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  1. Well it's still rough as heck, but apparently not as rough as other brands. Of course, when you're mowing 5 times faster than normal, it's going to be a little bumpier! Like it a lot so far, but haven't used it but 3-4 times. Been dry here for the last month so my zoysia hasn't needed mowing.
  2. If yall haven't figured it out yet, I gots the ADD. I tend to jump around working on things. LOL Been using Dad's new Ferris zero-turn (took me from 2.5 hours with this old JD to about 25 minutes with the Ferris mowing my yard) so haven't used this one lately. Then Dad got all weird again and said I had too many weeds in my yard, and that if I used his mower without pulling them, the weed seeds would stick to the mower, fall off in his yard, and sprout (keep in mind he has the worst looking yard in the neighborhood, spends all day, every day, trying to hand pick weeds on an acre+ lot). So I pulled this old 112L out and mowed with it again. I pulled the deck up and did a few turns and, surprise, surprise, it turns like a champ with the deck up. Looks like I need to adjust the deck position. When I got the mower the deck was hanging loose. I'll look at the other 112L I have and set the adjusting pins in the same spots, see if it helps.
  3. Haven't messed with it lately. I normally only get to work loudly on weekends, and last weekend was the wife's birthday, so haven't been able to get the grinder out to cut off the cage.
  4. "For sale, Honda Rancher. Never sunk, just needs carb cleaned."
  5. I take the opinion that anyone should be able to whatever they want as long as it doesn't affect others/ harm others. If some pothead wants to fry his brain, or I want to drink 20 beers, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, why not? I don't want someone telling me that I can't drink a case of beer, and I don't have the right to tell someone else they can't smoke a plant. Of course, that means I don't have the right to ask them (society) to pay for my cirrhosis, and they don't have the right to ask me to pay for medical problems they may have from smoking. But as far as them telling FF "I guess it's ok"......I would have been polite and tried to respect their space, but I wouldn't have asked permission........FF I guess you're a nicer person than I. LOL
  6. jeepwm69


    Had a shower this morning, about 75F, so nice and muggy when I walked out of the house.
  7. jeepwm69


    yeah if you use those brickseek links, put in your zip, it will show you what area stores have in stock. Limited stock means they have at least one showing in the system My local store dropped this morning. Got a Henry 38/357 that will go to the father in law for Christmas, $169, and a Savage 243 for my kids to deer hunt with, should they ever want to. It was the wood stock Savage with a scope, so was $74. After the rebate, $25 gun. They had about another 1/2 dozen guns still in stock that were on clearance, but they were on background check hold for people. If your background check doesn't instantly clear, they hold the gun for you until the ATF clears you, up to 30 days. If you don't clear in 30 days, it goes back on the rack. So if you see something you want, and it shows "limited stock", go ask. If they say it's sold, ask specifically if it's on background check hold, or if it sold. If they say it's sold, and it shows up in brickseek, they're lying, and then you mosey around to Karen a manager.
  8. Thank you for posting back up with how you solved it as well! Will likely help someone else in the future.
  9. jeepwm69


    These have just started dropping for the final markdown around here. Those Henrys are $169. The Savage Axis are $49, and the Savage Axis wood with scopes are $74. Those have a $50 rebate on them right now too (max of 5) so the synthetic guns without scopes are FREE after rebate. Those Remington 770's are $54, the 700 is $79 10/22 Takedown is $79, and the wood stock if $59. Not much left in stock at this point in the game, but if you have any local showing using those links (again, limited stock means their store inventory system says they have at least one on hand) I'd make a run. There is a chance they could be on hold for someone whose background check didn't clear, but if they told you they "sold them last week" they're lying, which is what's happening to @basfnb right now at his store. Guns are inventoried by serial number at Walmart. If they sell the gun, those BS links will drop to zero within an hour. If it shows as being there, it's either there and the employee is hiding it, or it's on hold for someone waiting on a background check. Those are the only two options on guns. My strategy if that BS happens is to find a manager elsewhere in the store, have them scan the barcode for the particular gun, and then when they say "We show one in stock" then you say "Well the guy in Sporting Goods couldn't find it, would you look for me?"
  10. jeepwm69


    Yep, hot and muggy here this morning. I hit the shop at 5:30AM this morning. Was already 76 with a humidity of 12000%
  11. The MAW (might as well) will give you an engine that you know is good. Peace of mind has a price LOL
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