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  1. I know the SxS community does GMRS quite a bit. Do you run GMRS or another radio or communication system on your atvs? I currently do not but I'm considering encouraging a crew that may end up doing regular camps with me to get GMRS. Not in-ear or in-helmet, but just a hand held with an upgraded antenna. SxS makes it easy to use an even nicer antenna, but as you know with an atv it's not that easy. I personally would carry a roll-up J-Pole for times when I need better send/receive. I'm currently a GMRS license holder, as well as amateur radio (HAM). What say ye?
  2. Is that one of those high-dollar pure-bred bird dogs?
  3. One of the features of this fine forum is the Chat area. If you look up there (go ahead, look), you will see something like this image. Click on it! The "3" means that there are three people currently in chat, but if there are no numbers, YOU be the first! At various times of the day, people click in there then click out. In the evenings there are regular and semi-regular chatters that arrive and we chat about all manner of topics, and sometimes ATVs! We would love to see you stop in and say hello, and come back as often as you would like. Of course, it doesn't have to be in the evening, it can be anytime, so click in there and keep it open on the side and see who shows up!
  4. I don't think those trees you planted under your blind are going to make it.
  5. Shade this looks great! Nice paint job so far. I'd be proud to hunt out the Shade Shack.
  6. My brother, uncle, two friends and myself lease around 500 acres in Northeast Kentucky. We have been there for 13 years now and are still making adjustments to our hunting spots as needed. We are fortunate enough to have cellular trail cams so the first thing I do when I wake up is check my new photos! Bow opened for us the 2nd of September though we generally don't hunt that warm of weather unless we just need to sit in our stands and watch the world go by. There was an old house on the property that we helped fix up a bit 13 years ago and stayed in it. Over time, the mold has taken over and it hasn't been smart to spend too much time in that cabin. My uncle and friend bought a large shed to insulate and stay in, and my other friend, brother and myself each bought an enclosed trailer to convert to sleeping quarters. We go to the property about six times a year before we begin to hunt. We maintain this or that, move stands and feeders and use all as an excuse to be out there hanging out as a group. Hunting for me is doing all that with my group, developing the herd, and putting myself in a position to take the kind of deer that I know is in my area. I take deer most years and give it to a local food bank. Sometimes I won't shoot anything and other times I'll put one in the freezer.
  7. This fine and unharmed machine is a 2021 Honda Rancher. Fuel-Injected ES. Two mods: 2500 Winch Gun Rack Mount on the front
  8. That is good advice. I'll get me a few.
  9. I use 4" deck screws through the sidewalls of my tires into the flooring of the trailer. Actually, I leave it in neutral, apply the parking brake, and strap it down.
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