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  1. Hi vic, welcome to our forum. You will find alot of help with your Honda, lots of those models here, including the 450's. We have a chat section and you are welcome to join in, mainly evenings it's active. Click on the CHAT main menu icon to enter.
  2. Hey Mk welcome to our forum. There certainly is no shortage of 300's here so should get lots of help if you need it. We also have a chat section, click it on the main menu at the top, generally some are around evenings but you never know when its active....
  3. The fan does run off 12 volts so there is always the possibility of shorting out in high water, not a good thing....
  4. Yea my philosophy has always been live and let live but there comes a time when it gets to be too much....can't imagine the havoc that many rats could do.
  5. Nope, I don't have a Facebook account and watched it. Farm cats are gonna have a nice meal......
  6. bcsman


    Good grief fish you might as well become a vegan.....lol I'm with you food doesn't have much taste without most of those ingredients...some people eat to live, I live to eat....
  7. Hey Brian welcome to the forum and I see you have made the right connections to get your meter looked at.
  8. We will try to take away some of your dullness @Jaredmacneill. Pretty steady here on the forum and chat so visit often....
  9. Thats super @Jaredmacneill, I also live in rural areas and can just head out on the dirt side roads with no problems. Don't be shy coming back to chat, some are usually there most evenings....
  10. Jared, a little late but welcome, glad you found chat already, good job....
  11. Key words here are power washed it. We have read numerous threads here from members that power washed their Hondas and had intermittent issues after. Really gets into the wiring if pointed directly at any harnesses or connectors. Eventually, as seems to be the case here, the problems generally work themselves out if it can dry itself...
  12. And by the way welcome to our forum, your problem was listening to anything from "some other forum"....lol
  13. 2002 isn't the earlier model of 450's 98-01 was that, so you should be good....
  14. Frame looks to be in decent shape....
  15. bcsman


    Not sure prices down there fish but here a carton of Marlboro gold packs is $75....congrats and keep up the good work...
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