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  1. More fuel issues with a 420FA, this time the wife's. Took it on a ride a couple of weeks ago and no issues. Saturday we started towards the farm and it just died. Would fire on starter fluid, and after sitting for a bit would start and idle for a min, but eventually would die. I'm guessing the petcock is clogged and not letting fuel to the fuel pump, but haven't dug into it yet. I will report back with what I find, just in case people have similar issues in the future and want to troubleshoot.
  2. Here's one cheap on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/164644950927?epid=1444151049&hash=item26559a938f:g:dQsAAOSwDyhgAKHO
  3. I'd knock that bearing out that supports the end of the shift drum that broke off. The later upgraded shift drum is thicker there and doesn't sit in a bearing. You can see here the newer style shift drum which is thicker on the end support. 00 and some 01's were the weak design. Anything from 02-06 should be the newer design. All the rest of the transmission bits are the same, so you can either just get the updated shift drum, or get a whole used transmission from a newer model. When I rebuilt my spare 350 engine (from an 00) I got the whole used transmission cheaper than I could find just the shift drum. On other bearings, I clean them out and spin them, the oil them and spin them. I have rarely had to replace bearings in the case, but if they don't spin completely smoothly or they have any play in them, replace them.
  4. The kid's 300 does the same thing. She doesn't ride it much, so last time I took it out, had trouble starting it, and once it was going it peed gas all over the place......
  5. jeepwm69


    Went to blow a beaver dam saturday. Had the wife, my neighbor and his girlfriend, and her 4 and 5 year old daughters along. As we pull up to the backside of the dam where the water is supposed to drain, spotted two water moccasins. Had my 22 pistol with suppressor, and threading the barrel eliminated the front sight, so while I can hit a can with ease with it by lining up the crown of the can with the rear sight, precision shooting as something like a snake's head is a little tougher, but I scared them! Went up, put 2lbs of tannerite on the backside of the dam, scared up a water snake there, but he wasn't poisonous, so let him go. Couldn't get the tannerite down in the mud where it needed to be (since I have to leave it exposed to shoot it to set it off), so when I shot it it just made a lot of noise and blew the sticks off of the back of the dam. Going to have to go back out there with 2 cans of the stuff and bury one deep, with the other on top of it to allow me to hit it. Walked back, moccasins were still in the ditch, so they were disposed of with the scoped 308. First one flew about 15 feet in the air when I hit it. The kids thought that was great fun. The womenfolk were not quite as amused.
  6. I know the older Kawasakis were tough as nails. The 300 and 220 Bayous. Don't have any experience with the newer machines.
  7. Got the 07 500 rolling, and a little closer to being ready to sell. Took the wife's 420, the wife's Rubicon, my 06 500, and the kid's 350 Rancher out on the farm with the neighbors Saturday. Hot and muggy. The 420 died and acts like it's starviing for fuel. Had to tow it back to the house and get my 09 500 out as well. The good thing about this is, when the wife says "Why do you have to have so many?" I can say "This is why!" Will put details on the 420 and the flip bike in their own threads.
  8. jeepwm69


    I don't think there should be any consequences for those who marched to in into the Capitol on Jan 6th. That was a public building, and is owned by the people. They didn't knock the doors down, they were allowed to walk in through the doors. The slimebags were all evacuated, and even had they not been, this was merely a "Remember you are accountable to the people" message to the politicians. If this were an "attack" as it has been portrayed by the statists, the people would have been armed to the teeth, and shot their way in, and there would have been no stopping them. The politicians were reminded that they should fear the people, and they didn't like that message. Clown world we live in.
  9. Once I switched to RC I don't like Coke anymore. The old Coke was good, but unless it's a "mexican" Coke in a glass bottle, do not want. Their racism doesn't help their cause.
  10. jeepwm69


    Teenagers have figured out that they can pretty much do whatever they want, and they'll be turned back out on the streets in short order. They're old enough to rob, maim, and kill, but too young to be held accountable for their actions, according to our "leaders". It worst in the cities. Some things never change. “When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become corrupt as in Europe.” Thomas Jefferson
  11. jeepwm69


    That's about what it takes for me to get a limit of doves........
  12. jeepwm69


    Those 800's are nice. Dad had 12 and 20 gauge to set up on one toolhead for his 375, and he picked me up a set of 16 gauge dies when I started shooting a 16 as a teenager. I bought a spare toolhead not too long ago and will likely get 410 dies at some point, although I doubt I load a lot of 410. I just figure as long as I have 1/2 of a toolhead I might as well set it up for something I have. Don't have a 28. They're sweet shooting little guns, but haven't ever picked one up. I grew up loading on a Pacific 266 that belonged to a friend's grandfather. Not a very fast machine, but a really simple, durable, well thought out single stage. I found one on ebay a few months ago that was priced right and picked it up. I'll probably set it up for 12 ga 3" loads so I load duck loads on it. He had a 366 too, that was a nice progressive, but we weren't smart or patient enough to get it set up right, so we usually loaded on the 266. Never thought much of the MEC loaders. They work, but always looked almost disposable to me compared to the old 266 and 366 I learned on.
  13. jeepwm69


    What PW loader do you have? Dad has a 375 (which is still in the box, of course). I have an old Pacific 266 and a couple of 155's.
  14. The longer they're up there, the more corrupt they become. I remember having high hopes for Tom Cotton, but he's just another opportunist with his eyes on advancement. He loves the industrial military complex. I love the men and women of our military. I don't love the politicians sending them out as the world police force, getting our best shot up.
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