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  1. Welcome to the forums …Yeah thats normal… after you get so many post under your belt that pop up will go away … calling the man @AKATV
  2. I’ve used Florida water for years …. Dip clothing in the water and slap it on and cold you will get… so cold you can get sick from it…. If you add ice in the mix it works even better, and you can do about the same with green rubbing alcohol…. and no aromatic ammonia will not hurt you breathing in the little fumes it produces …. aromatic ammonia diluted to about 2-3 % ammonia …. House Hold ammonia is diluted to about 8-9% and pure ammonia (anhydrous NH3) 99.45 = 100% pure ) …. It’s used for a variety of things from refrigerant to (injected gas in the soil under pressure) fertilizer …. .. we’ve injected anhydrous before …. And 100% pure ammonia is not one i like to mess with… but it makes one heck of a yield raising silage and shell corn… it’s not cost very effective in small operations….and a gamble… if crop ground is injected with anhydrous and it turns off to be a dry season….anhydrous will burn crops very quick so https://www.mda.state.mn.us/pesticide-fertilizer/anhydrous-ammonia#:~:text=It is relatively easy to,%2C throat%2C lungs or skin. https://crops.extension.iastate.edu/blog/angie-rieck-hinz/fall-anhydrous-applications-do’s-and-don’ts
  3. Thanks Yeah I’ve found it very useful too… even talk to a few from here via facebook messenger… i don’t mess with anything else on facebook sept market place and messenger…. And its not much better then eBay.
  4. Anyone here use it ? (FB messenger)
  5. have a happy and safe 4th !
  6. Me ? But, I’m one of the good guys…..😬
  7. I think that Chevy truck metric swop over was back around the mid 70’s through 80 n been going south every sense…. Yaw just want something to argue about… thats what this has BEEN DERAILED TOO……lol!…. If it’s not metric bolts its tire brands etc etc…..
  8. Hearing aids come to mind.
  9. Thought i had seen all of these….
  10. Okay we have the security detail ^^^^ for the Honda meet and great.. and others Signing up ?
  11. One reason 4wd has become more of a standard these days is because the length of some 2wd models have been shortened over time……one wouldn’t think there was that much deference between these two…but that added length of the green machine …. Makes all the deference in the world…. Jeep if your updating to newer (to possibly a shorter body) … then Yes! Go 4wd….. better to have it then not…. Scale size is deferent but the over all result is the same…. Edit: some axles can be widened… another plus with a loader….most front axles on none articulating 4wd are very limited to widening …. Most times limited to adjustment simple as flipping the front wheels.
  12. Too small ? I can see them just fine…. I can see all the images I’ve posted on here just fine.. so i dont know what yer talking about… no thats not ours… those pics are from online … i guess i can dig around and see what i can find ? Wasn’t too easy to locate the complete 146 loader we have.
  13. No i was asking jeep… we have both the 146 and 148 John Deere loaders…. Both will work for his 2640…but the 146 is the one thats recommended for that size tractor…. IF? he only has one set of hydro outlets he would be better off going with the joystick controller… as a matter of fact even he has duel outlets (2 pair) if it were me… I’d still go with the joystick controller but they can be troublesome…. This setup is what he would be looking at…. Tool box doesnt come with it, and thats not a good place to mount it.. no matter if you pick. The 146 or 148 … your view is going to change… and! MAKE SURE YOU GET THAT JACK STANDS…. You do NOT wont ether of those loaders living on that tractor…those models are known for have front end troubles…that block on the front where the axle pivot is ? All cast and all one piece…. And very expensive…. We had to replace from breaks …. And no matter how well you keep those loaders greased they are still going to act like a jackhammer on the front end going over rough ground….. they are not hard to take loose…you’ve run a skid steer …. You know….the deal..lol! wander how long it will take for this to post lol!
  14. How many sets of hydro outlets does your have1 or 2 sets ?
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