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  1. Hey Torey! Glad you found the forum. I was the one that sink you the link on Facebook!
  2. welcome! @AKATV is your man. Did this work for me a few weeks ago.
  3. More progress today. Gun Mount, led pods, and body panels put back on with hand made badges. Not too bad in my opinion.
  4. This is what I noticed day 1 as well.
  5. Haha yes it is - couldn’t see the miles when I purchased it so that was a surprise. Still runs like a champ!
  6. Didn’t even think about drum wear. Was hoping to get a year or two out of the drum before having to go to disks. Might come sooner than later from the sound of it.
  7. @Fishfiles when I put it all back together I lined up the dimples on the arm and cam. I’ll take a look and see if that helps. I did see their rear conversion kit but was hoping I wouldn’t have to go that route with rebuilding the rear and putting disks on the front. If the rear ever gives me trouble again I will likely go that route.
  8. @Fishfiles definitely incorrect terminology. The handle had tension before I took it apart so I’m struggling to believe that it stretched. I will try adjusting it and see what I can do. And yes, got the 10% off! thanks!!
  9. Hey guys, Been pretty busy on the machine the past two weeks so thought I’d share what I’ve been up to. Sadly I have not gotten any pictures really. So far I have: Converted front brakes to disks (so happy with this choice). I highly recommend the SuperATV kit. Easy to install and a great price. sent my lcd screen off to AKATV to be restored. Posted a review as well but incredibly happy with Ron’s work. tore apart the seized rear drum and rebuilt it. Replaced the arm, dust boot, cam cylinder, and shoe. I do have a problem here that I need to look into. During this process I lost all pressure in my rear hand brake. Let me know if anyone has ideas as to why this may have happened. pulled off some body panels and have been painting them black since they were terribly sun faded. Will be doing the front and rear fenders sometime next year. replaced the primer pump as it was leaking fuel. replaced the brake master cylinder. Cylinder was shot and a bolt was broken off in the cap housing. Been a fun process so far and looking forward to doing more upgrades.
  10. I know @AKATV has quite the name already, but wow…. That is all I have to say. If you have a sunburnt screen hit him up. Sent my display off last Tuesday and already have it back and installed (Wisconsin to Alaska and back). Also replaced my neutral light while he was in there. Incredible work. Thank you Ron!
  11. Thanks for the advice everyone! Disks will be here on Friday
  12. @THH great input. I will start here! @shadetree if a simple cleaning doesn’t work, I will go this route. Looks like it’s a direct swap with no modifications or supporting parts needed on Super ATVs site. Pretty good deal at $240.
  13. Hey everyone, the only mechanical issue my Forman has is it has absolutely no stopping power. My rear I believe is frozen and I haven’t even looked at the fronts yet. If my suspicions are right and I need to brakes all the way around, are there any kits out there to order? 2000 Foreman ES
  14. Hey Goober, thanks for all the input! If you ever want some help on how to use a DA Id be more than happy to guide you on where to start.
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