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  1. You think timber is bad over there? Come over to Ireland, our "straight" timber is more like a hurley! (Stick used for playing an Irish sport if you didn't know). You'd be lucky the odd time to get really straight timber, but we might not have any timber in a few weeks if things keep going the way they are, sawmills closing down due to lack of trees being felled..
  2. Not a lot these days unfortunately! Fractured a rib on site last week so I'm laid up for a few weeks😓 @sled_22 the box looks much better stained in my opinion, nice find!
  3. This was the exact reason I used a hawse on the jeep, steel cable for rollers, not for synthetic! I'm up in arms about what I'll do now😂 think I'll stick with what I have for now, I wont be using it a whole lot anyway.
  4. Ok, point taken on that side of things. I may go searching for a roller so, never had that issue on the jeep mind and it did a lot of work for me.
  5. I've been told it's a bad idea to run rope through a roller fairlead? What is the benefit to rollers in your opinion, I'm just curious?
  6. Took the mounting plate off the bike again because the winch has to be bolted as far back on the plate as possible, otherwise it fouls the back of the light housings. I will also be moving the solenoid pack into the timber box on the bike rack along with the battery as there is very little room between the winch and front right wheel at full lock. I will be able to use the second winch plate (it came separately with the winch) as a template to make a decent fixing point for the hawse. More to come!
  7. It's not a Warn winch no, it's a Ninja Warrior Japanese made winch with synthetic rope. Warn Winches aren't easy to get this small in Ireland and I had a 6 ton Warrior winch on my old jeep which never gave me trouble so I went for a known brand again. I have no time for steel cables, after seeing one snap on a tractor winch years ago I avoid them like the plague! Second pic on is my old work horse, a grand vitara XL7 2.0L turbo diesel, a small engine by you guys standard, but big for here in Ireland. That was my thought, I think the fairlead is wide enough to do this, although I may have to weld a bit of plate on either side on the bumper, not a big job either way.
  8. And so begins the winch setup.. unfortunately it was harder than expected to get the front left (as you look at it) bolt in, as the frame has been knocked about in its past life so I had to improvise with a flat screwdriver and a clamp to get all 3 metal components to line up. The frame is now bolted in place, next up is aligning the winch itself in place. Would I be right in saying the aluminium hawse is best off as far forward as possible on the bike? The frame that came with it keeps the hawse back about 6 inches from the front of the bike frame and I dont like the idea of rope rubbing on the frame when pulling.
  9. That's true, thanks! I do have another idea up my sleeve, I want to use the engine off the mower for a secondary stationary use, but it's just ideas in my head at the moment so I'm not saying anything about it. Obviously with the weather in Ireland, I can't use the mower all year round but I would like to keep use of the engine for another important firewood related job. That will keep you thinking 😁👌
  10. Yeah maybe only 2-3mm of adjustment though. The blades are replaceable, the shear bar is part of the main frame so you'd probably have to cut it out to replace it.
  11. Ah I get you now, there's no adjustment as far as I know, apart from the 3x holes through the blades being slightly bigger than the bolts that hold them in place. I must compare the old blades in width to the new ones out of interest as I'd say they will need replacing around the 100 hour mark.
  12. What do you mean when you say anvil? That bolt is still tight yes. The bolts that hold the outfeed chute on, when I bought it 1 of the bolts was sheared, I will be upgrading the chute to a new, slightly longer one next season, as the current one, the top of the chute narrows down a good bit and I want a bigger opening to reduce blockages
  13. A few photos of the chipper during an annual maintenance! I changed the oil, it has 2x sump bolts and 2x oil dip sticks for some reason, but it's very handy when checking the oil level when you are topping it up. I grease both bearings/both sides of the drum shaft every 4 hours of use with marine grease, so it should last a good while!
  14. I know it isn't capable of 4 inches, I have put 3 inch through it in the past but it struggled a bit and I don't like seeing a machine struggle. I'll be cleaning a load of my equipment later today so I'll get a few more snaps for you. It's one of the best machines I have.
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