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  1. HI: This maybe your problem -- check the large wire from the positive of the battery going to to the solenoid -- the 2 small red wire should go on the stud with that large wire.
  2. Hi: Here is a good read for red hot exhaust 12 Most Common Reasons for a Glowing Red Hot ATV Exhaust | BoostATV.com
  3. Melatv


    Hi: If you still have the FMC connected on your 450 -- it only gets it 12VDC from the FMC -- the sensor tells the FMC to turn the fan on.
  4. Melatv


    Section 20-2
  5. Melatv


    I have the same service manual -- Fan motor -- section 20-2
  6. Melatv


    Where do you see that in the service manual?
  7. Melatv


    That is the Fan motor not the engine Section 20-2
  8. Melatv


    Hi: I have never found a ATV that the Fan Motor Control would shut down the CDI -- that would be a unsafe thing to do -- can you see a ATV climbing a ice or slipper hill and the bike shut off -- when needed the power to get to the top safely what going to happen to the ATV & ATVer? As far as the 86 350 the is no connection (no Connection) between the Fan Motor controller and the CDI Some of the newer ATV will go into limp mode -- but not shut down The Fan Motor Control only controls the Oil Temp Light and Fan motor when the Oil Temperature Sensor is calling for the Fan to turn on.
  9. There are places here in New Brunswick Canada where ATV's use streets along with cars -- even parking place for ATV at some stores. Green line shows ATV routes to places to eat & shop. We also Highway usage permits on some roads to get to ATV trails.
  10. Hi: The coil needs a 100 + on the primary side-- I noticed that the wiring diagram (21-1) has the wrong color code on the N&R change switch -- refer to section 18-0 to change it to make it right.
  11. Melatv

    Wife is Sick

    Very sorry to hear about what your wife is going through -- hope everything goes well.
  12. Melatv


    Birds are skating on the bird bath this morning
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