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  1. So now we got a McCombian and a LaCombian ------ I know Sal , great food , but too long a wait for me cause everyone loves Sal , we usually go down the road to Jamie Brown's , good food not as long a wait , next time your down this way , try Bosco's on Hwy 59 in Mandeville , the owner /chef was Sal's chef and he opened his own restaurant , you won't leave hungry , in fact just order one meal ad split it with your wife and you still might need a good box , I'd go for the panne' veal with crayfish sauce over pasta and some cannoli for dessert ---when you were at Sal's you were 4 miles from my driveway , I am 61 and act like I am 21 , starting to feel 71 , LOL
  2. Looks like we are neighbors. I live in southeast Louisiana. Lacombe Louisiana. And from your handle slowing down we might be close to the same age. Lol
  3. Welcome to the site , would guess you have a TRX300FW Fourtrax ( which is the 4wd utility quad ) , you typed Twd I would guess you are jumping the two big wires at the solenoid to make the starter spin , if that is the case then it is possible for the solenoid to be good and the problem be the neutral switch as you have in your thread / or in the wiring / or even the push button ----- if you have a test light you can probe the small wires going to the solenoid and while pushing the starter button in with the ignition on see if there is voltage and ground going to the solenoid to activate it , if you do have voltage and no ground , then make sure you got a ground by putting a jumper wire to the neutral switch wire , if it starts with the ground jumped then it is the neutral switch
  4. The fan controller fits into this water tight box , but this box is for my cigarettes and cell phone , might just get another one like it and mount it behind the fan ,looks like there is just enough room for it , then drill a hole thru the side and use a bulkhead fitting with the rubber insert to pass the wires thru then silicone on top of that , should be water proof and easy to open and get in there if needed ---- I am seriously thinking about installing a second fan on the engine without a cooler , this controller will do two fans , another fan is about $25 , we get 100 degree days here in the summer , 90 is the norm
  5. K+N doing their part with mask for the flu epidemic , washable reusable element
  6. I use a Garmin Montana on my atv , it doesn't use regular batteries and is rechargeable , but it does have a charging port built into the quick mount , so it can be hooked to power while in the craddle ---------- I have the Garmin program on the home computer , so my trip can be uploaded from the GPS , then over laid on to Google Earth or other maps to see where I went , and plan the next trip by placing way points in to the unit at the desk and then down load it back into the GPS , the quick mounts are cheap so I have one on all my personal atvs so I can swop it from one to the other quick and easy ----Mel is very knowledgable on GPS navigation and helped me get it set up and running with the program Garmin Base Camp
  7. Made some new light bar mounts and got the light bolted down , the wire is a plug in so it is working ----- next going for the automatic fan controller and wiring ----and get my buddy to make me a cover /grill
  8. Quote , AKATV " And lots of other stuff too " , LOL
  9. Anyone know how to photo shop , looking to change the word Chevy to ES on this cartoon , LOL
  10. Welcome to ATVHonda ..... we got a few Old School 350 guys hang out , you should feel at home
  11. Turbo , it sure does look like a shaft , but what would turn that shaft ----that pick came from Honda Hoarders in Facebook , even though that looks like a Yamaha that deck is mounted on --- I thought you would like the hitch part
  12. Salty , The brake cable could be sticking , lets us know if that lever is free and we can go from there
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