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  1. I put hangers on the sewer pipes , incase the ground subsides >>> put a layer of 6 mil Visqueen to acts as a condensation barrier --- I am not a framer as you can see , LOL >>>
  2. I agree , I think it is wiring or an electrical component ---- I was really busy today , but I did charge up my camera / scope , tomorrow , I hope to try and stick it around the wiring and see if I can see any damage without pulling plastics , this is a favor job --- he said no hurry , I got to hunting season , LOL
  3. Pee Wee Herman running the Norwegians out of Ireland !!!
  4. Fishfiles


    You'll Great Northerners talk about hurricanes , snakes and mosquitos being bad down here in the Dirty Deep South <<<< I seen in the news this morning , what about avalanches , WOW < God Bless and RIP the souls lost in that one in Colorado recently
  5. Fishfiles


    It is 30 degrees this morning here in Lacombe , WOW , that snuck in on me Have a Happy Spring Equinox 2023 Monday, March 20 Spring 2023 technically starts at 5:24 p.m. Eastern time Monday, when the sun will be moving directly over the Earth’s equator — the central line between the North Pole and the South Pole — bringing almost equal minutes of daylight and darkness all around the globe. That moment is widely known as the spring equinox, but some people call it the March equinox or the vernal equinox. Here are some other interesting facts about the first day of spring.
  6. I think I remember that , was it said " snow covered Can-Ams are magically delicious "
  7. If the wrist pin journal has a loose fit , the piston will wobble , which will in turn egg shape the bore , you won't get very long from a rebuild , I find it is about 100 hours of time ------ the wrist pin journal is the end of the connecting rod where the piston mounts , which the connecting rod is pressed onto the crank , very good chance you need a crank after 4 rebuilds that were short lived ----
  8. Hi Brava , Welcome to the forum >>>> I would ask , after being rebuilt 4 times >>> what you calling a rebuild ? was it all just upper rebuilds ? was the case ever split and cleaned out ? , was a new crank ever installed ? >>> if the connecting rod is loose , or trash is in the lower , a upper rebuild is not going to last
  9. Don't know where the old carb is , likely thrown away The fuel gauge and the clock / time are both flashing if that means anything I think I need to take the plastics off , cause I do see some chew marks under the front fender , on a green wire going to the power outlet >>>> I think I am going charge up my camera / scope and try to look before pulling it apart
  10. Hi Mel !! Help me out here , where to hook the meter up and how to perform this voltage test
  11. Maybe if I change the terminology from a backfire to a misfire ------- in this case I am about 99.9% sure it is not a timing problem , cause like I have said , the problem comes and goes , it will run perfect for a few minutes >>>> as far as I know timing doesn't do that , it is either out of time or in time , it can't fluctuate for long periods ----
  12. National News --- St Patty Day Parade - March 18 , 2023 - Can-Am Social Club / Bozeman , Montana Chapter ---
  13. I have seen the problem come and go , if it were timing , i think it would be messed up all the time ------ I rode this bike around and everything was great , stopped it , started it again and it went back to running bad , seen that happen at least three times now ------ you mentioned " Limp Mode " , that would be a good way to explain the way it runs , sounds like a rev limiter not allowing it to go high speed , it is spitting and sputtering --- Here is something different that happened yesterday , I was trying it without the air box lid off as per Toodeep's advice , and it lightly backfired once while reving it hard and letting off , it won't that with the lid on --- I know a backfire makes you think timing
  14. I think I remember that tower pic ----- our well is 12 ft above sea level and 400 foot deep on a 2 inch pipe and 2 hp motor
  15. I know when Retro shipped me his custom made dual fan control / thermo gauge Gizmo for my 450 , it was so complete , with everything connector , heat shrink , tie straps ,screw , nut bolt , etc , etc , that you could ever think of , with all the instructions , lined up to the tee
  16. Wow , great info , thank you , this thread had been very helpful to me !!!! It is an OEM carb and the numbers match up I just went and ran it with the airbox lid off , no difference The adjustment of the TPS has not been messed with you can see the paint on the screws from the factory in the pic The fuel is clean / the plug was new , but I better pull it and look at it again When someone comes over I will try and feel the exhaust I have all the brake switches unplugged and removed the extension harness to the TPS When the problem started ---- A little history , it has 1885 miles and 486 hours , I know the original owner , it was a hunting only atv , he quit hunting and it sat for a few years , another guy I know bought it , cleaned the tank , changed the carb with a new OEM , he used it on his farm lightly for a couple of years with no problems , gave it to his son , my friend , he took it to his hunting land in Mississippi , it was there for 2 years with no problem , it has never been 4wheeling , from what he says and I have seen too , this atv will run great , then malfunction , I have found mouse damage already , trying to look and feel up in there , my have to take all the plastics off When you say throttle plunger>>>?
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