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  1. Happy Thanksgiving guys!
  2. PROV


    I can neither confirm or deny. 🤔 That being said, I find the ergonomics of holding and firing are very comfortable, especially as I get older. Your trigger hand is in a more comfortable position. You can sit comfortably with a bipod and a hand on the grip while waiting for a shot on a predator. Great for coyotes, prairie dogs etc. I personally would not use it for deer hunting. In spite of the media calling it "high power" ( there is no such designation) there are much better options. They can be very accurate with the right gun and ammo. You can also shoot .223 in it. One issue can be the mil-spec trigger. Most of them are rather gritty feeling. You might want to upgrade that for better accuracy. If you're carrying it hunting I prefer 10 shot mags, they don't stick out so far. Let us know what you do.
  3. PROV


    26 degrees here. My son said they got a bit of snow at the hunting shack. This will get the deer moving.
  4. PROV


    28 degrees and falling here. Took the spider whips off my wheeler today. Wait......we don't need those up here!! Guess I'll give away my snake-proof boots too. 😁
  5. Make sure nothing broke loose in the muffler. If there's junk in there it can partially plug at higher rpms. Same goes for a fuel filter.
  6. PROV


    Thank God!!!😃
  7. PROV


    We're next. Should kill off the last of the insects now. Put my shovel, snow brush and ice scraper in the truck today.
  8. We run Buddy heaters with 12' hoses to a 20# tank we hang on the stand frame. Saves room in the stand. We have Timberwolves like you wouldn't believe. They have decimated or deer population.
  9. Wow, over 2000 members and nobody has a picture of their quad...🤔😕
  10. It is an over/under but it's a Yildiz. Bought it at Academy Sports when I was in the Nashville area some years ago. Was made by a Turkish gunmaker for them. Very good gun for a very reasonable price. Google it and you'll see a lot of good reviews. Nice and light, has ejectors that I like for hunting.
  11. I rode a 1985 200M for 19 years. Then I had an '04 Rancher for 10 years that I put 9500 miles on. This one I have 5,500 miles on. I'll be 64 years old in another week. I'm betting there are very few members here that have rode as much, far, hard or done as much work and hauling with a wheeler. I also have arthritis, degenerative discs and PPPD(look it up). I like and need those features and wouldn't go back. BTW- my grip heaters don't get turned on until it's in the 30's. Also I wasn't going to lose a week of hunting for repairs. You guys are my friends so you are welcome to keep ripping on me 😉😁
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