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  1. PROV


    Hope it's done snowing for this winter. Here's a picture of the neighbor lady today.
  2. PROV


    Started snowing again here a couple hours ago.
  3. My comment was "Those were great machines and easily handled challenging terrain"! Am I still invited back?😉
  4. Sorry FF, thought I might as well pile on 😄
  5. Did you check your muffler bearings? 😄
  6. Wow is that nice. Rode one back in the 80's. Scary now that I think about it!
  7. PROV


    Another wonderful day in the Northland! 😁
  8. Why? Are you trying to keep women away? ☺️
  9. PROV


    One of the perks of living here is very few tornadoes.
  10. PROV


    Hit 40 here today. Sunny and beautiful out.
  11. I would like to defer to the gardening experts on this site. I built a small raised garden for my wife to grow beets that she pickles. I checked it today. My question is how can I tell if it's ready to plant?
  12. And now you're kicked back in a lawn chair driving them by remote control. 😁
  13. PROV


    I would imagine, she's holding the rod and reel upside down!!!
  14. I hope I'm out there visiting when this happens. I don't want to live through it. 😁
  15. PROV


    We came home Monday from fishing in Canada and ran into 8" of snow. After that it's been really nice here. Around 0 degrees, little to no wind and mostly sunny. Pretty good snowstorm and wind south of us but we are supposed to escape it this time. I keep the riding mower at the ready but don't really think I'll need it for at least another 2 1/2 months. 😁
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