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  1. I might have to try this..... anyone here experimented with it? I have to admit I was impressed when he bends the screw.....
  2. LOL. Corrected. Get a bottle of Bourbon or Scotch. Take a ride. Oh, and get some heated grips!
  3. Look at what the Dutch are doing to their farmers. The powers that be hate us and want as many of us gone as possible.
  4. Certainly not ideal. Short run times will exacerbate condensation problems in the crankcase though. I'd run it longer. Get a cooler, put some beer in there, and ride around for awhile. Problem solved.👍
  5. However, he added, he and his shipmates were told that Japan would announce a declaration of war before the attack to warn people. It wasnt for more than 20 years that he learned the people he attacked were not aware they were at war. Such warning was essential, he added, under Japans warrior code, called bushido, which emphasizes honor and virtue among warriors and condemns surprise attacks and unfair battles. https://www.stripes.com/news/pearl-harbor-pilot-says-infamous-attack-dishonored-japan-1.36553 You find other Japanese pilots who seem to counter this opinion, and say that they were relieved to find the Americans caught completely by surprise. Either way, the politician scumbags were responsible for all of it.
  6. They didn't really get into the 4wheeler market until 84-85, and the 350 was the first 4wd 4wheeler they made. I'm sure they were tweaking and trying to improve upon the design. The 88 era 350D was sold until 1993 in Canada and overseas. Discontinued in 89 in the US.
  7. Good to know! For the old 350's we haven't had anyone come up with a decent aftermarket CDI. Rick's makes a great aftermarket TRX300 CDI, but nothing for the 350's. Of course, with the 350's there are three different CDI's/Electrical systems 86-87 350A 87 350D 88-up 350D Obviously the 87 is the year you really have to watch as there are two different CDI's and they are not interchangeable! Link added to the supplier you mentioned. Have you used yours long? https://www.regulatorrectifier.com/catalog/1988-1989-honda-trx350d-trx-350d-fourtrax-4x4-cdi-ignition-unit
  8. jeepwm69


    We've had quite a bit of rain here. Rained hard yesterday, stopped for a few hours yesterday afternoon, then rained on and off all night. We need this. Local river is as low as I've seen it (Mississippi River tributary). We were dry all summer, but had an ok spring. I've seen round bales like those pictured in Wilson's thread selling for $135 each down in Texas where they really had it bad this year. Of course, with $5/gal diesel, hauling hay down there is a loser too.
  9. Wonder how many times he's messed himself up practicing all of that LOL
  10. Glad it was a simple fix. Stick around!
  11. Some from the flying school. I still have a PT19 prop on the wall in my den. If they had any kind of prop strike at all, they scrapped the propeller. I believe the one on my wall was from a student hitting a barbed wire fence. Prop is still pretty wood, but they wouldn't use it just in case it was structurally damaged.
  12. I've found reading on the subject interesting. Japanese pilots have said that they weren't told it was a sneak attack. They were under the impression that war had been declared, and felt that the sucker punch they did was dishonorable. Also seems that FDR knew the attack was coming, but did nothing, because he knew it would change sentiment in the US about getting involved in another World War if we were directly attacked. Both of those things reinforce what I've learned as I have aged; politicians are always scum of the earth. Sneaky, dishonest, and the rest of us always pay for their scumbaggery. My grandfather ran the primary flying school in Helena Arkansas during the war. He was from Rockford IL. He met my grandmother who was a local at one of the dances they set up for the servicemen. They married, and lived in Helena for most of the war. He always wanted to fly fighters, but he had quite a bit of flying experience before the war started, and the Army wanted him teaching and not in action. As the war wound down, the flying school shut down, and he was put into the B29 program. He flew off of Tinian late in the war, bombing Japan.
  13. OEM on that control motor. Used OEM is preferable to new chyna/aftermarket on these Hondas. Powersportsnation.com stands by what they sell. Not as cheap as they used to be though. And go ahead and get a pint can of dialectic grease. The little pouches at the auto parts store will cost you $$$ by the time you buy enough to do what you need to do.
  14. Rain here so can’t tear into that 300 clutch cover, so getting this 500 engine put back together to clear off my workbench. Clutch adjuster is seized in the front cover so going to have to heat it. Penetrating oil and pressure haven’t budged it.
  15. Love me some Chocolate Mousse Royale, but 9 times out of 10 now when I go in a BR they don't have it.
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