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  1. Good question.... The simple answer is pre heat the skillet to about 450 with a table spoon. Of the oil of your choice .. Mines olive, or canola oil ... Then take the hot oil and dump it into the batter mix, whisk it good , then pour it into the iron .. Slide. It back in the oven .. And bake for ABOUT 20 minutes ... When the edge turns slightly dark ... You should be good to go ..... Just a note ... The oven rack should. Be low in the oven for baking .. You don't need a seasoned skillet for cornbread ...
  2. There (stationary) two point hitch .... Not 3 ... And yes it's pto driven .. Not sure if it's 540, or a 1000 rpm ....
  3. Sweet! The old yamaha terrapro. I think there two defrent size cutters, a snow blower, tiller, and pull type tank / pto pump boom sprayer
  4. Welcome aboard ! Good to see you moved over with the old gang!
  5. Looks good, are those two honda oil coolers stacked ?
  6. I got to ask..... How many bikes do you have now ?? Lol shades friend cat fish may have some competition now ... Lol
  7. I just couldnt let that go ...:-) bro!
  8. The ome pumps are pulse pumps .....as for what times the electric current to cause the pulse .... You'd have to ask shade, or goober. as for the reason the aftermarket pump failed ... Well ... I couldn't answer that one ... But ... If i had to take WILD guess ... It's ether a continuous running pulse pump (bad idea) OR having it mounted to close the engine (heat) caused it to fail .
  9. Right .... I just did a quick search ...just one side bracket is all i located ... Shade is right goober posted the whole thing minus that filter boot ...
  10. That's because it's not the right fuel pump,and filter as stated in the 1st post
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