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  1. Are You talking receiving channels NOT Transmitter via sat ? I heard about some type of converter box they offered here when sat tv baisically took over.. In other words you can get 2,4,5,8,17,ect (abc NBC CBS PBS fox .....) without switching to direct, dish ect..but! Your limited on channels, here i think here just the basic free channels we used to get are still free just in deferent format (say like analog verses digital) n yeah I have seen multipul directional beams... On a single home....whether both were for receiving tv signals ? I couldnt say... I think ? @TBRider has some expertise on that subject.
  2. We didnt have one.... All the signals back then came straight out of the north..... 2,4,5,8,17, and when it rained channel 30.
  3. Junk OS .... Not a word from you shade..... Sigh....
  4. Nope! Lol i love it, but the comment i WAS going to make went right out the window.....lol! Wicked jut plain wicked... Trully one of the kind.... Besides the one that has a metal human looking arm wrapped around the snorkle... .... Mind blowing designs lol! We KINDA have an idea what the end result is when a mechanic goes all bonkers ... wth would be a good, or even a close descriptive term for when a honda atv owner flips out... Which apparently happened to that poor fellah.....
  5. I can't veiw that pic, but i believe your thinking of a antenna rotator ? Used with directional beam antennas vertical or horizontal .... Probly could be used in other applications like sat on rvs ? (Mobile units)
  6. It's the same here.... This happened before dale and Stacy moved in across the road ( thank goodness) best neighbors i have that close... Always call me via radio or cell just to check on me... Anyways before they moved in it was Dom (aka the fat russian) always wanting to borrow this or that... Told him I'm not in the buiness of loaning tools out... But i would JUST hand tools... He came up one day asked if could use my estwing hammer... I said i better get it back just as it is! DO NOT make grooves file or mod it in anyway! Because i use this to drive steepls in, and its perfect the way it came from the factory...while i was at my tool chest he spots my o39 .... Asked could he (NOPE) before here finished his sentence .... Aw Boohoo he didnt care much for being around me after that, which was Jim dandy fine with me! As a rule i don't loan things out unless i know some of the history of said friend asking....
  7. That's about right... Lol i new a guy who made his own call vf542 or sime kinda mess like that.... Lol for 11 meter of all bands hahaha which if I'm not mistaken is citizen band radio..., they haven't required call signs on cb band for over 40 years i think ?
  8. Well we are up and running so it's all good...i might be off, and on for a while this am did some reading up on this new zello radio. I see great potential in this club just going to take time, now I'd like to add... Admin can join / post anytime they choose, which i have no problem with... I'd actually enjoy it... But that TO will take time, as for regelure members they can't join, or view post in this group... That bring said I'm open to suggestions.. Change status or keep as set ? I'll look into making a admin thread here as the day goes on... If anyone can think of changes that might / could help ? Post them..
  9. Hey BB. Welcome to ATVH.
  10. Thanks fellahs, @m_quick good to see ya back bro man.... Wasn't the Bristol races you attended a few times ? Are you going this season ? Hey quick... What's you think about bubba ? Lol it's kinda playing out like we thought... Big mushroom cloud with little to no positive results... Hahahaha! Guess that's karma (don't believe in luck) coming back to bite him bring you do wrong someone's one always watching.... I don't see anything wrong with deferent ethnic groups being / getting into the enjoyment of the sport, just do it on the up and up.... I hated all that mess at the start line, but as time has went on... You gotta laugh... I mean how freaking ridiculous the whole thing was... I was looking back... Really ?! 4 way lug wrench as a cross .... Lol! And last one by fish ?! Too funny!!! Hey fish you remember what homie D clown had in that Masson jar .... On in living color (the tv show) a pickle my !! Lol!
  11. Ive had Purdy good results mixing brake fluid and ATF 1/2-1/2 never tried ATF and acetone .... Just have to be careful whrn using it around painted surfaces... My old friend Gus used 3 parts diesel ATF, and brake fluid ... Seemed to werk Purdy good....personaly I'm a areo kroil guy... But the price (last i checked) was unreal...have to use the none aerosol type, least thats what my black smith friend (steve) uses... He won't use the aerosol
  12. There was so much said about the angle his car contacted the wall... And from the looks it wasn't very bad at all But he told them he raced the way he wanted (loose belts) and didnt want anything to do with the new Hans system...., so combine with loose belts and no Hans .... When he crashed he died of a basal skull fracture ....they had claimed his seat safty belts had snapped on impact.. Not true.. A paramedic stepped forward said they had been cut to exstract him from the car... In all rights that crash was very survivable.... >>>They Finally said... Even the designer of the safety harness for most of The drivers had said he tried several times to get dale to tighten his belts and! Use the new Hans devise, but dale wouldn't listen .....sterling had neurosis death threats .... It's strange enough... But sterling and coco marlin lived right here.... I never met him or sterling.... I didn't really like sterling anyways but not because he was involed in that crash...i new people who new n liked him .... But i was / will always be a die hard Earnhardt fan..... Just hope dale jr gets back to it, but i think he also had a close call dirt track racing ? I could be very mistaken .... I do know he had (what they said) dizzy spells... I recon it frightened him enough to give up the sport
  13. Hm..... Perfect opening... Hey jeep when if it breaks down get shade to fix it.... It doesn't ever stop does on thing then another.... I was getting the morrower ready .... Did i mention how much I THOUGHLY enjoy trying to air up those itty bitty front spindle wheels.. I was missing the one thing i needed (starting fluid) being i had a few things to do in town i just took both to THREE defrent tire stores...Finally...went to Bridgestone ....they do mostly industrail equiptment tires semis ect ect, but i know the boss man ... He said take um out... I'm thinking real good quick n easy then lunch time... Nope....lol! Tire guy finally get them up.. After about 20 minutes.. No charge... I went over.. Looked at him shook his hand thanked him.. Said next time I'm in town I'm buying you lunch at wherever you'd like to eat.. I figured with all the rain off and on the water table would be up, least it's not dry like it was ?? Y'all was hurting for water for a while, just glad it finally let loose.
  14. Yeah something to that sorts... I have always thought about that... Seeing those rears slowly stop as a car rotates in a skid further round it goes then you see the rears stop (most times ending in flat) then start spinning backwards .... I can't say I've heard much talk of knocking the trans out of gear.. Cause most times you see it or here them commenting on seeing the drivers try and re fire the engine... So in all that action I'm Purdy sure some dont take them out of gear...it's n amiasing those engines hold up under that high rpm for so long then with added abuse from skids over heating ect ect....i remember back in the day those engines didnt hold up well.....unde the conditions they're were under... I gotta lot of respect for those engine builders .... Cause there basically on the razors edge..i think there was something said about the horse being in the 900 horse range... It just amaised me that much horse power for that long plus the rpm...they got the game down on that part.. Just if NASCAR would easy ..... Up on all those rules and regs... I payed c,ose attention to the drive seat... I understand why dale did his seat belts like he did... Just a sad deal on that one... I still recall someone running up to the car.. Might have been B Allison ? And from his reaction after he looked to check on dale his arms went to waving like mad for rescuers to get there...we then new something really bad had happened..... And we lost Dale...
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