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  2. Fishfiles


    John5 can jam ---- At the 8:00 he starts a tatsey jam
  3. Yes. Turn the fuel off and plug the vent if needed and stand it up.
  4. Welcome to the forum Budlight! If you look around, you can find quite a few before and after examples of my repairs here if you need any additional clarifications or pictures let me know Post a picture of your speedometer with it illuminated, (headlights on) so I can see what you have going on I will send contact information to your message box here as well AKATV
  5. Yesterday
  6. Has anyone sat their quad on its back wheels to do work on the under carriage?
  7. I had a Conversation with a gentleman about repairing mine on Facebook he told me to look at some of his work I here would to talk with him
  8. Goober

    1986 Fourtrax 350

    Wow I hope he got it.
  9. THH

    1986 Fourtrax 350

    Yes I noticed it was deleted too. He was asking $3800.00
  10. Goober

    1986 Fourtrax 350

    Listing already deleted how much did he want?
  11. THH

    1986 Fourtrax 350

    Those look real nice too!
  12. I personally would prefer they do nothing, if it was one of my atvs. Then later on down the line, something would happen.
  13. Hope they cut off one of his hands. That's right across the river from me.
  14. I don't know snow , but could relate to how this could be bad
  15. 1942farmall , I like all the mods you got going on I like mods myself , I got two 450 foot shift , a 2000 an a 2002 :
  16. Wild Guess : Since the shifter is loose , I would guess the problem could be #20 is bent or jumped out of place from it having been run out of adjustment
  17. Wow , let's hope they do him something
  18. https://www.actionnews5.com/2021/11/30/man-arrested-after-stolen-vehicles-atvs-recovered-olive-branch/
  19. had no idea that was a thing even. thanks for the info.
  20. Last week
  21. Here are a couple of 250s , he wants $5,800 for the pair
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