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  1. keep it..i'm sure the sheep could use it...lol.
  2. until '' we the people '' make a stand ?, it wont just go away.
  3. most times ( in all my years of engine building ) cylinder to ring gap is pretty common...YOU MUST HAVE SOME GAP !. but !!!, its not critical either..what is critical is the end gap. the oil rings is where you must focus. i'm not saying the other two rings should not be checked ?!..but you start with the oil rings. if the oil rings are loose, large end gaps ?, what will happen is oil gets past the top two rings..and ..well..here you have a smoking engine. I ALWAYS CHECK MY RING END GAP !. if they are wide ?, then i will not waste my time installing them. and no..i do not use feeler gauges !..lol. i go by sight..you just learn what will work ?..and what wont work in 30 yrs of doing this..lol.
  4. i never go by ring clearance on cylinder walls..why ?, because i always have my cylinders freshly bored..lol. what i DO check: is end gap on the new rings, even brand new rings from the factory has been known to be off.
  5. Does anyone know who is behind all these jab manufacturing ?..THE GOV !. Does anyone know who profits from the jab ?..THE GOV !. Does anyone know how much money dr freaky makes off all his lies ?..MILLIONS !. Does anyone know why the gov does not want you to take this Ivermectin ?..BECAUSE THE GOV WILL LOOSE MILLIONS !. i find it very...VERY odd to say the least..its been over a year sense all this crap broke out..been around some that claimed to get/have covid back then...AND I MEAN W'ERE TALKING ABOUT 2FT AWAY ?!..and to this day, i've been fine..( other than getting older..lol ), so, screw it..i'll take my chances with the way i want to live my life..not the gov trying to tell me what/how/when..not gonna happen !.
  6. from the looks of the top of the piston pic you posted ^^^, that is a ton of oil burnt on the valve area. when you rebuilt the top end, what kit , as in..did you use the complete kit, piston, rings, cylinder, all new ?, if you just used a new piston with new rings, and just used your old cylinder ?, then that maybe your problem. a worn connecting rod wont be good either. any time i rebuild a top end, i make sure the rings fit the cylinder, by pushing them each down into the cylinder to check for fit, if the end gap is too much ?, it will smoke !. its also very posb you bent a ring while installing the cylinder down on the piston. one thing i have learned in all my years of working on atv's and rebuilding engines ?..DO NOT RUSH THE JOB !.
  7. i'm not much for pieces falling apart ( once they do ), but that one piece looks like it may have came from the electric shift motor brush ?, don't qoute me on this !..lol. i tend to stay away from any electric shift motor atv, as i have found out, they are more trouble than what they are worth in my book. a few things i can tell you about them when they don't shift i do know !. one: the angle sensor is ( or was ) one of the big down falls. second: the shifting shaft is a weak link to the shift drum. last but not least, the ecu/c.d.i. has been known to cause problems on electric shifts..but not many.
  8. i must say, in all the new oem grips i have installed on my rebuilds ?, not once have i ever used any kind of glue to keep the grips from turning, slipping off. maybe its because i paint the bars thick enough, it does not need any glue ?. i just spray the grip's inside with some wd-40, a tad on the bars, slide them on, done deal.
  9. you do know...SCOTUS is dirty...rigth ?. our country is screwed..ammo up !.
  10. a clogged fuel injector will make it run lean. check the air filter too.
  11. i'm all for oem, never would i '' jerry rig '' wires on my toys. if funds is an issue ?, then just install a fan bypass switch, be done with it.
  12. lol, sounds like some of my worst days from the past eh ?..lol.
  13. 9 out of 10 times, a red hot exhaust tells me the engine is running lean ?, or the exhaust system is stopped up ?. chances for either are 50-50 shot.
  14. he can't ( or shall i say , shouldn't ? ) run anything larger than 25's on this atv, least not without rubbing fenders without a lift kit ?, and lift kits on these do not work well over time. i had to mod the rear fender on my '89 trx350d, 25's were to big, would rub the inner rear fender, had to move the foot guard forward..remember ?.
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