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  1. Well I've only tried to fix the PS light/ not working on one machine, and didn't have any luck. @toodeep probably has the most experience with them. If you look in the service manual there are troubleshooting directions, but following those I was unable to find a problem with the 2010 420FPA I was working on at the time. What specific 2008 model do you have?
  2. Well you can use any year harness BUT you have to have the proper accessories for the given year. For example, if you have a CDI on that machine, you'll need a first gen harness (88-92) to work with that first gen CDI and regulator (also called a rectifier) If you don't have a CDI, and will have to purchase one, then you just need a harness with matching CDI. The starter solenoids etc are all the same from 88-00. You just need the harness to match the CDI and rectifier. There are 3 "generations" of Honda 300's 1st gen is 88-92 2nd gen is 93-97 3rd gen is 98-00
  3. If I have to. I don't like it.
  4. Based on what I see so far, your best bet would be to order an entire used harness from ebay or Powersportsnation.
  5. If the new one gives you any problems get a good one, OEM or Shindy are GTG
  6. You're not using cheap ebay/amazon bearing are you? Shindy or OEM only.
  7. I'd send Honda of America that link you copied above. See if they want to ignore that again. When word starts floating around the net about a problem, it should force their hand. Keep us posted!
  8. Most likely the shift linkage is slightly off, and when the machine flexes it's pulling the shifter out of gear. Make sure the upper and lower motor mounts are good, and I'd look and see which way it's moving out of gear, and slightly adjust the shift linkage the other way. It's just a bar with threads on either end, so you just loosen the nuts and turn the rod to adjust.
  9. This one is a Rubicon/ Hondamatic.
  10. You sure are crotchety. I agree with you, and feel the same way. Does that mean I'm crotchety too?
  11. Ah, so it's the ring gear rattling against the pinion gear? That's not a terrible job, especially given the straight cut gears these have. It still SUCKS that Honda isn't taking care of it though! From what I've seen/read/heard, dealers hate warranty work. They don't make much of anything on it, and it ties up their mechanics. I'd still think the place that sold you the wheeler would want to do it as a good will gesture, but I guess not. I'm sorry you got a lemon. I have a 4 year old, 19 year old, and 20 year old (all girls). When the older girls were young I was a single dad. Wrench time (and funds) were limited for sure. When the kids got a little older I had more time to wrench, and then I decided I hated having free time so I had another kid🤡 Anyhow, if you want to tackle this yourself, it's just unbolting parts, taking things apart, putting it back together with a new shim in there. If you want to tackle it yourself, we can walk you through it. Won't be anything difficult, just unbolting and re bolting stuff together. You'd need a pinon gear socket, but a piece of square tubing seems to work for most people. Again, sucks that you're having to work on a new Honda already. I'd be noisey to Honda corporate, send them what you posted above from the other forum. I think Honda is still at the top of the food chain as far as reliability goes, but they are no longer head and shoulders above the competition like they used to be. I've gotten away from newer Honda stuff, but I have a LOT of older Honda vehicles, ATV's, and various small engines. They used to be better. Sucks, but that's what it is. If you need advice on the job, let us know. If you have someone else do the job, have them take pics and document what they find here please. It will likely help others with the same issue. Might even force Honda into a recall situation, which is really what should happen.
  12. @AKATV is the meter guru. He might be able to assist on the meter readings.
  13. Welcome aboard. The engine uses the speed sensor for shifting, so without it, the thing's not going to run right. If you look in the toolbar at the top of the page, there's a "service manuals" tab. Click it and download the factory service manual for your machine. It has some pretty detailed troubleshooting in it. Is your meter throwing an error code, or just registering 0 all of the time?
  14. Says the guy who only likes Japanese stuff. LOL
  15. If people weren't looking closely, put them on a Foreman and show them 85 on the speedo. LOL Insert "countries that use the metric system" and "countries that have put men on the moon" meme here. My wife is a science teacher. She frowns upon non-metric units of measurement, for what it's worth.
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