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  1. well.... it's going to blow out from that point, but to be sure it's pressurized .... do a cold start, and check the upper and lower hoses for tension ...while it warms up they should get tighter over time, and take the cap off (while it's cold) and see if any coolant is moving... I've been thinking about this, and that tractor shouldn't be getting hot with the cutter you have on it.... also check the engine drain petcock... if it's plugged i have an idea the cooling system needs a fush, and becareful with the petcock on the radiator... if these get pluged up, it can effect the engine oil cooler.
  2. do the upper and lower hoses get tight / pressurized ? when its hot ? the key to this engine staying cool, is coolant system pressure...and a clean radiator snug drive belt and correct thermostat ... im drawing a blank, but this model might require a thermostat with a jiggle valve, I'll have to check, but if you look back at the pic of the radiator it's small with the hydro cooler mounted on the right hand side.
  3. we had one many many years ago called the sundown i only went a few times with my folks.... maybe five times at the most, then the Polk theater opened up... and the ol drive in went belly up, but it had been there for many years, and not kept in good condition, sad to see it gone, now the closest we have is in Marshall county the highway 50 drive in, I've been there a number of times... and yes it's a flat pay... and they did away with the old window mount speaker, and transmitted the audio on 87.5 mhz i believe....
  4. glad to hear she's better, do you have the cooling system sealed ? that also will hold the engine temp down... the cap on those are pickey about staying sealed up good, most times it's the rubber seals that give up the ghost.
  5. I've never heard of one those, atc, nice add!!
  6. ah ha..... now this is a man with a plan, just needs a honda atv, and be outside the city limits!
  7. _Wilson_™


    we (my friends and i plus family) have I've convinced this might get much worse.... so we will have each others backs, like family and friends are suppose to be, we've always been this way, but times sure have changed..... it's actually disturbing to have some of the conversations I've had with people worried about the way things are going, but will not be walked over by those who have not planned for the future.
  8. jeep i haven't asked you has the 2640 hydraulics improved or have you started taking the cooling system down for a cleaning and refresh , or your just plain too busy at the moment.
  9. matches or a lighter, and Charcoal fluid, handy talkies and a lady friend, it doesn't have to be completely be about riding the honda (wink wink) and spare fuel / go go juice.
  10. @F250 guy how did you come out on the bearing install ?
  11. lol! reminds of the mud pond ... misshap i had, yes it was a dry season, i JUST had to test that new to me 86trx350.... she passed with flying colors (mechanical wise) i on the other hand failed badly at judgement .....
  12. this is what i should have typed ^^^ your okay in my book bro, and no I'm not mooning the crowd, lol! last time i did ... i got a citation ..... sigh..... lol!
  13. hunters aim to the right! lol!
  14. _Wilson_™


    well the front is breaking up as is moves in.... so i don't believe much from this... and the bar has remained steady.
  15. oh i was looking forward to a new treasure ..... you seam like a fellah who can take a joke, but i have to say this build will impress me, (I'm tuned in! ) i reckon shade holds the book on located hacks and mistreated bikes .. some he's chose to rebuild have been for the book, but he's always pulled them back....
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