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  1. That's the kind of consistency that you may not want.
  2. 10 Weeks out from my next fight. This morning's sparring session with five other (six total) fighters. We go three minute rounds, switching the partner each minute. You do that for an hour. Sometimes you don't cycle back in for a few minutes so you get a rest. Here in this photo you see that I have tissue paper stuck up my nose as I caught an overhand right by the guy with the beard behind me. The people in this photo have varying degrees of experience and abilities. The guy taking the photo and the one peeking in from my left (red shirt) could take me at any time, but the others aren't like that. Kudos to the lady to my right (grey shirt) for her first sparring session, she's a warrior and wanted more than she should have at this point. I let her beat on me a bit so she got the feeling of hitting someone hard (for her). Below is my schedule. I go harder or lighter depending on how my knees are feeling. Monday: S&C 6:30 am, Shadowboxing then skill work 5:30 pm Tuesday: Shadowboxing then skill work 5:30 pm Wednesday: S&C (auxiliary) 6:30 am Thursday: Sparring 10 am, Shadowboxing then skill work 5:30 pm Friday: S&C 6:30 am, Fight Camp (includes sparring) 6 PM Saturday: I work on what I feel needs it, but always includes Shadowboxing 10 am Sunday: Nothing I'm the one in the middle with the green sparring gloves @ 250 lbs.
  3. Thanks! I'll save this and I'm sure it will come in handy at some point.
  4. I've only used mesquite a few times. On my cured hams I'll use Apple and like that. For beef I use the typical woods and mesquite on occasion. Since I bought this new toy and my freezer is full of hog, I've convinced myself I'm going to get a bit adventurous and try some new things. I'll use it a bunch right away but then I've told myself I'll use it at minimum twice a week. That's not too much to ask of myself and the wife will enjoy it and makes sides to pair with it. Also .... I'm going to stuff some smokies/snack sticks from my sausage and smoke those. Never done that and will be good. I'll make just a few to practice for doing more of it with the next deer I take.
  5. Mine is very similar to your Uncle's but it has glass in the door. The glass would smoke up and I wouldn't bother to clean it so in reality there was no viewing inside. It was a great smoker, and it did me well. I'm going to keep it to cold smoke things in.
  6. I'm actually compensating for my lack of skills and general propensity to mess up a smoke. To make me feel good about what I spent, my BIL has this one, it's base is $1,999. It's a Yoder YS640s.
  7. Yes, that's it. It has horn handles! Does that justify the price now? HORN HANDLES, Fish!
  8. I purchased the Rec Teq 590. Several where in the running and in the end I asked my wife which looked more cool. I like the Rec Teq of the higher quality construction, but it comes at a higher price. I had considered making my own as @Tim-ANC said, but that would take me a long time to find what I want and then do it. Lazy? Yes, kindof, but when it arrives I'll be done after assembly, assuming it works right away. I have fresh hog in my freezer, it needs smoked! Until it arrives I'll use my smoke tube and dead smoker, or smoke tube and grill if I want heat, so I won't starve. Thanks for the input, everybody.
  9. Which Pit Boss? Those are on my list to look into more.
  10. Well my Masterbuilt electric smoker died this morning. I bought it when I was coaching, working on my career, etc. and liked that I didn't have to babysit the temperature. Since that time the pellet smokers have evolved and the price point has come down to where I'm going to get one of those. As my over/under, I'm going to use the Req Tec 590. It's about the size I'd need, and has the features I want. When I look at the other brands I'll compare against the Rec Teq. Treager, Pit Boss, Yoder, etc. I'll look at them. If you have a smoker and hate it, or love it, let me know. I'd like some real-world input on quality and features.
  11. I really enjoy my cast iron, dutch ovens specifically.
  12. WonderMonkey


    Agreed. We have a shorter barrel one here. I'll probably get my own but my wife's home defense is the 12 gauge and her single-stack .380.
  13. WonderMonkey


    OUCH! I'd HAVE to fire that once, but it would hurt.
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