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  1. Hi: What is the voltage on the Ign. coil when it's acting up?
  2. HI Jeep: The PTO switch has to be off -- key sw on -- the schematic is not complete -- connector to engine harness & B & S engine harness need to be showing before figuring it out.
  3. That good @Goober always something one can come up with to work things out.
  4. Hi: What I have used to solve the problem -- is cut a piece of 1/4 flat bar to fit and weld a nut to it. Hope this will help -- also square stock or tube steel will work if you can find the right size.
  5. This is the info on the angle sensor
  6. Check the shift solenoid connectors for corrosion -- you can also apply 12 VDC to each solenoid -- should hear a sound --- Black & Brown connectors
  7. Hi: You can get a service manual at top of page --- go to section 13 - 34 and do the checks with a good meter -- sorry I can't stay with you with this -- I am very busy with things here
  8. Hi: Is the small red wire on the solenoid terminal post with the large wire going to the positive post of the battery? If not put the red wire on the solenoid terminal that is going to the positive of the battery.
  9. Hi: When you say jump the solenoid are you jumping across the 2 large terminals? --- if so move the small red wire to the other large terminal post.
  10. Hi: Use a set of Calipers or tape measure from the tip to tip red -- then tip to tip green --- when adjusting to get them the same
  11. Very sorry for the lost of your Sister
  12. HI: This may help -- Cut a V notch see picture
  13. Melatv


    HI: This maybe what you are looking for
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