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  1. Welcome @Greg! AKATV is definitely your guy. Had him repair mine just a few months ago.
  2. @sublime68charger my set is pretty beat up. Was going to take them off and clean them up. In the meantime, was going to run these.
  3. Sadly they were sold about an hour before I could get to them. Live and learn.
  4. @jeepwm69 thanks man! I’ll go snag them tonight (if she hasn’t sold them).
  5. My only concern is I recall superatv saying modifications will be needed if you run aluminum wheels with the front disk brakes. I will likely go get them either way and worst case sell them for a profit.
  6. I was doing some more research and it seems the rincons have IRS. If that is true, they will fit but be tucked way in to my knowledge?
  7. Taggin a few of the guys that seem to have crazy knowledge of these machines. Seems she has a few people that can pickup tomorrow and trying to beat them to the punch. @jeepwm69 @Fishfiles @shadetree
  8. Lady 15 min from me is selling these wheels and tires for $60 for the set! She said they came off a 450 rubicon but is unsure of the year. Anyone know if they’ll fit a 2000 Foreman 450ES? Tires are the exact same size front and back but I’m not sure if they changed the offset between the two machines. I do have disc brakes in the front if that makes a difference.
  9. Hey Torey! Glad you found the forum. I was the one that sink you the link on Facebook!
  10. welcome! @AKATV is your man. Did this work for me a few weeks ago.
  11. More progress today. Gun Mount, led pods, and body panels put back on with hand made badges. Not too bad in my opinion.
  12. This is what I noticed day 1 as well.
  13. Haha yes it is - couldn’t see the miles when I purchased it so that was a surprise. Still runs like a champ!
  14. Didn’t even think about drum wear. Was hoping to get a year or two out of the drum before having to go to disks. Might come sooner than later from the sound of it.
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