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  1. Snow, throw that thing in the trash..it will only fit the bike it was made for (reason for it's shape)..There is a lots of books written on 2-stroke exhaust systems. most of the 2-strokers talk about the power band, that's where they get the most of their power/ per RPM. When the motor reaches this rpm it feels like a turbo comes on. The design of the pipe determines when this power comes on..This is as simple as I can explain it... Read lots of books. Have a good day...Derf
  2. Wormy, its my experience you will not make any friends with the led bulbs. Whether you meeting or following someone. I do have old eyes and have hard time seeing in good light,..lol.. just a word to the wise ( just have one set regular and the other led, best of both worlds and have many friends)...derf
  3. welcome Scott, there are several retired people here, living our second childhood...lol
  4. We're just down the ridge line from you. Our sentiments exactly. We enjoy every minute of it. Thanks, take care...derf qur
  5. Shade ,I usually get between 70 and 90 miles on mine.. it all depends on how hard I ride it. the terrain and the altitude plays a part too..
  6. Thank you for your time, it was very informative. Sometime persistence pays off... have a great day
  7. patience is virtue, you are on the right trail.. lol derf good luck
  8. A little TLC and you'll be ready..take care, Derf
  9. Derf40

    New Member

    welcome to the forum, tell us what you have..
  10. We all do things like that. we're just getting older, have a great day..Derf
  11. Dang Shade, that looks really nice, you do good work. enjoy, have a Bud... derf
  12. It 's my opinion that ethanol in the gas reacts to certain rubber products...like some of the older gas lines and o-rings.. some rubber products more than others..be aware, just my opinion..derf.. I'm from the old school.
  13. Derf40

    New seat

    hey Jared, nice looking machine, be aware of the center of gravity when riding with a passenger. it'd makes it more top heavy... enjoy derf.. I ride 2 up all the time....
  14. Dad don't make a mountain out of a mole hill..when the piston is at TDC, on the compression stroke, both valves should be set at this time. the intake valve and the exhaust valve. I have a 99-450 Forman and they are set at .006 each. some units may not be set the same, check you manual for the settings. good luck..derf🙂
  15. the .002 feeler gauge may not be right, check the shop manual... for spec.
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