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  1. Ahhh saw the FB post a while back never realized it was you
  2. yes pulled it off slightly rusty going to clean it soon belt seemed ok going to replace it in spring
  3. So I purchased a sunk 2018 outlander 450 For $1500 (1900 after plates registration tax etc. I live in NY so tax is ridiculous) bought it from my local dealer that did not have time to do anything with it. The first and original owner and he traded up to a sxs. The story behind it i think, it was flipped in the water because there is damage on the reflectors in the back are broken and water was in the air box indicating that the intake was in the water the plastics also have stress marks. So the dealer put it on marketplace so I took a chance thinking that I might be able to make my money back if or when I sell it. So I picked her up, couldn't get it to crank at the dealer so when I got it home I took the plug out and put the jump starter on it cranked it over and it shot a ton of water oil and gas at my face. pulled the air box off to clean it because it was full of oil and water. It was annoying there are so many nooks and crannies in the air box. bought a new plug along with the expensive can am oil, got new filters. to start to get the water out the oil I flushed 3 rounds of diesel and cranked it over for a while on each. Then put 10w40 in her cranked it for a while (this is over a few days to let most water dry) popped the throttle body off and cleaned it with carb cleaner. checked the gas found barely any gas so I said send it and put 5 gallons in her threw the plug back in. and it started right up. I was honestly shocked it happened quick too. So I let it run for a few mins and drained the oil still milky did this at least 3 more times and it ran for a long time. This week some time Im going to change the oil for the final time check the magnet on the drain, and put the expensive can-am oil in. (I've had this ATV since October and just posted about it now) as of now it is running good except it bogs a small amount when I pin it to be expected though its only a 450. I raced my sportsman against it and the can am smoked it. I checked the clutch I think it needs a service it is ticking, the one way might be bad. Logan, MERRY CHRISTMAS
  4. So I painted my plastics awhile back and now realize that it was a bad color choice. what is the easiest method to remove paint on sanded plastics and then get them smooth again? I started with a angle grinder and a plastic bristle wheel but its too time consuming and takes material off.
  5. on the passenger side i chipped them out. on the driver side i pried them out from the driveshaft tube i torqued driver side to 90ftlbs and 5ftlbs on passenger and locked the collar
  6. got them out thanks guys it took a air hammer and a broken extension though
  7. Alright im gonna try some of your ideas thanks again
  8. My driver side swing arm bolt is very stuck. It is rusted in place I tried a breaker bar 4FT it it broke a extension any ideas to get it out? Tried PB blaster, used a impact, and its a 1/2 in anvil.
  9. I'm looking at a Foreman 450 diffs to put in my 300 so I can have a selectable 4x4. Could I weld up a mount to convert the front and rear diffs to work on my 300? Its just something that I'm kicking around for my build. What is the gear ratio differences if anyone could help?
  10. Welcome, Good looking machine what are your plans for it?
  11. ok thanks guys your a big help just got a guy down to 300!
  12. I did message don, and looking to buy a 350 rear end and get is shipped from out of state. What's a good price for a 350d full rear end swing arm and everything? They seem like they are going for around 450.
  13. I blew up the diff on my 96 300 and a new diff is almost $400. When I can buy full rear end off a 350d for $450. I'm at a loss for knowledge here I can weld to adapt the 350d end to 300. Thoughts suggestions appreciated Thanks, Logan
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