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  1. PROV


    Heading to the hunting shack for another six days. Got another 3" of snow yesterday but it's wet and settled quite a bit. Haven't plowed yet. Just packing it down over the gravel for a base. 30's during the day, high 20's at night. Haven't seen a bug in three weeks.😁
  2. Me too. Used it for years on my Rancher and put it on my Rubicon 5 years ago. Works well for me. I've dragged trees and power poles, ice fishing shelters and sleds and trailers. I think mine was Kolpin but it's exactly the same.
  3. Got my plow ready. Gonna need it in the morning.
  4. PROV


    Got another 4" of snow so far today and it's gonna go until about 1am. Then they are saying another 4"-8" on Thursday. Gonna make for an interesting week of hunting. We got good food, whiskey and a hot sauna so should be fine. My Zilla tires really shine in this crap.
  5. I take it you don't work as a financial planner for a living..... like the others mentioned, I wouldn't rely on a stimulus check.🙄
  6. Mine is a 2015 and just rolled over 3600 miles.
  7. PROV


    I'm not complaining at all. No bugs, no sweating standing still and very little humidity. I would be a happy man if it never got above 70 degrees. If it's 20 degrees and little or no wind we consider it a nice day to fish on the ice without a shelter. My buddy in the picture is a furnace. I have to have sleeves.
  8. PROV


    We got 4" of snow yesterday and 28 degrees last night. No wasps here.😁
  9. PROV

    Forum Hunters?

    All the different Kolpin cases are easily removed.
  10. When we moved ours we took off the doors and any other removable heavy parts and firebrick. My son and I picked it up and carried it. I don't know why you would want to fight all the extra weight by hauling it in fully assembled like that.
  11. PROV

    Forum Hunters?

    Mine is Kolpin. Doesn't stick out past the wheels, mounted level and butt first for fast access. Haven't had a scope get wacked out of zero yet.
  12. I have always changed it at the prescribed intervals in the manual. Just thought I would get opinions from the experts.
  13. PROV

    Forum Hunters?

    It was pretty. By the time we left 99% of the leaves were down.
  14. Hahahaha!! That will never happen. Been changing my own for 35 years. Have heard of it happening though 😂.
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