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  1. Yea the switches on those go bad after some time a friend had one of the same year and did the same thing
  2. Does anyone know if you put a T in the 12v wire coming off the stator for the coils and hooked a light into it should the engine still run and power the like i seen a guy do it on a 300 but I’m not sure if it’ll work on here
  3. Had a friend who got a new 2023 450 and it blew up in 2 hours
  4. This is me and my moms friend we were looking for old glass on a island and we look like we’re doing the Macarena
  5. I put some thinner valve shims on the intake and now she runs good thanks for y’all’s help
  6. On the fly wheel the mark says TDC and right after it says F will it fire on any stroke or how do I figure it out
  7. What are these little things that look like valve seals on the top of the package and every time a order a head gasket it comes with something like the little brass or copper looking thing what is it?
  8. Dang Dan you had a 88 kx125 now I’m getting a 89 kx125
  9. How’s the rest of the engine look I think it looks good
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