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  1. your probobly spot on, i wasn't really concerned with being able to see the speedo, she's not really a work bike , but one day will be a collectors dream (i hope) lol. the 97 ... is the one that might be the ticket , she's a plain Jane 300 4wd ... and the one i haul wood with, so that would the one the fairing (like wheelers) would fit.
  2. dang it! i didn't think about those hondaline handlebar gaurds ... here's the light as it is now.. i gather the fairing won't work with those bark busters ... and I'm not really open to taking those off... lol!
  3. _Wilson_™


    man, you fellas got it bad, just glad no one was hurt... I'm actually shocked it wasn't as bad here, had minor flooding and slight winds, but no damage less you count a few tress / limbs down.
  4. might some of this play also be related to upper,many lower ball joints ? any chance the owners has tied these cable snugger to the frame of any other stiff poing ? because both of them acting like this is strange, mostly the hand brake cable is the 1st one to give trouble. or maybe Some other issue going on, sence you have the rear brake cables disconnected... I'd check them that way. agree with fish on the front end play send it .
  5. thanks , then i would have to mod the fairing like wheeler has to fit around my ram steering light, hm... not sure I'd go that route, ( cutting a hole) at least not for the price she cost, but it is an idea, I've been thinking about, I'd just have to get the ram light position just right.
  6. that center fairing light mount is more like what I'd like, but ether would be just fine ... i reckon that one is just for certain models ?
  7. i think wheeler has this one in bag! bout time an older trusted member won this sence we all left, like stacking the deck against those who messed us over.
  8. on the 300's, i just run every so often with the exhaust plug removed, never had an issue yet.... but the trx 350 ran better with back pressure, wheeler if you get a chance post pics of your setup.
  9. _Wilson_™


    glad to see your back, and okay, fish, i watched it for a while last night .... did y'all get any wind damage ? , we got just one side , about 35 mph winds, and hours of light rain, i don't think east tenn, was so lucky ..
  10. oh you know true honda addicts are, we never stop trying to improve LOL! i have say the idea is nice!
  11. i was thinking over this .. what about those custom windshield decals ? but not tinted ... those never seem to fade out, might be a bit pricey to design.
  12. li agree with prov, don't see how running chains or any other type , would harm the differentail ... besides .. most times with all four wheels on the ground, the drive train is slighty wound up, but if anything would get loose, it most likely be the axle hubs.
  13. i ran into that same issue on the tail end where the purge clean out port is... i made a temp cover , and cut a hole in it, that stopped the rust issue, and also allowed for the carbon to be blown out, or at least some.
  14. oh my bad i thought the other one was too... you might search for a moose hitch .. i just googled a few images ... looks they have some with loops .. https://www.mooseutilities.com/products/?productGroupId=44346&productId=121374 some a bit pricey, but I've always been a fan of moose products.
  15. https://www.ebay.com/itm/KFI-Rear-2-Receiver-Hitch-for-2015-2020-Honda-Foreman-500-IRS-Rubicon-500-IRS/254217444394?_trkparms=aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160323102634%26meid%3Dcf72fbe921744955adcbe84245063d45%26pid%3D100623%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D5%26sd%3D254231763794%26itm%3D254217444394%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2047675%26algv%3DDefaultOrganic%26brand%3DKFI+Products&_trksid=p2047675.c100623.m-1 hope this link works, if so this was just one, sure there might be more models.
  16. just cast mine, hope you get the win, wheeler! thanks for the word, fish.
  17. did your son mention anything about the clutches sticking, when he brought it back ? for the carb fix ?
  18. _Wilson_™


    i recall one of the bad storms you were off line for (i think) a couple days .. so if you go off line keep the cell phone charged, might even charge up that ipad you have, then we could keep a check on y'all, and the weather down your way ..
  19. @Wheeler as much as I'm impressed with that 2 in 1 .... check out pages 9-12 couple of great videos on how to use those bar mount sharpeners... even one video about square filing a chain, a man can take a dull un checked chain to new again.
  20. was looking around and came with this kfi hitch, for a tad cheeper round $39 with safety chain, loops or, to pull with if need be., on the plus side you won't have drill, or weld on the oem draw bar, just shelf it, just in case you ever wish to sell this bike.
  21. nailed it! fish, very handy in certain cercomstances.
  22. _Wilson_™


    same here, just hope there's not a cold front moving after this.. thank goodness the storm shelter pump is hooked up. @TBRider i can't see fish going camping in the snow... if you could pull that off, derf might have some ocean front property very soon... lol
  23. ive used those in a few places where a standard bolt head might be an intrusion on clearance, and welding couldn't done, the deal with those bolts is get a longer thread, and start the nut on first! because you might have to grip the lower exposed thread with pliers or vise grips etc to get the 4 teeth seated, and the flat head flush, and the diameter of the hole drilled , would need to be ONE, or, TWO sizes larger then the diameter of the drill bit. Edit: just a note I'm not one in favor of drilling, or welding on a oem honda draw bar... unless it's REALLY severes a purpose for a long time.
  24. _Wilson_™


    looks like the south is in for the wet stuff yet again, zeta , is expected to pass over central Tn over the next 24 hours , fish, i hope y'all faired well, and i see @shadetree , and @jeepwm69 out in Arkansas, are also dealing with what looks like minor flooding (sure hope not)
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