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  1. Glad you got it back together...on the next teardown take lot of photos while you're taking it apart....have a great day...derf
  2. YES, to your question..if it's bad one way the fan will never run, if it's bad another way it'll run all the time..have a good day..
  3. Derf40

    New guy

    Welcome Chewy, glad to have you...
  4. Welcome Chris, glad to have you
  5. BlueJay that is the vent for the tank, if that gets stopped up the motor will likely stop. ( at least not run right.) have a great day...derf
  6. everyone has an opinion on this subject...mine is get some air shocks, raise the pressure for load and let air out for normal riding... no more problems, have a great day...derf
  7. Read your sparkplug, it'll tell you what to do.....derf
  8. The clutch will not operate property, and will cause you trouble. good luck
  9. Welcome Aroch314...I'm in GJ Colorado...I have a 99, 450ES...derf
  10. BC.....derf here, I live at 5 k in western Co. most of my riding is at 10k+ if you riding higher than 10 , just drop one jet size, that will get you to14k no problem...come on out and have a great time...derf bc
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