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  1. After running my 346XP, the MS 180 was about like trying to use a Dremel. That said, I probably don’t have $50 in it and everything works perfectly on it now, and it was a good learner saw for me to tinker on. I now have a beater\loaner saw too if I need it
  2. jeepwm69


    It could be the barrel, or the ammo. Try some CCI standard velocity first. If you really want to go big time get some Eley Tenex. If you still aren’t getting consistent groups, closely check the crown of your barrel. rimfirecentral.com is the ATVHonda of rimfire shooting
  3. Is that oil or a mixture of grease and muddy water? You have a seal where that brake cam comes through the backing plate, a seal where the backing plate bolts to the axle tube, the big oring pictured where the drum seals to the backing plate, and then a seal on the drum itself, which seals up against the hub. If your hub has grooves worn in it it won't keep water out of the drum, even with a new seal.
  4. A few weeks ago when doing some light cutting I broke the pull cord on the MS180C I got from a buddy (free saw, had a melted crankcase and smoked clutches from being run with the brake on, I replaced the crankcase and clutch). I HATED that "ex-pull" crap on the saw, so rather than replace the pull cord, I just got a new recoil/side cover from a regular MS180 without that "ex-pull" crap and installed it. Works great and starts like a regular saw now. I used a Farmertec/Hutzl china part, so didn't cost much either.
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    They had the same arms as the people against whom they were fighting. The founding fathers also had privately owned cannons, and privately owned warships.
  6. jeepwm69


    I guess when you get right down to it, do you trust the politicians in office now? What about the politicians elected in 2022, and 2024? You don't know who they are, right? So you don't know what kind of crap they're going to try to pull. You could get a far right neo nazi skinhead who wants to lock up all black people. You could get a far left commie who wants to recreate Stalin's USSR. Unless you 100% trust every politician in office now, and in the future, for the rest of your life, it is in your best interest to keep a means to deter them from treading on you. An armed populace is that deterrent, regardless of which side of the aisle is in charge.
  7. jeepwm69


    Don't do that. I have a black plastic stock you can have. I much prefer wood. I took the black plastic stocks off of my kids' 10/22s and replaced them with wood stocks.
  8. jeepwm69


    The 2nd Amendment was written right after the colonies had waged war on the British Crown. Armed men cannot be ruled. It isn't about hunting, and never has been. It isn't even about defending ones home from criminals. It's about having the means to fight against tyranny. That is why the 2nd Amendment was written. The Bill of Rights are not rights granted by government. They limit government, not grant rights to citizens. If you look at the millions upon millions of people who have been killed by nazis and communists in the last century, they had one thing in common; they were unarmed. If you get a chance TB, read Unintended Consequences by John Ross. Might give you a different perspective in why a lot of people won't ever be disarmed in this country. I know you weren't a Trump fan, and when he was elected you had a lot of minorities, gays, etc who were scared that he would use government to oppress them. The 2nd Amendment applies to ALL men, black, white, yellow, brown, straight, gay, rich poor. Most of us here are terrified at the government overreach that we're already seeing with Biden. A lot of people on the other side of the political spectrum felt the same way about Trump. IF any of those fears ever come to fruition, people being armed is a deterrence to outright tyranny. I gave some 5.56 to a coworker the other day. He's a young black guy, voted for Biden, has always voted Democrat, but bought an AR15 to protect his home and his children. The police in the town where I work are more or less useless, and honestly I can't blame them. They make $10/hour, and are expected to deal with these gangs and drug dealers who have no qualms about hosing people down with illegal full autos. That means people have to have the means to defend themselves, and when given the choice, no sane person wants to be outgunned by the opposition. Easter Sunday there were a half dozen shootings in Helena AR where I work. I watched one of them recorded on a security camera at a local shop. Three guys on crotch rockets stop at a stop light, a newer black camero rolls by, sprays about 40-50 rounds of of the window. All three bikes go down, then two more cars roll by also firing out of the windows at the bikes. One crotch rocket rider jumps up and speeds off, and then after the cars are gone, the other two riders hop up and run off. Probably 100 rounds fired, and everyone rides/ runs away. The idea that laws upon laws upon laws will stop criminals, who by definition, break laws, is just naive. Gun control isn't about making people safe. It's about control. Always has been, always will be. There were 7 million first time gun owners in the US last year. People are realizing it is up to each individual to protect themselves. .gov isn't getting it done. I'll bet a whole lot of those new AR15 owners were people worried that Trump was going to use government to oppress them. That is their right, and I applaud them for taking responsibility for themselves. You hope they're never needed, but if they are, and you don't have them.........it's Warsaw circa 1940 all over again.
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    Well, he's a politician.....pretty much describes all of them.
  10. You can get savant/ strong made metal footguards, but then you'll need to buy the flaps to go with them (the footshift 450's didn't have floorboards, just flaps and pegs, so you'd need footshift 450 flaps). Were it me I'd just get replacement floorboards. They hold up ok for what they are, and if you go with metal floorboards you'll have to buy new flaps anyway.
  11. jeepwm69


    We rode last saturday right before the big storms blew in. The little short fat buddy was ! about riding right before a storm, and @basfnb said "He's just worried the puddles will be over his head" River is still WAY up here. Too deep to get to some parts of where we usually ride. I took the little one out for a cruise yesterday afternoon. We have had a LOT of very hard, constant rain here this year. I'm seeing lots of tree roots on the trail now from water erosion. Been riding some places 10 years, and some of them are new this year (just cut) and they all show some major erosion from these spring storms.
  12. Negative. Should be bone dry in there.
  13. jeepwm69


    This is what's sickening......having something that has been declared legal, and that people have gone out and purchased, and that have ZERO to do with function (much like a flash hider, or a bayonet lug) yet some bureaucrat suddenly has an arbitrary decision that they should suddenly be illegal, so thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of law abiding citizens are suddenly placed in a situation where they are either forced to surrender their property or become criminals. I'm slowly making my way through this book. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable when it comes to shooting, but this one has really been eye-opening on how gov has slowly eroded the 2nd Amendment over the years. https://billstclair.com/Unintended-Consequences.pdf
  14. I'm still sticking to the "old man machine" ie the eliptical. Have worked my way up to 3 miles a day now (Mon-Fri at least). I've been eating a lot of salads with grilled chicken on them (my sister is a caterer, and I grill the chicken for her chef's salads that she sells, so every Tuesday night I grill 50-60 chicken breasts). Haven't lost a stinking pound. I do feel a lot better, and have more energy, but I guess my metabolism at 45 isn't what it was when I went from 215 to 180 10 years ago, doing the same routine. I'm going to start slowly mixing in some weight training. Looking good MW. Kick some butt.
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