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  1. Hi Jeep: Did you cure the problem ??
  2. Now that is looking for trouble for sure -- gone to the limit of being stupid
  3. We have the same trucks here (not painted up like those) they haul gravel -- they have a conveyor belt bottom for unloading.
  4. I would start with looking at where the new wiring was connected to the old wiring coming into the house for a bad connection on the neutrals.
  5. Hi -- you have lost the Neutral some place.
  6. Your are great at getting things done ☺️
  7. Hi: One other thing to try may have high resistance -- unplug the CDI connector and remove the wire off the positive post of battery -- then put meter on Ohm scale -- check from the BL/W on CDI connector to the wire removed from battery -- should read zero
  8. Battery test --- place your meter on the battery -- take note of the battery reading -- leave meter on battery-- turn on head light for one minute and then turn off -- battery voltage should ramp back up to voltage before turning lights on.
  9. Do you have a headlight on the ATV?
  10. Okay -- Unplug the CDI and make sure you have 12vdc at the connector G/W to BI/W when cranking over the ATV
  11. Any other tests you will need a Peak Voltage Adapter to test with your meter. Voltage at the Ign. coil should be100 VDC & 0.7 VDC at pulse coil
  12. Try this -- put meter on AC scale - place red meter lead under BL/Y connector on the ign. coil make sure BL/Y wire is on coil -- black lead on neg of battery -- crank motor see if you get ac volts
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