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  1. is this where i get to say '' i told you so '' !..lol.
  2. lol..i see old age is catching up to you ?, or the beers are ?..lol.
  3. if you need any parts for it ?, holler at me, i bet i know where some are ?!..lol.
  4. if the float needle is bad ?, it will fill the bowl up, up to the brass tube inside, when this takes place, the fuel will drip/run out of the nipple on the bottom of the float bowl. that nipple serves two purposes, it lets you drain the float bowl, and it tells you when the float needle is not seating ?. its going to be one of these reasons you are getting fuel out the bottom of the float bowl.
  5. kfi is the best winch mount. does not matter if winch is angled ?, as long as you have the roller fairlead ?, you will be fine. you can not go wrong with a kfi winch mount !. DO NOT USE A REG FAIRLEAD !!..USE ONLY A ROLLER FAIRLEAD !.
  6. i have not worked on many trx500's, least not newer models. does this have a thermostat?, i could be wrong here, but they used to have thermostat sensors on these that had wires on them ?, going out on a limb here, chances are, if the temp sensor is bad ?, this being a newer model, i'd wager these shut down when they get hot in order to keep from damaging the motor ?. look up the wire schematics , see if the temp sensor is tied to ecu/c.d.i. ?.
  7. moth to flame eh ?...rofl. uhhh..yeah..the issue is the aftermarket head gaskets...the holes are larger, which in turn, allow the push rods to lean more.
  8. sounds like you are related to wilson ??..lol,
  9. shadetree

    2001 rubicon es

    i could be mistaken ? ( happens alot when you get to be my age now ..lol ) but !..i think i have a brand spankin new meter that was bought for this av model somewhere out in my shop ?, i'll have to see if i can locate it, if i can find it ?, i'll let you have it for just under cost from honda, and you pay shipping, if your interested ?, let me know !. p.s. yes, i know these meters are discontinued today !.
  10. lol, i've heard of '' strange '' noises from folks with cars/truck in the past. never a beer can though ?..lol. one story comes to mind, someone has an odd noise in their truck, many trips to a repair shop, many parts replaced, then one day at the repair shop, the mechanic took the door panel apart, only to find a wrench hanging with a note on it, read: '' i was wondering how long it would take you to find this '' ??..lol.
  11. woulda been cheaper if ya just lost some weight ?!..lol..looks good though !.
  12. brake noise is drum or brake shoes out of round.
  13. are you riding on pavement ?, this will ruin atv tires very fast. most atvs have either a toe in..or toe out ?, i run my tires straight on the front.
  14. most carb heaters operate from a temp sensor that is located somewhere at the front, under the front fender, its inside a clear plastic bag looking thing. there is no way to set it, its all automatic when you turn the key on. if ya ask me ?, they are worthless in my book. i have never understood what or why honda put these on atvs ?..they are nothing but junk. most newer atvs from honda are fuel injected, they do not need a carb heater. on older atv carbs, the choke worked just fine.
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