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  2. air impact is a must have tool !. you may or may not need a clutch puller tool ?, i've removed them without the tool, and with the tool. all depends on how your aim is ?..lol. what i mean by this is, if your good with a hammer ? ( i use a hammer ), mallet ?, you can smack the back side of the centrifugal clutch to knock it off the crank. if your aim sucks ?, then i highly say buy a clutch tool remover !. a deep socket, metric set is a must have, sizes up to 27mm is a must have !. 1/2 drive for the air impact. #1 tool to have ?..IS THE SERVICE MANUAL !. a camera for taking pic's as you tear it apart comes in very handy if you are taking it apart, walk away, come back later..and forgot where parts go ?..lol. these models are very simple. please keep in mind: when tearing these down ?, ALWAYS HAVE A FULL ENGINE GASKET KIT, COMPLETE OIL SEAL KIT, D.I.D. CAM CHAIN, NEW OIL FILTER ( DO NOT INSTALL THE FILTER BACKWARDS ! ), NEW WET CLUTCH APPROVED ENGINE OIL, AND A TUBE OF YAMABOND OR HONDABOND IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA TO HAVE ON HAND ( THIS IS FOR SPOTS THAT DO NOT HAVE A GASKET ), if you have all this ?, then your golden !.
  3. load that dang thing up, bring it up here to me, i'll fix it, make sure to bring all parts !..lol.
  4. lol, i still need a few more small parts, nothing huge, then its just a matter of cleaning all the plastics up, installing, then i'm dealing with buying new tires ?, or using old stock that was on it ?. they are not too bad..i've seen worse !..lol. motor runs, needs nothing on the engine now. every square inch so far, has been gone through, replaced if needed ?, painted, then bolted right back on. i just sold a '88 trx350D awhile back, got my asking price of $ 2,500.00 cash. not sure what i will ask for this when done yet ?, but what ever it ends up at ?, it will be worth it !.
  5. sure is, what can we help you with ?, we need the full year/make/model !.
  6. if i ever get off my butt ?, and finish this....it will be ready for a new home !. ( '87 trx350D 4x4 foreman ).
  7. go to drive shaft models...problem solved !..lol.
  8. still watching the weather for saturday !..lol.
  9. honestly ?, its called a diffuser of some sort ?. suppose to keep the fuel from splashing all around in the float bowl near the main jet holder ?. they will run without them, and if your thinking this is your problem ?, ITS NOT !..LOL.
  10. the tank screen can not be removed from the top, petcock has to come off the bottom of the tank, then you pull the pick up screen down out of the tank.
  11. first of all, is this an OEM carb from HONDA ? ,or is it just a stupid china knock-off ???. if the later ?, that tells me all i need to know as far as fuel goes !. second: have got everything on the engine set up, lined up, all in time ?, third: what is the compression now ?. fourth: IF ALL ELSE FAILS ?, BRING THAT DANG THING TO ME, I'LL FIX IT !. fith: is all parts OEM from HONDA ?. last but not least, when in doubt ?, BLOW IT UP !..LOL.
  12. with '' all balls '' ?..omg !.. ya dummy !!..rofl.
  13. all good, nice talking to ya!.
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