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  1. Happy Gilmore was the best
  2. This is one of my friends with his cat
  3. Cinnamon rolls are sardines are actually good sardine pizza is good too
  4. Milk with Hershey syrup
  5. Best combo ever: macaroni and cheese with chocolate milk
  6. I rarely use fb I bought a few bikes off it and that’s it
  7. Oh dear my cousin had that happen to him he was messing with chain tension with the bike running on a jack (wheel spinning) and he got 2 fingers cut off I don’t know how the man just sat there like nothing happened
  8. Roe v Wade was overturned today
  9. Here’s a couple photos I have of him my mother said the obituary should be up in a few days his funeral will be held on June 30th
  10. Doug passed away last night at 10:47pm he just got out of surgery to fix his shoulder, his heart stopped out of no where and they couldn’t get it started back. May he Rest In Peace in heaven with our sister uncle and grandfather
  11. My older brother Doug got in a bad car wreck today with a semi he has a cracked skull shattered left shoulder and might lose his right leg he was given a 50% chance to recover i was in the car too but I was in the very back I have just broken my arm may god help him recover and keep his leg he was supposed to get married next month hopefully he will. I will keep y’all updated on his condition god bless
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