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  1. Thanks Sled. Sounding good, but expensive especially with the Can. $ but, if it works that well one would expect someone on this forum to have some first hand experience with one. lol
  2. Hands and arms are not what they use to be, u-tube- well, takes a bit of salt- some times a lot. Have more faith with this site. lol
  3. Does anyone have experience with the Timberline chain sharpener? Thanks
  4. Is low sodium soy sauce like dry water?
  5. Never did smoke, have my father to thank for that, explained that smoking would be very bad for my health and well being, if I was caught smoking it would not be the cigarettes that caused the health issues. Now my father was not that smart of a man, as a youth I never heard him being able to count past 7.
  6. And pray tell, where do you order these from?
  7. After a couple of scares I feel the need to protect myself with facts, not "he said, you said" thus a need for the "a picture is worth a 1,000 words" defence. The last issue - twice in the same block, second one I braked hard, swerved, dog smashed into the dash, I lost it. Their response it was just an accident- No- you were driving with undo care and attention, changing lanes lanes when unsafe to do so! Not an accident, would have been the cause of one. So any suggestions of a reasonable priced dash camera, with good optics and memory card? Surprisingly I find this is not as great a problem when driving the big Square Body, but in the VW I seem to be fair game. Thanks
  8. High $, but remember that is in Canadian dollars. Yes I have had outages, only a few and not for that long, I think one about 15 minutes and a couple of a few minutes. Not sure why?
  9. There has been talk about it becoming portable.
  10. Just switched over to Starlink, I have no cell reception and can not get a land line. Unlimited data; needed to purchase their dish $800, and $144 a month, a bit of an outlay but much better than previous deal. PING ms 32 DOWNLOAD Mbps 189.51 UPLOAD Mbps 15.18 Previous supplier - went to watch hockey - in 5 minutes of clock time had 3 minutes and 8 seconds of buffing- cancelled and then Starlink became available here; big improvement and now watching and enjoying the play offs.
  11. Yes, there are poor designs out there, but they all have some common faults. EG: electrical connections, this one disconnects this way, that one the other way, different ones on the same machine can be different, and if you can't see it, 500% increase in the possibility of breaking it. And off topic: seat belts; if in a panic situation one might as well be in a straight jacket trying to get out; I feel they should all be standard.
  12. Any idea of the cost of this, without a great mail man? I just ordered 2 Mudlites 25-8-12, $219 delivered Royal Distributing . Up here used parts are a little hard to find at a decent price. I know it will sound cheap in US dollars. lol. I think my 2 350's will out last my 2019 Rubicon, All 3 should outlast me.
  13. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy this thread, some days it gives me the smile needed to face the reality of life. Thanks to all the smile enablers.🤠
  14. So to follow up, I went to the local Honda dealership to maybe pick one up and just replace it, get it done. Price before tax $96.00 Can. Guess that's what BC (British Columbia) means "Bring Cash". lol
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