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  1. I went back out in daylight and took another pic , found a W on the vin so this is a 98 ES , look close there are two single fuse holders with 30 amp fuses one has red wires and the other has orange I looked thru harnesses , found 2 foot shift 450s , didn't see another 450 ES then the one on the frame in the pic --- my shed is a disaster , counted 13 engines that were visible
  2. Sometimes there is some option or safety feature that only is required in one State , example : brake light for Maine , so there will be a M after the model number , then if you click on the TRX450ES AM it won't show you every part breakdown for that model , just the pages that there were differences for , you would use the regular TRX450 part breakdown for all your other needs 1998 TRX450ES A https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/atv/1998/trx450es-a-fourtrax-forman-es 1998 TRX450ES AM https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/atv/1998/trx450s-am-fourtrax-forman-s Now with that all being said ^^^ above , " sometimes " ( not all atvs have this sticker ) you might see a decal /label on the frame , on the front tube behind bumper or under the seat and it would say TRX450ES Y , in this case the Y is the 10th digit of the vin # and designated the year 2000 = TRX450ES 2000
  3. This wiring harness issue is getting crazy ----- I have a TRX450ES frame in the yard , it has the wiring harness still on it , I went out and looked this morning and snapped a pic , I couldn't see the vin number too well as it is overcast and still darkish so the year is unknown at this time , but I know it is 1st gen 1998-2001 as the cover on the fuse box is different on those years , 2nd gen has a much heavier duty box and water tite cover on them and snaps on the sides to lock it down , so I can't even find a second fuse box , either with one or two fuses in it on this 450ES , but there is the single fuse holder with a 30 in it , with small gauge same color wire going in and out ---it is pic'ed below When you look up the years of the 98-2001 450s with ES , they only show 2 different wiring harnesses , 98 list two part numbers that work , first part number shows to only fit a 98 , second part number fits 98-2001 , see how there were 2 different #8s https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/atv/1998/trx450es-a-fourtrax-forman-es/wire-harness then I see one year there was a 450 ES AM https://www.partzilla.com/catalog/honda/atv/1998/trx450es-am-fourtrax-forman-es/wire-harness, which brings up the difference of that AM compared to others , it shows a wiring harness breakdown and they only part listed ( to be different ) in it is one 30Amp fuse , the pic they show is the same pic as other models , so that is kind of crazy All that craziness makes me wonder , what year do you really have or is that atv produced for Canada and was brought into the USA , since you are so close to the border , since I believe your in Maine , I do believe the vin # can tell you not only the year but also what country it was manufactured for
  4. Fishfiles


    I am not a fan of Miley Cyrus
  5. One thing on your wiring that don't make sense to me , you have that second fuse box with two 30amp fuses in it , my manual's wire diagram shows only one 30 amp fuse in that box , but the partzilla part diagram shows two 30 amp fuses in one box
  6. Here is the only battery box pic I see in the service manual I have , and I think your fuse box is made different from this one --- I think the pic I posted is a 2nd gen fuse box and you have a 1st gen
  7. A pic from me wouldn't do you any good , mine is a S and it has been modified ----- I have seen Honda use connections like the one on your wire , I'd say thats OEM
  8. @SlammedRanger would be the EX guru !!
  9. Fishfiles


    72 F today , over cast
  10. Nice collection of planes !!! All electric no gas ? As far as seeing the boat in motion , the water has to be dead calm/glass to run wide open , it has so much torque it will jump out the water and spin , so it really ain't that bad see it when it is calm , it will run in a chop as long as you slow it down a bit ---- ran it a lot in the private pond for RC boat that use to be here in Slidell , they have since sold the property and shut down the pond , it was nice , they had races , with Grand Stands , score boards ---one of the members was a State trooper and he use to shoot the speeds --- To run races , they penalized me , because it is a 40 class fiberglass hull , with a OPS Red Head 067 engine , so I had to run in the open class and against the 90s and even double 60s or double 90s ---- I have the OPS 040 and 060 engines for it also ---- my best times were running an exhaust throttle set up , but it was very messy with the fuel , like you say with the plane regulations now days , the EPA would be all over my butt for the clean water act after a run using the exhaust throttle ------ and I got run off from so many lakes as it is loud , like a 500 cc two stroke dirt bike with no baffle , it throws a rooster tail about 80 ft long and 15 ft in the air , burned 35% Nitro
  11. @56Sierra very nice work !! --- I like your paint booth ----- I was into plastic models when I was a kid , built cars , trucks and some boats , but never did do a plastic plane ---- built a few R/C planes , remember one , spent 100 hours building it and on the first flight , never seen it again I figured out your alias name , it is your tail numbers ---- you ever thought of building a flying plane from a kit ? Still got this toy since I was 18 ---- 87mph was the best I did with it
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