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  1. LOL. We could just appreciate the fact the he's fixing the 450 and 350 meters, and quit trying to make things more complicated for him!
  2. Good front and rear green, good front and rear yellow, extra rear yellow, one green tank cover, floorboards, flares, 3 seats (need recovered, but good foam), a meter with 1200 miles on it, and a solenoid. I also gave him a Jeep carb which he is vapor honing for me. It had about 40 years of oil, grease, and grime on it when I gave it to him.
  3. Anyone heard from @Buckchop? Wonder if this thing ever got finished out.
  4. I ordered a Pferd version of that Stihl sharpener. I have Husky's so figured I couldn't use the Stihl sharpener on them. LOL
  5. Nah, rebuild it. It's honestly not that much different from an FM 420 engine. I redid the wife's a few years ago. I know everything in Canada is super high, so if you need to find parts down here and have one of us get everything together and send to you up there, that's an option. I wonder what locked up your oil pump? Looking at your first post, I wonder if a piece of the drain plug threads got in that pump and locked it solid.
  6. You'll be frozen solid and unable to do anything else before long. LOL
  7. Done. Wheeler, what you gonna buy with that gift card? Inquiring minds want to know.
  8. jeepwm69


    I remember listening to that one and this one when the only station that played "new" stuff was AM1030 in Memphis. When Nevermind hit the shelves, the world blew up with good music. Here's the original video. Was pretty funny back in the day. http://www.mtvbase.com/music/videos/4a9aet/Do-Ya-Think-I-m-Sexy
  9. jeepwm69


    O Brother is an awesome soundtrack. I still sing songs off of that one to my kid when I'm rocking her to sleep. I like old country, bluegrass, grunge, some metal, and quite a bit of classic rock.
  10. jeepwm69


    Dad picked up a standby generator a few years ago. In true Dad fashion, it's still sitting in the garage, not hooked up. After ice storm 94, and then hurricane Elvis, he decided it was worth getting one, but said he's more worried about man made disasters cutting power, like riots/melee. In a time like that, who knows when the power would be back on? I have a 6500W Honda generator and a transfer switch. Since everything at my house is gas I can pretty much run business as usual except for the A/C. Sister has that old ES3500 Honda that @retro rewired for me. The electric start is exactly what she needed. She'd have to run her fridges and freezers for her business in cycles on that, but at least she wouldn't lose all that food.
  11. Well crap. Now I'm going to have to buy one
  12. Post pics when you get it please!
  13. I'm just thinking anything now like an iphone or kindle has a clear stick-on screen protector on it now when you buy them, and some stuff like that has display stuff printed on it to make it look like the device is on while it's on display. Looks like if someone could make something like that screen protector with the print on it, you could slap it on after a meter repair and then there's the cover to protect it. Didn't think about sun fading. That could definitely be a problem.
  14. Not surprising. Apartment complexes always go downhill as they get older and start getting run down, especially when they aren't well managed. I had that gig 2002-2009, and worked at one of the company's golf courses while I was in school from 00-02. Jim Lindsey, who founded the company, is in declining health. His sons aren't the man he was, so their properties won't be kept up like they used to be.
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