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  1. I just joined the party and voted for PeeWee
  2. Happy Thanksgiving guys and gals.
  3. I have a 2015 Rubicon and plow plenty. I would stick with the 54" also or you will get tossed around as mentioned. I don't use all those pulleys, right from the winch to the plow. Winch has way more than enough power. I don't bother stiffening the front shocks either. Switched from cable to synthetic 2 years ago. Used the same plow on a 350 Rancher for 9 years.
  4. PROV

    Favorite tires

    For our country I really like my Maxxis Zilla's. I have 27's on a 2015 Rubicon. Fantastic in mud and snow. Have rode them in all types of terrain and can't imagine having anything else.
  5. PROV


    Don't remember if I posted this. We were at a buddies cabin a couple weeks ago hunting. 27 degrees and had to pull the dock. Glad he has some natural insulation. I took a bucket shower in front of my camp a couple days ago. Was 40 degrees and misting out so not too bad.
  6. PROV


    I'd rather pay a heating bill than an air conditioning bill! I hate hot weather. Cold keeps out some of the riff raff too. 😁
  7. PROV


    Interesting, I've never heard of that before.
  8. PROV


    It warmed up to 29 degrees so we pulled the dock out.
  9. PROV


    No bugs out today while we were hunting. 😊
  10. PROV


    We had some snow here but it's melted now.
  11. Ruffed grouse hunting now and whitetails in November. I've had my scabbard mounted by my hip and facing rearward for years. Fastest way for me to dismount while drawing my firearm. Also keeps it from sticking out and getting snagged.
  12. Four of us were at the hunting shack for 11 days. Put on about 250 miles. Ran through some pretty bad clay and places flooded by beaver. Had a great time. Today it was time for maintenance. Changed oil and filter, air filter, blew carbon out of exhaust and installed a new battery as the old one was 7 years old and didn't want to take a chance.
  13. Hey!!! Those two people look familiar 🤣. Looks like a great ride and awesome pictures. Happy birthday Renee.
  14. I would call Wilson Electronics and talk WeBoost with them and they will set you up. We couldn't call at all at our hunting shacks but mounted our antennas about 15' high and it works great. I just use my mobile booster and hook it up while we're there. I have 2 phones on Consumer Cellular for $55 a month unlimited talk and text and I think 10gig of data. Works great. Another friend mounted the home unit at their camp and they can even get signal outside of the cabin with it.
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