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  1. I've used buckets, transmission jacks, milk crates and just about anything depending on the job but a few years back I picked up a Powerbuilt Heavy Duty 3-in-1 4000 lb jack. At its peak its 17" and has a cross bar that can used to convert it to a jack stand. I often do this and remove the handle and the jack sits under the footprint of the quad (or bike) so I don't trip on anything. Had the 2013 can am Renegade 700# beastie up on this thing and it sits securely, I've even pushed the quad around in the shop (while it was strapped to the jack) as I had to make more room for other projects... like my sons truck 🙄, which prompted me to buy another jack just like this one. All in all its worked great for the quads, bikes, car and truck (removed transmission, brake jobs).
  2. Another 40 miles testing the voyager pro gps and managed to stop long enough to grab a few pics. I thought I would share! Never imagined I'd be able to ride in perfect weather in January.
  3. it came with an external antenna but I've never used it, the internal works fine for our needs. I'd say the range over open country is just over a mile.
  4. Thats some price. I've seen them for $450 U.S.
  5. Should mention I usually ride with a motley crew, dirt bikes, atv, utv and whatever show up. Some of us use mics/ear pieces with the radios but most don't, personal preference mostly. A few of the guys see it as a complete escape.. no music or anything to distract them and I can think of a couple that will be using the sos beacon a lot since they are just balls out and run into the most trouble. Looked up some FCC information but its all Greek to me. Equipment Class: Part 15 Spread Spectrum Transmitter Notes: Voyager Pro Grant Notes FCC Rule Parts Frequency Range (MHZ) Output Watts Frequency Tolerance Emission Designator 15C 902.5 - 927.5 0.658
  6. Thought I would share some screenshots of the Caltopo. 1st is a overall map of an area I want to ride in. The red box I can place to dictate where I want the border of the map I want to create. This particular map created a file that was less than 8mb and the riding area is quite large. Testing custom icons, color and naming in this particular set. So far I find it crazy easy to use and intuitive but just checking to see what exactly the VP gps supports. By no means am I familiar with this software other than just playing around the last couple days. I probably would benefit from some tutorial I'm sure is on youtube but why not do it the hard way! The second and third screenshots are the same map just zoomed in to show the icons and names. Using a hybrid map.
  7. Oh yes, several days worth. It works well enough that I enjoy using it and when I don't have it I wish I did. Its not perfect but I can just imagine what this technology can be like in even 10 years. What I don't like about it.. but its pretty understandable considering the signals and how they transmit. When a rider in our group goes over a ridge or around the bend in a valley the signal is lost. Rough terrain where linebof sight is often lost isn't the best. However it really shines out on the prarie with rolling hills and winding trails. I had a flat tire and transmitted my distress becon and another rider spotted it on his display right away. Awesome! So we two manned the tire repair in no time and so much easier than solo. We still use hand held radios and such (no cell service where we often ride) but the radios are often drowned out by exhaust noises and wind. The notification on the display is easy to see and well laid out. All in all.. I like the buddy system and its already made a tire change easier.
  8. Having run Basecamp and Garmin units for years (and will continue for many more) this new update for the VP and using Caltopo for map management has been a breeze. I have much more to learn but for making maps, routes and even POI and such has been extremely simple. What used to take me hours I can do in just minutes. Granted it does cost $50 a year for the "Pro" membership in Caltopo but I'm extremely happy with the results so far and I've just only scratched the surface as to what this Caltopo can do
  9. Trail Tech finally dropped a big update for this device. Its one I've waited for and admittedly thought it could do when I first got it and that is it now supports mapping with forest service MVUM. So that was pretty much the last coffin nail for my old trusty Garmin Montana 680t so it just became my dedicated geocaching unit.
  10. Me and the college boy did some riding on a rare 50° day. He leaves in a week so it felt good to get out together.
  11. Do you have any high resolution pictures of when you installed them or anytime afterward?.. anything that might show a blemish or unique mark that would be good as a fingerprint? I'd then submit them to the authorities. Good luck!!! Edit. I just reread the original thread. Does the Facebook match up with the guy from the tree crew?
  12. We have and enjoyed the Kimpex Black Outback Trunk for several rides but we have found that what is just as important to having a comfortable seat is staying in it while riding. We found stirrups were needed since my wife's feet couldn't rest on the floorboards. There are several means of doing it but just wanted to say once she had means of supporting her feet she enjoyed the the seat so much more
  13. I have a habit replacing fuel filters and cleaning or just replacing (if they are really in need) the fuel injectors anytime I get a used fuel injected toy, especially in this day and age of ethanol.
  14. Thanks Wilson, worth giving another shot! I got bombarded by scams on the.. other site just because of this one question. But hope is there is still one out there with my name on it!
  15. Kyle Layton produced these and had some crazy demand for a sway bar he offered for the trx700xx way back. Now they are no longer available except on the occasional used atv that pops up. I recall they were about $100 but I could be wrong, maybe $150 which is the price I would be willing to pay for a nice one. I'm nearly giving up and just plan on fabbing one from a piece of HDPE as I've seen some pretty impressive bumpers made of it. I'm after a lower profile bumper for loading in the truck as the stock bumper sticks out just a tad much and doesn't offer much for brush protection.
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