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  1. 100 and 1 uses for DP ...... Also used for hair removal......
  2. _Wilson_™


    I agree.... I don't know fish, I've not heard too much from Dennis, but I'll sure ask him..... One t hing i have noticed i don't see too many goose neck rigs hauling cattle like used to.... And not a single bull wagon for a while, I'm sure goin to hate those higher meat prices. And it's not like what most people think (well the farmers / ranchers sure are lining their pockets...... Ha! We never saw much of the money when prices went up.... It always ones to the middle man.....you'd think with row crop farmers .... Raising corn for gas would see some of that money, but naw ...... Not enough to even smile about.... And frankly i hate their raising corn for that pea brained green movement ..... It's a waist of time...... Global warming my !.... It's just one big lie.....look at this way...IF? Vehicle emotions are a slight cause... Then limit cars in the road... We all know that's an issue, but what do they do ? Allow all those cars yet try and take away guns ?! Wtf is wrong with those morons ?? Said from the patriot state of shooting things.... Lol!
  3. Oh come on! Your telling me you didn't see the legs ?! That was the 1st thing i spotted ........ Lol! ..... I just know some of y'all are like the only legs i see is ether the guy in the red shirt, or the one in the hat and yeller shirt.......but nope..... She's right next to right side of the back tire.... Lol! And that (from what i see) is a nice tan pair..... Hey! I have an idea how that stunt is going to end.....he'll compete the stunt and get the girl with those legs....
  4. _Wilson_™


    I can't believe what they're forecasting for us...... Flooding ? Again ? Wasn't too many years back it was an overly warm winter season.... One good snow and flooding for the most part, yet according to the MAN ..... We're in store for that again, least for a couple days at least Arkansas will get the moisture they need (hopefully) if this does happen....
  5. Looks like a couple of things going on.....sure looks like he's tided to that log, and i think the seat to that bike is Mia .....and that a nice pare of legs on that chick in the back ground....
  6. That's probably not too far off ...... Heck now most if not all fire apparatuses are autos now because none of them know how to shift a manual transmission.....sigh......
  7. Hm....... Choice choices.......or double your pleasure ?
  8. That's classie looking.....
  9. Hm....... This one might have a red top cummins ......that low zone model up there ^^^ is slick! Bet it's got air bags all the way around... I've seen some with air lift bull bumpers .... Just flips them right up... Lol! I'll have to dig up a pic of one in action... There's no telling how much money went into that rig ^^^^ a bit of a bad attitude with this red eyed devil ....i like it! And man alive whats up with those fender flairs ? ...... Lol!
  10. Well It is used on cattle.... This is used for older calves yes it goes in the nose, and keeps them from nursing ....some farmers have no place to separate bigger calves from moma...and they won't sell (give the animal away) for a lower price...... And when she has another calf.... You don't wont the older calf getting milk the young one needs...... I wouldn't use anything like this... Bigger calves need to be separated , or sold when the price suits the owner...... If you don't manage this.... (It's called rocketing to the poor house) .... Now you said in a bulls nose, yes! Ranchers do sometimes ring the nose.... Some also use a ring chain comb if the bull is a good blood line herd bull, but bad about getting out... The danger with it, if that hanging chain gets tangled up... They will not try and move because of the pain.... So you can very easily loose a bull, that's why it's very important to see them a few times a day....i also would not use that type of setup... Best do it right... Keep the boundary fences in great shape. So winner winner chicken dinner!!
  11. Has this got a blunt side, and a side that maybe used to have an edge ? Maybe about (from the looks) a foot long +- ?
  12. I see what looks like fiber or hair on the end ..... And no idea what that dryed skin looking stuff is..... Kinda looks like a air hammer bit, but for use with something softer then metal, maybe wood ill guess a carpet tool ?
  13. _Wilson_™


    If anyone was having issues with https://ialert.com/ weather service.... They have fixed what ever was going on..... Not sure if anyone subscribed, so just saying.... Cell phone warnings and email warnings are working again.
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