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  1. Should of used a double box end, crescents just don't cut it.
  2. Basically, that's it. work on the Aluminium build up/deposit. Do not leave on too long Q-tip rubbing (rubbing,rubbing), rinse, repeat more times than you would like. Works well, common practise on two stroke snowmobiles, which I have a lot.
  3. The muriatic acid is used to remove the aluminium build up (q-tips-h2o rinse), won't do much for scratches. It is readily available and cheap at most hardware stores.
  4. Makes sense to me, Oh, I'm Canadian. lol
  5. I one found by accident, desperately looking for something to hold that nut. I found the perfect use for those millions of thrown away popsicle sticks, fits perfectly. Grab one ever time I deal with the battery nuts now.
  6. I was in shock, for construction here, I believe it $160 a ton- used to have a free dump day (one pickup) they have done away with that.
  7. No, metal is free to dump, drywall, minimum charge $8.00 (like a square foot), form needs to be filled out. I am very conscious of what I burn. It is just a shame to see some things not being able to be reused. I am more of the mind that dumps (for many things) should be like a free Can. Tire store. Was like that in the far north.
  8. You wouldn't believe the restrictions here of what the dump will take, and if it's not household they will have a look. One can not remove anything one could recycle- (just about want to stop someone before the dump, some great material (new) is wasted. Pay for all that wrapping on a product and then have to pay to get ride of it. My rant. I burn as much as I can-no plastics.
  9. I don't believe I am familiar with the wet bread trick for blind holes. Have used grease and a stick (sorry, I meant a non-marring specialized impacting tool - biodegradable)
  10. I have heard, that anti-seize is some what water soluble, I have been trying to use Merc 2-4-C where things are exposed to the elements.
  11. Not too bad if I remember correctly, bought on eBay a few years ago. Thought I had a metric set also, but seems to have hidden it's self, now I will most likely need it very soon. lol. Break that hardened stuff off, a whole new world of frustration, and if it's small hard/impossible to tack without damage.
  12. I have this blue point set, my issue is when broken off near flush, getting a straight run when drilling. Love left handed drill bits.
  13. Not his first time, already has the winch mounted on the rear.. I am at that stage now, sooner winch back up and go home than fight through it.. Is this sign of old age, or growing intelligence with age? Use to be keep going till we run out of beer.
  14. She will be soaked, I have the Berrymans Chemos dip. Never needed a generator before, had nothing electric, lived off a battery, charged at neighbours. Life has changed as I finish building this house.
  15. Thanks, that's an idea, It's has been sitting for a long time, not 10 years but should be close. I took it off and cleaned it as best I could, it will run but needs a shot of starter fluid to get going. Just trying to do it right once (will be twice now), hopefully not a whole bunch of times. Have not soaked it in chem dip yet, though have a gallon can, would all plastic need to be removed for that, I do have an o-ring kit and have replaced one. Was just hoping to get lucky-didn't happen, oh well.
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