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  1. @Mach 1 just info -- The CKP (crankshaft position sensor) send a 0.7 VAC (using PVA to test) to the PCM (ECM) -- then the PCM send a pulse to G/Y wire on the Ign. Coil to only pulse it to ground to fire the spark plug. Now with the PCM (ECM) being bad – which was holding the ground on the Ign. Coil (G/Y) wire for ever causing it heat up and damage it. That G/Y wire should away read infinity when not running the atv.
  2. @jeepwm69 -- I like your way you doing things -- stick with it -- try and try -- ending up solving the problem.
  3. Hi -- The green/yellow should read infinity -- that wire is pulled to ground by the PCM -- unplug the Gray 33P connector from the PCM -- unplug the Green/yellow wire on the coil and check that wire for continuity of that wire to ground -- it should read infinity -- if it does the PCM is at fault.
  4. HI @Green Bay Mike -- are touching the gas lever when starting -- if so don't
  5. What is cause of the gouges on the fly wheel ? must be loose metal some where
  6. HI @retro & @jeepwm69 I would un tape everything around that solder connector -- make everything right and try it. If still a problem then ECM or other things are the problem. The harness is a good deal if the person is willing to buy it first without cost to you.
  7. Hi -- the wires with just the insulation covering just chew off -- use Permatex Liquid Electrical Tape -- I don't like using those heat shrink tubes with solder in them -- because the wires have to be perfectly clean -- solder the connections tape them good -or use crimped connectors and liquid tape the ends.
  8. I see chewed wires there and other things that would cause the problem -- @retro good to find time to help out.
  9. Unplug the green connector (14pin) going to the display meter --see if voltage goes up
  10. With black meter lead on neg of battery -- check the voltage on each little gray dot on top of ign. fuse
  11. Can stick a pin or something sharp into the Bl/R wire at the fuse block to take a reading
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