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  1. Gas . And the price is going up , $2.09 a gallon for non-ethanal ...
  2. Looks like a T-Rex standing on the ground in front
  3. No hugs or hand shakes >>> A corona knuckle knock !!!
  4. One thing is for sure CFMoto is junk !!!
  5. I was a little hard on you 'Monkey , sorry if I fluffed your fur >>> Shoot , " it'll buff out " >>> I think I suffer from Geometrical OCD , everything needs to be in it's proper place , when I looked at that cut it sent shock waves thru my entire body , I am going to have bad dreams tonight of a band of flying monkey with a Dremel cut on my atv plastics , LOL
  6. I remember my Mom use to say , " I never seen nobody wear out shoes like you , I need to bring you to a foot doctor cause that isn't normal ", I learned to ride wheelies on my Honda CT70 by dragging my feet , ate up some shoes learning - I could ride a wheelie for a mile after learning how ----
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