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  1. sorry to hear about the families loss jeep, been taking time off myself.
  2. has a good strong battery, no signs of rodent damage (chewed wires) no wire harness hacks ? and a fresh spark plug ? be sure to post some pictures when you get a chance.
  3. it will sell, I'll bet money it will, with those getting more and more hard to find, some collector will jump on it.
  4. bacon grease is the best, as sled mentioned my grandmother was a home economiecs teacher back in the 60-80's, and always used bacon grease for cast iron baking cook ware, instill do to this day, the trick is never use dish soap for cleaning them, and never put them in a dish washer.
  5. happy Easter everyone.
  6. welcome to ATVH, the ones you want to talk to are shade, retro, or goober.
  7. thats how i do my Dutch, and my cornbread cast iron skillets, never had a pan of cornbread stick as far back as i can recall, I've even seasoned them with plain cooking oil.
  8. wow, what a mess, it didnt get quite that bad here but a flood is, a flood.
  9. just like you were talking about with that vin plate, notice the weld, post the other pic if you would ?
  10. Thanks guess that video clears it up.
  11. got your pics in PM @m_quick i hope my PM got back to you.
  12. thank you, good deal most times those rear drum brakes don't work all that good, that's one of short comings on the 300, those dang rear drum brakes, lol. what got to thinking about was the brake light, i see you went with an led setup, i like it, can't figure why the PO took the ome off, but you've sure come along ways with this bike, keep up the repairs.
  13. _Wilson_™


    oh yeah Prov, plenty, too dang many, there mostly in the northern part of Maury county, but have been spotted less then a mile from where i live now, so there advancing further south, i haven't seen any signs on this place as of yet.
  14. i didn't even think about the storms flooding out Bristol, if it was anything like we had here, it must have been one big mess.
  15. i wasn't really paying attention to the guys with high vision yellow vest, i was impressed more with the wheelie.
  16. _Wilson_™


    i see you guys on the east coast are getting hammered by the same storms as the south was, just hope, it's not a bad flooding issue like we had, temps here have dropped to just above freezing, I'll take that over rain any day with what we've had to deal with the last few days @Scotticus i guess the drought is over up your way ? at least i hope it is.
  17. skilled expert driver and rider, just wish i could find the video of this.
  18. _Wilson_™


    i bit more high tech then what i have, i reckon I'm just the old schook type, but a very impressive collection, anytime you wish to take a trip down south, I'm sure the people here would enjoy having the wild hog population thinned out.
  19. we had a few people build by some here just for shop use, but never had them certified, but most went for the older cast iron classic burners, i missed out on a few we used in tobacco stripping rooms, farm insurance covered those type buildings, well, did for those who had it, most didnt back in the day, now most of those barns have ether fallen, or have been torn down for the lumber.
  20. congrats pip, glad to see another one of those old girls back up and running good!
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