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  1. Choice was made, 55 miles in stopping for lunch. 😊 Ran across a small heard of elk too. All in all been a good day so far
  2. I played eeny, meeney, miny... moe with it. Which should I ride tomorrow. 🤔
  3. Nice unit Texas! That Garmin is on my soon to pick up list. I'm not sure about the 700i but I loaded my 680t with MVUM maps and it worked great despite the small screen. So I assume it should support it too... now I'm interested in seeing if it does or not. Like Fish stated, garmin has the cradle both un-powered and powered versions. I still use my 680t with the powered mount on my Hayabusa. I have street maps loaded too so I would assume the 700 should support that too.. added cost?
  4. I have mine loaded in the truck.. seasonal trails open the 15th. Just waiting
  5. Update Earlier in my review I had said that my biggest issue with the VP is its lack of MVUM map support. I want to say that in their latest Update Trailtech has added support for MVUM maps as a base map. Super easy to use and it works great! I don't use MVUM on the trail to ruin the experience of riding as I like not knowing whats around the corner but having it on a device rather than having to take out the paper map has been a real time saver. The active/closed trails around here change quite a bit and its worth it to be sure I havent wandered onto a closed trail, especially when the Forest Service has been increasing patrols and have hired 'Trail Rangers' to police the trails.
  6. For some fiiles and ideas check out Thingiverse.com
  7. Did that recently myself. We just sold our 2019 rzr and one of my 700xx's for a new Talon. This being our third SxS I have to admit we spend more time on our quads and even the kids like their 4 wheelers more than the SxS. Quad sales around here are really picking up though and I see more SxS's for sale. Locally we got hit by the SxS scene hard and now they are everywhere and they can be rented everywhere. For us the thrill is gone but at least with the Talon the wife can almost keep up with me on the trails.. almost
  8. We have two of these, one outside our home and the other at our farm in MN. Inexpensive and wasn't sure what to expect but works great! Battery operated and just changed batteries after 1 year of use. Audible chime, alarm or just a flashing light. Two outdoor sensors and the indoor receiver. I have one by our rear garage that has alerted me to some mischief and I caught someone trying to break in so it already payed for itself. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Q2Y1BTQ/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_RP6PKWN9981BAMYWGSCV?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  9. Akunin

    Plow talk

    I figured I'd share. It's not on the Honda but man does this thing move the snow!! I've had several other plows over the years and after seeing this I was a little apprehensive on how it would perform but I was presently surprised. Angle is easily adjusted and the connecting and disconnecting works flawlessly. I don't even have to bend over to attach anything except the winch hook. Quad is a 2013 Canam Renegade 800r Xxc that is just shy of 700 some pounds and that doesn't include the driver. I should mention I first got this in 2017 and have replaced the edge twice.
  10. 42° today and took the time to throw down a few miles on the XX. Well ended up riding around 44 miles and was a great way to unwind.
  11. I've used buckets, transmission jacks, milk crates and just about anything depending on the job but a few years back I picked up a Powerbuilt Heavy Duty 3-in-1 4000 lb jack. At its peak its 17" and has a cross bar that can used to convert it to a jack stand. I often do this and remove the handle and the jack sits under the footprint of the quad (or bike) so I don't trip on anything. Had the 2013 can am Renegade 700# beastie up on this thing and it sits securely, I've even pushed the quad around in the shop (while it was strapped to the jack) as I had to make more room for other projects... like my sons truck 🙄, which prompted me to buy another jack just like this one. All in all its worked great for the quads, bikes, car and truck (removed transmission, brake jobs).
  12. Another 40 miles testing the voyager pro gps and managed to stop long enough to grab a few pics. I thought I would share! Never imagined I'd be able to ride in perfect weather in January.
  13. it came with an external antenna but I've never used it, the internal works fine for our needs. I'd say the range over open country is just over a mile.
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