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  1. You've certainly had an exciting last couple weeks with the unusual weather that has invaded Arkansas. Not many times you have more snow than we do, was hoping you didnt try to go from your house to your work shed and fell down into a snow bank....lol
  2. Did you clean all the parts or is that how they looked when removed? Seem pretty clean.. So sounds like your tensioner should be ok if it retracted and extends....
  3. Yes from memory you dont turn the slotted part, there should be a small screw head down inside there... When fully retracted it should lock in place so the chain can be installed , then release for the tension...
  4. Just played fine for me.....yea it runs but doesn't really sound healthy
  5. bcsman

    New member

    Hey THH welcome to our Honda forum. How did you hear about us, another Honda forum??
  6. Hi Jay welcome to our Honda forum. Let us know what you have so we can get to know you better....
  7. Welcome, good grief we need to give @AKATV his own section.....lol
  8. Good question fish, would be interesting to know....
  9. The plunger on the chain tensioner, if working properly, will extend out as far as needed to keep the chain from skipping....it can be checked for operation with the small adjustment screw at the top
  10. @freebo86 to make it easy removing the clutches use an air impact to loosen the big nuts, should be able to spin it off without having to hold it while trying to use a ratchet.
  11. @jeepwm69 yep I was fortunate enough like you to have help rebuilding my engine. I had never attempted anything like it but @shadetree and @retro walked me thru with pics and phone calls until my 450ES was back together and running. It's been 2 years now and still purring away, so @freebo86 take a lesson from a couple guys here, tear that thing down and ask for any and all the help you need. You will have an engine as stated above that will last a long time.....
  12. Welcome Mc there are alot of those Hondas around this forum. And yes wilson is correct, @AKATV is the guy to talk to about your meter. He is a wizard fixing those up for your model.....
  13. bcsman

    Little Angel

    Just read about your loss @toodeep and also give my condolences to you and your family. My prayers are sent your way my friend....
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