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  1. Derf40


    Welcome, what happen this week with the foreman, maybe we can help you with it????.. derf
  2. Congradulations MR. SHADE, job well done...derf
  3. Our prayers are with you..Derf
  4. I live in the town next to Moab, Utah... Grand Junction Co. I met you and your lovely wife in Silverton, Co a couple years ago.(remember) all the info above is great I'm not familiar with campgrounds, we just ruff it.... lol. Its nuttin but sand and rocks there lol...it's breathtaking. All the campgrounds are booked a long time in advance,,,most of the time we just go for a 1 day ride. you might ck. the utube channel for some action. good luck
  5. Nathan, i know you want opinions, and mine is, this is not going to turn out good...you gotto go into the bottom...PERIOD just my opinion. derf
  6. on the compression stroke, both valves have to be closed or no compression
  7. Welcome 1942, I too have an ES. mine is a 99. 450 no trouble at all, we have the same riding style...it will last many years
  8. Happy Thanksgiving from Colorado.
  9. Welcome M glad to have you
  10. Welcome Wormy, you are in the right place, many of us have this same bike. just holler 😃
  11. It could be the vent hose on the gas cap plugged..
  12. What about a First Aid kit along with all the other stuff mentioned, plus a good light🙂
  13. Mad, that bike needs a little TLC.. I have a 99 ES 🙂
  14. Glad to have you Stone Thrower 🙂
  15. Derf40

    New member

    Glad to have you ARLO 😀
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