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  1. nope, never, notta. they can keep them, i'll stick with tried, true, proven gas engines.
  2. post up some pics of what part you are talking about ?, maybe link a fich parts layout, telling what part where ?. if this is the shift shaft on left side of motor ?, its held in with a bolt through the rear stator cover.
  3. i never trust error codes, my money say's the 4wd control unit is bad ?, or one of the speed sensors is bad ?, orrrrrrrrr..the cennection to the speed sensors might not be getting a good clean connection ?.
  4. shadetree


    I was going to post this very same video ?, but you beat me too it !. please like and share this video everywhere !.
  5. chances are, you got the friction clutch ( change clutch disk ) pinched ?, or..you did not get the parts on the change clutch lined back up right as well as the shift linkage when you installed the front cover. no, after market gaskets wont cause this. with the engine sitting like you had it ?, its very hard to get it all back together the correct way, as well as getting the parts to go back together right. here's a tip: once you get ready to install the front cover ?, BEFORE YOU DO THIS !!!!, loosen the clutch adjusting bolt ( 14 mm lock nut ), back the center bolt all the way out ( counter clockwise ) until it pulls the metal plate snug to the inside of the cover, then snug the lock nut back down for now. NEXT: install the first parts of the shifting triangle into the change clutch, next install the spring, next install the outer metal plate, next, dab some grease on the very outer metal shifting plate that has the notch in it, ( it hangs down ), slide the shifting arm one the shifting shaft, this arm will only slide on the shifting shaft one way down on the splines !!. as you are doing this, make sure the lower tang on this sits between the return springs under it ?!. now slide the round upper part into the groove plate that is hanging down. make sure you do not forget to install all thrust washers where they go !.. install gasket, carefully !!!!..install the front cover, you may have to tap here an there to get it to go back on ?, BE CAREFULL NOT TO WHACK IT TO HARD !!!..or you will make those change clutch parts fall out !!. when it comes time to install the cover bolts, install all bolts all the way around, DO NOT FORCE THE BOLTS TO PULL THE COVER UP !!!. start tightening the bolts in a criss-cross pattern, as you go, the cover will pull itself up very easily , if it does not ?..then you got something that is keeping it from pulling together ??!!. after you get the cover back on, loosen that 14mm lock nut just enough to be able to turn the center adjusting screw, hold the lock nut in place, turn the adjusting screw clock-wise about 1/4 turn ( it won't matter if you go less or more for right now ). once you get this all done, lift up on the foot shifter ( like you are shifting into 1st ), you should be able to get it into first. then rock the atv, you will hear it '' click '' sorta ?, shift up again..rock..shift...rock..shift. if you can go through all 5 gears ?, then you did it right !. if you can not get it to shift to 1st ?, then you still have something wrong.
  6. ohm the stator out. unplug the stator from harness ( round plug ) 3 yellow wires should be inside the connector, with mutil meter set on 20 ohms dc , poke the meter leads into two yellow wires at once, do all 3 wires this way, you '' should '' see anywhere from 0.05 to 0.07 give or take ?, if any of these numbers does not show ?, your stator is bad so far. after you do this test, take the red lead of tester, poke one yellow wire on connector, while you touch the black lead to case for ground, you '' should not '' see any numbers on meter when you do this ?, if you do ?, your stator is bad.
  7. it was the build i built for my gal, needless to say..its back in my yard now. ( no..we did not have a fight..lol ).
  8. here is a link to the add ---> https://littlerock.craigslist.org/snw/d/north-little-rock-2002-trx450fm-4x4/7648070572.html . asking 5k for her.
  9. did you check the sub-fuse inline on the ignition switch ? . my money is is on the china knock-off c.d.i. ?, or the stator , or the reg/rec ?.
  10. also..a 22 dollar c.d.i. from ebay or amazon is junk !.
  11. hate to break it to you ?, but you can not '' twist '' the kill switch wires together !!!. that is closing the circuit. when the kill switch is '' centered '' ?, these wires are not together, circuit open. when you move the switch right or left ?, you are closing the circuit, when this takes place, you are grounding the c.d.i., the spark plug coil, which then kills any spark to spark plug.
  12. thats from being sunk !..been there..seen it a million times !.
  13. bad c.d.i , bad stator ?, or bad reg/rec ?. bad ignition switch ?.
  14. haha..let me guess fish, its parked in your back yard ??..lol.
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