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  1. Mine is the whole unit complete.
  2. I have a hunting shack in the middle of nowhere that I started when I was 21. Have generator and wood stove. About 500 yards in from our trucks. A slice of heaven. Rode 55 miles today.
  3. I don't usually carry any on a day ride. The Rubi can go 100 miles on a tank.
  4. We've rode 145 miles so far. Some light rain first day and a half. Been all over different terrain. Come across a fair amount of grouse so far plus lots of exploring. Have only seen 2 people since Friday. 4 more days remaining.
  5. A torsion axle is rated by total weight as there are no pairs. Trailer had 1 1/16 inner and outer bearings. Like Fish says, too light.
  6. PROV


    I'm getting old. 8 years after I was born!!!🙄
  7. Leaving shortly for 15 days at the hunting shack looking for ruffed grouse. As usual it rained most of the night to insure everything gets muddy hauling in. Our wheelers are our mode of transportation while we're there. Over 400 square miles to hunt.
  8. PROV


    I've been using one since the 80's and they are great.
  9. Trailer is 6 years old. Lucky I didn't have a bad failure but sure could have. If they don't want to make good I'll tell them they are going to get reported for false rating plate.
  10. On my last trip to my hunting shack I blew a trailer bearing. I have a 6.5x12 foot aluminum Mission trailer with torsion axle that I bought new. This trailer is rated with a 3500# axle. While performing a field repair I noticed it had 1 1/16" bearings and found a sticker that this is a 2000# axle!! Needless to say I am upset and called the dealer. They are calling the dealer rep and I better get a new axle out of it. Never thought I would see something like this.
  11. PROV


    I would be happy to shoot it for him.😉
  12. PROV


    I have a .257 Roberts and it's a deer killer.😊
  13. PROV

    ground hornets

    Straight gasoline - no flames.
  14. Here is my anchor I use for winching when needed. Brand of this one is Seachoice. About 15" high. Very light.
  15. PROV

    ground hornets

    I've used gas to kill ground hornets but never set it on fire. About a cup full will kill them and any that weren't in the nest won't hang around.
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