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  1. I caught most of mine on a 5-6 fly rod with long streaming flies
  2. I use steel leaders when fishing pike.
  3. If you are on a tablet like I am you need to be in desktop mode to see what jeep posted.
  4. Where are you located and how much for as is condition?
  5. TBRider


    I have one here, 357cc engine and a 33" cut on mine. I prefer the plow on the quad.....lol
  6. TBRider

    Wife is Sick

    Hope it all works out for the best.
  7. Welcome to the site from northern New Brunswick
  8. I've loaded a trailer full of wet wood and almost had the front tires lift, I was about 3x the recommended limits on weight
  9. Got another project on the bench, I should have taken some before pics but I just went to it...lol It's a 1978 Husqvarna 162se. I've had it for a few years now and finally decided I needed a bigger saw here, going to put either a 20" or 24" bar on it.
  10. If your shop has a decent pressure washer, you can build a wash cabinet for cheap and se the pw for the spray action, you just have to filter the bottom water and recover it. It's nice with the big hot water units, but the hw set-up needs a water cool down tank so you dont cook the pump.
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