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  1. Akunin

    Skid plates

    That's a lot of dirt. I bet it does feel a bit more nimble! Maybe a little to top heavy now? Lol
  2. Nice! Got your bases covered, smart!
  3. M-Quick knows these things inside and out so hopefully he pops on here or possibly PM him. For me personally though I would have jumped on that trade. I'm very impressed with the xx and I consider it the best quad I've ever owned. Looks like its had its share of upgrades and it looks to be in overall good shape.. my only concern would be .. did you get a clean title or a bill of sale with verified identification? With trades I'm always leery about them. Being stolen. But if that's good to go I say.. ! good trade! If your use to riding a solid rear this thing will surprise you in the corners. It hooks like none other so be prepared if your expecting to spin cookies or whip the back end like a raptor. The independent rear grabs and wants to go straight. If it's a concern look into getting a different sway bar. Independent rears are amazing in rough terrain. That said if you into jumping this again is another difference from a solid rear.. you can come off a jump and land on one wheel with the IRS vs never wanting to on a solid rear. Just a few things off the top of my head but it's a Honda and lives up to its reputation. Tear into those rings and enjoy it!!
  4. Akunin

    Skid plates

    I tend to avoid the mud where I ride. If you miss any the next day you have to take a chisel to get it off
  5. Akunin

    Skid plates

    Hmm, just saw that Ricochet offers UHMW plastic for the bottom of their skids. Ha! I knew I wasn't nuts. Very cool. I just might look at something a bit thinner though, maybe 1/8" should do it
  6. Akunin

    Skid plates

    I think their great and solid and I've had them on 3 of my quads but the wife has that 700# can am so that's the biggest reason I want to make the skid plate slide better. They are solid but if anyone has ever parked on a rock before the aluminum just doesn't slide as well
  7. Akunin

    Skid plates

    My issue is I dont blast through! I've been hung up in the past due to going to slow and the aluminum tends to grab vs just slide over with a plastic/poly plate. The Ricochet are pretty thick at 3/16" and uses 5052 h32 aluminum. So for my application was just thinking of adding a thin layer of something on top (bottom facing) of the metal to just aid in slippage without losing a lot of clearance and adding a lot of weight. One reason I asked about line-x, I've heard it can be applied relatively thin. Does anyone have any experience with them? I wouldn't dare try that DIY stuff, looks like a complete waste of time and money. Might try to find a thin sheet of UHMW
  8. Akunin

    Skid plates

    Yeah I thought the same until I'd seen the line-x on a skid plate of a ford raptor. No where near as tacky as rhino lining, that stuff is very soft. I've seen poly sheets when I go out rock crawling (bolted on top of aluminum) but its to thick for anything I want to do. The raptor owner loves it and it's not very thick either.
  9. Akunin

    Skid plates

    An odd question. Has anyone coated any aluminum slid plates with Line-x? Not looking to "strengthen" them, just to make the aluminum less sticky when it comes to sliding over rocks. Sure the cost is up there and I've seen others add plastic to the skids but since line-x is harder than rhino I figured it would be worth a shot.
  10. Akunin


    That Black Betty I prefer over the Ram Jam version, guess that song has really deep roots
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