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  1. okay that would be just a filter,,does the pump itself have a glass bowl on the bottom ? some did, but now our 30 sounds like it has the same setup as your 40
  2. just a twist here...... I've been away some of you know why...... i would just like to sorry i apologize....and for now i would just like to keep working on my new healthy diet, so those of you who don't dont know, plz don't ask my me,,or bother administration ..... as i will let this cat out of the bag myself, i do ask that y'all keep in your thoughts and prayers, now back to the subject at hand, pardon me jeep, but it's about time i spoke of this, because i HAVE been dragging my feet..... NOT WANTING TO TALK ABOUT TIS, but i have many friends here and i have come to the conclusion it's not fair to keep my friends at a arms distance.
  3. 12 years ?! wow! our get changed every year sometimes twice a month depending on what the water seperator looks like...... now so,e models have metal canister filters that look like a oil filter, but these became the standard in a number of models....... the transparent glass helps you keep a check on the sediment level, but most big horse power units have one that a water separator, the a fuel fi....... but back then fuel was transferred so many times..... a man couldn't keep sediment down,...... so big nurse tanks had a fill rite setup like this (combo fuel, and water bowl. i
  4. welcome to ATVH, Kipes....... glad Yalu made over.
  5. i totally agree fish, he's become a full blown idiot!!, i was shocked when i heard about ray........i don't know i fi posted about this one, but what about hacksaw ridge ? now that's biased on the true life events of Desmond Doss.
  6. shade i don't know much about theses models,........ but i take it, it has a front pto ??
  7. what cmp parts are you looking for @TexRed ?
  8. okay thanks for the information Hittman.
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