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  1. MR. Clean bring yo bro-in -law back to Colorado and we'll give him a work out, lol Derf good evening
  2. Welcome to the forum🙂
  3. Welcome to the forum,🙂
  4. Welcome Jack glad to have you. help is on the way.check back by in a little while🙂
  5. Them smiling Mallards are not good eaters😁
  6. hey Fish, duck Gumbo is hard to beat.. lol
  7. Mr. M. never would I bash a fellow human being for wanting to spend time with his family. doing whatever. we'll still be yo friend, come back to visit anytime. Derf40
  8. A&M a used OEM carb is better than a new china carb, just my opinion.
  9. Derf40

    New member

    Big Welcome Mr. T🙂
  10. Welcome, He is the MAN for the job..He did mine and done a great job.
  11. Welcome to ATVHONDA🙂
  12. Welcome Troy to atv Honda forums. you're at the right place... AKATV is the man on the displays he will be along in a little while, check back later
  13. Sometimes those greener pastures might be fertilize with BS, just hang in there.. lol
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