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  1. I lived in New Toronto for 4 years (1962) -- worked at ECA
  2. Hi: That is great news you found the problem -- have fun -- be safe --- where do you live?
  3. Hi: If you have a meter to test with unplug the D1 D2 connector In the D1 position you should have continuity on all 3 wires O + Bu/Bl + Bl/G In the D2 position you should have continuity on Bu/Bl + Bl/G only also O + G only The gear position was that a new or used?
  4. Hi: Is the gear indicator on the display flashing a code? or is it shown N
  5. Hi: Big Welcome Here ---- This may help --- Wrong Picture
  6. Hi: Big Welcome Here
  7. Hi: Thanks -- Working on this fellows bike -- was asked what the 6 stands for -- now we both know
  8. Hi: What does the 6 stand for?
  9. Fish: Get rested up -- stay focus -- be safe -- pace your self
  10. Hi: Use rubbing alcohol & winter green to soften rubber -- machinist at the Pulp Mill told me about it -- cover it if alcohol & winter green for about 5 days -- had the ratio mix but can't find it. Here is a picture of the bottle I got at the Pharmacy The Machinist even use to free up rusted bolts
  11. Hi: You can get Winter Green in drug store ask for it at the Pharmacy
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