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  1. well...honestly ?..wd-40 does indeed help my sore bones !.
  2. i wipe it all down with wd-40, been doing it this way for years.
  3. haha...well..i make a liv'n away from here..sooo..until you start cutting me a weekly check ?, suck it up butter cup !..lol.
  4. and for the record ?, i have paper work for all new/used parts installed on this project incase the buyer wants to see what all i replaced ?.
  5. why ?, you miss me ?..lol.
  6. i'm gonna ask for 2600 cash. if someone offers 2500 solid ?, i'll bite.
  7. most honda's are NOT nik coated.
  8. reg threads, counter clockwise to remove on this model.
  9. you have my contact info in pm.
  10. thanks bro !..haha...yeah..was kinda a long build, but i did not work on it all these months every day, deer season, camper buying, and plus money making side projects hit me here and there, just this week alone, made an extra 400 bucks for quick side jobs.
  11. Last and final update: i am calling this project done !, i will not be doing anything else to this 2005 trx500tm from here on out, here is the final pic's for all you atv porn pic pervs !..lol.
  12. old post here, but on most axles, inners will come apart, outside cv parts will not come apart.
  13. you are staring down a scary road here bro !. don't go buying and mixing stators, alt's , and all else unless you know for a fact you are buying parts for a 1986 trx350 fourtrax !!, REASON : this year MUST have a stator, flywheel, and matching gears to make it run. this model is a stand alone model for the electronics when it comes to firing the spark plug. why you ask ?..THIS IS A DC CURRENT MODEL !, all other models after are AC current models.
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