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  1. Thanks for all the input everyone. Guy sold it out from under me before I could get there this past weekend.
  2. Any thoughts to get this thing on a trailer? Disconnect rear drive shaft if possible?
  3. It is a 2WD, so shouldnt have to pull anything except the fan and cover. Thanks for the input and resource! I'll give it a read tonight.
  4. That seals the deal for me! Now just have to find a place to work on it this winter lol garage is already full.
  5. Hey Everyone, I'm looking at buying a project bike and have a question before I go in over my head. I can get the machine for $500 and its in good shape considering the year. It is an 01 Rancher 350 ES 2wd (5300 miles/530 hours) and is stuck in 3rd gear. The gear is not flashing on the display and the foot shifter does not do anything - frozen in place. My first thought is either shift plate or shift motor. Thoughts?
  6. That’s because they cut the tabs for the plastic guard and welded a plate on it lol I have this one saved as a past resort
  7. It is, but this is one of the places I called. They just order it from Honda after you order it. So also backordered.
  8. That one is missing the two side arm mounts. I looked at that as well. I like the shield that is on it.
  9. I called about 20 different companies that claimed to have them in stock - NOS being one of them and they didn’t actually have any. can you post the link to the $199 one you found? I don’t see that anywhere.
  10. I spoke with PSN and they have nothing in stock or coming in currently. I’ve exhausted all resources on ebay. No luck at all
  11. Hey everyone, I'm on the search for the front piping/bars for a 2005 Honda Rancher 350 ES (TRX350FE). These are backordered indefinitely from Honda and no one seems to have them in stock. Part number: 81150-HN5-N00ZA or 81150-HN5-000ZA I'm perfectly fine with surface rust, as long as it isn't completely bent out of shape. If anyone has any leads on one, let me know please. thanks!
  12. I forgot to mention that you have to flip the brackets for the lines as well. Hope this helps!
  13. I had this same issue at first. Give me 30 min and I can grab some pictures for you.
  14. The line is VERY close to rubbing but does not and no extra stretch. You have to reroute the brake line to the back side of the shock.
  15. I have the same kit on my Foreman as well. I haven’t experienced this issue yet but will definitely keep a closer eye on them now.
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