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    32 this morning in Lacombe
  2. Got issues with this pic , I had a Ford with the same winch set up thru the back plate , and learned when the battery is under water , after a couple of minutes , the winch don't work no more ---
  3. I think I would want a couple of more laps on mine
  4. My friend Ricky D had a 70 Challenger with 3 deuces of it , he said it was a nightmare , said the carbs would over flow and fill the engine with gas >>>>>> 5 carbs would be totally chaios --- I think that with 5 carbs flowing , you would measure gallons per mile , like 1.5 gallons per 1 mile
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    Where the superheros when you need them
  6. Day after Halloween clean up crew , PumpkinSpice sno-balls , yum !!!!
  7. Fishfiles


    I thought I know the words
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