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  1. lay off the med's ted !..lol.
  2. i just checked to see if the c.d.i. was still around for the '89 trx350D, nope !. dangit..i knew i shoulda stocked up on them years ago. yep, you need to build c.d.i.'s for our old girls !!..lol.
  3. as long as the inside diameter of the plug fills the plug hole ?, any plug will work. it wont matter about what sticks above the hole too much, the bowl does help press the plug down, but if the inside is tight ?, and seals ?, it will work. i do not know why these carbs even have these plugs to start with ?, other than cleaning the passage out ?, they could have made them sealed to begin with.
  4. well..i got to the party late, but..better late than never !. your first mistake was not checking all the timing marks BEFORE you tore the motor apart !!!. i say this, because if you had checked the timing marks FIRST ?, then it would point you in the right direction on where to dig in so to speak ?. lack of spark could be a few things, i will list them, then you take it from there. first, spark plug, did you try checking spark with a new spark plug ?, second, did you ohm out the stator before you started removing parts ?. third, once timing marks were checked, was all of them where they needed to be ?. i ask this, because this leads to number four, was the timing mark on the flywheel in the correct spot through the sight hole ?, if it was not ?, then did you check the wooddruf key on the flywheel to see if it sheered ?, you can not find this out until you pop the flywheel off. this list should keep you busy for awhile..lol.
  5. small update: a few things done, it's kicking my butt !. ordered all new splash guards for both fenders, there went another $ 87.33. working on front bumper as you can see. got the tail lights mounted on rear fender, man those are a pain to install !.
  6. I know AKATV fixes a lot of displays here , but listen folks...DON'T PARK IT OUT IN THE WEATHER/SUN, AND DON'T RIDE IN DEEP WATER, AND DON'T LET WATER ON THE DISPLAY !. i replaced mine awhile back with brand new, and i always.. ALWAYS keep my atv under , and out of the weather, and i do not ride in lakes. too each their own though ! :-).
  7. lack of front diff gear oil ?, or the front diff inside at the clutch/gears needs looking at ?.
  8. looks like it was sunk a time or two ?, sigh...lol.
  9. haha..no worries. least now i know where i chimed in on huh ?..lol.
  10. read that you found a bad seat, problem solved so far !. still follow my post ^^ on how to set, check timing.
  11. you can not buy valve seats for these, you have to buy a whole new head. now..valve guides you can buy/replace..but not the seats.
  12. man, i'm not even going to back read to see if i even posted in this thread ?..lol. i read enough to make me just tell you this: pull the front cover ( drain the oil first ! ) , remove the pull starter from the back so you can get at the 17mm bolt on the pull starter cage. remove the site plug from the right hand side of engine, its a allen head plug. remove the fuel tank, heat shield , remove both valve adjustment caps to access the intake and exhaust valve rockers. if the engine is still in the frame ?, this work will be a tad longer and harder to see parts. so i am guessing engine is in frame ?. with front cover off, look at the top of the cam sprocket, above it, you will see a triangle section of the case pointing down, now look on the cam sprocket, it has a punch mark stamped near the outside of the teeth. ok, now go to the rear with a 17mm socket and ratchet, look at the pull starter cage, notice it has a line running from the front to the back towards the engine on one of the tangs ?, right behind the starter cage on the cover, there is raised triangle with a point facing the center of the cage, rotate the starter cage until the line on the tang lines up with the triangle on the engine case, it may want to flip on way or the other ?, this is normal, because you have the piston on TDC. once this is done, go to the front of the engine, and look at the cam sprocket punch mark, it should be lined right under the triangle part of the case pointing down ?, also look to see if the cam chain is stretched ?. if all this is good ?, go to the sight hole ( allen head cap hole ), with a flashlight, look inside the hole to the edge of the flywheel, you should see the letter T stamped on the flywheel right inside there ?, now make sure this letter T is lined up to the line in the threads of the hole ?, every one of these marks i am telling you is a timing mark..they ALL must line up !, if they do not ?, chances are, your cam chain has jumped a tooth ?, or stretched ?, or the keyway is sheered on the flywheel ?. if you are in the states ?, pm me, give me your cell number, i'll walk you through this..DO NOT POST YOUR CELL NUMBER OUT IN THE OPEN IN THREADS !.
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