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  1. welcome to ATVH ... seems to be a lot of ES guys joining ...congrats on the (new to you) purchase, be sure to post us pics.
  2. i think he already covered the oil filter in the right way a few pages back.... just take a look at the engine he built, he has some mad mechanical skills, IMO.
  3. that one shouldn't last long, being there getting very rare. nice find, Mac. @Jemmons467 had mentioned he would like to have one, but his bike is a 2000 450ES.
  4. _Wilson_™


    yeah she didn't fall far from billy ray, aka mullet head, not a fan of ether.
  5. you gotta respect the effort, eh.
  6. we had an old farm truck that had the GMC big block v-6 .... just a flat more powerhouse of an engine, had m22 muncie 4 speed rockcrusher transmition. in it, my dad sold it to a collector ...when i was 16, i hated to that truck go.
  7. thanks, is he a member here, if not.... maybe send him an invite. wow! those are some good looking 300s. LBZ
  8. Canada model is what i was thinking too.... we ran into kind of the same with @freebo86 04 450es ... on the brake light harness.
  9. this build is out there.
  10. your welcome, yeah i saw that, pretty slick cushioned in the saddle, and on the bottom (thumbs up)
  11. are one of these wire connections the ones you peeled back ? (white taped))
  12. no problem glad to help, ... now i don't know if there would be any defrence from a 89, 99, I'm not an es guy, i was thinking like fish... looks like it was sealed up good, could be oem .. i need to check that colored scematic again.
  13. derf has a 99, Bcs has a 98, and Ted has a 00 ... you might check with them, i couldn't locate a pic.
  14. mine works just fine, and if i have to leave the bike ... leaves my hands free .... also having a shoulder scabbard .... the gun is not on rack to get smacked by limbs brush etc ... but i treat this one like i do all guns new and my old antique guns very carefully! besides my pistols .. this is my go to problem solver, but if i choose to hunt, i can usually step out on the pouch and pic one off, lol. no bait needed. bit of a topic change, so.... you might also heck these threads for gun carrry ideas https://atvhonda.com/topic/170-forum-hunters/ https://atvhonda.com/topic/174-firearms/
  15. i use this shoulder scabbard ... i hardly ever use the gun mount on the front, but the scabbard will fit, water proof, easy to pull the gun out while it's over my shoulder, or in the rack, as for my other long guns... i don't hardly ever take them out of the gun safe... not to happy with the vibration to the scopes having one mounted right in a gun case, or rack, with no padding but this way mine never sees any mud, water (except on the stock) i see yours is foam cushioned nice option, Tim.
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