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  1. Lightning travels at the speed of light but the thunder noise travels at the speed of sound, hence the 5 seconds.
  2. Pretty rare to see anything but Stihl saws around here. It's most people's top pick including the loggers and tree trimmers. Had mine since 1990 and no troubles. My Stihl brush saw is an impressive animal too.
  3. PROV


    I recommend nobody starts chewing tobacco. I've been hooked for 43 years. Try to quit but get owly, tired and have trouble concentrating without it.
  4. PROV


    Been in the 80's here mostly. Too hot for me. Smoke from Canadian bush fires is heavy right now. Blocking out the sun. Pretty dry here.
  5. Nice pictures. Looks like a great ride.
  6. Got back from the hunting shack yesterday. 4 days of which we rode 3 and put on 190 miles. It was a bit warm but an epic ride. Rarely covered the same ground. Rode old logging trails and the remains of 100 year old railroad logging spurs. Went through everything from swamp, beaver dams,sand, rock, clay, steep hills you name it. Saw deer with fawns, ruffed grouse with babies, black bear, tons of hawks, great grey owl, lots of moose tracks (didn't see one) and listened to the timberwolves howl. Even found an eagle nest on a picnic table at a hunting camp!! I had the Rubicon and we rode my buddy's Yamaha 850 R-spec also. Break in was done so it needed to be put through everything we could think of. 4500# winch worked great too since I sank it to the doors in loon s--t.
  7. PROV

    Alpha Gal

    Sorry to see you go through this Wilson but I'm with you on this. She probably needed some kind of help back when you were a baby but didn't get it. I'm afraid it's probably too late now. No need to wreck your life. Call the appropriate officials and get her put away before she hurts anyone again.
  8. Try some JB Weld Steel stick on the backside of the crack. I had sliced open one of my best poly gas cans with sheet metal and this stuff fixed it. Very tough stuff, cures fast.
  9. PROV

    july 4th

    Happy 4th to you guys. I'm going to spend the holiday enjoying my air conditioner.
  10. I would blow the downstream dam first. If you blow the upper one first it will flood the lower making it more difficult. This way the upper pond current will help enlarge the outlet at the lower. Guys here like to put it in PVC pipe and insert it well into the dam.
  11. Glad you are still around. Hope the situation doesn't get the best of you.
  12. PROV


    It's been very dry up here for quite awhile. Finally getting some rain today. The ground in my yard is like concrete.
  13. Looks like you're secure. What is the working load limit listed for the strap? Since it's 2" wide I'm sure it's plenty strong.
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