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  1. Hey Fish, I gave SuperAtv a call and they said there was no discount code for our forum. I spoke with Erin.
  2. Both of those sound very intriguing. Anything else needed for the disc swap? Disc, pad, caliper and bracket I’m assuming.
  3. Picked up a project 2005 Honda Rancher ES 350 today. Snagged it for $900 - running and driving. Needs a couple things: New meter - this meter is far beyond repait sadly. AKATV is already on the prowl! Handle bars are slightly bent - assuming its been rolled in the past. Was able to bend it back to about 90%. May just leave it like this for a while unless it bothers me more Both rear fender flares - Was able to sort the right from powersportsnation, but cannot find a left yet Angle sensor - Powersportsnation for the win Front brakes - once i get everything else sorted, i'll be be getting the disc break conversion from SuperATV New Tires - on the way already Front skid plate needs to be reshaped - nothing a rubber mallet and spray paint can't handle Left CV Axel - ordered already I have heard that there are a lot of interchangeable parts from later models. Any thoughts on things I can/should swap out?
  4. I can confirm that all the pins and connectors are good.
  5. Yes. No consistency once so ever.
  6. @Goober this is extremely helpful. Thank you so much! I’m willing to bet you are right since when I twist the harness it also kicks in sometimes.
  7. So I went through the effort of tearing all the pins out and they all look good. I have no clue where to even start next. I’m still having the same issue. The FCU is hard wired to the battery ground currently and I’m still only able to get the fan to turn on with downward pressure to the connectors like shown in the above video. anyone have an idea where to look next?
  8. I have tracked down the issue to be a bad connection in these connectors. Does anyone know how these come apart? I’m 15 finger pricks and 3 beverages in with no luck.
  9. Can’t believe I didn’t even think of this. Will definitely do this tomorrow. Thanks!
  10. So I’m still chasing down my overheating issue. Starting to think it’s all electrical. I hard wired my fan to do some testing and here is what I’m finding. Fan does not run unless I apply downward pressure to the harness connectors on the FCU. Never seen anything like this. I have two different FCUs and both are doing the same thing. i tried putting a little dielectric grease in there to see if it was potentially a bad connection and it made no difference. Thoughts?? video attached. 67927623766__E4430259-BD0D-42C3-9D34-4C8F10012732.MOV
  11. @Fishfiles I’ll give it a look. I would guess that this would be negated since everything works when I ground out the wire from the backside of that harness.
  12. That’s exactly what I was worried about. Thank you for relieving that stress! Going in the oven now
  13. Female plug ends - Yes that is correct. I’ll remove the wrapping.
  14. @AKATV here we go! Just to verify, the green plastic clips stay on?
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