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  1. We did a lot of drive in movies too , you ever use to hide people in the truck to get in free , amazing I am not poisoned from the Mosquito Pics
  2. Fishfiles


    .... even if you have wheel barrels of ammo , when the hoard of zombies are coming in on ya , you need that ammo in clips and ready to go .....
  3. Fishfiles


    Kind of wicked that the elk killed the guy , then the meat was donated to the jail , so the elk that killed someone was feed to the inmates , not that it means anything , but it could make a good script for a zombie movie maybe
  4. Fishfiles


    Article I just read : By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory When you intentionally hurt unprovoked animals, karma has a way of returning that hurt. A bow hunter from Oregon was killed recently by the elk he had been tracking. The 66 years old hunter was on a private property near Tillamook. There he had wounded the 5×5 bull elk for his hunt. Mark David, the hunter, had gone looking for the hurt elk, but could not track it, said Oregon State Police. The morning after they wounded the elk, the hunter from Oregon along with the owner of the property continued their search. Around 9:15 am, they spotted the elk. This time Mr. David wanted to kill it and took aim with his bow. But to his surprise. The wounded elk charged at him and gored him to death. In their statement, the Oregon State Police mentioned that Mr. David’s friend tried to help him. But he had sustained serious injuries and soon succumbed. Later the wounded elk had to be killed to put it out of its misery. The meat was donated to the Tillamook County Jail after the investigation was closed.
  5. Fishfiles


    A few pics from the last storm Nickolas , we had more water than Ida , deepest I ever seen it here , there is a ditch runs along that back fence ------- the Parish was out taking pictures yesterday of the street It was suppose to rain all day yesterday and it didn't much at all they missed that forecast
  6. You can't over think that tool / safety kit ---- Things that tie , strap and secure are good items to bring along on a ride as already mentioned tie straps and tie wire, lets not forget ratchet straps , rope , electrical and masking tape , when you need stitches in that finger , electrical tape can work , and when that bone is sticking threw the skin , masking tape will come in handy , and rope makes a good tourniquet , LOL
  7. Coach O is not seeing the love right now from fans They say ya'boy is a hard core woman'nizing hound and he lost the locker room !!
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