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  1. HI: You have to pull the brake switch to start the bike
  2. I also split a lot of fire wood with the Chopper
  3. Melatv


    Wheeler -- That is cold for sure -- we had heat wave here this morning -10 feels like -19 with the wind
  4. Melatv


    Hi: Real nice day here today.
  5. Hi: Somethings to check Fuel injector Air Filter Ign. timing Breather cap Muffler Compression
  6. Hi: Big Welcome Here
  7. Keep us updated on the 420
  8. Hi: There maybe a problem with the relay contacts -- try jumping the relay contacts.
  9. Melatv


    TB it's still snowing here -- remember gas & chainsaw is man's best friend when out in the woods -- I always carry one 4 seasons of the year.
  10. Hi: Big Welcome Here
  11. Melatv


    Hi: It been snowing here all day -- 8" on the ground so far -- ice isn't safe as yet -- here is a picture of a small SxS & ATV on their side after going into a washout. This was in the Miramichi area of New Brunswick Canada yesterday.
  12. Hi: Big Welcome Here
  13. Melatv


    Hi: Big Welcome Here
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