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  1. In this part of the country in winter and spring we are pushing ice flows on large water ways on roads, trails and streams -- fan stays on without any problems -- never heard anyone cracking a engine case -- this goes on every year.
  2. Do you have a Torque Wrench that reads Inch lbs. 7x 12 = 84 " lbs
  3. Lot of saws will leak oil if stored in sheds that get vary hot inside -- it pays not to fill the oil to the top.
  4. Check to be sure there is not 2 cones in there or something else
  5. Hi: Did the new bearing come with the cone also?
  6. Hi; Did you remove the old tapper bearing cone?
  7. Hi: It will shift 1-2-3 in ESP -- could be bad connectors -- Shift drum position switch -- speed switches Will not shift in Auto -- could be bad connectors -- Hydraulic problem -- solenoid not getting power -- low oil -- speed switches No magic here -- just check things out
  8. Melatv

    Unknown part??

    Hi: I have a TRX420 FPA --- part # 31710-H5-651 Rectifier RECTIFIER ASSY. (31710-HP5-651) | MotoSport
  9. Melatv

    Unknown part??

    Hi: Dose you bike have power steering?
  10. Melatv


    Hi Fish: Will miss you my friend -- Look after yourself thanks Mel
  11. Hi: Big Welcome Here
  12. Still going over the wiring diagram as well -- Retro we need to have this bike to solve the problem.
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