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  1. PROV


    Model 721 wasn't made until 1948 so it didn't see WW2.
  2. PROV


    5 days of rain followed by 2 days of snow here. Think I might have to go back to long sleeve shirts for a bit.
  3. Welcome from Minnesota
  4. PROV


    It's been raining for two days straight here. You couldn't start a forest fire if you tried.
  5. PROV


    Being an old Boy Scout I have always been prepared like you. Generator, fuel, water, food ammo etc. Several times it came in handy due to storms. I have no desire to live in a Mad Max world when even your best neighbor comes unhinged. TB, nobody NEEDS anything other than food, water and shelter. Why don't they take away cars to stop drunk driving? How about motorcycles that kill and maim thousands a year and on and on. In the 61 years I have been alive your rights as a Canadian have been seriously eroded. And that's too bad as I always considered you guys friends and neighbors. I use my high capacity mags at the range or prairie dog shooting. This morning I scored on 400rds of 9mm and 200rds of 45 at regular prices. 😁
  6. PROV


    It's gonna get ugly.
  7. Yes it matters based on winch and load size. I have a 2500# winch. It takes 3/16. Break strength with synthetic is 5000#. Break strength should always be twice the load for safety.
  8. PROV


    I plan on saving a bullet for myself. If things ever completely melted down it wouldn't even be worth hanging around. Preppers are delaying the inevitable. 😬
  9. PROV


    I was able to get 100rds of 9mm at our fleet store at regular pricing today.
  10. PROV


    Well I'll be darned. After I saw that picture I looked in my gun safe and I have one. It was my mother's. Her brother bought it for her graduation in 1956 I believe. I haven't shot it in many years. The stock isn't as pretty as that one.
  11. PROV


    I have 4 mags and none have a blue spring. About 3 years old. When I load I depress the loading button only enough to get one bullet in at a time. I know some of the early models had a problem and you had to tweek the bolt guide rod a bit.
  12. PROV


    My 10-22 and Marklll Hunter like Federal, CCI and Aquila. Remington green box don't cycle at all. Too much case lube. My M&P 15-22 likes most everything and is extremely accurate.
  13. Thanks for the feedback Fish. If I have that kind of trouble I will definitely switch back.
  14. Sorry for your loss Jeep. Happy birthday to your daughter. Hey Slammed, my youngest kid is your age. 🙄
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