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  1. Akunin

    Tire Plugs?

    My .02 If your tires are 2ply there might not be quite enough rubber for the plugs to vulcanize a good seal so I recommend the kit with cement as well, just for extra protection
  2. Akunin


    This may have been posted stress but then it needs to be listened to again
  3. hence forth you will be known as Sunshine
  4. What kills me is when these same people have it listed for sale 6 months later with "its not what I was expecting" in the ad
  5. common cents? Shoot we have at least 4 of them right here in town! I'd still prefer a 7-11
  6. ha! I saw what you were referring to! Quite a few of those floating around. What do the kids call them? Meme??
  7. after this last weekend I've just about had it with some really stupid behavior I've seen more and more on the trails. What have you seen?
  8. I just don't understand some people... I mean, just look at that seat!! 😂
  9. Whats wrong with this picture? Those bikes are taking up way to much room.
  10. lol How crazy would one be if they were to own both Jeeps and Honda sport quads? 😁
  11. Akunin


    Speedy recovery Wheeler!!
  12. I better post something thread related
  13. When I first saw this... I immediately thought "Circle the wagons!"
  14. 100% 👍 Just saw this this weekend. Local kid put 24" tires on his Yamaha Raptor (sock is 20)... says to the riding group "I don't understand, I'm not going as fast as I was before"
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