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  1. Yes I was just poking on this a bit. I certainly wouldn't buy from HF on anything I wanted to trust.
  2. Received an invite to my next fight, which is August 13th or 14th, and the one is September is cancelled. I've decided that this will be my last fight. If I eventually get my knee(s) replaced and still have an interest in fighting in the ring, I'll do that. Regardless of intending to fight after August, I'll still minimally train for it, as I enjoy it. So .... my new workout plan is as follows: Everyday except Sunday - Shadowbox Monday 8 AM - Strength & Conditioning with a coach PM - Skill work with stable PM II - This depends on if I need to fill in any gaps from earlier in the day. If I'm done already, I go home. If not, I do whatever. Tuesday Elliptical work, probably an hour, to keep the blood pumping and flush out muscles Wednesday 10:30 am - One on one boxing skill work with a coach PM - Skill work with stable PM II - This depends on if I need to fill in any gaps from earlier in the day. If I'm done already, I go home. If not, I do whatever. Thursday Elliptical work, probably an hour, to keep the blood pumping and flush out muscles Friday PM - Fight Camp Saturday AM - I work on whatever strength and conditioning I feel needs work. PM - I go back in and go hard on ring stamina Sunday - Lay on couch I'll modify the above as needed, but that's my basic plan. I'm 250 lbs right now and will probably fight at 240 lbs. As of this morning, I don't like my opponent. Seconds after the fight, I'll like him again. I'll barely speak to him, though I'll be cordial. I refuse to spar against him. He messed up and agreed to fight me, so it's his fault. That's my attitude.
  3. WonderMonkey


    I got a chest rig (pouch) for my SAR activities. It's a Hill People Gear SAR Kit Bag V3. In addition to putting the things I need in easier reach, it allows for a more concealed carry on the times I care about that. The large pouch on the front is either for my radio or for my GPS, haven't figured out which I'd rather keep there.
  4. Wow. I never knew that's how it was. Sounds ..... fun? That is a whole bunch of exiting a horse! No doubt you have some damage rolling around in your body.
  5. I don't THINK I'm confused by it, but then again, I may not know. The only confusing part is that I didn't know that involuntary exits from a race horse happened that often. If that's what we are talking about.
  6. I just tried the 0-400 method for smoking (or grilling) wings. Basically you don't start the smoker until you put the wings on, hence the "0". Dry rub the wings, put them on the smoker, start it up and set the temp for 400. In about 45 minutes they are done. Flip at 30 minutes if you wish. I put on a coating of duck fat (spray) before I put the dry rub on, helps crisp them up. If you find your smoker comes up to temp too quick, prop open the door a bit to slow it down.
  7. My smoker arrives tomorrow (Wed). I'll do whatever assembly is needed and then do the burn in. I'm arguing with myself on what I should smoke first in there. Something "not difficult" so I can get used to it.
  8. That temp fluctuation is maddening! On my electric, which was fairly well insulated, I had an issue like that when it was windy or even too cold. I used a welding blanket with a few holes cut for smoke and the controller, and that REALLY helped. It may or may not help you. As for the bluetooth fancy thing, I do like those. My old one didn't have it but I also had a remote after-market sensor. This new one I bought (arriving this week, supposedly) has an app and this and that and wipes my rump and everything else. I'll probably over-use the gadgets and screw things up. Really as long as the onboard computer helps regulate an even temperature and lets me know what the temp gauges (it has two) read, I'm very happy. I can't think of anything else I'd want. The remote start feature, which you aren't supposed to use away from home, isn't something I'd do as I'd end up burning the house down somehow. My BIL did a turkey and spatch-cocked it. It turned out "ok" but actually well for his first one. He plans on doing some smaller ones to tinker with it. I'm interested in it going well because I don't like the deep fried ones, which his what many do.
  9. I bought some color coded screw-off bucket lids to hold my smoker pellets. They will keep the moisture out. I like the buckets with the screw-off (! screw-offs) lids. 20 lbs of pellets will fit in two buckets with room to spare. I taped the kind of pellet to a bucket and then the other bucket with the same color contains the same kind of pellets. I may have to get a third bucket to handle when I empty a bucket and order another 20 lb bag. If I do that I'll buy another lid of the required color. The lids are Gamma Lids.
  10. That's the kind of consistency that you may not want.
  11. 10 Weeks out from my next fight. This morning's sparring session with five other (six total) fighters. We go three minute rounds, switching the partner each minute. You do that for an hour. Sometimes you don't cycle back in for a few minutes so you get a rest. Here in this photo you see that I have tissue paper stuck up my nose as I caught an overhand right by the guy with the beard behind me. The people in this photo have varying degrees of experience and abilities. The guy taking the photo and the one peeking in from my left (red shirt) could take me at any time, but the others aren't like that. Kudos to the lady to my right (grey shirt) for her first sparring session, she's a warrior and wanted more than she should have at this point. I let her beat on me a bit so she got the feeling of hitting someone hard (for her). Below is my schedule. I go harder or lighter depending on how my knees are feeling. Monday: S&C 6:30 am, Shadowboxing then skill work 5:30 pm Tuesday: Shadowboxing then skill work 5:30 pm Wednesday: S&C (auxiliary) 6:30 am Thursday: Sparring 10 am, Shadowboxing then skill work 5:30 pm Friday: S&C 6:30 am, Fight Camp (includes sparring) 6 PM Saturday: I work on what I feel needs it, but always includes Shadowboxing 10 am Sunday: Nothing I'm the one in the middle with the green sparring gloves @ 250 lbs.
  12. Thanks! I'll save this and I'm sure it will come in handy at some point.
  13. I've only used mesquite a few times. On my cured hams I'll use Apple and like that. For beef I use the typical woods and mesquite on occasion. Since I bought this new toy and my freezer is full of hog, I've convinced myself I'm going to get a bit adventurous and try some new things. I'll use it a bunch right away but then I've told myself I'll use it at minimum twice a week. That's not too much to ask of myself and the wife will enjoy it and makes sides to pair with it. Also .... I'm going to stuff some smokies/snack sticks from my sausage and smoke those. Never done that and will be good. I'll make just a few to practice for doing more of it with the next deer I take.
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