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  1. That 90 was the first one , good read : https://atvconnection.com/articles/honda-atv-history-in-the-beginning-3/
  2. Your right , 1976 ATC90 >>> I was not going back that far , 1976 is as far back as Partzilla goes with ATCs and 90 was the only one that year , 1978 was the first year for the 70 Here are a copy of prints , quite a few spots it could be froze up at
  3. What year is it ? You say it is it a 90 , could it be a 70 ? I don't see a print for a 90 , but do see a 70 .....
  4. Hi John G , welcome to ATVHonda forums!!! >>>> What brings you to the forum ???
  5. Maybe you could redo the seat with a " My Pillow Butt Pack " and start a new craze and make millions By today's standards my Mom would have gone to jail for child abuse ---- I always say , I wasn't not afraid of the police , I was afraid of what my Mom was going to do to me if I ever got in trouble with the police
  6. Fishfiles


    Have not a clue of most he is singing , the chick is hot and the music has got the beat , LOL
  7. i know this might be extreme for you , but it sounds like you have an extreme case of raw butt ------ I recovered quit a few of my seats over the years , one time I was in need of foam , so I bought a piece of memory foam , pillow material from the linen shop , it was expensive for the foam about $30 for enough to do two seat , the vunyl is about $10 these days , lucky I have a foam saw that I had bought years ago at a flea market and used it to shape the seat foam , an electric fillet knife would do ---- it is a lot softer on the butt , but to tell the truth , I got a tuff butt from years of " a$$ whippin's from me Mom whilst I was a lad " , LOL
  8. Fishfiles


    "Let's make America rock again "
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