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  1. On the dash you can see the real time digital display temperature of the oil , and set the fans for when they kick on and off
  2. I was watching the LSU Regional and it is rained delayed 90 minutes west from here and it has not rained a drop here
  3. Alligator Drool is aged jalepeono pepper sauce made by the Stale Kracker Dude ----- Two Step is the powered seasoning made by the same dude , very good stuff , you can get it at Walmart
  4. Found these at the flea market. Don’t know what they are. Would guess a rivit or an electrical connector. Guy said he was told it is for fences.
  5. Fishfiles


    We went 4 wheeling yesterday and it was the driest I ever seen it in the almost 14 years we been living here -------- We cut a lot of new trails , seen a big dead animal chewed up by something , couldn't even tell what it was but boy did it stink , would guess a deer , seen two coyotes really close not far from the caucus , that was spooky , rode up to a spot we stop at all the time under big oak , killed the bikes and a minute after we stopped , these two coyotes jump up 30 feet away and take off running , guess they were laying out , I should have gone and looked for a bed and peed on it , LOL , never seen a snake , that is a first , guess it was too hot and dry for them --- stood hydrated
  6. I always forget about cilantro or parsley ------ I didn't mention a few things I did put in there , grated Romano and Parmesan cheeses , some W-Sauce , a shot of Alligator Drool and some Two Step , some honey ( hot and sweet ) and some sugar to take out the acidity , but still had to take a Zantac last night ----- in all it was a hit , relatives coming over today going push the spaghetti again
  7. It is a sucker , pulling the air towards you , you can feel the breeze a bit --- yep , it was always clogged up with mud when it was under the fender --- you do lose the air blowing over the engine when it is up top , but the fan is not going under water as much --- two of my other bikes , the 450SS and the red 300 both have two fans , the coolers are relocated and there is a fan on the engine ( that be turned off with a toggle ) ---- the green 450 has a custom controller that Retro built , that has a digital temp gauge and fan setting capability
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