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  1. @_Wilson_™ I don't think you meant Zello now that I read your post again.
  2. @_Wilson_™ do you mean Zello? If so that is what we use when we deploy either on SAR or Disaster Services. When we get onsite we shut it off due to the battery drain it has and we switch to either plain mobile phone, HT (amatuer radio) or private network radio. And yes, I think Derf knows WAY more than I do about amateur radio though I do use HT's quite a bit. As for what repeater I was on, I'm not sure. I was traveling to and from Henderson, Tn at the time for a SARTECH II certification exam.
  3. I have always had to put in an offset, as my radio does not do the lookups for me to determine it. I don't have an opinion on what you are doing as far as "can't be done", but the Yaesu and the two Beofeng's that I have required me to enter in the offset, both the direction and the amount.
  4. I don't really recall what the topic was, but I do recall someone typed something in and forgot a comma and @bcsman jumped on it. In a friend way, but I thought it was funny so I put it as my sig line. THEN I promptly forgot that I put it as my sig line.
  5. I stacked things on and against my ATV today. We are redoing a room over our garage and had to take things out of it. My atv sits in the middle of my garage so I can generate calls to the HOA riding it around on the streets when it snows. For a few days I have boxes stacked on it and new doors leaning against it. THAT'S what I did to my atv today.
  6. I use that on occasion, good site. Whenever we get deployed I do a quick search using there and both print out and load the repeaters into my HT's.
  7. The last time we had a tree strike they made signs and marched around the property.
  8. WIRES-X is fun. WINLINK is very useful so I'll keep going on that.
  9. I'm playing with WIRES-X right now. It's cool hearing other countries chat. I've listened to Japan, Italy, Australia and of course, USA.
  10. I've determined that like the last time, I don't have a recognizable use for APRS.
  11. Alright I've got APRS up and running. I COULD use it so my wife knows where I am when in the deep woods, but I have a Garmin InReach for that. I'm going to have to do a bit of study to see if and why I care about APRS.
  12. I'm going to replace the battery in my Yaesu FT3D and see if that fixes the issue. I don't think it will, but it's worth a try. When the unit is powered on and I disconnect the power or the programming cable, it powers down. What does both of those have to do with the battery? Not sure, but it's worth a try. Here in a bit (few day), I'm going to dive back into the digital capabilities of the radio.
  13. I connected to MTEARS when I was in Western TN last week. I just keyed the repeater to make sure that I could. MTEARS is a great thing.
  14. That is correct. You can listen all you want, but unless you are in an emergency, you can't transmit.
  15. I know @_Wilson_™ and I have spoken briefly about HAM. Also when I was in Western Tn this past week I connected to MTEARS just to see if I could. No speaking, just hitting the repeater in range. I'm minimally competent in what I use my license for, but I under-utilize it. The BF F8HP IS a good radio, but I felt my FT3D was better as far as durability. It has other features which I would not expect the BF F8HP to have due to price point. I have only dabbled in digital, and that was Yaesu's digital. And you are right, most of the daily chatter is old man talk, which I'm approaching.
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