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  1. Now you are sounding like my wife, sheesh not safe anywhere.....
  2. I'll bet you were on your high school or college dabate team, come on fess up....lol
  3. In theory that is a valid argument. But to me the difference is if the ivermectin doesn't work as advertised it will do no harm to you. If the vaccines don't work you still end up getting covid and maybe worse. Plus there are still no long term studies on the health issues they may be doing to you. I will take my chances with the ivermectin....
  4. Hey Ricky welcome to our Honda site. Take a look in the main menu options at the top. Click the Service Manuals, it will take you to a Google Drive section, then click Honda and Utility Quads, your TRX400 will be listed. You can download to your computer or phone from there, easy peasy.....
  5. But lets advertise and put BLM all over the tracks, get woke, go broke!! Bet there are many more old time NASCAR fans than BLM supporters, maybe that will change now. We haven't watched in 4-5 years, lost us even before this crap.....
  6. Yep can be done with the engine in, did my chain a few years ago. It is somewhat of a tight fit but with a couple extensions and metric tools it beats pulling the engine. When I was in there I also did my chain sprocket, maybe see if your teeth are worn, or I would just change while in there.....
  7. Hope it helps, thankfully had the front end apart a few times and didn't take as long as first time. Just have to remember where all the fasteners and bolts go....lol
  8. Yes fish when I installed a fan switch it was part of my mod......
  9. OK 350DD, took the front of my 450ES apart and took this pic of the fan control. You should be able to see what wires go where on the 2 plugs.
  10. Yep you are gonna light up the Montana skies.....
  11. With how his repairs have been going with new members here seems more like a hundred....
  12. Holy crap FF think it looks like more than a bang, more like an atomic explosion.....lol
  13. I agree FF, and have no plans on modifying mine in the future. I figure the good Lord knew what he was doing when he made me and don't think those in charge of this mess have the intelligence to make it better.
  14. Gotta say this is one of the oddest first post threads we have seen here. I have no idea how to answer this....
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