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  1. I thought you were around 90 yea... 🤔🤔🤔
  2. At your age shade an electric saw would be better for you to handle.
  3. Did you use honda parts or Amazon parts?
  4. It can get a bit light in the front end when climbing snowbanks loaded I've found. But I can travel faster on rough ground. Counter weight on the front rack helps. Power steering is great that way. But any quad I've had or have are tippy when loaded climbing stuff. But weight on a bit of a slope I don't find bad. Neighbor has a 2000 350 es and he loves running around on mine.
  5. My 17 rides nicer with 200lbs on the back rack. Mine is a foot shift though. Got close to 10K on it now. 600+ hours.
  6. TBRider


    I thought it was radiant heat. That's why it's cooler in the shade on a hot sunny day....lol
  7. Nice old guy bike
  8. TBRider


    Nothing so far....lol
  9. TBRider


    You need a shade 14 with a welding shield glass. I'm trying to setup my shop camera so my daughter can watch it from the west coast.
  10. TBRider


    Yea, I still have windshields on the bikes. Still got a foot of snow or so on the ground also.
  11. TBRider


    My house will be in the shadow tomorrow. I'm almost in the middle of total coverage, so it should be dark here for about 4 min plus. Is your house in the path?
  12. TBRider


    What's up?
  13. TBRider


    I've been around.
  14. TBRider


    It's been snowing here since Thursday afternoon. I'm done with winter...lol
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