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  1. Thanks @retro. Laid up with the stomach bug at the moment, but will hopefully be able to check that in the morning. My "typhoid Mary" toddler had this yesterday and was nice enough to share. She's fine today so hopefully just a 24 hour bug.
  2. Got a lot done this weekend. My brother in law got my father in law's rough 2006 Rubicon, and brought it down for some TLC. Front drain plug was gaumed up and dripping, so replaced that, replaced his green fenders with some yellow I had in my parts pile, replaced both front upper a-arms (had some with new bushings in them) and knuckles (had some with new bearings in them) and replaced both CV's with spares I had as his inner boots were both shot. Also put a new battery on there, and discovered that a Yuasa battery has jumped up quite a bit in price. I was getting them for about $70 and now they're over $80. Took two full mornings to get everything taken care of, but he shouldn't have any problems out of his front end for a long time, and hopefully the engine will hold up (this is the one that was stolen, ridden hard, and then recovered). Engine is making some pretty loud rattling noises but runs fine, so I'm leaving that part alone till he starts having issues with it. Yesterday I got the 424 on my eldest daughter's 300 lubed up and reinstalled, so it will now lock into 2wd again. Still having carb issues with this machine. I think the float needle is hanging up. It doesn't act like it's getting fuel at all, and after messing with it for a few mins, it will finally run and stay running, and work fine till it sits for more than a day or two. Always fires on starter fluid, so definitely a fuel delivery problem. Going to take it off and clean it out good when I get time. Hotter than hades here so I was pretty sore and beat after three straight 1/2 days wrenching out in the heat.
  3. Got the 424 torn down, cleaned up, and greased. It still doesn't want to lock into 2wd easily; takes some pulling and wiggling, but at least it now will lock into 2wd. I got one of the little balls out but the other one wouldn't come out to clean it up, so I did the best I could with it still in the barrel. I have the adjustment all the way in too, so it should be the "easiest" to lock in that I can make it. Definitely makes for a whole different ride than riding with it locked in 4wd all the time though!
  4. Pull up the factory service manual from the link in the toolbar. Look on page 24-9 for instructions.
  5. ! you know kids. He never did. My daughter said it was a blown turbo, which appears to be somewhat common on these engines with high miles (he has 200K+). He apparently diagnosed that using youtube videos, so that may or may not be a correct assessment. She said he was going to sell it as is.
  6. I think Covid is so overblown by now I wouldn’t hesitate to help a neighbor. Numbers have spiked here, but most don’t even know they have it because the cases are so mild with the current varient. The woman who lets me cross her land to get to our farm called me yesterday to tell me they’d had an outbreak and asking if I was sick. I went our to her family’s big meeting house last week to chat and was there for a couple of hours. She was worried I might have it. If I do, I have no symptoms. Of course, she mentioned she was double vaxxed and double boostered………like that matters at all when it comes to catching covid
  7. Have a tube of that sitting on my workbench. I'll slather it up. What do you use for cable lube?
  8. My kid's 300 has a 424 on it, and it wouldn't lock in 2wd. I think I had it adjusted a little tight anyway, so this morning I took it apart. What's the best grease/lube to use to keep the detents free and the handle sliding in and out freely? My cable is fine, and this thing was new when I installed it, and hasn't been used much at all before the knob wouldn't lock back anymore.
  9. I have heated grips, winch, and this lightbar on my 06 with no issues at all. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00T4HPIGG/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. Order a CDI from PSN, and get a regulator from them while you're at it. They sell all used OEM parts, and stand behind what they sell. Once you get those installed, you can check your voltage with the machine running with a voltmeter. The stator always puts out unhealthy voltage. That's what the regulator is for. I bought a 300 a few years ago with a bad CDI. Guy who sold it to me had just had it at the local dealership, where they replaced the CDI and got it running, only for it to die again not long afterwards. I bought it from him and put a new CDI on it and checked the voltage with it running and it was way up there. Shut it off quickly and ordered a used regulator from PSN and it was fine after that. Poor guy who sold me that bike got ripped off a the local dealership, who just swapped on a new CDI and didn't even check to see if the voltage was good coming out of the regulator, so his new full MSRP CDI from Honda was burnt up in short order.
  11. He was asking if the regulator you put on is OEM or Amazon/China. The only CDI I would trust other than OEM is a ricks, and I don’t know if he makes one for a 400. His 300 CDI’s are good to go, But the Chinese have a Bing copy those so when ordering ricks you have to order directly from him or you might get a counterfeit
  12. voltage regulator would be the culprit for two many volts. if you’ve fried 2 cdi’s that would be my guess. I don’t believe there is a way to test them
  13. that’s my interpretation as well. Which means both the reverse and the neutral lights are getting power all the time if they are both lighting up when I ground that green and red tracer going to the meter. Gotta love working on a bike that’s been sitting in the weather for years!
  14. Am I missing something here? According to this, when machine is in neutral, it should have continuity to ground, which means the neutral wire should be grounded when the bike is in neutral. Crap I hate electrical stuff!
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