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  1. Looks like it says FOOL on the front grill
  2. Hi ,welcome to the forum , like Mel stated , cleaned it up to verify where the oil is leaking before taking anything apart , looks like to me like it is the valve cover gasket leaking on top , would be a good time to adjust the valve while the cover is off , .006 on both valves
  3. That muffler looks great ---- the engine is clean --- looks like you spent a bundle
  4. "Ted 1/16th cable is for hanging clothes to dry on !!!
  5. Fishfiles


    Big' , did you try some sub-sonic rounds ???
  6. Fishfiles


    Grand daughter's favorite song
  7. Sometimes jumping around can be bad , one of the easy thing you pasted by , could be the ring at the end of the ride , a ES is very dependent of a full strength battery
  8. Fishfiles


    Our ride is back on , the weather lady says it will be over by 10:00AM , so we got 6 bikes so far , if my son in law and his wife ride it will be 7 , and they are a lot of fun to ride with , cause they not afraid of getting down and dirty , especially when they riding a bike don't belong to them I don't care if it flash floods tonight , it is going to be fun ---I find that after a hard rain the bottoms of the holes get filled with run off and they might be high water but the bottoms are hard , for the first few thru , that is my edge for tomorrow , leader of the pack going in , last coming out
  9. These floorboards on the 450 are for a 300 , did a little modification on the mounts , added some angle brackets to tuck in the fender flares after cutting them down some
  10. Fishfiles


    We called off the ride for tomorrow , they calling for severe rain all night and into tomorrow morning , I am not scared of flash flood warnings , but it appears some of my buddies are , not going to shut down the party , just ordered live crayfish to boil and lots of beer , come on down and sip some suds and suck some heads
  11. Fishfiles


    Don't know if he still has them of not , my buddy was selling these two bigger brothers of the 10R22 a few months back , Ruger .44s , $600 for the newer one and $800 for the vintage , the old style loads like a shot gun where the new style is a magazine ---- kind of nice to be able to shoot the same round in your hand gun and rifle
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