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  1. I wish ever cheap ! like that the worst. One of our low-level pros used to give a little jab off the hand tap just to make sure we were very aware of this. I never had anybody try to get in that first shot but I was very conscious of it. As far as the fight itself, the only way the small guy would win was to stay calm and engage. Being afraid of a one-trick pony will cause you to get easily beat by that same pony.
  2. I'd file for short-term disability if I was you.
  3. Starting 2.5 weeks ago, my whole workout/activity changed. My boxing matches kept getting canceled or delayed, so I put that aside until I get more of a guarantee. I don't want my right knee to have to endure the training for no fight. Since I put that aside I was able to up my weight training. I also started Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I like BJJ (no snickering!) because I can't just overwhelm someone with size and aggression, as that works greatly against me against someone that knows that they are doing. I will have to increase my mobility and get good at technique. I give some of the medium belts problems due to how I am, but if they are patient they take advantage of mistakes and submit me. After 2.5 weeks I can say I really enjoy it. Starting something at 54 that I suck at is actually a good feeling. I get to learn new things. As the weather lets up I'm also getting my bicycle out. Due to new knee therapy, cortisone and gel injections, I'm able to ride. I'll consistently build up some miles on that. At first I just ride to get my body used to it, but soon I'll do training rides. Intervals, increased pace, etc. Just riding isn't my think unless it's with my wife. As for my lifting, I focus on balancing my lower body, with my hamstrings, glutes and piriformis muscle being weaker in comparison, as is most of the world. I've always gotten some lower body time in but the last 2.5 weeks I've been able to hit it harder. Today was a max day and I was able to pull 400 lbs off the floor using a trap bar. I'll use that max to redo my normal workout, which won't go over the mid 300's. Here is the video my boxing coach took of today's lift.
  4. Good to see you are getting your energy back. I would think that clearing the dams would be plenty of exercise/work.
  5. WonderMonkey


    I'm a big fan of doing dumb things, but GD people, wear a helmet!
  6. So .... how is everybody doing on whatever it is they have for exercise, weight loss (bodyfat %), and/or general body moving activities such as hiking or walking? Personally, I have some different things I'm doing but I would prefer to hear first what YOU have going on.
  7. WonderMonkey


    Skinning cats will also get you a great set of mittens and eventually a nice coat.
  8. It's what happens when you get an overly large lot-lizard in the back, and things get moving.
  9. I am sorry to hear this, Wilson. Not sure why I didn't see this until now.
  10. WonderMonkey


    What actually was the cause of mine was my hips were out of alignment. A simple chiropractor visit would give me temporary relief, but would not take care of the root problem. A PT with chiro abilities helped me to get a muscle in my lower back to relax and not continue to pull my hips out of alignment. When that was solved, my sciatica went away. On occasion, I feel a beginning of the issue and launch into some some the piriformis (the actual usual culprit) stretches and all is good. There are many causes and reliefs to sciatica, but that's what worked/works for me.
  11. Today I used part of retirement and filled up the fuel tank on my atv to prepare for my weekend camping trip.
  12. I did what you suggested and my chainsaw is now a brick. Thanks. Just kidding, I didn't do that.
  13. Mine is marked now, but this new can I failed to do so immediately and wished I had.
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