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  1. i figured it was mice ... glad that repair resolved the front end issue, now just ... just toss out some moth balls where you store the atv. from the pics ... they might have chewed more up then you saw, so i wouldn't be shocked if more issues occure, usually when rodents get settled in, it's hard to get rid of them, at least, that's what's happened with me, and long time storage, is a sure enough invite.
  2. boy, they really went work on that one. how do you store your feed ? you had mentioned feeding birds, and i take it you also bait for wild hogs ?
  3. well, the deal is .... you can' have t any other riders along ... or rip the land up too bad ... but it's beats having hunters trespassing ... which has always been bad here, oh believe me you'd hear about it... i road on my fathers land, and a was after me for a while because he thought i crossed his land , which isn't his any longer , I'm not sure what the details are over that mess, but for a while ... couple years back .. the local law, were looking for red atvs riding in a certain area... lol
  4. i kind of figured once you looked for rodent signs, (sense you mentioned them) that would might be the issue ....
  5. hey .... some farmers are so fed up with the deer eating the crops up, you could payed a tad for riding some around here... lol, thats for those who don't allowed hunting on their property. deer... crossing the roads ways is about the only worry here, well, them, and dillas.
  6. @bcsman here's that pic i was talking about.. lol!
  7. i agree, wheeler , still have my eye one a bar, and chain type like this one, or ether of those stihl models .. the stihl models are costly,
  8. I'm not sport guy... so I'd check with slammedranger ... he's (IMO) the best sport Honda guy we have.
  9. go for the dry black beans ... they go a lot further then canned beans ... plus have a long shefl life ... those were the first food items to disappear .. when that stupid virus panic started ...
  10. yeah that's it ... i nominate y'all to cook one .. lol ... i still can't wrap my head around the idea of cooking a Dilla...
  11. do you plan on lifting one side , and placing jack stands or some sort or support , then swopping to the other side ? I'd be carefull using a 100 lb lift table.
  12. hey fish .... you recall the post about armadillo , a little bit... of information i came up on was those stuffed jalapeño peppers (poppers) are also called armadillo eggs ... lol, but i believe some maybe stuffed with armadillo meat ??
  13. I've heard if this before, but never tried it .... (going in the list) i think you passed me her recipe .. a while back.... i have not fixed it in a while ... but lasagna .. if a favorite of mine ... the ex GF made some that was killer layer, after layer ... not sure what sauce she used, but lots of ricotta cheese... that the only chez she would use .. best i recall.
  14. i figured it would have been a tad on the spicey side with all those ingredients, but sure does sound good.
  15. man sorry to hear this ... hope you get better soon.
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