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  1. I like the sound of that. Does Napa have the Honda part number in their system for the oil filter? Or is it a Napa specific number?
  2. Everything in the Amazon picture is in Honda packaging, I think I’m going to order it and see what shows up. If I’m not satisfied I’ll send it back. I’m happy to document everything here, maybe my struggles can save someone else the headache. I spent way too much time and energy trying to remove the drum when I should have just pulled the axle and inspected it anyway. I lost half a days time trying to avoid pulling it.
  3. Would the wrong oil cause the slip? And, has anyone had any luck with the amazon tune up kits? They have a kit that has 3 quarts of oil, an air filter, spark plug and oil filter. All supposedly OE Honda stuff, for $50-$55.
  4. I posted about a clutch adjustment in the drivetrain area, but figured I’d address it here too. I have a very slight slip when starting in first gear, but as soon as I’m rolling it goes away. It shifts silky smooth so I’m not sure it really needs to be adjusted. The guy I bought it from mentioned it had a fresh oil change, but since I’ve been reading about people putting the wrong oil in, I’m concerned that he may not have used wet clutch oil. So, is there a distinct difference that I can tell by looking at or smelling the oil that’s in there, and would the wrong oil cause this minor slip I’m having? I probably should go ahead and change the oil so I know it has the correct stuff in there, but just curious.
  5. Alright, finally got everything sorted out, cleaned up and put back together. The rear brake mechanism now functions as it should. I’ve got good foot pedal, the hand lever is iffy. I may end up needing new pads, but I’m going to try adjusting it some more first. At least I can move the hand lever without anything locking up. Rear mechanism is good now and I have a new cable installed, so shoes and adjustment is all there is left I think. Again, many thanks to everyone who offered advice.
  6. lol yea after I posted that I sat there and studied it and it dawned on me that it went on the axle first, then the tube, then the hub. So now I look like a goober. No, I don’t have a service manual, I’m just winging it.
  7. Yes I put just a very light coat of grease where it would slick everything up but not drop everywhere. I’m confused about this bearing race holder doodab. It doesn’t seem to fit back into where it should go. It’s supposed to go over the end of the axle, Into the end of the tube, correct? Because the hub isn’t sliding all the way in.
  8. Picked up some emery cloth and new cotter pins tonight, going to polish the cam, the backing plate pass through and the brake shoe pivot points. I’ll put some grease on everything and then put it all back together finally. Throw some grease on the axle splines for good measure.
  9. This piece? It’s tapered and fell out when I took the tube off. I was about to ask where it goes. As far as the drum? I have no idea what was holding it. Once I got the axle out and on the tailgate, I noticed the drum would move ever so slightly. So I picked up the axle, held it straight up and tapped the end on the tailgate and the drum slid right on down. Not sure if I got the shoes in just the right spot, or if all the pounding and oiling finally took effect.
  10. Success fellas, success!! Many thanks to the good people here that gave advice. I managed to get everything apart without breaking anything. And I think I found the problem. So, what can I put everything back together with to make sure it works as well and as long as possible? Axle grease? Antiseize? Something else that’ll slick everything up? I’ve hit all the pivot points with a wire brush and I’m going to get some sand paper and carb cleaner to make sure everything is as smooth as it can be before it goes back together.
  11. Well, here we are. Removed the shaft and the axle tube, figured why not. Anyway it doesn’t look too bad to be as old as it is. It wasn’t full of mud and water, and the splines on the axle shaft doesn’t show any wear that I can see. I’m happy about that, since it had 26’s on it when I bought it. Anyway, stupid drum is still stuck but at least now maybe I can see what’s going on.
  12. Well now there’s another thing to try. Might try that next, and then remove the entire axle as a last resort. Brakes shouldn’t be this hard to fix.
  13. Do you have a sure fire way of making sure the shoes are not holding the drum on? I have no idea what way the shoes are oriented because I can’t see anything going on back there.
  14. Well crap, that’s just my luck. Thanks guys, that’s why ya’ll are awesome, the knowledge here is amazing. I guess I’ll try again tomorrow. Like I’ve said earlier, I’m confused about why this thing is being so difficult. It all came apart so easily earlier this year.
  15. I was hoping that by leaving the backing plate bolted in place that the shaft would slide through and out with the drum in place. Next I’ll unbolt the backing plate and see if it’ll move then. Then maybe I can slide the backing plate off to the left and get in there to get the drum off. I’m trying really hard to not break the backing plate.
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