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  1. Derf40

    My camper

    Shade I'm happy for you, you deserve it.. enjoy it
  2. glad you are more informed now and so am I.. Tnx a million. Derf (you do great work)
  3. Welcome Tolar, great bunch of guys here to help..great state u live in..lol🙂
  4. Welcome Brian, i'm a vet also, thanks for your service..Derf 40🙂
  5. Welcome to the forum.. 🙂
  6. Welcome to the forum.☺️
  7. Welcome dude, we'll help you, just take cover for now...good luck Derf40
  8. Welcome , you have a great machine, don't mod it....at our age we need to enjoy things..lol😀
  9. Welcome Whit, You're at the right place...😃
  10. Welcome Dude, you be in the right place for help
  11. We all need to just look around, the whole world is out of WHACK....most of us remember when coffee was a nickle, now 350 is normal ?????? what is the world coming to ? WE pay to play...
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