip! It was there but was stuck and I had to put quite the effort into removing it. The spring came out with no issue, however. Got them cleaned off, placed a good coating of assembly lube, and put them back. It functions as it should now. Decided to try something to see if I could rule out potential problems. Had the head off the motor, installed the cam in the TDC position, and bolted the valve cover to the head with the bolts that do not extend deeper into the motor. Was able to place the tappet screw in the same location for the right exhaust valve as all the others and got the same clearance. Repeated the process with the head on the engine, but only with the head bolts slightly more than hand tight. Got the same result……feeling good about things! Pulled the cam back out, torqued the head down, replaced the cam, and started to put the valve cover on. Got all the bolts in place and slightly more than hand tight. Right back where I started. The right exhaust valve has zero clearance even if I back the tappet screw all the way out. So everything works fine up until I torque the head down. Any ideas? As mentioned before, the engine was seized when I bought it and several of the transmission gears were completely stripped down. Had plenty of metal to clean out of the bottom end when I pulled it apart. The oil plug had no crush washer on it and the head on the plug was disfigured. Could tell there was evidence the engine had been leaking oil. Just wondering if the motor came to an abrupt stop and maybe that has something to do what’s going on? Thank you for the advice already received and whatever you can provide at this stage.
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  4. i am not smart enough to remember the parts numbers of my 2000 honda, and every time, i have to look it up again, and do another search online. there are those that can know what matches off the top of there head and will get back to you.
  5. your post has no information, on what you need or want. not saying that to be a smart arse, it just doesnt say enough yet.
  6. Welcome to the forum! I sent my contact information to your message box Stop in and say hello to everyone in the new member area and don’t forget to download a free service manual from our digital library if you need one -AKATV
  7. Akatv I’d like for you to send me some contact info as well. I have a 05 350 rancher es with the screen doing the same thing.
  8. Hi Shane Welcome to the forum! I have sent my contact info to your message box We have a great digital library with free service manuals if you need them, don’t forget to stop in and say “hi” in the new member section if you get a chance Hope to see you around the forum -AKATV
  9. I am not overly familiar with ATVs but bought a good running 06 Rancher 350 es 4x2 for $500 but it needs work and replacement parts. What years are interchangeable with an 06 rancher 350. Plastics, and other parts. Also if you have a source, please let me know. It needs: (so far) Starter Front plastic Headlights Front bumper with headlight backets Front rack Tires Possibly the speedo display
  10. Hello, I'm new to the forum. I have an ATV repair business and always run into the bad meter display on the Honda bikes. Can you give me your contact information to discuss me sending in meters to be repaired? Thank you.
  11. Hello. Honda TRX FA6 2017, what is the procedure for adapting AT, help?
  12. Welcome to the forum Check your message box. I will send my direct contact information. -AKATV
  13. Hey akatv I am a new member and have issues with speedo also if you could message me. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the pictures You could possibly have a power issues on the 350 as well as display problems if you can’t see any data at all It might help a little more to remove those top covers so we can get a better look and see if we see any hint at all of numbers at all being displayed on the LCD, sometimes it helps to remove the top covers and then hold them at a 45° angle and take a look let me know what you find out and if it’s easier, I’ll send my direct contact information to your message box as well -AKATV
  15. 17 is the 2006 TRX350FE, this is all you can see. Sorry for the late response, busy time of year... Thank you...
  16. 13 is the 2006 TRX400FA, the blackend look is the clear cover, in direct sunlight you could almost make out the cluster reeding.
  17. Anyone breaking a 2007+ Trx420fm in red ?
  18. Welcome to the forum! If you need speedometer help, just let me know what you have going on with it, maybe post a few pictures and I will send my contact information to your message box as well -AKATV
  19. Hi all…I am in need of repairing my LCD screen on my 450EX. I saw some posts from folks that used another user in this forum and he worked wonders on the screen. Any connections to this person or someone that can do a LCD repair would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  20. Ever since I bought my foreman at the beginning of this year, my combination screen has not worked. If I were to unplug the 30a main fuse and reinstall it, the screen would work until I turned my key off. It's never been an issue, as I normally run in D2 and never had a need for ESP or knowing what speed I was traveling. However, last night a list of issues occurred all at once while I was riding around my yard. Firstly, my headlights stopped working, and immediately after that happened my neutral light and reverse light stopped working. I can faintly see the neutral light when it's dark out but otherwise I have no indication. Secondly, when I shift into drive my bike will drive but will not shift. It used to shift regularly in D1 and D2 but now all I have is 1st gear (hondamatic). I've checked fuses and connectors but all seems normal. Bike is not in limp mode, as it will drive regularly in reverse. Any thoughts?
  21. I recommend you check for spark by holding the plug against the cylinder head while cranking the engine. It must be metal to metal grounded - unpainted surface, unlike the frame. Your eyes may trick you, it is difficult to see that small spark if you're in daylight. Sometimes it's necessary to do this in the shop with the lights out in order to see.
  22. Ok thanks. I think they interchange with a 350 rancher too.
  23. rear brake panel from the trx400fm/fw will swap out all day long if you can't find a 450 brake panel. all rear brake panels from 1998 to 2004 will work from a 450.
  24. Been looking for a rear brake panel for a 02 foreman part # 43010-HN0-670. Can’t find one anywhere new or used. Does anyone know if one will interchange? I know one off of a 500 is bigger. Maybe one off a rancher? Thanks Jay
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