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  1. They're good people, stand behind what they sell. I was going to post that they're parting out an 86 according to their weekly email I got this morning. Hopefully they'll have what you need!
  2. Possible. I replaced the spark plug to eliminate that. Did the jumper to coil red from battery + to make sure it wasn’t one of the 2005 sensors on these 420’s. No change.
  3. Thanks for the well wishes guys. Got our negative covid results back yesterday morning. We're all still iffy with sinus infections. Wife has been on an antibiotic and is on the mend, and I had the APRN at work call me in the same. Warmer and sunny here today so finally got my Christmas lights down outside, and put a fuel pump filter on a Rancher belongs to one of my buddy's kids. Still won't rev up. Probably going to order a fuel pump for it next.
  4. FYI, that implement paint will be sticky and soft for a while. It takes warm temps and time for it to get hard. Once it does it's rock hard. Careful with those fumes! They'll get you!
  5. How tall are your factory shocks? MIght be able to use something from another model to level it out. Honestly the front of the perfex isn't any different than any other lift. It's the back that smooths out the ride. Point being you could put slightly longer shocks up front and level it out, and it shouldn't sacrifice the better ride.
  6. Buddy brought me his kids 420FPA. Won't rev up. Starts and idles fine. If you feather the throttle sometimes it will rev, but usually backfires and dies afterwards. I pulled the fuel pump, and put the new style filter on it. The old one was full of junk and I thought surely that would be the problem, but after I got it back together not change. Guessing the fuel pump would be the next logical step? Want to make sure there's not some kind of other issue that would cause the problem. A shot of starter fluid will allow it to briefly rev up before it does, so that kinda tells me it's a fuel supply issue. Anyone have any other possibilities before I order a new fuel pump? @melatv @toodeep @retro
  7. If you've ever been in an engine it's not too bad. I've done a bunch of these 500's, so just take pics as you go, and if you have a question, stop, post pics, and ask. When you get ready to split cases, set the engine with the flywheel down, and pull the front crankcase 1/2 off, and first gear is right on top, so if you're careful you don't even have to pull the transmission out. You can leave the flywheel on since you're not pulling the crank too. If you google "420 crank youtube" there's a good 4 part video showing an 07 420 Rancher engine teardown, which is very similar to your 07 500 motor. You can download the factory service manual in the tool bar at the top of this forum too. Welcome aboard!
  8. I haven't done squat lately. Baby, wife and I all have the crud. I mentioned it at work, and the nurse told me I needed to take a Covid test, so I'm quarantined until that comes back. Pretty sure it's just a cold, but they won't let me come back to work until I get a clear test result. Cold and windy here, and my head is all stopped up, so I've pretty much been worthless.
  9. i have my grandmother's old white one, a red one we got as a Christmas gift, and a Colbalt Blue one I got on clearance at Wally world and put up for one of my girls. Mom has a bunch of Colbalt LeCruset pots etc so whichever kid gets that stuff will get the matching mixer.
  10. You'd be surprised at how many of us that very task has given fits. Once I tried superglue on the nut, screwed the screw in, and thought "Ha, now the nut will be glued to the top of the terminal and won't drop down again" Then when I tried to back the bolt out it was glued into the nut and ripped the whole terminal off the battery. I now search around the yard for a small stick, break off a bit, and stick it under the nut, holding it up in place where the bolt will reach. And more often than not I have to reposition it 3-4 times before I get everything tightened up, so don't feel bad.
  11. Holding the light was always my job as a kid. LOL
  12. I put a 450 Perfex on an 05-11 500 Foreman. I would have thought the 01-04 Rubicon would have been exactly like the 450's....Weird. And you don't get a tremendous amount of lift out of the perfex. A little bit, but it's more for the ride quality.
  13. Put a jumper wire from battery + to red/ black wire on the coil. Will it run then?
  14. Welcome to the board. Try shooting a shot of gas/ starting fluid in the intake while cranking, to see if you have a fuel delivery problem or if you lack spark. Any issues with it running before now?
  15. I'm 45, Dad is 82. Night before last he asked if I'd help him for a few minutes. He's putting in new drain pipes in the upstairs bathroom at their house (replacing the cast iron drain pipes from 1919). I went over there, and he handed me a flashlight and said "I need you to hold the light for me" Seriously.
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