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  1. Here in Michigan sunny and 50 today, no plow needed here either. I did get all the lawn and garden equipment winterized with Stabil. Run them then shut off the fuel to run them dry.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all the members here, my son cooked a great holiday dinner for us, his mom would be very proud of him.......
  3. Yep the clip was on last nights OP Live like wilson said. And they did mention he did have gasoline in his backpack which the taser hit when the cop deployed it.
  4. So @AKATV have you also tried and used the newer angle sensor on the 98-01 450ES models? Think I have one going, gotta test it, but their price is alot cheaper.......
  5. Those old Husky's are good old machines, taken care of they will cut wood for many years. Looks like this one has another life, good for you Sled.....
  6. bcsman


    Hey Casey a big welcome to the forum, much help is available here, whatcha got for your ATV/ATV's?
  7. Nice I'm in the sticks and have property so I don't have to trailer up to ride my 450...much handier.
  8. I hear ya shade, I also have old Craftsman sockets and wrenches. My hope is I never break one because if it gets replaced I can guarantee the new one will break much quicker.....
  9. As rusty as that chain is I wonder if its actually going around the bar, bet there are a few areas its frozen....
  10. bcsman

    North Idaho

    Glad you found the forum BENL, we have alot of good members here with alot of Honda ATV experience. If needed hope you can take advantage of it....
  11. Looks like its missing the shift buttons on the handlebars......lol Looking good, gonna be a winner when all put together......
  12. Hey pd welcome to the forum. Where you located, I'm in the thumb about halfway between Flint and Port Huron? Hope you enjoy your time here and maybe learn a thing or two......
  13. How do you clean a frame such as this? Sandpaper, power wash, or what?
  14. Good grief from the looks of it if that frame wasn't sunk a few times it should have been, butt ugly...... Good to hear the crank is a go shade, can save your spare yet then.....
  15. She's a pretty yellow color...lol....really looks in decent shape. Did you run it at all, how does it sound, oh yes said it needs a top end.... You have had a lot worse projects to fix up that's for sure....
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