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  1. Usually I get so full of lobster I crap red !...... that takes a lot......😋
  2. We just boil them in salt water and have lots of butter and garlic butter with them. 30 min in the pot and they are good to go....
  3. 60 or so lobster around 5 bucks a pound right off the boat, I don't buy from the stores just straight from the fisherman. $300 bucks.
  4. TBRider


    Was hot here yesterday and humid, rained all night, hopefully helped with the forest fires here, supposed to be hot here till Saturday....
  5. That was the first batch, the pot was full with another round when I took the pic...
  6. Usually we have our yearly mother's day lobster feed, it still happened this year just a few weeks late....
  7. I had an 81 bronco with a 4 speed standard, 3.00 in the rear end, 86 mustang gt engine, 100 mph and she was screaming at 6k rpm. Drove that truck across canada twice, which sucks without cruise control.....😋
  8. If it's new to you, have you changed the oil in it?
  9. TBRider


    Havin a heat wave up here, temps around 29c here today..... too hot.....lol
  10. Welcome to the site, from New Brunswick Canada.....
  11. I put an LED in mine, I think it's an 880 plug if I remember correctly
  12. I'd start at the plug, make sure you have power there, or not...
  13. I had to do an oil change on a work truck years ago and my gen set at the same time, asked the helper if he could drain the motor oil and I'd tend to the gen set. After it was all said and done we left the shop and headed home in the truck, asked him how everything looked, he said fine but the oil was reddish in color, at that point I realized he drained the transmission, then added an extra amount of oil in the engine. Last time I let anyone do an oil change without me......lol
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