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  1. yea, just a sad situation .. with so many people with no morals or respect for others rights.
  2. IMO..... the mechanical common rail 5.9 was the best engine..... what people need to think about is these little trucks, aren't meant to do the job of a semi, y'all changed the topic lol... and a mechanical injection system ... is way better then that push button computerized emissions mess... that's a fact!! that's why so many old school diesel techs call them throw aways ...or French fry engines... including the Isuzu duramax. i won't even mention the new fords .... they dont even sound like a Diesel engine .... pure junk IMO ...
  3. _Wilson_™


    oh, i could deal with 56 lol... that's good sleeping with the windows open, we're kind expecting the same as yesterday......cool this am (68 f) but we have an extremely heavy fog going this am...
  4. pretty much (the card) has to do those who use it for medical issues ..... which i reckon could be legit ?? .... plus that's just a reason to make it look all legal ... and taxable .. for those states that allow it... but .. the whole idea is just stupid to me .... because it's being abused, just like pain clinics were... and they should not be allowed on public, or park land... to destroy, or upset the natural habitat, what really burns me is some joker telling ff and his friends maybe where they parked would be okay ??? who's he to advise them whether it was okay or not ???
  5. just a tad bit over kill ??
  6. not exactly road legal...
  7. no, i don't care to see that one .... lol we have to draw the line here SOME place ...
  8. thank goodness for security cameras !! we have now... lol.. that should a day in jail for every lb she weighs!! , I'm guessing 400 plus ??
  9. any updates on this compressor project ?
  10. _Wilson_™


    lol! i recall back in the day my grandfather (God rest his soul) had commented about picking up, and moving to Minnesota, or North Dakota.... after taking a vacation up that way.. during the winter he was quick to change his mind ... i messed with him for years over that one, it... man, would he get angry.. lol! he had lived up Minnesota a short time as a kid, but as he got older... nope that kind of cold didnt set too well with him. anyways ... hot, and sticky mid day ... and a small thunderstorm just roled over .... the temp dropped from 91 to 70 F it's about time for a break.
  11. we think along the same lines on this ^^^
  12. im not that easy going ... knowing me, i probobly would have told him to stuff his opinion ... expressed with an upper cut. lol! you have just as much right to be there, IMO, EVEN MORE!
  13. hm.... i might have look into this ... I'm always in for a new investment ... that pays... lord knows we have the talent here to make it pay off!
  14. just a note ... if you let the machine sit for a long period of time slime can leech away .. but it works great on tires used / rotating very often, but i myself would go with a thicker multi ply tire ... mud lite would be my choice ... but that also depends on the terrain ... anyways ... I'm not going to twist the rails into a favorite tire, most of us old school guys know how those topics go... lol!
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