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  1. bcsman

    Biker Babes

    Those pipes look to be tuned perfectly........
  2. Wowsers, everybody here says a huge thank you!!! I so declare the next free ATV that is given away here on the forum goes to THH.....maybe not such a great idea depending on what shape "free" is....lol
  3. Yes also saw this post and have sent a donation....come on gang lets get this going so we can keep this going.......any amount will be appreciated.....
  4. 4 posts ^^^^^ I edited to add it...
  5. Check out the link I posted, not sure what they would charge to ship your way tho.....
  6. Same here, sometimes get lucky on Ebay but have to be careful it's not a China knockoff part. Here is a used ATV parts site alot of guys here check out, mostly used.... https://www.powersportsnation.com/
  7. How hard is getting parts over there, some older models are getting tough here in the states?
  8. Hey Adam, welcome to you. You have sent this from a long ways away, down under, bet it took a few days to get here.....lol You certainly have it stripped down, there are numerous members here that have the TRX 350's. I'll bet you get some good advice if you need it. Heading into winter down there huh, just finally getting warm up here......
  9. From what I have heard Dale Jr. had numerous concussions and was told another bad one could be very bad news. So doubtful he's gonna return to racing if thats true......
  10. That's what we use at the shop I work at and works very nicely. When we get a slow leaker in the first thing we check is for a bead leak, if found we tear it down, wire brush the rim where the tire bead seats, then spread the bead sealer on. Works everytime......
  11. For all you backyard 5 acre farmers here's something to help your day go much more quickly...... Here's the story about this tractor from its debut 40 years ago to its resurrection again soon.... https://cowboystatedaily.com/2023/03/20/big-bud-worlds-largest-tractor-at-70000-pounds-is-back-after-40-year-break/
  12. This thread is like wishing Merry Christmas at Thanksgiving, you must be really looking forward to Easter fish.....lol
  13. With as many engines as you have torn apart it's hard to imagine you have never needed a bearing puller tool. Or you have just been that lucky all these years.....
  14. As it's been said, size matters....
  15. For only an extra 50 cc's where does the weight come from?
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