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  1. haha..i think most of us fall into the old spot !..lol.
  2. wow, can not believe no one wants to own a classic '88 trx300fw for $ 2,500.00 ??!. hmm..well..its tax time, so maybe someone will buy it !.
  3. lol, i got mine same time i bought a new 14 ft john boat, my mistake on boat ?, i should have stuck with square nose instead of this v-nose..lol. and yea, i really miss my 25 hp , 2-stroke, getting to the fishing hole is a tad slower now, but it does get me there !..lol. almost 4k i paid for it when i bought it brand new back in '10. maybe 6 hrs on it sense then ?..lol.
  4. 37 bucks for a starter from D&B ?, pleaseeeeeeeee do not buy any starter from ebay or amazon !..lol. china junk !. shindy carb kit, unless you want to pay a ton of cash for oem ?, shindy is top notch. as far as my help ?, hey..this is how we are here !, you get stumped ?..ask away !.
  5. i am not to fond of my '10 , 25 hp, 4 stroke merc, its nothing like the old 25 hp 2-strokes were !. but it is quite, and good on gas , but as far as get-up-an-go ?..nope, hate it..lol.
  6. ok..great..we'll get you fixed up then !. first, get the correct spark plug, ngk is best. then, purchase a shindy carb rebuild kit, check out d&b electrical for a new starter, perhaps look into a new battery if yours is too far gone ?. while your waiting on all this, pull the fuel tank, dump out all that old gas, inspect your fuel line. plan on an oil change, wet clutch approved atv/motorcyle oil !. inspect the air filter, i use oem from honda, i do not like uni at all. new oil filter ( i believe that model still uses an oil filter ? )...MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT INSTALL THE OIL FILTER IN BACKWARDS !!!!!.
  7. your welcome. your first task is to find out if your starter is even any good ?. from what your posted ^^^ ?, it sounds like your starter is bad ?. with the way you tried to tap on it, it sounds to me , its time for a new starter or at the very least, maybe a new set of starter brushes ?. if it were me, i would go to D&B electrical online, and see if they have a starter for your year/make/model ?, i high recommend these ppl for thier starters !. but before you go tossing money at a starter, will it even crank by using the pull rope ?.
  8. ok, got your thread in right place.
  9. be sure to post a thread in the correct section !.
  10. after looking back through this thread, man, that frame is pretty bad !. i would have found me a better frame..lol. but i guess up where you are, frames are hard to come by ?.
  11. if toodeep does not find you that carb cover ?, i might have one laying around here somewhere ?. i also have both versions of skid plates/floor boards, which one do you want ?, stock ?, or after market type ?. i wont be putting the after market style back on this '88 i am working on, gonna go back stock, sooo..wont need it. i also have that air box to carb tube if ya want it ?. i dont have a air box lid, least not laying around here that is extra. seal it up with some epoxy, dont use rtv sealant !. just so you dont say '' but i'm tapped out of cash shadetree '' !!!, i'm not asking for any cash, but you will have to pay shipping !!.
  12. flywheel side is tapered on the end of the crank, but not the clutch side.
  13. parts add up very quick..this i know !..lol.
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