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  1. Really?!?! Didn't hear that ☹️.
  2. I saw that one too and it was pretty good. Anybody wonder what kind of hypocrites people like Charlize Theron and other Hollywood anti-gunners are when they do movies in which they are shooting people. When she was dating Sean Penn she talked him into welding his whole gun collection together as a monument to gun violence. Then she dumped him. What an idiot. I was ranting about it to my wife once. She said "What would you do if I asked you to give them up?" I replied that she would be hitting the road.
  3. I agree Fish. Those John Wick movies are well done. I liked Jack Reacher movies too.
  4. PROV

    honda pioneer

    My son has the Pioneer 1000-5. Got it because he has 4 young kids. Nice machine but he can't go everywhere I can on my Rubicon.
  5. Just got home from four days at the hunting shack. Hotter than Hades but this time brought a window air conditioner and ran it off my generator. Kept shack at a cool 68 degrees. Put 120 miles on the wheelers in two days.
  6. PROV

    Food Channel

    A guy would probably need a cocktail with that for safety so it doesn't stick in your throat!!🥃
  7. PROV


    Those other 44's kick and hurt so bad because the grip frame is exposed. A Super Redhawk has a tang style frame so you can use grips like the Hogue Tamer grip that's on it. It provides WAY more cushion and grip to the hand. I shot another 50 full house loads in it today and my hands feel just as good as before I shot. Can't say that for other models. Every other one I've shot with wood grips and steel backstrap are painful. And .357's are pussycats too with the right grip.
  8. PROV


    Your gonna love that thing Fish. I put a Vortex Crossfire red dot on it and it co-wittnesses with the battle sights. Rested it will group on a nickel at 25yds. Got 4 mags for it. I've put several thousand rounds through it and it runs great. Today I mounted a Kahles Helia red dot on my new Ruger Super Redhawk 44 mag. Gotta sight it in tomorrow.
  9. 2 days ago my son saw some foreign college student soliciting his neighbor so he hurried up and put this on and met him at the door. Kid kept a straight face and delivered his pitch. Son said I just wanted him to get a taste of our country.😄
  10. My gear is in neutral most of the time now!🙄
  11. Found out yesterday our local dealer sold 275 machines last month. Our town is about 9,000 people with about 25,000 total within 15 miles.
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