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  1. TBRider

    Sunf A050

    They look like a decent tire, I'd probably try them if they were cheap....
  2. Welcome to the site, I'm from northern New Brunswick
  3. When I was rebuilding the front end of my King Quad, I used the winch to almost stand the bike up so it was easier for me to work on.
  4. I just lift the nut with some zip tie cut offs laying on the shop floor. Lift nut tighten bolt remove zip ties...
  5. TBRider


    A dusting of snow yesterday temps are staying just around freezing. And it looks like its trying to snow again this morning
  6. I only like the donairs from here and from the donair shop on Macleod in Calgary
  7. Here fish, this is how we have our donairs... https://www.mediocrechef.com/blog/best-halifax-donair-recipe
  8. I had to do this installing a satellite on a metal roof in the winter.... We used a big payloader to hold the ladder in place laying on the metal roof. OH&S approved back here....🤣🤣👍
  9. "Video taping and live broadcasting this crime spree was the greatest idea ever....." 😋
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