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  1. Fishfiles


    As of 6:00AM Monday the hurricane Ian is projected to come ashore at Tampa as a Cat 4 with about 150 MPH winds
  2. Welcome to ATVHonda forums from the bayou ridges of south Louisiana
  3. Fishfiles


    Whilst jamming to some music and sucking down some suds yesterday evening on the porch , my wife while 3 in , came up with one of her infamous quotes , " you know one day , tomorrow is going to be like tomorrow today " ------ anyone speak drunken woman know what that means ?? LOL
  4. I " Don't " want to be a atv mechanic when I grow up , because of that very reason , " one thing turns into another " >>>>>> I think of it as " one step forward , two steps back " --- sometimes that step back , turns into a walk
  5. It would help to your year and model with the post ---- most applications don't use any sealant on gaskets ( only use HondaBond or YamaBond and only when required by OEM manual ) , and it seems the majority of people will tell you don't use any , but if you have damage to the edge of the case or cover then it might be necessary
  6. Welcome to ATVHonda from Louisiana >>>> noted for million of miles of trails , only thing is them trails are not marked and you can't even see most of them , cause they are covered in water and deep wet mud ---- LOL What you riding ?
  7. I seem to remember a hammer being involved in that mod to the tank , LOL
  8. Some people use the 300 EX carb on their 300s , I think Wheeler is one of them
  9. BC-Buck , what did that Highlifter kit cost you ? $329 - $349 maybe
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