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  1. rear brake panel from the trx400fm/fw will swap out all day long if you can't find a 450 brake panel. all rear brake panels from 1998 to 2004 will work from a 450.
  2. you can do it easy. bottom front of carb next to boot intake, there is a jet screwed up into the carb, try turning it in ( up ) or down ( out ) very carefully at a time, listen to the idle on engine, while turning screw jet, idle will change higher or lower rpms. also check the spark plug color, this will tell you a lot if engine is running lean or rich ?.
  3. air /fuel mixture needs tweeking.
  4. brand new ?..yes..over time..the drum wears like that..normal.
  5. don't waste your time on that busted up wire harness. its not worth the time. fix it right , or don't fix it at all.
  6. powersports nation, or ebay is your best bet.
  7. finally got my new rims/tires in today, mounted them, and installed my side boards on the trailer. i think it turned out great !.
  8. get the idle set right, then try adjusting the clutch. at idle, once in gear, it should not die, or try moving under idle.
  9. i only use it to sell or buy on market place..other than this ?..no..i do not use it. fakebook can kiss my grits !.
  10. sometimes when they stall when put in gear ?..this tells me the c.d.i. is bad ?..this was an issue with the old trx350 fourtrax's back in the day. if its taking a sec or two to start moving when put in gear ?, this is a clutch issue.
  11. stick with 1st gen parts, as this will make it easier to get it up and running. regardless of what some sellers on..say ebay ?..say that all yrs are the same for the trx300fw ?..NO..THEY ARE NOT ALL THE SAME !. by this..i mean the electronics changed through the yrs. most engine parts ( not all ! ) are all the same. stators, reg/rec are not the same, c.d.i.'s are not the same. a few body parts changed..but most will swap over to your atv. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ELETRONIC FROM AMAZON !!!. they are china parts..cheap for a reason..its not wise to use any parts from amazon on this atv...EVER !. there is only one reason to use any china parts on these ?..ad this is if oem, used parts are no longer being made and sold ?..otherwise...DO NOT USE CHINA PARTS !.
  12. i sure hope you got this free ?..or very very cheap ?..lol. you wire harness is shot, you need a few parts...starter solenoid, maybe a starter ?, wire harness, battery ( do not run it without a battery ! ), ground cables, starter cables, ring gear, pinion gear, all new seals, bearings , the list goes on and on.
  13. shadetree

    4th of July

    happy 4th !.
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