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  1. Wilson, more power to you Man
  2. STAR; read the above posts 10 times and memorize ever word in order as written, if you don't..big money ahead to get it fixed.
  3. welcome FLUKE, there is people here that can help you, don't buy anything yet..just give us a couple of days to get the word out. DERF40
  4. Welcome A429, from Colorado😃 i have a 99 450 ES
  5. Welcome from Colorado 🙂
  6. MR. Clean bring yo bro-in -law back to Colorado and we'll give him a work out, lol Derf good evening
  7. Welcome to the forum🙂
  8. Welcome to the forum,🙂
  9. Welcome Jack glad to have you. help is on the way.check back by in a little while🙂
  10. Them smiling Mallards are not good eaters😁
  11. hey Fish, duck Gumbo is hard to beat.. lol
  12. Mr. M. never would I bash a fellow human being for wanting to spend time with his family. doing whatever. we'll still be yo friend, come back to visit anytime. Derf40
  13. A&M a used OEM carb is better than a new china carb, just my opinion.
  14. Derf40

    New member

    Big Welcome Mr. T🙂
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