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  1. Pair that with DCT and you will really run out of things to fix. Then with EPS you don't even feel like you're steering. 😁
  2. I rode mine a couple days ago. Stayed at my buddy's hunting shack. Two guys rode in his Can-Am Commander and I rode my Rubicon. Rode through the woods to tour one of the last remaining CCC camps. Then continued our loop back to the shack. 51 miles total. Saw a bunch of whitetail deer and ruffed grouse along with the usual eagles. Beautiful 50 degree day.
  3. You bet!! Purebred Bichon Frise. Out of 5,200 miles on my Rubicon she's rode about 5,000 and stayed at a half dozen hunting camps. She's not gun-shy either. 🙂
  4. I made my own with wood.
  5. Hey Wilson, I'm still wondering why your arm was in the toilet to nearly get sucked down. 😁
  6. PROV


    Excellent riding conditions with only 4" of snow. Good thing we got this cold snap. Firm up the wet areas and lakes.
  7. PROV


    It's only -8 here, rather tropical.
  8. PROV

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year guys 🥳
  9. I have the 20V DeWalt 12" saw. I carry it for clearing trails. I have cut the occasional tree off the trail up to 10". Nice to not have to start a saw every few minutes. Cleaned up 5 miles of trail with it last year. Just know that some of these saws don't have bar oil pumps. They are kind of a gravity wick type affair and will leak out when the saw is just sitting. Laying it on its side will alleviate this somewhat.
  10. I replaced mine last fall with the GYZ. Works great.
  11. Happy Thanksgiving guys!
  12. PROV


    I can neither confirm or deny. 🤔 That being said, I find the ergonomics of holding and firing are very comfortable, especially as I get older. Your trigger hand is in a more comfortable position. You can sit comfortably with a bipod and a hand on the grip while waiting for a shot on a predator. Great for coyotes, prairie dogs etc. I personally would not use it for deer hunting. In spite of the media calling it "high power" ( there is no such designation) there are much better options. They can be very accurate with the right gun and ammo. You can also shoot .223 in it. One issue can be the mil-spec trigger. Most of them are rather gritty feeling. You might want to upgrade that for better accuracy. If you're carrying it hunting I prefer 10 shot mags, they don't stick out so far. Let us know what you do.
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