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  1. for starters, 60 lbs is NOT the weight limit on the hitch ball !, maybe for the rear rack ?..but deff not the weight limit for the hitch ball !. most trx300fw's had a weight limit on the ball around 300-400 lbs i think it was ?.
  2. now this is a great buy ^^^ !!!, honda wants over 1k for the oem mufflers, and i need a muffler for my '04 trx450fm project, got one lined out for later on.
  3. i have done a few mufflers just like this thread ^^^, cut off the very end, pull/dumb broken pieces out, re-weld the end right back on, very easy to do.
  4. i've got the outer cover that was on the old meter, its not cracked, but it is rough looking, prob could polish it up ?, but i bought a brand new cover from honda. i'll prob still send the old meter to AKATV, let him fix it, and have a spare for my '03 if and when ever it finally decides to die yrs down the road ?..lol.
  5. no, they wont. the buckets attach different on the later model 450's, from '98 to 2001, the buckets attach to the front fender with 10mm bolts. from 2002 to 2004 the buckets attach to the front fender with 4 screws that have tabs that hang down off the underside of the fender. all headlights for the trx300fw's will swap out to every model for them, but they will not work with direct fit for the trx450's. some one drilled and bolted those trx300fw headlights, and attached them to trx450fm/es plastic buckets, i'll bank on this !.
  6. thanks bro !. my other meter is not black at all ?, but the top glass/plastic that is part of the LCD screen looks like someone took some rough sand paper to it ?!..lol. under that part, which is the LCD screen, its pretty clear, no signs of burnt anywhere that i can see ?. but hopefully this meter will work out great, not worried about the miles/hours..i still have paper work to prove i rebuilt the engine.
  7. update: as promised, here is the meter and engine all done, have not painted the engine yet, on break right now..lol.
  8. anywayyyyyy, AKATV, here is another meter i got today, does it look good enough to use as is ?, i think so. i have a new cover from honda to put back on the top. as u can see, the old cover is bad, and cracked..lol. i do not know if it powers up ?, this came off a parts 450fm atv at my buds place. i got this, and the throttle/switch for free..soo, can't beat that with a stick !.
  9. i have paypal, have zelle too, but it takes money in the bank to use both !..lol.
  10. he also needs to set up to take credit cards..lol.
  11. update: well, after posting to AKATV about my meter, i made a trip to catfishes bone yard today while i was out at his house this morning, removed the meter from the parts bike 450fm, all 4 studs twisted out of the back side, no big deal, did get the meter off, removed the top cover, and luck has it ( not saying much for me lately ! ) the screen is in great shape !. i do have a brand new top cover from honda to put on it, not sure if it works or not ?, will find out way later. also got the throttle cable off with the 2wd-4wd switch. it still has the front and back end drive system, i may or may not need any of this yet ?, wont know until later..but at least its there if i need it !. ( yes...all this does not cost me a dime ), but i do work with him building atvs..so we barter back and forth like this a lot. i'll post some pics of the meter i got later on when i finish putting the engine back together, and post a pic of that as well.
  12. 300 headlights are all metal, 400,450 headlights are plastic. only sub-headlight that comes close to either of these 400 and 450 are the trx350 ranchers, which they too are plastic, but !!. where the bulb goes in, they twist in to attach the harness, where is on the 400 and 450 ( spec the later yr 450 ) the bulbs screw into the housing instead of twist in.
  13. rofl..yep..no need for a security system or dog..not when you got a loaded shop !..rofl.
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