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  1. Suspected that was the case. Biggest reason I decided to retire early was I didn’t want to deal with supply chain issues. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better.
  2. Anyone know who may have the honda recon 50820-hm8-b80 trailer hitch kit in stock? Rocky Mountain is expecting a tentative August delivery date when pressed why their 8-10 day delivery didn’t ship. Every website I checked states that 8 to ten day delivery which seems to be marketing-speak for not in stock. Thank you!
  3. Thank you! I’ll be ordering spare complete air filter assembly, spark plugs and other spare parts. Had the dealer throw in the first maintenance items with the deal. Can’t wait for the trails to open up to break it in. Hour meter is a great idea, I know exactly where to mount it!
  4. Went from one extreme (‘22 Rubicon) to the other (new leftover ‘21 Recon manual shift) As there is no instrumentation with these base model Recons, how does one stay on top of maintenance? I know they are simple and tough, are there any specific items to keep a close eye on? Ordered the trailer kit with oil temp monitor. Main use will be trail riding and working my property with the wife using it mostly. We are finding it hard to shift, will this loosen up with time?
  5. I do the same with two. Both are complete assemblies with the metal insert and takes less than 5 minutes to swap out. If you make it easy for yourself to maintain the machine, the maintenance will be done.
  6. Wife just TOLD me she wants a small ATV to navigate our property and haul around gardening tools and such. Don’t need 4wd. Maybe 20% trail riding and we have nice trails available. Found a ‘21 Recon foot shift at the dealer and they want MSRP for a left over ‘2021 and I’m hesitant to give them that. Do I keep shopping around?
  7. Currently


    I have several cold weather outfits, the most used one is a 20 year old Carhart one piece with the black arctic weight liner. ‘Reason it lasted so long is it is only comfortable below 30 degrees and I lived in TN for a while. Problem I have is it is not waterproof, if I’m plowing while it is still snowing, the snow melts and it gets wet and cold after an hour or two. So I broke down a couple days ago and bought a Choko snowmobile jacket and bib pants. It’s light and comfortable in subzero weather. It is way too warm for temps above freezing. My boots are Baffin’s and they are incredibly warm and comfortable. 6+ hours in sub zero weather and feet are toasty warm. Beats the heck out of my old Sorels. The biggest recommendation I have is a good balaclava that covers face, neck and upper chest. Without one, I can last an hour or two in subzero weather. The better ones are found in motorcycle and snowmobile establishments. ‘One can last all day dressed properly. They are predicting -60F windchill over the weekend. Anxious to see how the new gear works out.
  8. ‘Thank you both for the feedback. @toodeep @PROV Reason I went with the pulley is to slow it down and give me better control. Hopefully rope will last longer also. I’ll stick with what I have for now and learn to use what I got better.
  9. Well, I got the 54 inch Honda Warn package with my ‘22 Rubicon and put it to work today on 10 inches of snow. On low range the engine never bogged down, wondering if I should have gone with the 6 foot plow. Any one has one set up? Does it bog down the front end too much? I’m gonna max out the preload on the shocks tomorrow. This is what I did after researching several forums … 20 inch axle strap looped on top rack (Tractor Supply) couple cable clamps with rope thimble Amstel synthetic rope double folded so I got 4 strands supporting the plow SSACK snatch block that perfectly fits on plow. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08X6GDJJW?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_dt_b_product_details I needed the sheave width to handle 4 strands of rope without jamming on the sides of the snatch block. I’m still thinking through mounting a linear actuator for plow angle. I need to design the mounting hardware. As always, suggestions and criticism are welcome.
  10. @Fishfiles Always disconnect your hose from the house in freezing weather. The ice expands and damages your valve seats causing a leaky valve that needs to be replaced. Lived in cold weather most of my life and this cost me money, time and water. If I need to defrost a windshield quickly, I take a gallon container and fill it with cool to lukewarm water. Never use hot water as that will crack the windshield.
  11. I will start by drilling a hole at the end of it. Then I will plow all winter with it and if it grows I’ll just replace it. Plastics aren’t cheap. They want $175 at Partzilla.
  12. Discovered a 2 inch crack on front right fender side. Looked if there are any fender extenders/flares for the Rubicon 520’s and it doesn’t look like there are any. Don’t want it to grow, what kind of plastic weld kit you all recommend?
  13. Thanks for all who replied. I’m going to edit the OP with part names/part numbers as time allows. Been rather busy fixing a house I just bought getting it ready for winter. ‘As soon as things settle down, will try to make this post as good as retro’s shifter post.
  14. That is a good start! Can’t really call myself a mechanic, but I’m a good part replacer. I say that because I have been humbled by some great mechanics I have met that showed me it can be an art. Always had the mindset if I have the tools and learn something new, being self reliant is a good thing. Just hate having downtime waiting for parts that may take weeks to come in. Thank you for the suggestions I missed. 👍 As for bearings, are there other bearings that commonly fail? I know wheel bearings go bad due to mud and water. Forgot to mention the rubber grommets that hold the plastic on. Already have a couple spares as they seem to ‘disappear’ on me.
  15. Question for all you longtimers out there. Dealer is 65 miles away … we are experiencing unprecedented supply chain issues. When I was into motorcycles, I had a ‘stash’ of spare parts such as filters, lubes, set of tires/rims, chain and sprocket so that maintenance was quick, convenient and available when needed. What are the common points of failure for ATV’s in general? I already have a 2 year supply of oil/filter changes and the OEM tires/rims. From what I am reading … Axles Wheel bearings … other bearings? Air Filter/filter oil kit - so I can just swap it out instead of waiting 24 hours for it to dry after washing out. Differential fluids spark plug Am I missing anything? Trying to keep everything OEM as my days of modding for incremental gains are over. Just want reliability and maintenance convenience. @shadetree @Fishfiles @jeepwm69 @_Wilson_™ @retro Thank you in advance for all responses!
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