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  1. Appreciate the feedback😄I will order a new voltage regulator in a few days time. I'll let you all know of the update on it, I do at least have the 300 to fall back on for the smaller jobs until the 450 is running again
  2. A regulator over here is €131 plus €10 postage, which equates to 140$. My only concern is that there seems to be 2 types of regulator for the 450, a square one or a rounded shaped one, both of which are the same price but one is for 2002 onwards, the other is up to 2002, my bike is a 2002 so I'm confused as to which one to get. The one currently on the bike is the rounded shaped one and it looks relatively new, which causes my concern over it being another electrical issue causing the regulator to fry.
  3. We ran the engine and sure enough, it didn't jump above 12.5v while revving, in fact, it didn't rise at all. It is the solenoid that is clicking, does that mean it's a bad solenoid too?
  4. Hi Fish, Where is the solenoid located on it? I will check the voltage this evening when I'm back. I'm afraid to use the bike incase I fry something, but I also need it for mowing and spreading ASAP.
  5. Hi all, Been a while since I've been out using the 450, but I went to start it the other day and it would not, no lights showing on the dash. I fully charged the battery and still no lights on the dash. So I went to the backup pull starter and it fired straight away. This leads me to suspect that the voltage regulator above the rear right wheel is fried as I hear a click coming from it when I attempt to start it on the key. Any opinions welcome before I order a new voltage regulator? Edit: The rare time I go to start it, the dash lights come up and it fires, but the lights flicker when it's running.
  6. What I loved about that saw was how light it was and we'll balanced with a 14 inch bar. It was around the weight of an Ms230 but more powerful than an MS260. I find the huskys tend to cut quicker than a Stihl (new chain comparison) but they also run out of fuel a little sooner. I've tried many saws over the years but have always come back to Stihl, mainly because of dealership handiness and availability of parts.
  7. My first owned saw was a Stihl 026, the oil pump gave a lot of trouble early on (it was a second hand purchase) so I traded it in for a new MS260. That was a fantastic saw but I eventually gave it to a good friend of mine who was very badly stuck for a saw. He still has it and uses it. Then i bought an MS390 which was a nice medium powered saw. It was later upgraded to an MS661 which I still have and use for milling and big timber cutting 25 inch plus. I have a 42 inch bar for it. Last year I was given 3 saws by a friend who moved to Paris, an MS261, a Tanaka (not certain of model) and a Chinese top handle saw that is only good for filling a gap in a wall🤣 My pride and joy though is my MS201T top handle saw. It's my go to saw as its light enough to use daily, but strong enough to cut decent size timber without struggle.
  8. Did you guys ever have a Husky 254xp over there? I learned to cut with one of those and it was an animal of a saw considering the size of it. As much as I'm an all Stihl guy, I wish I had one of those old Huskys.
  9. As a rule of thumb for me, since I started using saws about 14 years ago, I NEVER loan my saws to anyone, if they want something cut, I go with the saw and cut it for them. It's rated one of the most dangerous handheld tools in Ireland and giving one to somebody who hasn't a lot of experience can open up a can of worms. They're also expensive pieces of kit so the last thing you want is it coming back with a chain ready to fall off and destroyed by someone cutting stones and soil with it!🤦‍♂️🤣 or in you guys cases, melted cases and much worse. I once had a saw given to me that wouldn't start, I took the sprocket cpver off and the whole clutch assembly fell apart infront of me. It was an ms261 that my friend left with me when he moved to France. He said he couldn't get it to start at all. New clutch and sprocket was all that it required in the end and now it's my backup saw.
  10. It won't be a major issue to own a fuel powered vehicle, but I would assume they will skyrocket the price of petrol and diesel (already did it last year) to make it difficult for us all. Like you, I won't go without a fight to give up all my petrol and diesel toys🤣
  11. Pretty much yep! And most of them think they're driving a bus too!🤦‍♂️ The van I drive is diesel, but it's somewhat economical considering what I carry most days. I just read an article that says the EU is banning all sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2035. You'll still be able to drive them and buy second hand ones, but only be able to buy electric, hybrid or possibly hydrogen cars by then. What a load of crap!
  12. Agreed! City folk are the ones moaning about pollution, and yet 90% of them drive 4x4s and heavy fuel guzzlers for show, they never see dirt or go off road, they are simply luxuries. But they'll argue that a log burner is more polluting🤷‍♂️ I'll burn timber until I'm forced to stop, I enjoy cutting it, milling it, burning it and working with it. As do a lot of you guys on here I'm sure!
  13. How does one see where they're going🤣
  14. Does it take much wood daily to keep your water needs hot? We have a Rayburn multifuel stove that we only burn firewood in, it heats 1 radiator really well aswell as all our water for washing, sinks etc. We do want to upgrade in the future but the EU is causing havoc over here and they are trying to phase out wood burning stoves, saying its damaging to the environment 🤷‍♂️ I personally think the governments are talking absolutely garbage, trying to screw to tax payer so they can keep the bigger investors running. Interesting idea on the fluid balance in rear tyres, not something I thought of.i will be using the 450 from now on to pull firewood and retiring the 300 to lighter duties like checking on animals or spraying etc, plus the occasional wheelie bin run down the drive!
  15. Thats a fair load you have on that trailer for the bike towing! Is that an outdoor wood boiler in background of first picture? We tend to keep the smaller trailer on the bigger bike,(450) not for towing capacity but for traction reasons. One of our fields has a small corner of woodland at the very bottom, the hill is roughly 40° decline and its no problem going down with an empty trailer, but to come back up you have to Zig Zag if you want any chance of getting back up😅 The top layer of ground is peat and is very soft in the winter/spring. No problem in the summer time when it dries out.
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