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  1. Fish... I might be able to find you a 4-way wedge .....that pic you posted is just what i needed ...
  2. Well how do you think i ended up winning $500. ..... ?? Duh..... Yes A BET ie race pot/pool.... i don't think so....^^^^ i happen to enjoy the races, and drivers as for the idiots i could care less.. BUT! ...If you want to talk REAL idiototic behavior .... Then your talking knee taking over payed morons of the NFL not to mention the sickening half time shows...
  3. Hi Wilson, thanks for the follow!  Wondered where everyone had gone too :)

  4. Well.... I went (just about) all out for the race ....rib eye, a loaded salad, and loaded baked potatoe ....
  5. I get ya bro...lol... My biggest win was 500 bucks... That. Was a couple races i won in a row... After that... My. Friends descided i wasn't allowed in the pot anymore .... But It sure was nice to be handed that cold hard cash....
  6. We Need to start a race pot here...... @SlammedRanger thoughts ?? And line the forums pockets more ... Just an idea ....
  7. AGREED!! it bites!! I was all pumped for the race.... I'm showing the rest shows on fox 1, on direct tv ch 219 at 10 PM to 1 AM .... Anyone got any better information ??
  8. I don't think it's going to happen today.... .... What a let down....
  9. Here we go..... 2020 Daytona, Time to drop the hammer !!!!
  10. I'd like see a close up view of the cutters sharpened by a grinder ...... I'm still dead set on free hand filling .... I don't see how one could get the gullet/hook right with a rotary disk ... I'd be all in if it works good .... And i deal mostly with green hard woods ......... Never had to touch my chain for a couple days of sawing, where as most around my area do.. and ask me what i do to keep a sharp edge ... One thing is, saw high with your good chain, and low stump with your back up worn chain... There's alot of old trees with grown in fence/steeples..... My last load was a bodark..... That type is hard on a chain cutter
  11. Got a link or pics of it ? I never have .... But I'd like to see it...
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