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  1. my .02's worth, SRA, manual shift, PS i can do without, 4x4 is a must have with a warn winch, roller fair lead all the way !. i'd stay clear of the trx420's..they are junk in my book.
  2. eh..no..IT MUST BE IN YOUR HANDS !..sorry about your theft bro...sucks big time.
  3. i bet ya , if ya did not have that beer belly ?, these wheelies would be far an few apart ?!..lol.
  4. gonna go with the friction disk are worn out ?, or the clutch cable needs adjusting ?.
  5. sorry, i do not run anything on my atv but stock. what i can tell ya is..if you want more light ?, deff use LED !
  6. like retro said ^^^ put some oil in the cam lobe well, top on...RUN IT !.
  7. seem's too me ?..all your prob's is cuz yer working on a es model !..rofl.
  8. i can tell ya right now, thats too much of a load on the charging system for that atv.
  9. in other words..cam lobes with timing marks must face down in the head when you line up the marks.
  10. you can get the piston on top dead center on both the compression stroke and exhaust stroke !. you want compression stroke !!.
  11. yep, looks good to me..piston on top dead center ?.
  12. no video ?, but i rebuilt a top end on a trx400fm years ago, started right up, then had the loudest knocking noise i've ever heard ?!. tore the head back off, seen the problem right off the bat !. some how ...do not know how or where from ???, a screw got sucked through the carb, into the intake, and got settled on top of the piston, and was getting hammered to death !!. so, word from the wise, when doing top end work ?, ALWAYS MAKE SURE ALL SCREWS ARE TIGHT ANY WHERE NEAR THE CARB..AND INSIDE THE CARB !..LOL.
  13. injector can also be dirty/clogged.
  14. oh come on ya'll..please dont' turn this into a rocket project !..lol. its bad enough we have to help members fix their atvs ?..now ya wanna explain how to make them break the sound barrier !..rofl.
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