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  1. No idea how to delete that photo I've been gone so long I can't remember!! Plus me and technology... 🤦‍♀️ Anyway how is everyone, long time no speak, been off the forums for a while, rebuilt a 300 during lockdown, but thought I'd make a reappearance, just a convo starter really, what is it that causes the infamous Honda tick? My foreman 450 and 300 are silent, but it seems every other Honda quad I've heard does it, both my machines see the rev limiter quite regular, I paid for that limiter so I'm going to use it, it's there for a reason I say 😂 there not babied in the slightest, I'm very, very parnickity with maintenance etc though, by the book etc, but what seems to be the main cause of the tick? Valve issues, clearances, timing chains, wrist pin noise, all that, seems the pushrod engines are noiser, just curious really
  2. Massey Ferguson red is the colour 😂 close enough to honda red imo lol!! 🤣
  3. Welcome to the forum!!
  4. Haha I know I know, comfort and 300 should never be mentioned in the same sentence.. Lol I should know better!! A plank with some shopping cart wheels bolted on comes to mind, it dosent seem to bad a height axle angle wise etc, did you have any issues with the cv's or things wearing out prematurely?
  5. Thanks!! @Fishfiles was always curious about that
  6. Cheers for the replies everyone!! @Wheeler my mates running them on his 300 but unfortunately I couldn't find any to fit the 1st gen, that was going to my first option 😂 a few round here run them and don't have any complaints @Fishfiles did it bolt up to the arm, upper mount allright without any modification? Pretty curious about going down that route, did you notice anything on ride comfort etc running them? I'm not wanting to lift the quad tooo high, how do you find them overall? @jeepwm69 cheers for that you guys luckily the first gen 420 are really popular here in the UK, so it'll be pretty easy to get a set if needed
  7. It does look like it lifted it pretty good there jeep! Thanks for that, i lucked out on the front shocks on my first gen, there in pretty good shape surprisingly, but just seeing if i ever have to get a replacement, my options are pretty thin
  8. Did you notice it lifted it quite a bit? @jeepwm69
  9. Hi guys, just wandering, do the 420 shocks fit the first gen 300? I've read up a bit on them, they fit the later models, with a lift, can't remember how much, however I'm not one for lifts and that, prefer my axles as less stressed as possible!! Alternatively anyone had issues with the shocks, drivetrain etc? Would in theory cutting a coil or 2 say, take some of the ride height out? Absolutely love my 300 only issue I ever have is trying to get parts lol!
  10. Thanks @Fishfiles do you know if the older gen engines fit in the newer style frames? I was always curious just in case Id need it, I know the plastics, tanks, front arms, shocks anything like that are different, but wasn't to sure if the engine would bolt over
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