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  1. why would i need to brush down a brand new kubota rim ?, and why would a brand new tire leak ?..because its a bad tire design..thats why !. if i had old rusty rims, used tires ?..then yeah...this glue would have been the way to go. but when you have new everything ?..then it should not leak at all !.
  2. update: started out early this morning to mount the new tires, got the front tires mounted without to much trouble, but the rear tires ?, yeah..no way could i mount them !. took them to fleet tire service to let the pro's mount them. well, they mounted them, but both sides of the tires around the tire bead and rim bead were leaking air bad !!. they explained to me this is common for the way they designed this tire. great..i just spent 46 bucks to have them mounted..and they won't hold air ?!. i came back home..made a call to the place that sold me the tires ( priority tire...stay far away from them ! ), after being on hold for about 45 min's ?, this guy wants all kinds of info about the tires ( like he don't have all this right in front of him from the bill of sale ? ), he emailed me a long list of what they need to see if the tires are bad from the factory ?..fine..i'll do what he ask. I took lots of pics, when i got done, sent all this info to him. he had told me earlier on the phone..it can take up to two weeks to hear back from the manufacture ?!..wth. thier website clearly states, NO RETURNS IF TIRE HAS BEEN MOUNTED !!..UMM..HOW THE BLEEDING HECK ARE WE SUPPOSE TO KNOW THE TIRE IS BAD UNLESS ITS BEEN MOUNTED I ASK HIM ?..HE REPLIED..GOOD POINT !. sooo..after making some phone calls..i decided it was cheaper just to have tubes installed in the tires..call it a done deal..so thats what i did. it would have cost me about 300 bucks to have these bad tires shipped back to priority tire !!!. yeah..it was cheaper to just have tubes put in the tires. I just sent them an email with a bill of sale of what it cost to have tubes put in the tires, asking them to give me that back, and we'll call it a done deal, lets see if they honor that ?. my money says they won't !. i also told them if they don't ?, they will not like what i'll have to say about this tire and thier company !!!..lol. anyway, here is the new shoes mounted on my baby !. p.s. i've included two pics of the tires leaking after spraying them down with soapy water, you can see how bad they leaked !.
  3. omg..lol something tells me..the guy filming that guy..already knew that tiller would take off like it did ?!..lol.
  4. all good ray, glad i could help a bro in need !.
  5. how's feel to not only grow older ?..but slower too !..lol.
  6. ooooooooo... a blue one !!..thats solid gold right there ray !!.
  7. got the o-rings to install the hydro tube today, made a sling to support the tractor while i slide it together. used ultra black on the front case, got to wait 24 hrs ( so the package says ? ) to cure before i tighten down the bolts to the case. ordered all new parts, o-rings to rebuild the power steering pump ( it was leaking as well ), i might have time to work on mounting the new tires and rims today ?, if i do , i'll post some pics of those.
  8. along with what jeep said ^^^^^, also replace all the oil seals while you have the engine apart !.
  9. the fuel cut-relay works from back pressure so to speak from the carb and engine. it does require power to work, but its on a pressure system, hard to explain. the cut-off relay works off the timing of the engine, it sends a pulse to the fuel pump.
  10. all trx350 fourtrax's ( 1986-1989 ) has a fuel cut-off relay.
  11. hand her a 5 gal bucket then, say here...this is your toilet !..lol.
  12. once you remove that screen ^^^, you drain every bit out, that is where the main part of the hydro oil sits.
  13. if i could afford a new tractor ?, i'd sell this one, buy a new one. but i'm so broke right now, i can't even pay attention !!..lol.
  14. got tractor halves back together, changed hydro oil filter, got all lines attached back together with all new o-rings, pulled lower hydro oil pick up screen, looks a tad nasty ?!..lol. got it all washed out/off, installed back in. called it a night.
  15. one drive through an aera of speed bumps ?, and this thing is toast !..lol.
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