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  1. CamKnouff


    Snowed again last night- a good inch, warm weather supposed to come soon, I hope.
  2. That delete kit looks simple, not too worried about spending a few dollars on it, as I don't have much into it. I am hoping it can be a keeper, the 350,s still running after 30 years, so thinking this one should outlast me. lol
  3. I do have a meter. lol. just doing a price check. SENSOR, OXYGEN (NGK) 36531-HR3-A21 In Stock $64.87 $63.35 Now this would be about $80. $ in Can. dollars, then shipping, taxes etc. I doubt that Honda makes their own sensors, but I could be wrong. When needing a relay for a Ski-doo a while ago, high price from Ski-doo, but ended up with the same relay from NAPA for a third of the price. Does this also apply to some Honda electronic parts? Not that I am cheap- just wait I am; following a great American philosopher "What you don't spend, you don't need to earn" Snow again this morning.
  4. Will do and dielectric-grease also. Thanks
  5. Thanks Folks, I will start pricing one out. The previous owner did a lot of short trips, lower speeds, and should of had an automatic, actually to him it was, I think it was 3rd, other than a complete stop upward on a hill. lol Been putting it off, about time to get a service manual.
  6. I just got home, got the shot, it is charged up; paid attention to the sequence and it would appear to be 2 long then 3 short and repeating. Just had an inch of snow last night ensuring the muddy transition period lasts as long as possible, I don't think I have ridden it an hour since I got it, didn't want to keep doing short runs then shutting off, the 350Ds I thought were a much better choice for this. I wouldn't enjoy a long trip with them as much as I did one time (LOL) thus TRX500, which a friend sold me, said I needed it. It will be at least 3 weeks before I would be ridding long enough to warm it up. It is now that transition period, "Quad or Snowmobile". I am not like some, I avoid the mud.
  7. Just started, I did not notice any particular sequence, leaving soon for town to go get my Covid shot, I will put it on a charger and check again later. Thanks, this is a start. I usually putt around on one of my 350Ds, they just run and run only die when out of fuel.
  8. I have a 2019 TRX500FM6 4x4 with power Steering. The PGM-FI indicator is beginning to flash, I have had this for less than a year, not a lot of miles on it, I doubt I have driven it 10 miles since getting it. Any suggestions for a fix? The Owner's Manual says load it up and take it to the dealer, (!) would probable cost more than I paid for it. Thanks Was not sure where to post, so tried here.
  9. Always an inconvenience to have to wait a day for karma.
  10. Nice, but will it take a beating like the original?🤔
  11. Idiots, take the motor from the front and put it on the back, which is something you can't do with ATV's and trucks; no need for a shovel. lol
  12. Thanks ordered, up here in Can$. 110.23 with tax.
  13. Was wondering if there are some recommendations for driveway alarms. I do not have cell service where I live (yes, I know hard to believe) so, no to the phone notification ones. The dog works well, but when inside he doesn't hear a thing or thinks he's off duty.
  14. Should of used a double box end, crescents just don't cut it.
  15. Basically, that's it. work on the Aluminium build up/deposit. Do not leave on too long Q-tip rubbing (rubbing,rubbing), rinse, repeat more times than you would like. Works well, common practise on two stroke snowmobiles, which I have a lot.
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