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  1. I read somewhere that a fella described the wiring harness on a 450 like a tributary of rivers, you just have to keep going up stream until you find the problem. I didn't take any notice of the harness when the front plastics were off as I didn't know of any problems, but I'll look at it when I'm at it again.
  2. I haven't really had a good look at it yet, I brought it back home this evening and plan to check out the main frame with my laser level over the coming days to check for any discrepancies in shape. The front bumper frame and racks do have noticeable bends from a front impact, so I would think the frame got a bit of a knock too somewhere. I'll revert and update when I have checked, life is hectic at the moment! Happy New Year to you all.
  3. **Update** The bike is finally put back together again and while it took a lot of effort to get the front end back together, I figured out that at some point the bike got a hard knock on the right hand side. The front bumper RHS is much closer to the front of the wheel than the LHS, and none of the clips or holes for plastic mounting points line up. But that's ok, I can live with that. The only issue I do have is the front lights. All 3 were working before we stripped it back, but now only the handlebar spot lights works. Dad checked the loom from the back of the lights into the next connection and neither have any power running to them. Anything I should be looking out for? I can manage with 1 light currently as I don't tend to drive either bike in the dark, but it will need looked at at some point.
  4. We did a further test on the brake lines following advice from @Fishfiles. We appear to have 2 leaks, but cannot confirm exactly where they are so we intend to replace the complete brake line with new hose and fittings which dad has ordered. We suspect the leaks may be coming from the metal fittings that bolt onto the back of the hubs on either side, as one of them was slightly oily from the day before. As we were trying to bleed the pipes on both sides, there were plenty of bubbles coming out and no pressure would build up. We hope this is the last issue for the time being as I really need to get the bike to work on the farm
  5. Update on the bike! Dad has been quite busy with the brakes on the 450 and what a job he's doing. He has the brake pads and discs on now and the wheels are fitting as they should. He attempted to bleed the brakes today but unfortunately cannot seem to get any pressure build up, so we will have to troubleshoot that issue. I have lots of work to do on the plastics and mud guards in the coming weeks, as most of the clips that bolt it all together are damaged or missing completely. I finish work in a week so will have a bit more time to work on it🤞
  6. We haven't been doing a whole lot lately on the bike as everything dad gets new parts in, he finds another worn out part🤦 We are currently waiting on 2x new front drives due to excess play in the existing ones. I have been quite busy with work in the meantime but managed to replace one of the badly worn foot pegs last night. The bolts holding in onto the frame were rusted solid, I broke one by spanner and the other one had to be ground off. Hoping the bike will be back together before Xmas at this stage, as we really need it back on the farm to take the heavy work away from the 300. Just as I finished up, I noticed a small oil leak (last picture) on the rhs of the engine, so looks like a new seal is required.
  7. Yeah you guys have all weather's over there. Interestingly, even though my dad and I only live 2 hours drive apart (approx 100 miles) our temperature difference is about 8°C all year round on average, bigger in the winter months. We are also higher up than him though, on the side of a bog hill. Our old Rayburn is our main heat source, I'm not sure on the year of it as it was in the house before my wife bought it, but I'd estimate its a 70's/80's era. You can still buy them new, but for about €10000!
  8. Out of interest, how much wood do you guys burn on an average season? And what size logs do you cut to? In Ireland, most stoves and wood fired cookers over here are small to medium in wood capacity. I chop our wood to between 6 and 14 inch lengths, our small stove can only take 6-8 inch where as our Rayburn will just about manage 14 if the sticks are vertical. We tend to split anything that is 6 inch diameter or bigger, anything small is dried at that size. I would guestimate we burn about 2 cords in a season, more if the weather is cold.
  9. Here is the making of our bigger log store, we also have 2x big pallets approx 4ft x 4ft x 4ft inside a boiler room and 2 more standing log stores around the side of the shed in picture (not pictured). If I was to measure it all, we could probably store approximately 4 to 5 cords of wood in 1 go. We plan to re roof this shed next year and extend the back sheeting by approx 4ft overhang, then we can store more logs right up to the roof the full length of the shed. This will all be for next years burning, as we have a wood burning cooker that also heats our water.
  10. Thanks Fish! In comparison, I have looked at the same brand here and one that is just 12 inches wide is almost double the price of the 22inch one!
  11. The new disc brakes have arrived! I won't have a chance to fit them for a while, but at least I can be reassured that I have them now.
  12. Update on the front disc brakes! The pound is pretty poor against the Euro at the moment and could get a lot worse in weeks to come, so, from a little push from my dad, I have purchased the last remaining set of front disc brakes from Quad Bikes Wales😅 I also purchased 4x new centre wheel hubs as I don't like the fact that they're missing. @Fishfiles on average, what is the price of an LED light bar like the one on your own bike pictured above? Something like thst could start from 60/70€ over here. I think you can also get dip/high beam LED light bars over here, but they are very expensive.
  13. Interestingly, they are not so cheap on this side of the pond, even though they're made here!
  14. The light bar alone would probably be enough for me🤣
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