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  1. haha..i was thinking the very same thing !. missed both times..maybe he shoulda had a beretta instead of a glock ?..hmmm.
  2. lousy shot for sure !..lol.
  3. ok, it seems honda just made them do different things..lol. i leave mine all stock for the most part.
  4. do you have a source for cables ?, what about any parts for these ?. i used to know where a couple of these were, one for sure still on atv, pretty sure the cable is frozen. the other one was in pieces if my memory serves me correct ?. i think if i could round the parts one up, send it to you, let you rebuild it, pay you some rebuild cash, i could make a good profit from at least one of them. the full one just needs a cable, as i know very well, this is why warn stopped making them.
  5. please note: not all 450's operate the same as far as the light switch goes to turn the lights on, and low/high beam work different as far as the lower lights, and pod light. '02-'04 all lights come on at once, in other words, you can not turn the lowers on, without the upper pod light on. '98-'01, it seems the lights work different, lowers work on low/high beam, and the upper pod light can be turned off and on from what i've discovered. please make sure you check this out before you go tossing light bulbs on it !.
  6. getting the rear drive shaft out is a lot of work, just man-handle it up on the trailer. got a come-along ?, block and tackle and some rope ?.unhook the trailer from your truck/car, block the wheels on trailer, tie a chain or rope to the front, drag it up on the trailer with your truck/car. there is always more than one way to skin a cat..lol.
  7. get the flywheel off, inspect the one-way bearing. also, DO NOT USE ANY CHEAP KNOCK-OFF STATOR FROM EBAY !, THEY ARE CHINA MADE...NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE. hit fish up on his offer, i'd toss used oem in that engine b4 i used a china part all day long. i do not have a spare stator laying around ?, or i'd let you have it.
  8. replace the cam chain !. now is the time to do this while the engine is on the bench. i only use oem or D.I.D. cam chains, fairly cheap on ebay. they run about 40 something bucks, worth every dime.
  9. to add to fish's list of stator's ^^, the trx400fm also has the very same stator if my memory serve's me right ?. just not sure if they will swap out for the es model's ?, i do not work on es models much at all.
  10. shadetree


    now this is a t-shirt i need hanging in my closet !..lol.
  11. sooo..we went from dumpster diving..to dumpster driving now ?..lol.
  12. even with putting a bore scope in the cylinder, this will not show a stuck or bent valve, unless !!, you aim it up towards the valves ?, which i have no clue about this..as i have never done this. i'd start with pulling the head, try turning it over , see if it rotates all the way around. once the head is off, then you can see if a valve is stuck open. only time i have ran across a piston not going all the way over is when the piston was hitting something ?, or a broken gear teeth jammed on the crank gear ?. please keep us posted on what you find !.
  13. neutral switch is inside that cover, only hot when key is on.
  14. also, we need the year, make, model. i see you posted just a 200sx ^^ ?, but you posted this thread in the sport section, only model 200sx i know of is the utility version. if this is the case ?, this thread needs to be moved to the utility section instead of being in the sport section.
  15. pick a seller, make sure its a shindy carb rebuild kit !. --> trx200sx shindy carb kit for sale | eBay
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