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  1. I'm 53. We haven't had a meetup yet, but we have talked about it a few times. The Tsunami of Doom, Covid, had prevented us from getting serious about it. Also probably is someone declaring "We are doing it this weekend, at this place".
  2. Nah, no feelings hurt. I was just playing fun. And yes, it was wasting someone's time for sure, as does most fun. I was just playing around and not intending to cause any trouble. At the next ATV Honda meetup, I'll buy you a beverage of choice, whatever it may be. Jump into chat sometime when people are there, will will THEN commence to wasting some time.
  3. That reminds me of the therapy that I'd do for a knee surgery. Engages the muscles around the knee very nicely.
  4. It was just a light-hearted response. Take it as such. I will continue to interject things for my amusement, though not on your posts. I appreciate the heads up on how you like to interact.
  5. I suggest drinking heavily.
  6. WonderMonkey


    But what about their FEELINGS?
  7. WonderMonkey


    Thanks for that, I couldn't find anything. That's terrible. They still aren't bypassing security, but the fact they are allowed to ever go through security is a sad thing.
  8. WonderMonkey


    I'd check on that information. Many forms of ID are allowed as an alternate to passports, etc. but none let you bypass security. Do you have a link to his resources?
  9. I would agree you can do as well as an ER if things stay reasonable. I personally wouldn't go unless I really thought things were going downhill and I'd probably wait too long.
  10. True. This thread was just for those that feel they need the test, and want to save some money. As for the validity of everything surrounding it, that is different.
  11. Some need them to be able to go back to work, so this is a way to get some of them delivered without out of pocket.
  12. A free $2000 toilet seat thrown in!
  13. My workplace just made me aware of these. "Free", meaning you already paid for them with your taxes, or your grandkids will. https://www.covidtests.gov/
  14. Fatigue and reduced lung capacity when exerting myself are the biggest lingering effects. I'm sure that will go away a bit each day.
  15. Sounds like you were fortunate. Hope it all stays that way for you.
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