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  1. Took a ride back and got some pictures, he stopped cutting because he ended up with twice the amount of wood he was expecting.
  2. My shop has lifting points in the ceiling to hoist my quads up, I can lift the front with its own winch and lift the back with a come-along or a snatch block and the winch from the other quad.
  3. Here's the new harvester, and the porter just brought in on Friday night, weekend off so I can get some pics of them parked.
  4. The pictures of the logging here in the late 1850's are amazing, a mile wide river full of wood going to the mills on the river.
  5. Went and brought in 4 trailer loads today to pile in the basement when it rains over the next few days, barely put a dent in the pile.Measured and counted the pallets today, they are a 4'x4' pallet and it's 9 pallets long at 6ft high, 2 rows each pallet. I'll be warm this winter even if the power goes out...
  6. I think he is just going to leave it, the stuff cut 5 years ago is at the 10 ft mark now. They grow back fast here.
  7. I went and took a few pictures for you guys. The bush is thick in my back 40. If you look closely in the 2nd pic you can see the harvester in the shade,on the right, he's on lunch break when I took the pic, I know because he owns the machine....lol Pictures don't show the real amount of wood yet, but I think the guy owns 200 acres behind me, he cut 50 acres 5 years ago.
  8. They are cutting behind the farm here, I get all the clean up wood I want also....lol I do live in the bush....
  9. Finally finished bucking up the last 5 chord of the 20 I had in the spring. I have 15 split and ready for winter, and a chord of cedar for kindling. Made a deal I couldn't refuse and have another 15 chord being delivered in a few weeks, should be good for the next 3 winters. Going to try and have them dry for 2 years before it burn it so I get a cleaner burn and less ashes to clean up.
  10. Too much torque on stem bolts.....?
  11. I don't think my mirrors stick out past the body, I'll have a look tomorrow. Mine were installed when I bought the bike. Here's a pic of where mine are, I can get better pics in the morning
  12. I just noticed I lost mine on the trail in the long grass, I'll probably find it in the spring....
  13. They have a few DIY picaroons on you tube, they make them with old axe heads.
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