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  1. I use my Garmin Montana 680t on everything from my trx, to my jeep and even on my Hayabusa. That would change if Trail Tech updated this to support MVUM maps though then I'm afraid this would be my go to offroad gps. This screen is so much faster than my Garmin and no matter how bright it is its so easy to see this screen.
  2. it does come with an external antenna for the friend tracker. It also supports an external antenna for the GPS as well but in my testing it was very accurate even in dense canopy and valley riding with just the internal antenna.
  3. Earlier this year I decided to get a Trail Tech Voyager Pro for my Honda Trx700xx and thought I would share my experience with it. To begin with this isn't a turn by turn gps and serves more for a vehicle information center than something you would want to use to find a Best Buy, Applebee's or McDonald's but it is loaded with city and road maps so it does provide some basic navigation for road use if needed. For my application (atv) I just wanted a device that offered more information than what Honda sold with the machine. At a glance it provides a as little or as much information about your machine as you want. I installed the speed, tachometer and engine temp sensors and it also shows vehicle voltage and odometer information. Non vehicle info such as time, elevation, trip meter and even bluetooth connectivity is also included. I wont be reviewing the Bluetooth features as I don't use them but for a basic overview it works with helmet coms and connects to your phone for basic operations such as text notification and receiving calls. It uses only the GPX format for mapping so trails can be laid out on a computer then saved to a microsd card and installed on the VPro. My biggest issue with this device is its lack of Forest Service MVUM (Motor Vehicle Use Maps) support. I mostly use a Garmin Montana 680t for this and it doesn't seem like a feature Trail Tech is going to implement anytime soon as their software updates are slim to none. Basic GPS functions like waypoints and such are also supported and easily named using a glove friendly touch screen. Trail Tech also has something called buddy tracking on this device that uses radio waves to show where other VP users in your group are but in my experience if you cant see them they don't show on the map since the radio works MOSTLY in line of sight so a fairly worthless feature for me if we are riding in the mountains. However, when we ride out near the badlands it shows my "buddies" position on the mx track. If he breaks down it does offer a SOS feature but again, if you are out of range it won't do any good. Works best in flat open areas, forget it in heavily wooded or mountain trails. The unit itself is built very sturdy and they have youtube video showing it taking an excessive amount of abuse. The buttons are firm and provide a audible click and feel to them when using gloves and the screen touch is very fast when I compare it with my Garmin. All in all its not a bad system but a bit expensive at $400+. I like the extra information and alerts it provides and the user screen customization displays just what I want. All in all I do plan on buying another but would love for Trail Tech to up their game when it comes to software/firmware updates. Pro's- -Can see the display in bright sunlight -gps tracking is very accurate even in heavily wooded areas. -easy to install and use. -can be removed from the charging cradle when not in use -Screen is very face to touch, zoom and swapping navigation screens Cons- -No power adapter is included. An ac adapter must be bought separately as the only way to charge out of the box is when its on a running machine. -No MVUM trail map support -Infrequent software updates. -Not inexpensive, $400 and higher -Buddy Tracking works best in open flat areas
  4. We need an angry face emoji for the drop down reaction thing.
  5. Akunin

    Tire Plugs?

    My .02 If your tires are 2ply there might not be quite enough rubber for the plugs to vulcanize a good seal so I recommend the kit with cement as well, just for extra protection
  6. Akunin


    This may have been posted stress but then it needs to be listened to again
  7. hence forth you will be known as Sunshine
  8. What kills me is when these same people have it listed for sale 6 months later with "its not what I was expecting" in the ad
  9. common cents? Shoot we have at least 4 of them right here in town! I'd still prefer a 7-11
  10. ha! I saw what you were referring to! Quite a few of those floating around. What do the kids call them? Meme??
  11. after this last weekend I've just about had it with some really stupid behavior I've seen more and more on the trails. What have you seen?
  12. I just don't understand some people... I mean, just look at that seat!! 😂
  13. Whats wrong with this picture? Those bikes are taking up way to much room.
  14. lol How crazy would one be if they were to own both Jeeps and Honda sport quads? 😁
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