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  1. update: a few more things done last night ( 7-4-2022 ), got the tub down in its place, floor had to be cut for the drain to drop down through in order for the tub drain to let the tub sit flat, tub walls together, all went together great. got the walls built, door is just sitting in the wall frame, i started at 8:30pm, worked until 3:00am, drove home, was 4am when i got home, crashed.
  2. derf nailed it daddy, you have the engine on wrong stroke.
  3. here is a pic of the bathroom going back together, i got more done last night on the walls, ran out of lumber, but did get one wall up, but no pic, i worked until midnight last night, got home, crashed.
  4. '' So how do you decide if it’s on the compression stroke if the head is off to check the timing '' this has been said sooooooo many times on the forums here, but i'll try to lay it out once more..i need to make a sticky on this ?..as i'm getting kinda worn out by explaining to members on how to set and adjust timing on atv ( honda's ) engines..lol. by watching the intake valve ( valves ) ?, you can tell which stroke you have the piston set when doing timing. with the piston on TDC ( top dead center ), you rocker box off, rotate the pull starter ( if you have on ? ) with a 17mm ratchet and socket counter clockwise, as you are doing this..watch the intake valve, if it starts to go down when turning the crank backwards ?, then slowly turn the crank back to line up the tab on the pull starter ( the tang has a line on it ) it lines up with the raised arrow behind the pull starter stamped in the case cover, line these up. check the site hole for the letter T, make sure these are lined up, piston should be on TDC. if for some reason when you first started turning the crank backwards, and the intake valve did not start to go down ?, then slowly turn the crank to where you first started, then keep turning it all the way around until the timing marks line back up on the pull starter, then from here..rotate the crank backwards slowly...the intake valve SHOULD ?..start to go down, if it does, turn it clockwise back to the timing marks on the pull starter and stator case, adjust the valves, lock them down, DONE !.
  5. welcome, my money say's you got the timing off ?, or your throttle body is not working right ?. if it was running before you did the top end ?, then chances are, you got the timing off 180. check to make sure you got the timing set on the valves for compression stroke ?, you prob set them on exhaust stroke ?, it must be set on compression stroke.
  6. update: got the floor down, toilet back down, all paneling up, ceiling painted ( no pic of ceiling ), vanity put back in after flooring was down. this was my very first time doing vinyl flooring , it turned out pretty good for my first time, hated the sticky glue part of doing it..i think i got more on me than the floor ??..lol. i should have rented a heavy roller to roll over it to work it down more ?, but i just used my hands to work the bubbles out. the flooring wood should have been partical board , but i used what i call wafer board, and the large chips '' kinda '' ( not too bad though ) show through the vinyl ?..but hey..its just a lake house/shack/ home away from home that beats sleeping in a tent . ( which i will never do again !! ). it is starting to looking like a decent place once again..and i am very pleased with the way it is turning out :-). i had one heck of a time unrolling the 12x20 feet roll of vinyl inside the bedroom that is only 9x16 !! once i got it unrolled, i pre-cut the length and width to be higher than the end walls, and same with the side walls. once i got that done, i pulled the flooring back half way, then put down the glue, then got behind the roll, and pushed it to the end wall, then repeated the process to get the other half of the room down. yesterday was a very bad day working down there, i left the house at 3am, headed down to cabin, on the way there, i ran over an arkansas gator ( everyone knows what a state highway gator is..right ? ) that was on I-40 !, when i seen it in my lane ?, it was too late to avoid hitting it, got to cabin, went in..started the floor work, got half way gluing floor down, discovered i did not get enough glue ?!..crap..ok..i'll put the toilet down, NOPE !!..the toilet flange kit i bought would not work !..well crap..ok..i'll drive back home..grab some more glue and pick up another wax ring, got home, unhooked trailer, went back down to cabin, got the rest of floor down, got toilet down. time to unbox new shower combo, got the surround opened, moved it to bed room, opened bath tub, only to find out a section THAT WAS COVERED IN THICK STYROFOAM AT THAT !!!..was cracked big time !!!..omfg..you have got to be kidding me ??!!. i'm 50 miles from homedepot, not a closer store near me..well..that's it..i'm going back home. i stopped off at home depot, got another tub, drove the rest of the way home..parked my butt here. siting here now after waking up, trying to gather my wits about making another drive back down there to try and get the bathroom walls built ?..lol.
  7. '' new regulator '' is this amazon or ebay..or did you get it from honda ?. if its ebay or amazon ?, i would not trust it as far as i could toss it !. yes..oem is pricy ?, but at least you get to keep your hair !..lol.
  8. lol..i hate it too...but...its really simple to understand on this problem.
  9. you are correct, the gear position switch acts like a ground contact. when the hot side ( wire harness ) see's 12vdc to the switch, and you are sure you are in neutral ?, what you are doing is grounding the switch, this in turn lights up the dash neutral light. in other words..like i said..the harness side is hot at all times when the key is on. the way i test my switches, i clip the test light to the ground side on battery, then i probe the harness side after i turn key on, if my test light light's up ?, then this tells me i am getting 12vdc to the switch, but the switch is not grounding like it should..and lighting dash light. you can not clip test light to pos terminal on battery, and probe harness side..but you can probe the switch side to see if it is grounded when in neutral ? . it all depends on which way i am checking for either power to switch ?, or switch to ground ?..
  10. do not clip the test light to the battery pos !!!..it goes to battery ground !!!, harness side is always hot when key is on, did you miss the short yellow bus today ??..lol.
  11. i deleted fakebook right after the election crap, tossed that scum to the curb. nothing but lefties on there that go against anything you say that hurts their poor feelings..lol.
  12. with key on, use a 12 vdc test light, grounded to battery on neg side, then poke the neutral connector on harness side leading to gear position switch, it should light up when you probe the connector. most honda's neutral wire on harness side is '' hot '' when key is turn on leading to gear position switch. be sure to re-check all fuses in fuse box to make sure they are getting power across the fuse coming in, and going out.
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