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  1. PROV


    I mowed my lawn for the first time two days ago! Finally got some rain after that.
  2. I made new lids for my custom boxes today. This time I put 1" aluminum angle around all the edges to keep them from getting tore up. Gotta mount my gear grips on the front yet.
  3. PROV

    Forum Hunters?

    Yeah but found out they don't hold half of what they say especially with scopes on the rifle. Plus wanted some room for some ammo, accessories, bipods etc. It's actually only 40" wide and 59" tall.
  4. PROV

    Forum Hunters?

    Thanks guys. Wound up with a 36 gun Kodiak by Rhino Metalworks. Checked within 100 miles and this one i liked. Gun rack swings out. Did end up with electronic lock.
  5. I would like to see public executions again. Might make an impression and if it doesn't, you eliminated a future problem.⚰️☠️ Also there should be no such thing as attempted murder, just call it murder. You don't get leniency for screwing it up.
  6. Welcome from Northern Minnesota 👍. I started with a brand new 1985 200M. Rode it 19 years. Then got a new 2004 350 Rancher. Put 6000 miles on that, sold it and bought a new 2015 Rubicon FA7. Lots of good stuff on the site.
  7. PROV

    Forum Hunters?

    You guys have any personal recommendations on a gun safe that could hold a dozen long guns, 5 handguns plus ammo and valuables? Want the one hour 1200+ degree fire rating and manual dial. Don't want to break the bank though. Thanks
  8. We call those feeders Timber Wolf ambush spots.
  9. PROV


    They keep predicting rain here and we are not getting any this far north. My yard crunches when you walk on it. Mower is ready but it's going to be awhile.
  10. Real nice. Are you going to use it on the highway or behind the wheeler? I didn't see springs.
  11. PROV


    Welcome from Minnesota 👍
  12. Welcome from Minnesota!
  13. PROV

    Food Channel

    About 8 pounds. Them Canadian lakers are lean.
  14. PROV

    Food Channel

    I smoked a lake trout yesterday. Mmmmm...... It's the fish on the left. Released the other one.
  15. PROV

    High beam trouble

    Thanks guys. I'll get after it soon.
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