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  1. The newer roller fairleads from Warn have a larger bottom roller that really helps preserve the cable while plowing. Much more generous angle for the cable to turn.
  2. PROV


    5 degrees here at the hunting shack.
  3. Okay, cool down and kiss and make up you guys.😆
  4. PROV


    I was able to buy 500 rounds of 9mm this week at normal pricing from our local fleet store. Just bumping up my supply while I can. They got 3 shipments this week and even got 45 auto.
  5. PROV

    Forum Hunters?

    I try to get my venison cut up within 3 days of harvest. I find the taste and tenderness are far better. Due to the different enzymes in the meat it ages way faster than beef. I use my electric fillet knife to cut steaks. A lot easier than a regular knife when the meat is not stiff.
  6. PROV

    Swamp Lites.

    I have Zillas and love them. The only thing I feel is a little bumpy up to 3mph on gravel roads. Ran over 2,000 miles so far on gravel, sand, mud, rocks and snow. Still barely worn. We have alot of blue clay in our hunting area and the open tread cleans out well. I run 27's on my 2015 Ruby.
  7. We were out ice fishing the last 3 days on our machines. I pulled the sled. 28 - 32 degrees out so didn't have to wear gloves. Nice weather.
  8. I have a Wilson Electronics (WeBoost) mobile cell booster. Runs off 12v accessory plug that you can plug into your vehicle. Has about 12' of cable to the interior antenna and the same for the exterior antenna. Magnetic antenna mount. Phone has to be within 3' of interior antenna. Will boost cell signal for several phones at once. If you have a strong enough signal you can get on the web. I got a 12v to 120v adapter to plug it in at the camp. Made the temporary tower to test it. My phone would barely detect a tower there and alot of times not at all. I got 4 bars with the booster. Could text all the time, do phone calls 90% of the time, send pictures occasionally and got on the web a bit. A little flakey right at his cabin but he took his ladder home so that was the best I could do and he is surrounded by dense snow covered cedar trees. Gonna try it at my camp up there sometime as I have to take the wheeler 3 miles south to a big hill to get anything. I even rigged up the booster to a 12v battery we use to power our portable ice fishing sonar and that worked fine too. Go to their website and check them out. They have stationary systems also that are even better for your house or cabin. Depending what you want you can have a more powerful interior antenna that can boost your phone anywhere around your place.
  9. Was back at hunting camp last weekend. Son and son-in-law were trapping beaver. I brushed a half mile of trail and did some carpentry work. Rode the wheeler and did more exploring. Headed back up tomorrow for 3 days of riding and ice fishing. Got a cell booster and had to make a temporary antenna mast.🙄
  10. Buddy and I rode our Ruby's all day by my hunting camp. 8" of snow and ground fairly frozen. Followed ancient logging trails we saw on satellite that can only be traveled when frozen. Were able to cross beaver flowages and made a huge loop getting back on other logging trails that we have hunted. Covered 42.29 miles according to my GPS. This is my buddy in front of an old shack.
  11. Gassed up and geared up for a ride tomorrow in my hunting country. About 8" of snow. Mostly sightseeing and exploring. Hope to cover 30 miles or so. Supposed to get to 34 degrees so should be an excellent day.
  12. PROV


    That sucks. Hard to believe it ended up that way. I'll do everything I can to try and keep them from doing it to us.
  13. PROV


    Wheeler, can you use a handgun anywhere besides a registered range? I don't believe they can in Ontario. I was in your neighborhood quite a few years ago. Met some people on the road in Banff and ended up staying a couple days at their farm in Condor (west of Red Deer) on the way home. Pretty county.
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