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  1. Read your sparkplug, it'll tell you what to do.....derf
  2. I don't know any thing about that brand of equip. ...derf
  3. Those freq. are in the ham band and unless you are a licensed operator, watch your step... just hitting the repeater is illegal....derf
  4. W M.....the larger the wires the better on the radials.....derf
  5. The clutch will not operate property, and will cause you trouble. good luck
  6. Wilson: We live in ITU region #2 in the world. With my license I am not privileged to operate in those freq that you are talking about, therefore I do not know the rules. Sorry ttul Derf
  7. Welcome Aroch314...I'm in GJ Colorado...I have a 99, 450ES...derf
  8. WILSON, you know a awful lot about Ham radio not to have a license. let me invite you to join any time...I would be glad to have you in our group anytime... Derf
  9. 03/30/23 QUESTION ?? How far do you want to talk ?? Radios are a lot like guns.. small guns don’t shoot very far.( like a bb gun or pellet gun) ie.= handheld radio. if you want to shoot farther, a 22 rim fire or a center fire would do better ie (mobile radio) like in a vehicle mounted radio. If you want to talk a long way, you got to have lots of power (like a station radio at home)...more power = more money… what’s our choice????? These modern radio have a lot of bells and whistles built into them. Some what like modern cars...cpu’s and stuff that’s not necessary. (in my opinion). Talk around in your area and see what is in common use because these are the ones you’ll be talking to the most. You can see the latest and the greatest on YouTube. Take your time, it’s your money. We’ll be talking on chat. I’ll help you anyway I can...derf There is no stupid question here...lol
  10. BC.....derf here, I live at 5 k in western Co. most of my riding is at 10k+ if you riding higher than 10 , just drop one jet size, that will get you to14k no problem...come on out and have a great time...derf bc
  11. Bring yo question on....Welcome
  12. Welcome to ATVHonda
  13. Snow, throw that thing in the trash..it will only fit the bike it was made for (reason for it's shape)..There is a lots of books written on 2-stroke exhaust systems. most of the 2-strokers talk about the power band, that's where they get the most of their power/ per RPM. When the motor reaches this rpm it feels like a turbo comes on. The design of the pipe determines when this power comes on..This is as simple as I can explain it... Read lots of books. Have a good day...Derf
  14. Wormy, its my experience you will not make any friends with the led bulbs. Whether you meeting or following someone. I do have old eyes and have hard time seeing in good light,..lol.. just a word to the wise ( just have one set regular and the other led, best of both worlds and have many friends)...derf
  15. welcome Scott, there are several retired people here, living our second childhood...lol
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