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  1. Lol, true, which is one reason we put a winch and tiger tail on the Renegade! But that said we still haven't gotten a 700xx stuck enough to use them.
  2. Got snow yesterday so our riding plans may be cancelled for the weekend (has to be dry to ride otherwise that mud is like snotty cement) but didn't stop me from giving my son ! about clearance of our toys. His got stuck in the snow (high centered) and mine... well powered right on through. Lol
  3. I was able to go and test the xx tonight after work and yeah, very impressed with the new exhaust. Doesn't look half bad!
  4. Oh this thing purrs now EHS big 3, barkers exhaust, uni air filter.
  5. Loaded question there, two different beasts! The XX is heavier, but does have more hp but with the independent rear it cant corner like the raptor. In a dead street race the raptor was a little ahead. In dunes I'd ride a raptor but anything else the XX is amazing. I love it even in tight trail riding, just takes a little different technique to corner. I walk away from the other two Raptors in the family when out trail riding, the independent suspension is amazing on a sport quad. The nearest we have that comes close in the wife's can am renegade 800r Xxc but it's nearly 200 pound heavier so again my xx just disappears. I've since upgraded with better trail tires (6 ply bias) and just installed my ehs big 3 with a barkers exhaust. And after last nights ride I gotta say the xx really really woke up. I cant wait till this weekend to take it to Farmingdale (local open dirt) and see what it can really do
  6. We have everything from desert like badlands, to rocky tree rooted trails and smooth plains trails. I have a few quads in the garage to choose from and the 700xx blows through what the solid rears get hung up on. My wife cant keep up on her 800r xxc and she rides all out. Definitely my favorite for anything aside from dunes. Bad thing the aftermarket on these is practically nonexistent. That rear end on this sport quad is unreal.
  7. Some time back I was swapped the transmission in my truck and I had a bolt that just wouldn't budge, and remembered and old tip using brake fluid and figured why not so put a few dabs on it and went back to it a few days later and that did the trick.
  8. Yeah it is, runs great! Owner just didnt ride it anymore and gave my kid a pretty good deal. I give him grief though, he likes my 700XX more. This is his first solid rear axle quad and he says it feels funny. I told him now he has to watch for that rear end to get hung up. Not a problem on my Honda! 🤣
  9. Yeah he did just a bit. He found a really good deal for $2400 and I had just pulled mine out of the garage when he pulled up with his new toy.
  10. Got new shoes on the XX and my son got himself a raptor and had to photobomb my new tire event
  11. Looking for one of these risers from Trail Tech. Long since discontinued so was wondering if anyone has one laying about!
  12. Akunin


    after creating this thread I kind of let it sit and stew a bit to see what direction it was going to go. So far everyone here has had a pretty level head and can act like adults! Thanks to everyone for keeping it civil and sharing some really good stuff!
  13. Don't take this wrong but what a fun project! If that XX could talk I'm sure it would be grateful saving it from stupid. Please share! I for one want to see this as it progresses
  14. Any progress? I'd like to hear your plans or see the progress
  15. Just my .02 But if it were me I'd rebuild. The frame and the rest look to be in great shape. For more specific 700xx info try club700xx.com and see if anyone has parts or more model specific instructions. But like Slammed said, split cases for sure. Can't have any of those metal bits getting anywhere else either. Things like these is why I'll check my valves 2 or 3 times a riding season, a little preventative maintenance goes a long ways.
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