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  1. RiverC , Better hold on to what we got , I foresee a couple of things happening , I think the pricing is going thru the roof , because an atv burns gasoline and creates emissions , they are going to price them out of existence , only the very rich will be able to afford them for play >>>> they will still be needed for work , farm , military and law enforcement , those will pay whatever the prices are
  2. No trade in , we got 10% total tax down here , (it is like 6% to the Feds and 4% to the State ) , the maximum extended warranty was a lot , can't remember the exact number , think it was like $1,500 , some kind of dealer prep or destination fee , I would bet he has GAP insurance , brand new , flipped in the water wouldn't be pretty , it does have a winch ----- he was here Saturday and took the bike home , it was here for 4 weeks in the weather and he has a garage at home ---- he bought his from Honda of Covington , I just tried to call them , but they are closed on Monday
  3. My buddy just bought a 420 new from the dealer , with all the taxes , fees , extensions to warranty , etc , etc , he said it was right at $12,000 , so I would guess $9,500 is base price , or a good price if that out the door --- also there were no picking anything out , they were coming in one and two at a time and they were going off the list , you either take it or the next guy is up , he got a ES , straight axle , no power steering
  4. The color pattern of the seat is outstanding , another Deep V ^^^ LOL
  5. My " Squires " thru extensive vetting have informed me that she rides bikes , thus can be a Biker Babe , looking for the pics , seems she rides a big "V"
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