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  1. I had to look that one up. Looks like it was replaced with the 357XP around 2002. Someone in the below thread mentioned another saw killed by the EPA.🤬 https://www.arboristsite.com/threads/husqvarna-254xp-what-years-did-they-produce.82759/
  2. BOOOOO Dropped my Hogs 3 spots in the poll!
  3. Have shortwave receivers, but no transmitter. Probably would be something good to have for emergencies. What kind of setup do you have? I know you have to have a license to actually transmit on that kinda thing.
  4. Welcome aboard. I think that's just the nature of the design. Wife has a 2009 DCT Rancher, and I thought the same thing, to the point of going and buying all new clutches. When I tore the engine down for a rebuild the clutches all looked fine. Then I rode a friend's DCT Rancher and it was the exact same way. These Ranchers run on oil pressure, so make sure it's full of JASO MA rated oil, and run it. I personally don't like the way the DCT's shift in auto mode at all. Wife doesn't either, which is why she claimed my Hondamatic Rubicon as hers now, and I'm having to un-mod her Rancher so I can sell it.
  5. I have a Husky 346XP, which is now discontinued in the US, but still available in most of the world. It's a screaming little saw. I had an ATV builder who also happens to be really into chainsaws offer to mod it for me to make it scream even more. I told him that at my age stock was all I need, anything more I'd probably hurt myself LOL But yeah, most people I see running saws around here are down in the dirt with them, abused, and with my 346 no longer being replaceable, it doesn't get loaned out.
  6. I wish I was in Tijuana, eating barbecued iguana.
  7. Yep, probably have the CC's up to 350. I think it's the "ES" that triggered Shade LOL. That "ES" part does make you wonder though, cause no way they made that an electric shift.
  8. jeepwm69


    I used to have to go to Gulf Shores with my old job. Back then I'd go up through Mobile to Hattiesburg MS, then to Jackson, then I55 up to Batesville MS, then over to Clarksdale MS and up to Helena AR. This time the wife's phone was saying one thing, and her car was saying another, but both were saying NOT to go up I55. Some coming back we went to Jackson, then up I55 a ways to Richmond, Lexington, Tchula, to Greenwood, Tutwiler, and then to Clarksdale, then on up to Helena.
  9. jeepwm69


    Looking at a map while we were there, I almost drove down to check out the fort. Looked like it would be a neat spot. I looked up and read up on the history of the fort while I was lying awake itching from sunburn and sand in the bed. LOL
  10. This weekend I actually RODE my ATV! I trail out on the farm fairly often, but Saturday @basfnb rolled down, my neighbor with the tan 450, and even the wife, all decided to take a ride on the farm. Little one stayed home with her older sister, and we took a long cruise. Got a nice farmer tan now, and I think my neighbor's 450 might need a muffler, but nothing broke, and we all had fun.
  11. jeepwm69


    We drove right through that part of Mississippi last Wed on our way back from Gulf Shores. Tornadoes at night scare the crap out of me. That area is dirt poor and lots of shacks and trailers, so lot of unprotected people. Really sad for those hit.
  12. jeepwm69


    Well I got it drained down last summer, so no lily pads. But then it stayed so dry I didn't have any water during duck season. And now it's full of water again so I have to start the whole fighting the beavers all over again!
  13. Yep, that was going to be my next suggestion is to pull thermostat and see if it helps. Since you recently did the top end, are you sure you used the right gaskets and had them properly aligned? The "new top end and have problems since" would lead me to be look at the work that was recently done, since the problem arose right after that work was performed.
  14. I had the guy that owns the land next to us give me a Stihl MS180 with that easy start crap on it. He'd loaned it out and the borrower ran it with the brake on, melted the plastic crankcase, ruined the clutch. I ordered parts from Farmertech (chinese cloned parts) and got it running. Light little saw good for little stuff, but doesn't hold a candle to my Husky 346XP. I did get rid of the easy start crap, put a regular pull starter on that Stihl and it's good to go now.
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