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  1. Nice that actually looks like it would be a bolt on replacement, thanks for the link. There is always someone out there looking for replacement parts for their 400/450's.
  2. Welcome to the forum, are you looking for something besides the stock exhaust? I know to order an OEM muffler for that model is over $1,000 so if you need something I don't blame you for shopping. I still have stock on mine so will be interesting what options there are when I need it.....
  3. Wow that tire was really leaning, worse then I pictured it...
  4. If you have time some evening I will be in chat, we usually have a few there to talk about different topics. Chat is in the top MENU...
  5. LMK how it works and what you used if you would please, I do have a dual action polisher to use.....
  6. Well you should be happy the fenders are just faded and not cracked and broken like so many. And surface rust on a 20 something year old ATV, not doing too bad. My fenders are not cracked or broken but scratched, thinking about trying to polish to see if it helps.
  7. That Foreman looks pretty good, at least in your pic.....what's it need cosmetically?
  8. Hey De welcome to the forum. You wouldn't believe how many of the 1998-2001 450 ES Hondas are around this forum. I think we should just start our own sub forum, gee whiz....lol
  9. Don't think you mentioned the starter problem last night, you are so very fortunate to have a place like Catfish to get parts, not many have this luxury. I know he doesn't give them away but for most we have to hit Ebay or some other source and hope the pictures of the item are accurate.
  10. Bet $500 would cover that huh shade?? lol
  11. Good grief I don't think my spare engine piston looks that bad, must take alot to do damage of that magnitude.....
  12. Hey shade looked thru my spare parts and no dice on the starter rope and handle.....sorry
  13. Good deal shade, gonna be a dandy fix r upper for ya. Yea that rack on the back might not survive once you get at it. Guess it would be handy for some tasks but sure looks big and fugly. From the pics and your description think for $500 ya done good!!!!
  14. Just remember JRB when you pull the oil temp sensor it might be a good time to change the oil. Otherwise when you pull it you will be draining the oil...lol. I cant remember the setting but there is a resistance it should read when pulled, it's in the manual. That should LYK if its bad. But I agree if you took the trouble to remove it change it.....
  15. Yes same here, I have never noticed the blue glow. Good grief retro never trained us on that....lol thanks 1997...
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