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  1. That is a fair thought, sir. During our work weekends that would be of value. During the normal rifle season I try to limit myself to three (3) a night. With the amount of food we eat it's hard enough to pull my fat ! out of my hammock in the morning get into my stand. With a keg that would be even more difficult. Also since this year I have a fight the Saturday after rifle season, I need to stay in reasonable shape.
  2. Wilson do you have a small orifice? Just asking for the crowd.
  3. That's a good idea! I'm not normally in an area where that kind of surface is around (enough) but I can see the application of it. I'll have to keep it in mind.
  4. This happened to me just the other night for the second time in about 10 years. I think when a unit (haha) is working hard in damp air sometimes it just happens. The first time it happened the HVAC guy came out and ran the hose over it for a while. We had to replace some massive fuse next to the unit (HAHA) as it had burned it out.
  5. Good day! One of our hunting party just bought a new fridge and will be bringing the old one to the hunt cabin. This means we don't have to keep all of our perishables in coolers. Keeping it in coolers didn't kill us, but it will be more convenient to put it in a fridge.
  6. The key is to drink enough to be able to honestly blame those needs on other things or people.
  7. Cooler full of beer in case we cross paths and want to sit next to the path and chat (we will want to do this).
  8. WonderMonkey


    I appreciate that but I'm not LEO. I am former military, current SAR (Search & Rescue) and have consulted with our town on sniper tactics enough to convince them they had to engage with the nearby larger town for resources and get a few of their people at least qualified when the bottom of the barrel is reached. Don't think *I* am that bottom of the barrel (but I would be, if needed). From all that, I get LE rounds and other things that won't get them in trouble. As far as being sucker punched, I'd gladly take it also if it would make some communist or socialist mad enough to take a swing.
  9. How do they taste? And how many do you take when you have a successful hunt? My brother has mentioned that for dove there is very little meat, but a grouse seems to be larger.
  10. I've never hunted bear or grouse before. I've ALMOST gone dove hunting twice, but something interfered both time.
  11. For whatever reason if they work, they work. What if it's part mental? That's ok, as long as it works.
  12. The wraps I use, the neoprene ones, help keep them WARM, as in temperature. Maybe they are better known as sleeves? A normal WRAP does two things. It compresses the area that is wrapped and gives stability to the knee and it also, in certain applications, slightly restricts blood flow. The restricting blood flow thing is a special technique that doesn't apply to what I do, but those that go very heavy know all about it. I don't go as heavy as they do, just heavy for ME. Here are the type of knee supports that I use. I certainly have them snug, but heat retention is my primary goal. https://www.roguefitness.com/rehband-rx-7-mm-original-v-knee-sleeve When I do a hardcore boxing workout with lots of movement, I wear a brace on my right knee. It has a metal hinge on the inside and outside of my knee. THAT is designed to help with lateral movement of the knee. I am undecided if the benefit that the copperfit type sleeves help because of the copper, or because of the compression. I ALSO have compression sleeves that aren't neoprene like my daily ones and occasionally I'll wear them.
  13. I also remember. That's in the past, but like you, I remember experiences. I don't dwell on them and allow them to be put away, but obviously they are still there.
  14. On the 4th of September, Deer Archery period opened in Kentucky, where I hunt. I've been doing visits here and there to get my stand ready, feeders stocked, trail camp checked, cabin organized, etc. Leading up to deer season I get burned up to be there. I don't normally go for archery opener as it's still too warm and the deer aren't moving. I have a SAR course to teach that I stupidly committed to so I won't be going this coming weekend. However, the following weekend .... ah yes that weekend .... I'll be heading to deer camp late Friday night and in a stand early Saturday morning. I won't take any deer unless a monster buck cruised by (it won't) but I'll be making sure the small details are taken care of, I'll get in a good tree stand nap or two, and I'll be watching the deer. I'd like to say I'm watching their patterns and that helps, but in the rut all bets are off and deer are just influenced by patterns. Travel paths are still there, but additional paths are used if bucks are chasing or does are running. I'll go a few times in October (muzzleloader opens then) but rifle opens the 13th of November, where everybody will be there and much hunting will occur. I won't take any bucks unless a trophy walks by but I'll take two does and debone them onsite and let them age in the cooler for a week. How about yourself? What going on hunting-wise for you?
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