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  1. I’m at the hunting camp 2 hrs from home with a chainsaw clearing out a road, unexpectedly, I’ll be home later if this thing don’t kill me. Can’t wait to get started again.
  2. Thanks for the info. The 1995 is a Fourtrax 300, the cleanest one I seen in years, not restored looks mostly original.
  3. I've been pulled off the job for this afternoon, be back tomorrow.
  4. I understand totally, take your time, I've got plenty to do. Started to go into front brakes on the 2000. Need to put the 1995 up for sale before I start liking it to much.
  5. Reading 331. I’m done for today I’ve had it. Thanks for all the help, I’ll be back tomorrow.
  6. Still reading nothing on b/g. On black/green I’ve got 12.4 v and bright light.
  7. I get no dc volts from b/g to ground with handlebar switch disconnected and key on.
  8. R/b to b/g reads 5.27 I’ve got some help coming going to be a few minutes.
  9. I did what you said to do 4-5 times nothing happened when I tried to shift.
  10. Anybody got any more suggestions or are we slowly moving toward a permanent manual shifter ?
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