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  1. Welcome Drakos, I'm sure your questions will be answered and you can get your old Foreman back up to tiptop shape...
  2. Yep hope it's a great day for all the moms out there. Wish I still had mine but will think about her today....
  3. I wonder how much the slight change in color will affect how well it cuts.....prolly not much huh??
  4. Hi Tn, welcome to our forum. We have a few from your state here, if you check the members map you can see. Also maybe put yourself on the map too. I see you are getting some advice already, they know what they are talking about. We also have a chat you can join in, we are usually around in the evening. On the upper menu there is a Chat title, just click and join in, we talk about many different topics, depends on what gets mentioned....
  5. Hey red welcome, saw you on chat, hope to see you again there sometime. We have fun there....
  6. Seems to match pretty well so far....
  7. Well I can't argue that fact we think so too.....
  8. Hi digger glad you found us. Did we come recommended from a friend or just stumbled here? There are numerous 450 Hondas here on the forum so hopefully when you need anything just ask.....
  9. That is a weird looking stock muffler for sure
  10. Kinda looks like it has maybe been opened up and modified..
  11. Gee whiz retro do you ever sit still? This is quite the project to take up but for sure gonna be fun as heck. Boy sure alot of parts for our older Hondas that cannot be found anymore so there ya go, that will keep you busy....lol
  12. Have a Forester bar on my 2 Stihl saws. Got a 16" on my old 031 and a 20" on my 360. Have alot of hours especially on the 16" and so far I can't complain. My guy who works on saws is the one who recommended them. Honestly he may have made Forester chains for me too but never asked. The chains don't have big lettering on them like the bars....lol
  13. Gee sled could you get anymore on that poor trailer....lol
  14. First welcome to our forum, great group of Honda lovers here.. Second, agree the top pic is a head gasket but also clean those areas a well as you can to see where exactly the leaks are.
  15. You found the right place to get info on your Honda, welcome...
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