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  1. I'm looking at the various gun totin' options for my atv. The rack/handlebar carriers, one's like yours, etc. Did you pick that one because of the distance you may travel? I'd worry that if I noticed a deer while riding, it would take me took long to retrieve my rifle, and maybe too much motion. Do you have thoughts on that?
  2. If I had nothing to start with I'd probably just twist the wires together and tape them up. Otherwise I'd go with what was in place, as long as it wasn't something terrible. That three-wire thing in your image doesn't good to me, but if there were two in place already and I'm supposed to add the third, I'd probably do it.
  3. Done, as soon as I get up and go do it. Thanks for the input, everybody.
  4. Ahhhh so these things aren't necessarily two-wire connectors, they are for inline connections? I get it now. * light bulb squeaks on, a bit. I understand your directions on the tap you laid out. As long as you choose the right size on your stripping pliers, I like your method. I, of course, would cut right through half the wires and say bad words, loudly. Actually, I'd start too large and go a bit smaller until it was right.
  5. Maybe I'll keep a few in my kit for emergencies only. Otherwise it seems to be a consensus. Toss them!
  6. Thanks. I wasn't thinking of the corrosion. In addition to them being in my kit, when I was in the auto parts supply place and looking for the right size bullet (male) connector, the guy that was helping me found was also talking to me about them. I'm sure many have used them with good results, but since I had zero experience, I was hesitant.
  7. Do you have an opinion on this type of connector? My winch came with one. I didn't have to use it but I was wondering how solid they are as far as making a connection. I get the concept but have NO experience with it.
  8. Got it! Challenges. I hope to get some in on those.
  9. Excellent! We will just have to get enough people involved to have a few hundred dollars! Maybe we have some auxiliary parts of this, like the basic % Weight Loss and the additional push-up or whatever contest.
  10. Are you in? I like these kinds of challenges. We did a modified version of the old Army PT test in one we did. These days people have jacked up shoulder, etc. so we would have to think about how to do this.
  11. Yes, complicated so we can remove that. I could track it and make it all automated, but no need to get into that. On a larger scale it leads to people doing unhealthy things to win a week. I would prefer a participant to get on a steady course and lose it correctly, whatever that may mean.
  12. I can see that I'm going to be $10 richer!
  13. $10 works, but I'd like more input on this. A very interesting one even had a schedule after the contest ended to make sure it was kept off. As this contest ends, maybe we will do a "Keep it off" thing.
  14. Rules <- Give me input on this Everything is on the honor of the participant. Contest will be based on % lost Contest to run until mid-July, or some other time. Contestants can remain anonymous, but I will have to know who you are in order to track. Weekly, Monday check-ins. If no check in, then participant gets the most recent numbers. Use the same scale each week. The outcome of getting healthier should be enough, but a little prize never hurts, either. We may put a small amount in the kitty if that helps. What else?
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