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  1. When I loaded my trailer with wood this spring, my front tires would almost come off the ground from the weight of the load, I was more concerned with either wearing out my clutch or shearing an axle
  2. Mine is coming along, got a load of cedar for kindling, must be a chord of cedar, doubt I'll run out of wood this winter....
  3. The 2nd pic says FM, so yes it is for your footshift....
  4. TBRider


    I trust anybody as far as I can throw them....tbh
  5. TBRider


    I thought trump packed it before he left kicking and screaming like a child who dropped his ice cream.....
  6. https://www.hondaatvforums.net/threads/o2-delete-kit.134368/
  7. TBRider


    You were mentioning a current president, I mentioned the former preditor in office snowflake.....
  8. TBRider


    Those people are long time dead and they had muskets
  9. TBRider


    I saw trump as a grifter and sex predator 10 years ago, him and Matt G from Florida... another fine republican
  10. TBRider


    So explain to me why does someone need a 100 round clip for a gun, I hunt up here in Canada, but I usually only take one shot to take down an animal, I have a 10 shot clip and barely empty them unless I'm after a pack of 4 or 5 coyotes, but newsmax says that you folks need them in America to shoot down drones....? I just can't understand, what good is a 100 round clip for other than killing lots of people in group settings or in a war...
  11. Thats code 23 o2 sensor, I have a 17 rubi, I run only hi test in it ethanol free, and I dont do short runs with it as I know this is a common issue with these bikes, if I do short runs its usually after it is warmed up or I leave it idle, I've got over 5k on the bike now and over 400 hrs, so far how I've been doing it I have yet to have a problem. I did see that there is a company that sells an O2 delete kit now, but I've not heard any good or bad about it yet. Replacing the sensor will take the code away, not sure if you can run it hard enough to burn it all off the stuff causing the error, but I know I can get a good run in right now with the melting trails here....
  12. Does the engine have honda on it anywhere?
  13. TBRider


    Just saw a 47 sold online for 300 bucks....
  14. I add the soap straight and adjust with the meter. Does yours have an adjustable know on it?
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