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  1. About as old as me, but not as old as Shadetree. Nobody’s as old as Shadetree, lol.
  2. What all was involved with removing the bypass setup? If it wasn't blowing fuses before you did that then it would be reasonable to assume that something you un-did is causing the fuse to blow now.
  3. Heck Fish, you've forgotten more about 300's than I'll ever know. Looks like two different CDI part numbers. One shows a range, the other shows 1993 only. Probably a superceded part number in there somewhere.
  4. Well I fixed my kid's 350 ES by converting it to a footshift. The two ES fixers aren't on here a lot this time of year, but maybe one of them will chime in. Looks like the first problem you need to find is the dead short that's blowing your fuse. My guess is the wiring for the bypass required changing something that needs to be changed back. @retro @Melatv
  5. Just saying, the parts fitment shows 1993 only on that CDI. Could be something else, but if it's spark related I'm betting on the CDI. https://www.partzilla.com/product/honda/30410-HC5-971?ref=19534d12b6b6e302720a48e4dc67a75467470c8c
  6. Welcome aboard. So before you removed the bypass was it shifting ok and blowing the fuse?
  7. WM is a crotchety old man. You didn't hurt his feelings. He probably doesn't have any feelings anymore LOL As Shade said, the 93 is an oddball CDI that was one year only. Where did you source the Rick's CDI and what's the part number? Lots of fake Rick's CDI's out there, so if you didn't get it directly from Rick's it's suspect https://ricksmotorsportelectrics.com/Hot-Shot-Series-Honda-CDI-Box-15_612 I'm with @shadetree, my first impression is you have an iffy CDI and a bunch of incompatible extra CDI's that you're swapping in.
  8. jeepwm69


    Our tolerance of savages is going to be the downfall of our nation.
  9. Lighten up Frances. We joke around a lot here. What "3 different CDI boxes" did you try? OEM, Rick's, or china junk? Did you swap the CDI from the good running 93 to the one with issues? If so, is it OEM?
  10. jeepwm69


    You know, the older I get, the less I care about people's feelings. Our whole society now is in shambles while we tip-toe around people's feelings. Yesterday I got a text asking me what was most important to me (more or less) . Student loan debt Securing voting rights Mitigation of the pandemic. Against my better judgement, I replied with "FJB and f you for pushing his commie policies" I'm sure that got my cell number sold to any number of shady organizations. Should have just deleted it, but it seems my tolerance for commies is at an all time low.
  11. jeepwm69


    Last I checked, flying isn't a human right. No way these people need to be anywhere near a commercial flight, especially given what they make the rest of us go through to get on a place these days.
  12. See if powersportsnation has what you need. They will at least stand behind their used electrical parts.
  13. That's one of the most common mistakes people make putting these things back together. For some of us, we have to learn the lesson over and over again, and then when you think the lesson is learned, you get an engine back in the frame and realize you still didn't learn the lesson LOL
  14. Yep, sounds like the regulator fried all the electrical stuff on the bike since he continued using it with an obvious overcharging situation. Replace regulator, and probably CDI with OEM parts.
  15. Loosen the 4 bolts holding the springs in place, wiggle the center part of the clutch and get it centered, and then retighten the bolts. When the bolts are tight they should pull that center portion tight, but if you get the center part in a bind and tighten the bolts, it will let the clutch plates float.
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