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  1. Melatv


    We go about 2" of snow here last night --
  2. Yes I hear you "FF" -- my friend has a Can-am which I do the maintenance for him -- one needs 4 hands to do some of the work on it -- good riding bike -- but a pain to work on.
  3. Hi: A fellow here put one on his bike -- but took it off after finding the hard way -- hit something on the trail you grab the handle bar tight -- throttle is moved forward bike is out of control -- riding while standing up you can't control the throttle. -- so be careful
  4. Hi; Big Welcome Here --- first clean all that oil off so you can see where it's leaking.
  5. Melatv


    Having a heat wave here now
  6. Yes -- as said above check the grounds -- remove and clean
  7. Check the connector first
  8. Hi: That would be the O2 sensor (code 23) -- sensor is located on the muffler
  9. Have you tried WD40 with a little bit heat and tapping lightly on the spot where it's stuck?
  10. Hi: Big Welcome Here
  11. Melatv

    New to fourum

    Hi: Big Welcome Here
  12. Hi Fish: My dad was born in Czechoslovakia --
  13. Service manual for you https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12hzs10L_Gwu0aVyp8vhmEXNdf2N2P7tk
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