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  1. Make sure you buy a garage too and lots of spare parts!
  2. Finally got signal! Pic.1 The Suzuki Jimny, fully standard with the driver only qualified the day before! Pic.2 Partly modified Nissan Navara, snorkel, front winch and knobbly tyres is about the extent of it. Pic.3 Heavily modified Suzuki Jimny for extreme off roading. Pic.4 Land Rover Defender 110, original owner from new, suspension lift, body lift, front winch, snorkel, led front beams. I had a ride in this as a passenger and it was well able to travel.
  3. The second photo was of a state owned forest where the 4x4 club we got an invite to runs the show. They have all sorts of vehicles from novice to professional. I'll upload some more photos when I get better signal as I'm currently in a bad spot.
  4. Shallow bucket for gravel and muck, tines for dung and the back plate will be used to scrape a farm yard and possibly snow too. I aim to get the bucket finished tomorrow all going well.
  5. New modification in progress! More to come in a few days.
  6. Thanks Jeep! Hopefully get a few more made in the new year as they seem to be quite rare here and should sell!
  7. Thanks Fish! I found an elevation drawing on the internet and drew out my own using it as a guide. Might get a few sales of them next year! I made this one from Sapele wood (African hardwood) offcuts and then coated it with a medium oak stain.
  8. Merry Christmas everyone! A folding chair I made for my partner in crime this year, I've been very busy at work but you always find time somewhere!
  9. Honda TRX300FW, out preparing ducks that we cannot currently shoot due to lockdown restrictions!
  10. I dont know how tall it is as top the snapped in half as it came down, but it was 70+ foot tall at least. It was a beech tree. They are known to fall unknowingly in Ireland, most beech trees that size here are rotten in the middle, it's a shame really as there is so much rot that isn't worth cutting up. The big stump on the right sitting on the gate will probably be shoved into the wood to rot, it's not worth cutting up.
  11. The majority of it is rotten in the core, but the top section that landed in the wood is all good firewood, I reckon about 25 tons of it fell in total, getting it out will be time consuming so we are cutting it to lengths to pull it out quicker, then chopping them down smaller in the yard. It's a never ending chore!
  12. Finally got around to cutting some firewood again! I got an emergency call on Thursday last to come take down an awkwardly dangerous tree that snapped and landed bang on a gate and post!🤦‍♂️ The whole tree was rotten in the core from bottom at least 40ft up. It also knocked an ash tree and 2 oak trees in it's path so I will be back another day or 2 in a few weekends time to finish chopping it. 42 inch bar flew through most of it, but I need to get the lower stem moved as the gate is sitting directly below it. I got a little welcomed help from the farmer to push it over, I knew the fence post would aid it falling as soon as it got a nudge, it snapped like a match stick!
  13. Yeah, I don't like the lack of noise start up like a patrol saw, I actually thought there was a problem with it initially as it won't start up when the chain brake is on, not even a noise! It's a bit bulky on weight with a flexvolt battery but it lasted nearly an hour with cutting which to me, is impressive. 18v here is the same as your 20v there, just named differently.
  14. As mentioned before on a page way back in this thread, I have petrol saws for their place, I got this one for site work as we cannot use petrol saws on some sites. I cut some beech beams with it yesterday and it was cutting quite well. It is great for anything up to about 6 inch diameter.
  15. Yeah, I've been laying low the past few weeks, work has been quite stressful and I have just gone back on my tools after dropping project management, I'd prefer to be physically working rather than doing emails and organising jobs etc. It was an interesting experience but not for me, not at the moment anyway. I got around to making a proper work bench in my shed over the weekend, I picked up a hobby size bandsaw and completely rejigged the layout for storing all my planks. I plan do make some bespoke furniture over the winter months, now that the day job is less stressy!
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