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  1. Fishfiles


    Wind damage for me was minimal. branches and limbs mostly Been burning all day since before sunrise. Still got a lot to do. A few decorations fell. The wind mill threw a blade. cant say enough about going thru the eye. Was so cool. Was my second time. I went thru the eye of Betsy in the day time as a kid. I wish this would have been a day time event. When that west side edge came , it was the biggest gust of air I ever felt. 0 to 100mph in one second. But it was total darkness except for a hand held q beam I did learn my patio can handle a East wind better than a west wind. Lots of trees on the east side.
  2. Fishfiles


    We survived Zeta. They are saying it was a Cat 3 storm. Winds over 111 mph. The east winds came first and were stronger and longer. The eye went right over us. It was calm for over 30 minutes and then the wind switch to the west and went from 0 to 100 in one second. I was outside and it was crazy. Had to get in quick. they say 3-4 days for electricity for us. My buddy in New Orleans says they told him 7-10 days. So many poles down. Running a generator so pretty comfortable except for the Internet. On the phone only at the moment. So many stories.
  3. The eye went right over us. Dead calm for over 30 minutes. Did you get any weather
  4. Fishfiles


    Mel , I hope I know the difference between a generator and a lawn mower engine running , if you catch my drift of a fish story that has been told , LOL Was just telling the wife we need to get a automatic stand by generator set , as the lights are flickering as I type
  5. Fishfiles


    I have been thru a lot of hurricanes > This is the craziest one I ever been thru > the winds are steady building and it is still on a direct track to put the eye over our house >>> when I was a kid and we lived in New Orleans , Hurricane Betsy went right over our house , I remember going outside with my Dad when the winds suddenly stopped and looking up at the funnel in the dead calm , then the winds started back the other way and that was a powerful hurricane -----
  6. What the He!! ATV Contest of the month going on , on the old site , it has been a while now and only 2 votes cast > Wheeler got one vote and it was me > help a brother out ---Go Wheeler with that awesome 300 ---- LOL https://www.hondaatvforums.net/threads/october-2020-honda-atv-of-the-month-voting.133614/#post-1316312
  7. Fishfiles


    Thanks for the prayers , I remember that storm , lights have flickered quite a few times , DirecTV going on and off , they are already reported how many thousands out of power ---- phones , ipad , and 10 Ryobi batteries charged , filled the tubs with water , if the electricity goes out , the wife will empty the well holding tank in no time , so if you got a tub of water and a bucket you can flush the toilets ----- starting to really blow now , I'd guess 35+
  8. Fishfiles


    Hmmm, them last 4 were stretched out a little much for me , LOL
  9. Today , I learned the bolt on hitch of the 500 and the 2nd gen 450 (2002-2004) are the same , never knew that
  10. Fishfiles


    Changed the channel for the storm coverage , this channel has the storm about 3 hours sooner to me than the other channel , the speed of travel increased to 25mph , 105 sustained winds , 122 gust and could soon be upgraded a Cat3 storm ---- my house should get the middle / eye for 8:15
  11. Thanks Shade' >>> I got to give credit to Shade as he was the one that told me to move the engine back to gain some chain slack I didn't do anything to the bike today , storm prep and the dentist took up my day
  12. Fishfiles


    oh400ex ---- I must have been having a bad day , I revisited that Dirty Head song Scott' posted , I didn't really like it that much the first time I listen to it and didn't give it a like back then , after listening to it a second time I gave it a like and would listen to it again , they are kind of raggea -----
  13. LOL < Shade called it , you got to kick it like you mean it !!!!! >>>>> And it can have a mean kick back I use Seafoam , a double shot glass in every tank Brakes can go either way , hard and expensive or quick and easy --- who am I kidding > good luck with that !!! I done a bunch of seat covers , I get marine vinyl at the fabric store , $ 5 worth to cover a seat , it helps to have a air stabler
  14. You keep hanging with me and your going to get not in a hurry !!! Finish that project so you can start a new one !!! LOL What's next ?
  15. I'd call it a flush head plow bolt
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