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  1. Did you design the $90 crankcase filter that bolts inside the valve cover ? !!!! What’s up with that !!!! Did you’ll program it to code up every 75k mile whether it needed changing of not. Cause that about when it goes off. Read about a mod on the Cummins site to undo your work. Lol.
  2. I am curious also , of what parts you were working on , I have a 2008 6.7 , I took a bunch of them emission parts off of mine , runs a lot better with out them , running the Smarty ME ( Middle Eastern ) tuner , no more coding up , 20mpg highway tooting 16,500 pounds , 285K miles and no issues with the engine The electric clutch cooling fan went out before , the fan is an expensive part , I am a member on the Cummins site where I learned about the tuner and what to get rid of , I have read about a mod using a Ford PowerStroke direct drive fan , that would be the next mod I would think about if that fan every goes out again , any tips on a fan mod
  3. I think that meat she is sitting on should be thrown away , that's the most un'coot thing I seen in a while , since the video of the lady that took a dump in the walmart isle , did you see that one
  4. A Happy Ending accident
  5. Do you bring an oxygen tank with you up to 11,000 feet for some one that might get altitude sickness , Rocky Mountain High !!! Watch out for them stoners , up that high and high they could be dangerous , could see going around one of them turns in the trail and meet head on with a head with a heavy head , LOL
  6. I have heard people say , if your video goes viral and gets like a million hits , then you get like a 1/2 of one cent for every view after that million , I don't really know that to be fact , more like hear say ---- is my math right = $50,000 per million hits ----if all true I need to do some really stupid , video it and get me 20 million hits , you probably can't like your own video , I already tried that here and it didn't work ---- LOL
  7. No , it didn't cost anything , but it took time ------- Koolaid just said it took him 2 hours plus to upload a 5 minute video ---- it was frustrating for me not being that computer literate , but I am getting better ----- I need to learn how to edit the video , to get the best parts in a short video
  8. Fishfiles


    WOW , $49 and a $50 rebate , unbelievable !!!! The Walmart closest to me has a gun case that looks like it might hold 50 guns , they got no more than 10 guns in it slim pickin's
  9. I have been really lucky with flats , I do use Slime when needed , the new formula is water solvable and easy to clean off if needed , where the old stuff was a ness to get off ------ plugs : I have a gun that shoots mushroom plugs , they come in two sizes , you can use glue with it , I think it is the best thing out there as long as it isn't a radial tire , I am not into plug radials as it damages the wires , NAPA sells them guns
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