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  1. Tampons in the gas tank…..LOL!
  2. @ATC4ever ever watch chasers ? How did she (character Toni Johnson) disable the transport van ?
  3. Nice!….yellow plastic had to go Eh ? I know someone else who would agree with that choice.
  4. Who is pop then… ? If I’m not mistaken doesn’t he have half the state of Arkansas inside the warehouse ? Of his….
  5. Located one…sendn a pm soon. Edit: sent.
  6. Yeah….this was on the Yuasa site. All Yuasa EN & ENL, NP, NPC, NPH, NPL, NPW, RE, REC, REW, SWL, TEV, UXH, UXL and Yucel Series of Industrial VRLA Batteries have a date code for when the batteries were made which is usually stamped on the top of each battery. This date format only applies to industrial batteries (does not apply to automotive batteries such as car, motorcycle or leisure)
  7. Can you post the code ? Should be something like this example for two digits (17) < year, next two would be the month >(05) next two would be the day > (20) last two would be plant / and shift > (68) 1705206B
  8. Nice! Can ya post more pics from deferent angles ? Need to see the underside. @TBRider might be a nice add for those fairings like you and @Wheeler n @Goober have.
  9. I gather from your other post (in the old dead forums)..... mice ? To stop them 100% pure peppermint (oil or escents) spray and moth balls... and that hand <<< (IDIOT) advising you to wrap the insulated wires in steel wool ?..... SUPER bad advise.... it will not prevent them from starting NOR stop them once they have ....glue traps are are a added plus.... to bullet proof... add peanut butter AND seasoned salt meat or bacon.
  10. Earl from ? Ya think maybe a rear main or front ? ...if its the 350... i dont think ive ever seen one that doesnt weep around the valve covers... least back in the day.....and I like the way you think.... You'd make a good professional PITA... maybe shade is right ? Maybe we be distant kin...i know one thing... two of us wont be good for this place..... when done we can leave a marker where this place once was....lol!
  11. Yer welcome....Tires for the gas sipper ? << (writing that one down) ... need i remind you tire threads here.. can cause some people here to come completely un hinged... lol....ill sure be tuned in for that thread..... 10-4 on the leak free (thumbs up)
  12. @ATC4ever dont know if ya have ever watched this movie, i saw it just a few days ago... its out there... haha




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    2. _Wilson_™


      The liquid metal T1 ? Yeah nice twist.... and yet again with the semi's trucks .... lol tanker of liquid nitrogen was it ? Lol first time blown up with a tanker of feul.. next frozen solid haha .... i often wondered who's the real target for termination ... cya on the far side of the moon .... gonna start posting freebie movies in the chat room so least there will be something to do during the slow times ...didnt bother to look till today... ya can even give ratings on these.. post. 

    3. ATC4ever


      no the 1st one hence the T-1 ;) we got pulled over on my dirtbike back when i was 15, had those glasses on :O

    4. _Wilson_™


      If ya havent seen the hateful eight ..... i think you'll like it... a twisted western.....i have seen it in a while but from what i recall ? ... yeah brutal! (PERFECT!) i think theres a great surprise ending but I'm not too sure, but yep with peeling an eye on. 



  13. Got another PLASTI_DIP video... and it's on chroming this go round and i think they have nailed it! The test samples Look great!... i'll send ya via PM.....
  14. Interesting ..... tuned in... for a LONG RUNNIG thread, idea there Wm..... manual verses es...feel another thread coming up ?
  15. Es machines dont have many complaints eh ? ...... guess you and Wm have something in commmen... extra time...NOT...wrenching ++
  16. Ya...^^^^ Perfect place for that gas nozzle ? Right up spotted al boars !!!
  17. Hi, Mrdaviemac, welcome to the forums be sure and swing by the Chat room too.
  18. I might lay the ears back where ff was.... but not a chance in Arkansas...... seems like those guys live for the chase.....one officer out there is a legend already...officer Byrd I believe ....
  19. Sweet addiction Ff.....good to have ya back with us....i wouldnt know how to act with land as flat as that is.....rolling hills yeah.....but flat as a bug on the I-Road ? ....no one coming or seen ? Oh ya lay those ears back....
  20. _Wilson_™


    Great pics .how cold did it get on ya'll ? .... i just got some off center pics here here and far off center as we were it was dark enough for birds to start roosting...strang thing was i didnt hear a rooster ...but i did see a sand hill crane fly over..that doesnt happen here very often so... two for one for me...i guess lol... pics aint the best but... glad we were partly inline.... broken cloud cover helped some..
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