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  1. " Long Story " The quick heat up problem was the carb. How I got the problem solved was by doing a lot of different things you guys talked about. I removed the carb, remover the gas tank, heat shield and valve cover, turned engine over a few times with the spark plug removed and had plenty of oil, adjusted the valves, intake was reading .008 and exhaust was reading .012 adjusted both to .006. Flushed fuel tank and reassembled things back to carb installation. I went back thru the carb and found nothing I thought was causing the quick heat up. In stalled the carb fired it up and had the same problem it had to have the choke to run. Removed carb again and installed a Shindy kit reassembled it and installed it, fired it up and got the same results. A few day ago when this problem was being talked about heavily I went to Partzilla and ordered a OEM carb $210 tax and all, UPS had delivered the new carb about two hours before the last try with the rebuild. I was so mad by now I immediately removed the carb, probably in less than two minutes and when I pulled the carb out of the intake there was raw fuel everywhere, I felt sure that was the heat up problem. I installed the new carb, fired it up and it ran perfect, didn't have to use the choke and the heating problem is gone. I don't know what is wrong with the old carb but I believe it's got something to do with the choke system. Thanks to all of you who helped and gave your opinion. I think I may be finally done with this one.
  2. The cooler is clean, that was cleaned when I did the initial clean up. After cooling down I installed the FCU and it works perfectly, the red light works properly, the fan ran like it should when wire was grounded to engine, so all seems good. I even got the skid plate back on. Thanks, AKATV
  3. AKATV. I just got it out of the oven, letting it cool to room temp. I could pinch and hold the pinch it with my fingers. turn the key on and the red light worked correctly, went off in a few seconds so maybe this will fix it.
  4. I jumped the wire going to the temp sensor and nothing happened. Also, when I turn the key to on sometime the red light comes on sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it will come on and stay on when engine is still cold, red light is very erratic, any suggestions
  5. OK guys, I finally got back to working on this, sleep robber, and the problem with the quick heat up was the carburetor. Long story. I've got to move on to the other problem which is the red oil/temp light working and not working also fan never come on. I will go back in thread and look it over and probably start by verifying the fan motor is good and works as it should.
  6. This thing has been in the way for a while now, but by messing with it every now and then I have finally got the air out of the system. Pinching the line with pliers was the trick, I would have never thought to do that. Anyway, after riding it a few times and adjusting a little, the brakes seem to be working as they should, Thanks Guys!!
  7. Another thread I didn't finish. I got the one way bearing installed and everything back together no problem. The dab of grease on the little triangle was the trick, held it in place perfect. thanks again guys, couldn't do it without you!!
  8. I forgot and never finished this thread, sorry. I rebuilt the carb, it was really dirty, it cleaned up good. It fired up nicely and with very little adjustment it ran like a new one, the guy is happy, and it didn't cost him much. No leaks and plenty of power, brought back a lot of memories. I tried to buy it, like I need it, lol. Thanks again guys
  9. Went back thru the carb again and flushed the tank. Added fresh gas and she took off like it should. When going back thru the carb I did notice some blockage in the main jet so that prompted me to flush the tank. I used a Moose Carb Kit.
  10. Guys thanks for all the input I'll start trying to work thru the list. I'll report the results.
  11. It's not mine but I thought I would try and help a friend of the family. When he brought it to me it would run but only with the choke half on, it would run pretty good, plenty of power, he just wanted it fixed. The owner had put a Chinese carb on it about a year ago and shortly after installation he had to engage the choke to keep it running. He brought the original carb when brought the machine. I ordered a rebuild kit for it and cleaned the carb while I was waiting for the kit. I rebuilt the carb and got it installed this afternoon. It fired right up, I idled it up just a little and let it warm up good then adjusted the, I believe ya'll call it the pilot screw not sure but the only adjustment screw there is, very little since I set it two turns off the seat prior to installation. When I went for a test ride it ran perfect, no hick-ups at all but when you go to accelerate it don't bog down it just don't have the power it should have, almost like it is starving for gas but not running rough. It's hard to explain, I've never experienced anything like this before, maybe I did something wrong. I know with all the experience on here somebody has probably seen this before. Sorry for being so long winded, HELP!!
  12. toodeep, 2 1/2 turns was where I started at but to get it to run I had it out about 5 1/2 turns. I'm like you I think the biggest problem is the carb on the overheating and running bad. I will check the oil flow and fix the heat indicator problem. All the suggestions are greatly appreciated and always a learning experience, I need everybody's help and input and thanks to all of you.
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