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  1. Happy Thanksgiving gang, despite the hype go celebrate with family and friends!! It's a time to assemble and make conversation and have a good time....
  2. Welcome to our one year old forum. That's a good looking Honda it has been well taken care of....
  3. bcsman

    Forum Hunters?

    Here's how we grow them up in Michigan. Isn't me but a good friend we allow to hunt on our property...
  4. bcsman

    Forum Hunters?

    Hey congrats shade, always good to not come back empty handed. Everything on the way home prolly would have been fine except for the extra weight of deer....lol
  5. I have had some issues in years past with trespassers, but those that have permission take pretty good watch over our property. There's always the one who says they shot the deer on their land and then had to track it over to ours. But all in all we have good neighbors who look after each other.
  6. Was always proud to serve my country, sure most all feel the same way... And to all the other vets, good job.....
  7. 399 now, come on let's get 400....
  8. bcsman


    Here's hoping things aren't as bad as predicted, these storms are so unpredictable.....prayers your way fish...
  9. Hey Mr Brian welcome to our forum. Also as others have said thank you for your service. Yes as indicated we would love to have you stop by our chat, we talk about all sorts of topics, the best time is usually evening, give us a holler.....
  10. Jeep, sounds like shade has a buyer when it's finished.....lol
  11. All the above and clean the snow off...
  12. Have a relaxing time down there, put some miles on the 450. Sounds like a good offer from your buddy.....
  13. life is good sled, hope everything works well for you, nice looking stove.....
  14. Welcome Tyson, hope you find all the info you need here, if not ask, bet you will get it....
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