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  1. That would have been perfect fishfiles even the right price!!!
  2. I heared 06 but that is why I want the 07 above👆 Thanks for your help.
  3. Ok thanks. I have never owned one with a clutch so I am kinda thinking a 250EX.
  4. We had a 1997 foreman 400 and we had some engine issues with it. Are the sport quad 400ex engines different or more reliable?
  5. Ok my recon was a 250 and it was pretty good for me. Where is he located? I am in Wisconsin
  6. There is a 2007 Honda 250ex for $1,500 that runs great is that a good price? And what price would you pay for it? Here are some pictures 👇
  7. Ok thanks for your help it would be for mostly trail riding but we do have a few jumps around the yard.
  8. I have recently sold my 2004 Honda recon ES and would like to get a Honda sport quad. What model and engine size should I get?
  9. Just curious what price you would pay for this. It is still up for sale and he may drop his price a bit since it has been up for a while.
  10. Ok thanks for your help I will keep looking. 🙂
  11. Yes everything else works fine, no smoke, and I have a friend that can help me. In my area there going for about $3,000 in good to excellent condition.
  12. I found a 2013 Honda rancher ES with 11,000 miles for $1,000. It needs new tires, front wheel bearings, (which owner has but needs to be installed) and rear driveshaft alpines. Is it worth the money or will it be to much work. It has alot of miles and I am not sure what rear driveshaft alpines are so not quite sure how much work it will be. In the ad it says the rear driveshaft alpines could just be welded up is that a good idea? Is it worth the money? Is it a waist of time? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. I saw a video of someone drilling a hole in their snorkel puting the the breather lines in the hole and sealing it so they didn't have to extend the lines. Is this a good idea or would it be better to just extend the lines? And is the carburetor breather line the vacuum line?
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