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  1. In the winter time here, rain is called snow and water is ice. Lol, I have washed with snow, very fast process.
  2. CamKnouff


    Quite common here, see lightening, short time later hear the thunder, 3 days later see the smoke. If it was a lightening strike as the cause there should be plenty of evidence.
  3. CamKnouff


    They can go underground, travel, and come up some distance, and get going again, some have survived the winter. Never under estimate mother nature's ability.
  4. Would think that there should be $500 worth of parts there, on ebay at least $5,000 worth lol.
  5. If that's Canadian $, I'm in.
  6. CamKnouff


    A volunteer firefighter thew a cigarette down, tried to stomp it out, part of town, lumber mill, all gone. Moves so fast rapid attack vehicles can not get far enough ahead to get set up to stop it, along a highway. Smokers😡, use an ashtray!
  7. CamKnouff


    Being a warm day in the frozen north, that could be in Fahrenheit.
  8. In the strength, ease of use category where do you rate a mig with an Al spool gun?
  9. I am of the old school, Seal All and a bit of my jeans, have had great luck with this method.
  10. I try not to use debit or use a bank account, perfer using a credit card. If I get scammed it would be on the credit card, not on all my bank accounts, life savings (not much there, lol) etc., all gone, broke and up that creek, would rather let Mastercard deal with it.
  11. It was the rider, not the bike, think he walked away?
  12. So how many plugs would you suggest and looks like it is above the side wall. Would you plug or start walking. Must be some story how that happened?
  13. Yes, just the stock tires, 1500 km (mystery to Americans.) As I am getting older and hopefully wiser, I am following my rules for boats and water, never go futher from shore than you can swim back. Thus with quads never go further from home than you can walk back. I live in an area where cell reception is none existant, and finding people to quad with within 20 years of my age is about as possible as finding cell service, and with the younger ones, I best stay on the porch.
  14. Thanks, got the slime kit, first time I have used a plug with the glue, worked well.
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