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  1. Ya know something ? You'll be an electric wizard after this.....
  2. I'll go with yaw too i've never seen a set like that.... nice! And thank you for posting them.
  3. Ah ah! 💡😬 <<plus 1
  4. Hi, Bill. Welcome to the forums,( @AKATV Paged) would be the one i'd hunt up.
  5. ^^^^ my new best friend.....you'll understand in time....lol!
  6. _Wilson_™


    Interesting enough the rent on my tank came in couple days ago... hair over $100... i called the gas company ( i deal with) to check and what do ya know ? Over $300 !! Bills were sent out, these added (200 +) charges are late fees.(I HAD TAKEN OFF) ..because the bills mailed // carried (not delivered) by the SEVERELY UNDEPENDABLE usps.... in cully tn... report filed with this United States postal service district administration... i know nothing will be done..(sure felt good).. to rid the usps of that worthless tit milking the usps for a pay check, and benefits..... shade im right with ya on feelings about the usps.... the pony express on horse back could do a better job.... to think of how many family members / friends i have or had that were (and still are employed) by the usps ..... i dont like the though of them having there jobs complicated by other workers NOT doing there own work... this image... reminds me... yeah my front hay field doesn't resemble a mailbox... which is where some of mail ends up..... DO YER ! JOB..... also on this route we had one that would help herself to prescription opioid pain meds..(stealing mail)..that belonged to physically ill individuals...... i dont see that as much more then street walking drug headed scum ... ... my advise ? If you have to deal with the usps.... and get late charges from bills not making it in? Use your email...to get first hand notices from inits's vis email... do not depend fully on the usps.... because the creed ? Snow rain sleet ?? Is total BS.
  7. Haha thats rich! That one i might have to use, thanks for the idea! friends are the worst especially when looking to get even with a jokester.. lol! ..... I (STILL) have a friend that put some kind mess (in a wood polish size tin) behind my seat.... in my old red tin can toyota diesel.... smelled just moma june on a hot summer day......... i still dont know which one (full blown idiots) of my friends....pulled that one off, but i believe ? It was pay back for tracter electric core block heater that would buzz ya if ya was standing on the ground while touching that tractor..... and i wont even get into the candy jar full of bic lighters.......lol!.... ted ? Any idea where those beer cans came form ? Lol....
  8. Eh dont pay him no attention..... lol!..... hey speeking of... you DO have an updated cell phone dont ya ?? If not avoid that subject like the plague .... 🤣 take the same stance if ya have an older PREHISTORIC puter.... Wilson aka future bann candidate .... bahaha.
  9. Looks good! whats ya got attached to the exhaust ? Cuz I see by the badges on the head lamp pod and trunk a deer hunter specail so im thinking a type of silencer ? Can ya post some clear pics of it ? And more of the flares too..... im needing some for my 97 300 4wd....shes naked right now...for those thinking.... i pull from the rack NOPE the chains just hanging.
  10. Yeah..... good call... i would (implement paint) too Jeeps used implement paint.... i have too but just on turning plow ripper and chisels shanks... when it fully cures its really a durable tough coating, much tougher then plasti-dip.. just noting that fact. and jeep could advise you better about implement paint, than i could... i know hes never said one word about having issues of it flaking or coming off for any reason that i recall ? The other coatings, are Plastic-Kate ⬅️ (Never used it on rims) and in the image........ Elasti-Wrap is coating the trailer wheel and Plast-Dip Bright Aluminum + PB Fade Buster is coating the Xj Jeep wheel..... the defrence is Very Clear And nether of the three are compatible but by far plasti-dip has the most color and over coating option from clear coats to sure grip to metal flake... have any questions ill do my best to help ya out .... make er look good chief 👌👍😁
  11. Thank you! No primer needed.....i dont think plasti-dip works with anything sept its own brand ... just keep in mind NO patrolium products....and if ya mess up shooting it, wd-40 is a instant desolver if ya can peel it off also i forgot to tell ya the plasti-dip color is called bright aluminum .... and the clear coat is called fade buster.... you dont have to use the fade buster.. the reason i did was because being that was my 1st time i didnt know actully how durable plast-dip is... the longer it cures .... I got go... ill post more when i get back cause theres also one or two more types of rubber coatings that work purdy good, but for the oem look .... thats the closest ive was able to find..... i would like to get my hands on the original import mag... but what i have seen dang stuff must have gold in it.... lol luck on your project and ill be tuned in...... paint me gone........
  12. Ill toss in too... i did mine... but not with paint i went with plast-dip bright aluminum..... thats the closest match to impost magnesium... i could find, never did find the real import magnesium shade.... thats if your looking for oem colors .. although im not sure which models had import magnesium color used on the bikes... the trick with plast-dip is longer it cures the stronger it gets, and never use anything with patrolium products to clean them... i use only dawn or viniger. I recon 8 years going ? No problem what so ever... brush, limbs, mud, but no rocks..... no flaking peeling or fading... sheds muck good to..... i think someone else here did that too but didnt have good luck because sand dune riding...... ten plus thin coats .. then about 5 thin coats of the fade buster.
  13. Sigh...... toss it up to me running off at the mouth / fingers lol
  14. Great post! I currently do not have my ham certification.... but i do use radios on my bikes, i have them all set to key emergancy services repeaters but that is only in case of a legit emergancy << (i was a volunteer firefighter) especaily being im alone most of the time when i was doing firewood and was a good call.. doing firewood, most of us have had close calls ... i started out years ago with a conversion radio... i wont go into detail about those models... but this was before cell phones...and i have every sence then... got into the habit when we were farming big...back then it was cb radios in equipment... then little handy talkies... in the uhf range..... which bring a valid point up... this nation wide move to encrypt radio traffic is beyond idiotic... anyone who thinks a crimminal would gain anything in the slightest against LE is beyond a.. nine thinking... i would like to point out... if someone is debating calling 911 biased on embarrassment that they might have details broadcasted over the air.... well then think about this.... the people wanted the 911 system... deal with the nature of the beast... DO NOT completcate things with encryption just because.... because of embarrassment ..... i bet ten to one if someone had there Johnson stuck some place it wasnt me to be he wouldn't hesitate to call....embarrassment or not.... that last part had to be said.... and lets not forget the FCC regulates .....BUT DOES NOT OWN THE AIR WAVES....the power that be are pushing this agenda too much..... ive talked with several people of LE and medical services, none of them see benifits of encrypting radio traffic... the cost alone is too much, and the systems are too completcated... especaily when they give trouble... my bad for the sharp right turn.... but they have taken too much from us and people have the right to know whats going on...around there family's and lives...THATS A FACT.. so people who worry about embarsing accidents ? Get over it.... one persons feelings does not matter when it comes to peoples safty...
  15. Older thread and im glad you bumped it up @Dennis any updates or images to post @Preston...... i have a well its listed in my sig ... 97 300 fwd and I'VE EVEN NOTICED that.... but everything is tight upper lower joints bushings ball joints bearings and mechanical NO damage... toe is just fine as well... AND THIS PIC... is the 00 300 ... and WELL IT SPEEKS LOUD ENOUGH... nevermind the cmp bumper... check out the rest of the WAY MISS ALINED welds.....One of the first things i noticed WAS HOW CROOKED the vin plate was ... notice the defrence on the inside of each front tires wear pattern the inside row of cleats.. but its clearly cambered in.
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