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  1. I spent $22 on Amazon and $54 on eBay…I am now broke again 🤣 truck stickers and accessories
  2. I got 2 ducks this evening and I’m goin again tomorrow morning
  3. Got my first deer ever yesterday
  4. Them Marlboro 100s can calm someone🤣
  5. Went into 7th on my old dirtbike one time
  6. Tightened it 1 thou tighter and the little noise it had is gone now i also put the boom tune on it and she does indeed go BOOM
  7. Got the oil leak fixed and low rpm valve noise but at higher rpm’s still sounds like it’s ticking valves are in spec and everything did I miss something or is this normal IMG_9867.MOV
  8. Got gaskets for the engine time to put them in
  9. Turns out y’all were right on the RTV the back piece on the case is leaking time for some jb weld 😭
  10. Just got it all back together and took it on the first test drive and she runs like a dream
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