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  1. I ordered the kfi one. I liked that you couldn't see it
  2. I purchased a winch for my 300 and I would like to mount it where it is not visible though up behind the grill. this mat not be possible but its worth a shot.
  3. So I was ridding today doin what I normally do and my rear end started ticking. I got home put it on a jack and found my brake housing bearing and left side diff bearing are very loose. The previous owner said he rebuilt everything in the rear end. What are my options. I was already thinking about a swing arm stretch. 350D axle swap? How much would it cost? does anyone have any plans or lists? How can I maintain it better? I've heard about people put grease fittings on diffs and things how do you do that? Thanks - Logan
  4. Im so sorry to hear that. we will keep your family in our prayers. He was loved hear.
  5. Wow, that's crazy I'm so sorry we will keep him in our prayers. Hope your arm heals too. ✝️
  6. Everyone has done this lol
  7. why did they butcher a honda for this. not that i wouldn't
  8. Saw this on my cam
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