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  1. PROV


    Went lake trout fishing in Canada last weekend. Lots of fun.
  2. Don't fret. I can hide my own Easter eggs 😉
  3. Depends on what type you have.
  4. Cool wolf picture. Here is a Fisher we trapped a couple weeks ago.
  5. PROV


    It's a bluebird day here also. Today's high is -4. ,-26 tonight.
  6. PROV


    I hope it warms up to 15 or 20 degrees next weekend. We are headed to Canada lake trout fishing. Have a 27 mile snowmobile ride to get to my friends cabin.
  7. PROV


    -30F here this morning. Quite refreshing.
  8. PROV


    I did not. Learn something every day. Just wish I could remember it all. 😁
  9. PROV


    Correct!! Did you know it or Google it?
  10. PROV


    Quiz for you guys - Do you know how the name Zebco came to be?
  11. PROV


    -29F at my house this morning. A buddy 12 miles north had -34F. Luckily it warmed up to +1F today.🙄
  12. Hey Freedom, is Bozeman still on the map after your fireworks?
  13. Happy New Year everyone. 🥳🎉
  14. I will admit that I took the vac and booster. I figure God also made the Plague, smallpox, polio, Spanish flu, tuberculosis, cancer etc.
  15. Have fun!! We have about 2' of snow on the ground. It's -17F and dropping, wind-chill right now is -39F. I think I'll stay inside.😬
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