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  1. Fishfiles


    I have my new flood policy on my desk to be paid which is thru FEMA , it went up $100 from last year , 10 years ago it was $300 a year for $250K structure and $150K content , now it is right at $600 this year , I actually live in a no flood zone and the mortgage company doesn't require me to have flood insurance , but it would be stupid to not have it , I should consider myself lucky as ---- I know people who live on the water's edge in really nice houses and one buddy pays $10K a year for flood insurance and his home owners insurance is $12K , his house flooded in Katrina , he lives in a flood zone and he is required to have flood insurance since his house is mortgaged , he tells me his insurances together are more per month than what he pays for the house note , he is stuck in it , has tried to sell the house , but no one whats to buy it knowing the insurance cost of the area
  2. Fishfiles


    The bugs been bad !!!
  3. Check the vin# to be sure what year you do have ...
  4. Happy Father's Day to all you'll Mudders !!!
  5. Fishfiles


    Check this out , there are deductibles on insurance policies if the tropical storm gets a name , they named this storm while over land , very rare for it to happen , sounds like an inside job by FEMA to save some money https://www.wwltv.com/article/weather/how-did-claudette-get-its-name/289-30175540-067e-4d2d-aa9d-96588ab6a371
  6. Fishfiles


    The wheel barrel and measuring cup got filled over a 12 hour period , about 6 inches and that is what the weather station said also , we were lucky , the heavy rain was north and east of us Pulled out the transit , going to make and mark a couple of flood gauges with the house slab marked , so I'll know " How highs the water Mama , she said it's 2 feet high and rising " remember that song ?
  7. I have been reading and listening to the S - protein stories , and it is the talk all over town and the internet ,if it is all true we are doomed ,the vac'ed is the virus ???
  8. I can't be sure all the vaccinations now are the same ones that were manufacturied during the Trump administration , you yourself @retro stated the vax was started before the plan-demic even started , so it was not Trump's brew
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